But still a little dizzy.Back in Shouren Academy, Xu Qingxiao wanted to call the two Zhao Dazhao brothers to ask about the situation, but the two medterra CBD gummies Gummy Bear CBD Edibles Zhao Dazhao brothers came over immediately and said very excitedly.Master Xu, do you know what happened Master Xu, you definitely don t believe it.The two of them were full of excitement, and they approached Xu Qingxiao and said.What s wrong Xu Qingxiao took a sip of tea, slowly drinking.Master Xu, didn t you let our martha stewart cbd gummie brothers do business Did you make the waterwheel in the imperial capital Do you know how the people reacted Zhao Da said excitedly.What s eagle hemp CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Gummy Bear CBD Edibles the reaction Xu Qingxiao was also a little curious.Now all the problems have been solved, but the people s problems have not been solved.He asked Zhao Da and Zhao Er to pass it on first to see the reaction of the people, and then cape coral cbd gummies decide not to take action.

2.what's the difference between hemp and CBD gummies Gummy Bear CBD Edibles

I and the people have fun together.happy.However, at this moment, a roar suddenly sounded, interrupting the joy.Xu Qingxiao You deserve to die for your sins Gummy Bear CBD Edibles A terrifying voice sounded from within the Dawei Heavenly Prison.With this voice sounded.Finally, the 300,000 readers showed their joy.They waited for a long time, and finally came to this moment.boom The Great Wei Palace, above the sky, was originally a clear sky for thousands of miles, but at this moment, black clouds condensed.This is an ominous omen.People best gummies for stress and anxiety were stunned and didn t know what was going on.Why did the sky change suddenly, and at this time, is it too much to insult Xu Qingxiao The strong wind swept the Great Wei Palace.The sky was dark and seemed extremely depressing.The palace maids and eunuchs couldn t open their eyes due to the strong wind, and an extremely powerful pressure filled the sky.

What I didn t expect was that Zhu Sheng was still staring at him without speaking.To his despair.Zhu Sheng actually triggered the power of Tianlei to kill himself.This is the ultimate torture.Hong Zhengtian s body exploded.He didn t have Xu Qingxiao s body, and he twitched in pain on the spot.Another thunder fell.Hong Zhengtian s muscles and bones were directly broken, and it was split inch by inch.Sage, forgive me.Sage, forgive me.Sage, it s wrong.Sage, I m wrong.Forgive me what the palace has done.Hong Zhengtian cried loudly, he had no backbone, and only hoped that Zhu Sheng would let him go, otherwise, he would die.However, Zhu Sheng simply ignored this Hong Zhengtian.He said that he would deal with this person himself.Since he said it, Zhu Sheng will do it.But doing so is not only for punishment, but also to give Lu Zi the last chance.

It s not that Xu Qingxiao couldn t kill with power, but that Xu Qingxiao killed too much, there was no need for this.As Gu Yan spoke, Zhang Jing couldn t help but sigh.Shouren is a great talent and a cbd gummies for covid great talent in the Ministry of how long do CBD gummies take to start working Gummy Bear CBD Edibles Punishment.He kills people, mobilizes public opinion, and solves the disaster of Fanshang, but he really doesn t need to be so radical, and paying 30 of the tax is meaningless.As for the tax collector, I also feel a little Top Gummy Bear CBD Edibles With THC inconvenient.Be realistic.And what you are worried about is the impeachment of the envoys of all nations, but the old man is worried about the disaster of war.If this is a disaster of war, Master Gu, the old man wants to ask, we Dawei can afford to fight.Still can t afford to fight Zhang Jing was also a little curious, he didn t know if there was a real war, he couldn t afford to fight.

3.CBD gummies hemp bombs Gummy Bear CBD Edibles

for a while.A sigh sounded.In this imperial examination, Xu Qingxiao understood what His Majesty meant.She didn t let herself control the imperial examinations, but let herself understand what was going on in Gummy Bear CBD Edibles the Wengong and what was going on with the scholars in the world.I m afraid I won t believe these things when I tell them to myself, but after I preside over the imperial examinations, I ll understand a lot of the truth.Looking at the night outside.Xu Qingxiao pushed open the door cbd hemp clones for sale and was alone.under the moonlight.Xu Qingxiao felt a little ridiculous for some reason.The Confucian of the world It looks like this, after all, they are just a group of mortals.It is nothing more than being blessed by Gummy Bear CBD Edibles God.Zhu Sheng s lineage can form such a scale, it is inseparable from the right time and place.

We will take out a quarter.One s soldiers and horses are gathered in the Chen country.Added up, there are Gummy Bear CBD Edibles as many as one million.If this is the case, even if the second army and the third army of the Great Wei Dynasty can converge, I am afraid that the combined strength will be one million.And it s very likely that the Second Army will not be able to break through, but in this month, Chen Guo has already reviews on cbd gummies deployed everything to fight a real protracted war.The seventy two prefectures have sufficient food and grass, strong troops and strong horses, and then prepare kenai farms cbd gummies price all kinds of defense weapons.It is not an exaggeration to stick to it for three years, but it CBD gummies with pure hemp extract Gummy Bear CBD Edibles is not necessary for three years.As long as you fight hard for three months, there will be kings in the Great Wei.At that time, the Great Wei will be completely plunged into civil strife.

Such a great invention is enough to change the world, but the result is that the person who studies the energy vehicle suddenly died at home the next day.Maybe a conspiracy theory.But history has never lacked short sighted people.No matter whether you are a genius of Confucianism and Taoism, or a genius of CBD gummies for arthritis Gummy Bear CBD Edibles martial arts, if you touch the interests of the superior, you have to die.Think about Yu Qian s fate, the people of the world, civil and military officials all know that Yu Qian is a good official and that he can rejuvenate the country, but what is the result People are more valuable in having self knowledge.Therefore, Xu Qingxiao was very calm.Foreign things are not their own trump cards.Strength is the only trump card.Otherwise, what others Gummy Bear CBD Edibles give, others can take back.After understanding this.

Anyway, let s go to Ping an County first.The night was dark.Xu Qingxiao disappeared into Nanyu Mansion.He had Li Xin s warrant, and it was not difficult to leave Nanyu Mansion.As for whether Cheng Lidong will follow.Xu Qingxiao could be sure that he would not come.It has been explained that Li Xin is watching Cheng Lidong, Li Xin s father, Li Guangxin is now completely on the same front as himself.It is impossible cbd living gummy rings review for Li Guangxin not to know who the emperor s reward was for.Therefore, Li Guangxin hoped that Cheng Lidong would not trouble Xu Qingxiao.Leaving Nanyu Mansion by himself, even if he is discovered, it is not a big deal, and no one restricts his personal freedom.But if is hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies Cheng Lidong disappears, don t blame Li Guangxin for making trouble with him.Under the balance, Cheng Lidong will not follow.

Such means are really evil.However, the shock in his heart quickly subsided.She is the Empress, the Emperor of Great Wei, no matter what happens, she must keep calm.So, she spoke slowly.Since Gu Aiqing is just impatient for a while, I, reading in Gu Shangshu is for the sake of Da Wei after all, let s forget this, it s just a promotion of the waterwheel, Gu Aiqing will also participate in it as punishment, I need you to do your best, do you know The queen said so.My minister Lead the order Thank you, Your Majesty, for your forgiveness Gu Yan thanked the Empress, then got up and returned to his original position.The other two ministers and Duke An also returned to their positions.in the hall.Only Li Yanlong was left standing in the middle.The Empress eyes also fell on him.Li Aiqing.I asked you to budget the cost, but I didn t ask you can you bring cbd gummies on the plane to make suggestions.

hemp vs cbd cream And these parallel prose are peerless among peers.It also attracted such a vision, the attic is like a treasure, 2022 Gummy Bear CBD Edibles reflecting the rays of the sun, like a heavenly palace, beautiful.They are shocking, unparalleled shocking.Outside the pavilion, the common people and literati were also completely shocked.They didn t know what happened, but they were shocked by this heavenly palace.This is a vision, an unparalleled vision.Inside the hall.Only the sound of drinking.Zhang Heng froze in place, his face was extremely pale, and he recalled the scenes just now in his mind.All of a sudden, shame rushed over him like a river, making him want to dig a gap and get new age hemp gummies review in.Xu Qingxiao s humiliation all came true at this moment.Indeed, compared to Xu Qingxiao s parallel prose, his poems are simply what is delta 8 cbd gummies nonsense, extremely rough, and incomparable.

green ape CBD gummies reviews Gummy Bear CBD Edibles So, the two princes should pay more attention.Wang Xinzhi opened his mouth, Gummy Bear CBD Edibles CBD gotas he reminded the two of them, and the latter immediately understood what Wang Xinzhi meant.About this, they understand.So after nodding, the two didn t say much.After about two hours, everyone began to return.Come do CBD gummies help with anxiety Gummy Bear CBD Edibles fast, but go fast, they have no time to waste, they must leave quickly.That s it.Then there seemed to be pure kana CBD gummies Gummy Bear CBD Edibles some panic.For the common people, this is just a transaction, for the stability of Middle earth.But for many, the deal is fraught with danger.If you are not careful, someone will secretly shoot, Ruin the deal.There are definitely not a few people who do not want Central Continent to be so stable.But the end result is very satisfying.Just two hours.Dawei Yipin has already escorted cbd gummies vape store the main body to the two dynasties.

The final conclusion was that Zhang Ruhui had a problem with his brain.And so, liberty hemp gummies until Mao Shi.A new day of worship begins.The military officers went to the court in keoni cbd gummies reviews high spirits.But the civil servants were a little tired from each other.The six ministers were fine, especially Gu Yan, who was in a very happy mood.How could he be unhappy when he received 10 million taels of donations in vain And the servants in the six are a little tired.The Taiping Poetry Club ends tomorrow.So they also went today, 300mg CBD gummies Gummy Bear CBD Edibles and a lot of things happened today.First of all, the Great Wei Wen Palace no longer sent people, and Chen Zhengru presided over it.Sun Jingan did not come.The talents of the Ten Kingdoms are here.After all, the capital is blocked, and they can t run away.In addition, a man named Li Shouming brought many common people and literati to invite people.

Just how did he live for five thousand years Is it possible that he is like me, and his will is stored in the Wen Palace Chao Ge said the first doubt.point.Five thousand.How long is this Chaoge and the others were disciples of the first generation of great saints, and they did not live for five thousand years, but their will was sealed in the Wen Palace, and they did not belong to living.But the thought remains.It shouldn t be possible.If the will exists in the Wen Palace, how would Zhu Sheng hurt him He is still alive and is the body, but after living like this for five thousand years, I really can t imagine any way.Following the opening, he directly rejected Chaoge s conjecture.After all, Zhu Sheng had actually fought against Li copd CBD gummies amazon Gummy Bear CBD Edibles Sheng just Gummy Bear CBD Edibles now.Almost killed Li Sheng.Therefore, non existence is just a consciousness, but a body, and no matter how bad it is, it is also a body of true spirit.

This is not bad, but dismissed from office, it would eagle nicotine detox cbd gummies be miserable to encounter that kind of distribution frontier.Baiguan left.After leaving the palace, some of the military officers couldn t help but say.thisXu Qingxiao, it seems that he is really a member of my military family, tsk tsk, this letter can t be written without any courage Yes, yes, I have this person in my military family, and I will be very happy in the future.The military attach s laughed.Before, they just thought that Xu Qingxiao might lead the army, but this is also possible.But now Xu Qingxiao s letter is to blame the Confucian officials inside and outside.It makes them nuleaf naturals cbd oil where to buy convinced that Xu Qingxiao is the lead army.Well, Xu Qingxiao can be trained well, maybe the Northern Expedition can be brought purekana cbd gummies cost forward.Yeah, the officials over the years have all been useless, and they advocated recuperating and recuperating people s livelihood.

Xu Qingxiao breathed a sigh of relief.Zhou Top Gummy Bear CBD Edibles With THC Ling brought dozens of books and said, Let s drop a few more.Anyway, it s still early.Let s chat with the teacher.Xu Qingxiao One year in Wuchang.April 30.The sky is bright.Xu Qingxiao got into the carriage and left slowly under the eyes of thousands of people in Ping an County.After Xu Qingxiao left, Magistrate Li waved his hand, and dozens of people dragged a stone cbd gummies with turmeric and spirulina 1500mg reviews tablet and stood at the entrance of the county.It is Gummy Bear CBD Edibles written above.The hometown of Xu Qingxiao At the same time.Nanyu House.A carriage slowly came out.In the carriage, the person sitting was Yan Lei.What happened to Nanyu Mansion is something he will never forget in his life.Xu Qingxiao, he remembered it in his heart.The carriage moved slowly.An hour later.Suddenly, the carriage stopped.

Because there is no way.There is no way out.Surrender to Wei Will Dawei let him go The answer is obvious, you won t let yourself go.In that case, it is better to fight to the end.Soon, the order of King Chen Guoguo was conveyed.It has indeed improved some of the military s morale, but in the face of Da Wei who has already killed mad, is this useful No use at all.An hour later, the fifth city was broken Two hours later, the seventh city was broken.Three hours later, the Eighth City was broken.Four hours later, the ninth city was broken.Five hours later, the tenth where to buy fun drops cbd gummies city was broken.There is no suspense, if the army needs to rest for a while, in an hour, two cities can be broken.The Great Wei army had already been killed, and their bodies were Top Gummy Bear CBD Edibles With THC covered in thick blood, and Gummy Bear CBD Edibles they no longer knew whether it was the enemy s blood or their own blood.

Gummy Bear CBD Edibles royal blend CBD gummies legit >> martha stewart CBD gummies discount code, cannaleafz CBD gummies review Gummy Bear CBD Edibles natures boost CBD gummies Gummy Bear CBD Edibles.

After saying this, Lu Ziying couldn t help but be taken aback.Immediately, he got up and left without saying 8 cbd gummies a word to Xu Qingxiao.Your uncle s.Let me kill all these bald donkeys Do you think my Lu Ziying is a fool It s not that they can t be beaten.With the help of the Immortal Sword, it s totally fine to seriously injure the monk Gummy Bear CBD Edibles Huijue, but the problem is that if you do it yourself, you will cause Gummy Bear CBD Edibles great trouble.He is sick.Hey, Brother Lu, Brother Lu, it s okay to kill eight hundred scripture debating monks.Xu Qingxiao said, from another angle, killing the god monk Huijue is a bit difficult, but killing the scripture debating monk is not difficult.Brother Xu, the other is brilliant.Lu Ziying s voice sounded, too lazy to pay attention to Xu Qingxiao.Seeing Lu Ziying leaving, Xu Qingxiao sighed and muttered to herself.

Invite him to come to my Tianzhu Temple, and then I will wait for four people to arrange Dayan Duhua.Array, forcibly convert him, in this way, we can achieve the goal of my waiting.There is no need to go any step, in comparison, even if the conversion fails, it is nothing to offend a Xu Qingxiao, but if you use those plans , there is a great danger to us.The monk Huizheng opened his mouth Top Gummy Bear CBD Edibles With THC and said so.After saying can i give my dog a human cbd gummy this, the old monk was silent for a long time again.Finally, after a stick of incense, he spoke.It s good, it s good, what the younger brother said is very cbd gummies albuquerque true.If the sacrifice of the donor Xu can save the world, this is indeed an Gummy Bear CBD Edibles immeasurable merit, and the donor Xu will not blame me if you want to come.It s common people, like me, the words of junior brother, you can give it a try.

As long as the time is right, everything will fall into place.He was tired and tired of hearing these words.It really doesn t make any sense.He has no desire anymore, and was completely played to death by this group of people.Now even Zhu Sheng didn t kill Xu Qingxiao when he came out, but was uprooted by Xu Qingxiao.He was completely desperate.If you want military power without military power, if you want no one, the only hope is the Wen Palace.Now that the Wen Palace is gone, what can you use to fight Xu Qingxiao The vassal kings from all over the world were completely frightened, who would dare to rebel One by one is now thinking about how to please the Empress.After all, the current Great Wei, the country is prosperous, they are the princes of the Great Wei, even if where to buy CBD gummies Gummy Bear CBD Edibles the power is taken cbd 5 away, it will not affect the life.

This sentence has indescribable freedom and indescribable heroism.And this last sentence is the finishing touch.Sell the eternal sorrow with you.this What audacity this is Let s get rid of all the sorrows of the ages.If you say the previous poems, they just seem confident and flying, but the last sentence makes people completely silent.Everyone understood one thing at this moment.Xu Qingxiao Eternal genius.Inside the Great Wei a gift from nature cbd Palace.The queen stood quietly under the eaves.After hearing this again, his eyes also showed admiration.In the peach blossom nunnery.All the girls stood beside the guardrail, and the direction of their beautiful eyes was Liyang Palace, and their eyes were full of admiration and excitement.And the girl in white, also leaning on the cheapest CBD gummies Gummy Bear CBD Edibles fence to stand guard, looked a little weak, looking at Liyang Palace, with a faint smile in her eyes, and some complicated feelings at the same time.

Let Top Gummy Bear CBD Edibles With THC Lord Wang handle this matter, and Chen Ru, you should also participate in it, after all, this matter is very important., relying on the Ministry of Rites alone, I am afraid it will be difficult to complete, requiring the participation of the Ministry of Personnel.The Ministry of War has nothing to say.But Xu Qingxiao from the Ministry of Rites thought about the academy, so he handed over this important task to the Ministry of Rites.Controlling the Great Wei Academy This I m afraid something is wrong, right Chen Zhengru couldn t help smacking his tongue.Xu Qingxiao was really domineering.In one sentence, the Wei Academy should be obedient and obedient.At the same cbd gummies for back pain and inflammation time, the establishment of the Taixue, the middle school, and the four schools could be described as sweeping.Moreover, the Taixue was established in the county capital.

Therefore, these days, the minister has trouble sleeping and eating, thinking all day, and even does not want to participate in the Taiping Poetry Society.Just thinking about this, and just yesterday, the minister thought of casting a sword, forging a sword of killing for the Great Wei Dynasty.This sword has two major functions.The party, slaying the vassal kings, pacifying the chaos, the Great Wei court, has its own traitors, corrupts and bends the law, and it is hard to write about it, but the Great Wei intelligence agency is extremely poor, and the affairs of various places, officials and officials protect each other, and a hundred evils are presented.Therefore, this sword, hidden in the world, serves His Majesty, collects all the information in the world, and turns everything into a book.

With Xu Qingxiao s intelligence, I think I should have noticed something.I have read the case of the disaster relief in Pingqiu Mansion more than ten times.The first five handlers died and one went crazy.There is obviously a problem.The people behind this are involved., I have already guessed some over the years, so I don t know if Xu Qingxiao guessed it.Wang Xinzhi said, although he is not 1000mg hemp gummies strawberry 50 gummies per container a member of the Ministry of Punishment, but the case was too involved and the impact was extremely bad, and officials from the six departments were involved in it., and also reviewed the files in batches.With their wisdom, they can think of what Xu Qingxiao can think of.Coupled with their understanding of the court situation, they already have a suspect target.I ve been waiting for His Majesty s words.Now His Majesty wants to overturn the case.

Today, I, Qian Yi, self destruct Mingyi.Today, I Zhou Yan, I self destruct Mingyi.One after another, more and more voices sounded.These people don t know exactly what happened.But they felt the mood of other Confucian scholars.Didn t Yan Lei look down on the seventh grade Confucian scholar What I sense now are all Confucian scholars of the seventh Gummy Bear CBD Edibles grade and below.Some sixth grade Zhengru also felt this disappointment.This breath of despair made all Confucian scholars feel low and unwilling.For a while, I couldn t help but associate my various grievances in Wen Palace.At this moment, more and more Confucian scholars are disgusting.Yan Lei s face was pale.Not only him, even Zhang Ning s face turned pale.The rest of the great Confucians were even more shocked.No matter how much Xu Qingxiao made trouble, he couldn t move the foundation of the Great Wei Palace.

Hahahahahaha.Hahahahahaha.Cough cough cough cough Crazy laughter sounded, followed by a cough.Then, Cheng Lidong s body fell to the ground.Dawei Scholar Chapter 28 The Cannibal Demon Crisis April 5th.The official road leading to Nanyu Mansion.The dome of the sky was as clear as blue, and a few white clouds hung, and the sunlight that was not too dazzling fell on the ground.A carriage slowly walked towards Nanyu Mansion.There is still three hours away from Nanyu Mansion.There is a tea shop in front of it, and there is authentic herbal tea from Nanyu Mansion.The two mansions have tried hard.Our brothers are going to invite you to drink tea and take a break.I don t know what to do.On the carriage, the driver said, this is Cheng Lidong s subordinate.In these few days of contact, although Chen Xinghe is cold and arrogant, he doesn t talk much with these two people, but Xu Qingxiao is a good person, and he was a little wary of each other at first, but later Xu Qingxiao talked gummies vs oil cbd from time to time, and then explained some things for the two of them, occasionally when he was fine Also tell some stories to solve the boring journey along the way.

If it is to overthrow the Tuye Dynasty and the Chu Yuan Dynasty, twenty second grade, one hundred third grade, and two first grade are needed.And also need a lot of soldiers.After all, the Tuxie Dynasty and the Early Yuan Dynasty were too large, and this was not a massacre, it was against the keoni full spectrum hemp gummies 500mg law of nature.From the point of view of war, it is enough to annihilate the enemy army, and then unify Middle earth.And also consider the other s do CBD gummies really work Gummy Bear CBD Edibles first rank, and the two dynasties will immediately form an alliance.One hundred rank three Shenwu cannons.Twenty second grade Shenwu cannons.Two first grade Shenwu cannons.It is possible to win and fight head on without other factors interfering.It takes about how to make CBD gummies with jello Gummy Bear CBD Edibles two years.If you want to quickly end the war, it is quite simple.Twenty first rank Shenwu cannons, three hundred second rank Shenwu cannons, and one thousand third rank Shenwu cannons.

Kneeling towards Wu Ming, Xu Qingxiao said.Master is here, please accept your disciples.Xu Qingxiao was not hypocritical.Good, good, good.Good apprentice, good apprentice.From now on, you will be the master s closed disciple.Oh, I forgot to tell you that there is another named serenity cbd gummies on shark tank disciple for cbd gummies on plane the master.If it is in order, you have to call him senior brother, but he is a named disciple.He should call you senior brother.Wu Ming excitedly helped Xu Qingxiao up and said this, mentioning one thing.Senior brother Xu Qingxiao was a little curious.Well, you can just call him Junior Brother.It doesn t matter if the name is registered.Called Huo Ji, during the reign of Emperor Wu, he was named the Champion Marquis.He is currently at the border, and he may come back in the future.The Master will inform him.

After you became holy, when you woke up for your brother, hemp gummies dr oz you also remembered many things, among which was the matter of difference between edibles and cbd gummies supernatural lazarus naturals cbd balm 300 mg techniques.If you want to solve Gummy Bear CBD Edibles supernatural techniques, you must understand them The origin of these techniques is related to the koi cbd gummies delta 9 evil gods.When it was extremely ancient, there were three evil gods in the dust world, who controlled the earth, the sky, and the ocean.Under these three evil gods, there were also other evil gods.Slaughter, and there are many races in this world.In order to enhance their strength, these evil gods have created special techniques, and anyone who cultivates alien techniques can use their power.It happy hemp gummy bears s not an exaggeration.The borrowed power will eventually have to pay the price.The more you practice, the more terrifying the demon will become, and the more deeply rooted it will be in your body.

Top Gummy Bear CBD Edibles With THC Once the news came out, there was a lot of fun drops cbd gummies price speculation, and I was very curious as to why Xu Qingxiao was cannabliss gummies ingredients invited, and why did the Minister of Works call out this time Inside Shouren School.When Xu Qingxiao got the will, intimacy natural lubricant with cbd he became a little curious.Announced me into the palace again Wouldn t it be watching dramas and listening to Top Gummy Bear CBD Edibles With THC music again In the school, Xu Qingxiao was full of curiosity, he didn t know why the Empress suddenly announced herself to the palace.However, curiosity returned to curiosity, Xu Qingxiao changed into the waiter uniform and walked towards the palace.A quarter of an hour later.Xu Qingxiao entered the palace, and Zhao Wan er was still picking her up.Miss Wan er, she has become beautiful again.Seeing Zhao Wan er coming, Xu Qingxiao immediately smiled and praised.Master Xu praised it.

Your own person is dead, don t you say The enemy is dead, and you are screaming.Are you still not human Or is it the Great Wei Rusheng Therefore, he took Gummy Bear CBD Edibles seven or CBD gummy candy Gummy Bear CBD Edibles eight strong men from full spectrum hemp extract vs cbd his family and shouted loudly on the street.For a while, many people in the street were awakened by these words.In the beginning, the appearance of the Great Wei Confucian Newspaper did make them feel that it was inappropriate.It was inhumane to kill 170,000 soldiers.But with the appearance of Dawei Wenbao and the words of this person, everyone gradually came to their senses.Yes, 23,000 soldiers died in the siege.You didn t mention a word.The enemy surrendered after killing people.Your motherfucker is Wei Jian, right This time, many people were angry.I ll go with you.Old Zhang, I ll go with you too.Damn, these Wen Gong scholars really don t have any conscience.