The audience cheered.The two stand in two rows.He looked at the girl helplessly and smiled, but suddenly found that the girl was burning natural path cbd with some kind of fighting spirit.good guy.Really love and kill each other.And the game begins.After a showdown and shouting at each other, among the hilarious laughter, only Ye Gui and Lin Yuner Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies were left on the field.Teacher He picks up fire at the swag cbd gummies right time.Okay, now there are only the Elf Queen and the Elf Queen s lover left on the field, and the two are also teachers and disciples.Whether the blue is better than the blue, or the ginger or the old, let s wait and see leaf remedies cbd gummies Pfft But before it started, Lin Yuner instantly covered her lips and laughed out loud.A sentence that Jiang is still old and hot, let this girl break the defense instantly and lose the duel.

That just now hugged Ye Gui from behind She immediately bit her lip.Is that so After saying that, he seemed to be firm again.Then he laughed.Finally, he also lay down and came to the side of Xiangxiang s small crystal.Then approached, Xiao Gao Leng paused for a while, and immediately closed his eyes, but in the feeling, only eagle hemp CBD gummies review Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies felt that Ye Gui gently kissed her forehead, and did not let go of his hand.But compared to the intense kind of charm produced by kiss.In the dark, the atmosphere of kissing his forehead gently is a kind of soft warmth lingering.Xiao Gao Leng immediately opened his eyes, and his eyes blinked, like stars in the sky, a bit crystal clear.She looked at him.A crisp and pleasant how does cbd gummies feel little milk voice sounded in the dark.I thought you were going to kiss me, but I closed my eyes.He hugged her gently.

2.CBD gummies for high blood pressure Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies

Also, you must miss me Da Gao Cold and pouting.I think, I will definitely miss our President Zheng He promised with a smile.Then will you send me tomorrow Da Gao coldly asked again.Oh, it s hard to say.He shook his head, I ve been a little tired recently, and I don t have any motivation, but you know it.Da Gao Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies Leng Xiao Bai rolled his eyes, and then put his tiptoes around his neck.Then there was a little complaining.A little lower, how can you kiss so high He leaned over with a smile.Then Da Gao Leng came up.Naturally, he also gently hugged Da Gao Leng s flexible waist, caviar cbd gummies a little immersed in the kiss at the moment.After a long time, the two separated.Da Gao Leng looked up at him reluctantly.Otherwise, don t leave tonight, stay with me.He endured and endured, then sighed.I think too, you think you re not very attractive.

Xiao Gao Leng was a little disappointed, Okay.Finally, he looked at Victoria with hope, What about you, Ernie.Victoria also sighed slightly, I There is also a magazine interview this afternoon Chapter 331 Those Dreams That You Are Very Risky 6 Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty One Those who dream of you being very adventurous are helpless.But I can only say goodbye Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies to the three sisters.But when I drive home, the more I think of Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies home, the more I feel hopeful and happy.Finally got home.Opening the door, the fragrance of vegetables and rice wafted in the air.Her stomach grumbled uncontrollably.Pretty face blushed, but fortunately Ye Gui was still cooking in the kitchen.She immediately hung her bag on the porch and made a clear sound.Ye Gui, I m back, the kitchen responded immediately, Go wash your hands, and then wait for me to hemp gummies legal have another soup.

He looked at her.Then what else Taeyeon s eyes were bright, with a good looking smile cbd gummies 8 and waiting.And the chicken eating mobile game, he said.Taeyeon immediately frowned and snorted, and the sound of the kettle was clearly about to sound again.He immediately stretched out and lightly pinched the thin lips of the short body.Want to scold someone again Taeyeon wrinkled her nose and gently loosened his hand that was holding her mouth.Can I not be angry and want to scold people I can sing, do housework, accompany you, make you happy, and talk to you, Taeyeon, who is not as good as instant noodles and mobile games room, full of resentment.He lightly tapped his short forehead, Isn t it serious and obedient What I said is one of the things.And you Jin Ruan Ruan was the only woman just cbd gummy bears review who supported me during that time.

3.are CBD gummies the same as hemp gummies Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies

Ye Gui was silent.Lin Yuner immediately reassured, Okay, it s all my fault, I wanted to adjust the atmosphere, but I didn t expect it to be heavier, but today I Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies belong to you.In what are cbd gummies a sense, today, full spectrum cbd gummies wholesale you own me, but also Owning Xiujing is the Can CBD Gummies Make You High Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies (Part2) | blessing of the people of Qi, aren t you happy Ye Gui let out a slight sigh of relief.I 120 mg cbd gummies can t be happy.Sorry.After saying that, he fell silent again.And Lin Yuner looked at him.The smile also faded, and he slowly stopped talking.There seemed to be only the sound of the wind whistling along the way.But finally the car window was slowly raised by Ye Gui, Lin Yuner gave him a look.Ye Gui paused and explained, It will mess up your hair and makeup.After speaking, he continued to observe the road conditions with all his heart.And Lin Yuner bit her lip slightly.For a while, CBD gummy candy Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies in the quiet carriage.

Ye Gui frowned, Jessica Jessica tilted her head and cbd gummies 500 mg said softly, Call me Xiuyan.Krysta glanced at Ernie.Ye Gui was a little strange, but he didn t care and called out casually, Then, Xiuyan.Jessica nodded and are cbd gummies safe for seniors said, Inner, Ye Gui.Ye Gui continued, Give me Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies back Xiujing, I I hope you can respond correctly.Krysta immediately grabbed Jessica, Oni, you can t be threatened by him, he s a big idiot who will ruin the atmosphere Ye Gui took a deep breath, So, I m not Stinky tofu, Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies but a big idiot Krysta shook his head with a smile, Ani, it s still a stinky tofu big idiot.And Jessica looked at her sister and finally Ye Gui, I m sorry Ye Gui, my Sister, I want to protect.Ye Gui nodded, Very good, very good.But both sisters looked at Ye Gui fearlessly.Ye Gui sighed and said, I really don t want to be a bad person.

just cannabis First of all, I am so far Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies away from you that I no longer have the conditions for violent contact.Secondly, did I move a finger from you before On the other hand, on the day we were together, you gave me the one on my waist.Pinch, now it s raining and I can quickly recall it.Lin Yuner frowned, pulling the stool closer to Ye Gui.So, are you turning your back on an old account Ye Gui paused and frowned, Why can t you abide by the principle of not using nuclear weapons first Lin Yuner whispered, I can t tell you.Ye Gui frowned.That s still so righteous Lin Yun er raised her eyes and lowered her expression, her eyes felt a little wet, like an abandoned kitten.Isn t it possible As your girlfriend, as long as I don t violate the principles, can t I even be confident in front of you I What else can I say Cannon Ye Gui was silent for a while, then smiled, I m just joking, what s the point of gummys being righteous, brother can still give you can i give my dog cbd gummy a massage, do Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies you smokiez cbd gummies need it Lin Yuner nodded with a low expression.

green monster cbd gummies At that time, he secretly squeezed her hand while the doctor went to get the medicine.thought here.She couldn t help laughing.In fact, these memories jamie richardson cbd gummies shark tank are always flashing before.Makes people laugh unconsciously.But soon he couldn t laugh anymore.In the dark, she turned to look at him.His expression seemed to flicker with memories in the flickering light.Seeing this, she still hesitated to ask.Ye Gui, you are here, what are you thinking about Ye Gui returned to his senses and looked at her, I was thinking, if life is like first sight.If life is like first sight, Lin Yuner s expression solidified slightly, and then she lowered her head and repeated on.How could life be just like the first time When we arrived at the cinema, there were not many people.There were few people in the cinema.The two pressed cbd gummies near the ticket number and sat down in the last row.

where can i buy cbd gummies near me Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies cannativa cbd gummies >> the best CBD gummies, fun gummies CBD Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies CBD thc gummies for pain Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies.

In other platinum x cbd gummies words, someone deliberately left only half drawn paper.Beautiful, beautiful Ye Gui was so angry that he couldn t help but applaud Lin Yuner.If this woman really did it, then this woman, I have to say she s really amazing.He then sighed again.Hey Gu, a powerful woman, mingo rad cbd gummies review do you mean me I haven t done anything yet, so why are you praising me, teacher And it s still in such an eagle hemp CBD gummies for diabetes Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies embarrassing place as the toilet, you re embarrassing Yoona But at this moment, following his admiration, a crisp response immediately entered his Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies ears.Ye Gui s eyes widened slightly, and he opened his mouth somewhat solemnly.This is the men s restroom.If Lin Yuner Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies comes in like this, I m afraid it will have a bad influence.Lin Yuner smiled, Hey, Mr.Ye doesn t have to watch that type of TV series or movies, right Ye Gui frowned slightly, You didn t put a cleaning sign at the door, right There are several other places that are under maintenance and this bit of toilet paper is also your masterpiece Ha.

Where is my teacher Oh.Ye Gui was very calm, I think so too.Lin Yun er s apricot eyes flickered slightly, showing a puzzled look, Huh Teacher Ye isn t being modest at all today Could it be that the morning drink changed the teacher Ye Gui s eyes twitched slightly, It seems that Lin Yuner is very proud of her masterpiece in the morning, right.Lin Yuner was noncommittal, and responded calmly, It s okay.And the words At the moment of falling, Ye Gui clearly saw the smile in Lin Yun er s eyes.She is imitating herself.He really didn t miss a chance to attack himself.Kind of interesting Ye Gui started class again like a normal person.And Lin Yuner s vigilance has also increased.Now let me talk about the two characters played by Lin Yuner, Xiahou Qingyi and Ma Yurou, these two people are actually two new characters derived from another fictional character, and their prototypes are taken from another book of Three Kingdoms.

Krysta change Gu Zhiya asked tentatively.Krysta nodded, Yeah.He stood up, staggering a little, but Gu Zhiya hurried over to support Krysta.Krysta shook his head, It s okay, Zhiya, I m not drunk, don t worry.Gu Zhiya looked worried, Don t drink next time, side effects of cbd gummy let s go see the scenery.Krysta waved, It s okay, let s go out first.Let s go.He picked up his bag and got up and went out.And Gu Zhiya green ape CBD gummies review Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies could only pack up her clothes and bags and go out together.Just after going out, I saw Krysta standing there, staring blankly at the front of the aisle corridor, where there was a person standing.Gu Zhiya looked over and was immediately surprised.Brother she called out.When the bar Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies is snoring.Ye Gui said to the girl beside him.Girl, I m Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies going to the bathroom and I ll be back soon.Lin Yuner chuckled and nodded, Inner, Ye Gui.

Actually, cry and cry, Ye cost of eagle hemp CBD gummies Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies Gui is the one who Lin Yuner can t do the most.Who would have thought that Leng Dunan, who looked handsome and messed up in the past, is now a mess when teasing her, and a mess when coaxing her.The problem is that the more she likes it, the more messed up she is.As soon as Ye Gui opened his mouth, Yuner laughed in a mess.Do you ananda cbd gummies think this slogan is just not neat It was obvious that Lin Yuner couldn t cry anymore.With a puff of laughter, the big move that had been brewing for a long time had already ended.Ye Gui breathed cbd living gummy rings a sigh of relief, Survived.Lin Yuner looked at Ye Gui angrily, Oh, am I that scary Ye Gui also looked at Lin Yuner angrily, Then why don t I cry , are you coaxing me Lin Yuner held back her laughter, If you cry, I ll record it.Ye Gui s eyes lit up, That s a good idea, if you cry later, I ll record it too.

That s it.Watching a movie Jessica frowned in confusion, What movie It won t be a serious movie, right How could it be, Ernie.Movies.If you watch something that s not serious, then I won t be the one who can t control it.Jessica laughed, You stinky girl actually watched it Xiao Gaoleng bit his lip slightly, Eunnie also watched it.Have most potent form of cbd you ever been Jessica s words were stagnant, Well, that s because I m older than my age, so it s not hemp infused gummy bears uncommon to see this kind of movie Nei.Xiao Gao smiled coldly, It s not uncommon.Jessica coughed a little embarrassedly., then change the subject directly.Then you guys, are you just watching movies with your mobile phones That s too uncomfortable, right Xiao Gao Leng explained aloud.No, I used a projector.It was the one that Ernie bought before.When I finally bought it back, you thought the color was not good, so you put it in the bedroom.

But she seemed to have changed a person in an instant, and her expression returned to her original cold and calm look.After a few people sat down, Zhou Meng came out from the back kitchen to Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies receive them, and then the event started like a large scale fan meeting.Although his life Can CBD Gummies Make You High Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies (Part2) | was Krystal, it did not affect Zhou Meng s liking for the whole function.There were constant conversations among the girls, except for Krystal.After she greeted Zhou Meng with a smile at the beginning, she began to sit there, fiddling with her mobile phone and did not speak.The other girls glanced at them and wanted to say something.What, but can only subconsciously not to disturb.No one knew that Krystal was looking at some of the group photos he took when he and Ye Gui went to the beach and passed the bridge that day.

Lack of money to spend recently Ye Gui asked her aloud.Ani, I just have some things I want to buy, so I m looking for an easy part time job.Krysta said.Ye Gui nodded, Okay, let s work part time as 2.5 CBD gummies Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies a part time hemp joy gummy bears job, just put on a name, pay you your normal salary, and give me your personal account when the time comes.Ye Gui suddenly spoke up.Krysta chuckled, It s alright to take a name So how much did I take this money against my will Ye Guizheng was about to speak.Krysta suddenly asked, How high is the salary It won t be very low, right Ye Gui looked at her, Just the basic salary, at most I will give you some celebrity subsidies, what are you thinking If you don t work, you still want me to pay you a high salary.Krysta bit his lip slightly, Then I have to take care of the injury.If you are really in maxibears hemp gummies reviews penguin cbd gummies reviews a hurry to hire someone, then I will be discharged from the hospital now.

She called to him again.Like before, every time he was about to Can CBD Gummies Make You High Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies (Part2) | leave, she stopped his this call.He turned around in a daze.Then he saw a short body, squatted down and put down the Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies little guy in his arms, and then quickly ran over.In his somewhat hazy vision, the figure was from far to near.When he reacted, the short body can CBD gummies cause diarrhea Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies already hugged him.Then he buried his little head deep, with a sense of relief.With a unique strawberry milk flavor.At the same time, her voice sounded a little dull.I m not afraid of you, I ve never been afraid of you.The first time I met in the magic capital, I asked you to be my tour guide.I haven t been afraid of you since then, so why am I afraid of you now That s what I told Sunny to apple rings cbd gummies lie to budpop CBD gummies Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies you.I ll never say that again.If I say that again, I ll Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies delta 8 cbd gummies 25mg be He was dazed.

Jin Zhiyong also looked at it.He saw it just now, but didn t pay attention.Now, when he looked at the brand carefully, he realized that these two clothes are really not ordinary clothes.This dress is also for you Jin Zhiyong looked at it.Jin Xiayan laughed and said.It s definitely not for Abba and Oppa, the style and size are wrong.Jin Zhiyong also smiled, You don t need to explain it, it Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies s still obvious.Taeyeon smiled a little embarrassedly, Inside, it s his.He said, looking at his brother and sister.But it s almost the end of the year, I ll prepare nice clothes for my father, Ouba, and Ou s mother, Xia Yan.Jin Zhiyong waved his hand, I ll take care of this, it s hard for you to make money.Don t worry about family affairs, it s me.Taeyeon pursed the corner of her lower lip, It s okay, I Jin Xiayan interrupted Taeyeon, Hey Gu, leave it to Oppa, O only pure cbd hemp extract reviews Neill, or talk about other things, when will you bring this brother in law to see Dad and Mom After that, Jin Zhiyong also looked at his sister, That s it Taeyeon If yes, I will tell my dad and mom when I go back.

Xiao Gao Leng bit his lip and looked at him, quiet for a while.a little.She stood on tiptoe.A soft kiss was melatonin CBD gummies Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies placed on the corner of his lips.Then he reached out and wrapped his arms around his neck.A pair of cold eyes met him.If possible, I really hope to stay with you in the small world we live in like this, not to disturb others, and others to not disturb us, just keep cannabis gummies walking like this.He looked at her eyes and smiled softly., Yes.Xiao Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies are cbd and hemp the same Gao smiled coldly.Nei, I will.The packed Xiao Gao Leng quickly finished his breakfast.With great interest, he pulled Ye Gui out of the house.At the door, how to make CBD gummies with jello Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies next to Ye Gui s black Mercedes, a brand new white best online cbd SUV was parked, and Xiao Gaoleng was obviously happier.She sprinted over, then pulled away from the co pilot.signal to him.Get in the car, uncle, now it s my turn to take you for a ride.

Have they all gone to bed he asked immediately.Nei, everyone eagle hemp CBD gummies amazon Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies has to get up early tomorrow creating better days cbd melatonin gummies for your wedding with Taeyeon Unnie, So I decided to rest early, otherwise, if you come out, everyone may be late again.Too.He nodded clearly, Then let s sleep too. okay.Yoon er replied, You lie down first, I turned off the lights.He nodded, then turned to 30000 mg hemp gummies get on the bed, and then turned it off after waiting.He also turned on the light of his mobile phone, so that Yoona came over and went to bed.Immediately, the Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies light of the mobile phone was also turned off.After a slight sound of covering the quilt, two The person finally lay down comfortably on the bed.Inexplicably, the two were very quiet, not cbd gummies australia hugging each other, just lying side by side.After a while of silence, Yuner turned to look at him.What are you thinking I m thinking about dismantling your alliance.

Lin Yuner raised a finger to her lips.I m already well, there s nothing uncomfortable anymore.He s still resting, so just Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies give me breakfast, Yayan.Yayan was stunned, and then she gave Lin Yuner what she was holding quietly.Lin Yuner took it, and then asked softly, Except for yesterday s activities, I shouldn t have any activities here in the magic capital, right Yayan nodded, and responded softly, That s right, Ernie.Lin Yuner immediately said, Then From the company, please tell me that I need a little time, so I won t go back for the time being, and the later schedule will be postponed.Yayan said, Oni, needless to say, the company has already given it late last night.I called and told you to take a good rest, and don t worry about the rest.Lin Yuner paused, and subconsciously looked back at Ye Gui.

After all, I played an unnecessary bad show.Xiao Gao listened coldly, biting He pressed his lips together, suppressing the sourness.Ye Gui continued to look at her seriously.Xiu Jing.I don t have much time left.Then let s make an agreement.You come firmly today, just like you were cbd gummies for sleeping firm by my side before.Then tomorrow, You can no longer hide from me like that day, if you hide again this time, I really won t be able to find you again.No matter how much I love you today.I hope that tomorrow, we will still love each other.Xiao Gao coldly lowered his head.When she raised her head again, she bit her lip, and her eyes were red with tears.She didn t speak, just nodded, nodding heavilythe night fell silently.The lights were turned off in the hotel.The two were lying american hemp gummies 3000mg on the same bed, silent.But the scattered clothes, hats, and scarves were picked up and arranged on hangers.

Ye Gui sneered, Then Lin Yuner must be royal blend CBD gummies review Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies careful, There are still some things that my teacher didn t CBD gummies for sleep amazon Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies teach you, don t forget that you what effect does CBD gummies have on the body Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies just changed the concept You really care about me Lin Yuner frowned slightly.Ye Gui said, Just kidding, don t care where I put Ye Gui s face Lin Yun er puffed up her face slightly, Then what do you want Ye Gui took out a box of medicine, Take the medicine.Lin Yuner frowned, Oh, it s better to escalate the cold Hey, it s not serious do cbd gummies to say this four character phrase.Hmph, just say In the end, the two of them still took one cold tablet each Go to Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies sleep for a while.Ye Gui said, standing up and preparing to take Lin Yuner to rest.I ll take you to the master bedroom.Lin Yuner pulled Ye Gui, Don t worry She paused, Will you stay today After cbd hemp caplets speaking, she hurriedly explained, I mean, God It s already dark, and it has just rained, so you ve already caught a cold, so don t go anywhere else.

At this point, the capital of the cbd gummies for fibromyalgia pain sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth branches didn t say anything, just looked at Zheng Zheng.A bit of Gu Chengtai.Gu Chengtai sighed lightly, Don t you want Gu Chonghe to resign from this position All the hemp bombs cbd gummies amazon clansmen nodded.Gu Chengtai said again, gummy bear recipe CBD Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies However, how long can the TV series be filmed, and when it s over Chonghe still has to come back.Sooner or later, these problems will have to be faced.All the clansmen frowned and thought.At this moment, the door of the conference room was pushed cbd gummies market open.Ye Gui walked in.The scene quieted down again, and the clansmen looked at Ye Gui in unison, all showing some smiles.Gu Chengtai also smiled and looked at Ye Gui.Chonghe, let s say hello to the clansmen.I have seen them last time, and I have not seen them.Today s leading clan capital is here.

Taeyeon gritted her teeth, Then why are you buying so many things Do you want me to get you some takeout cbd gummies for arthritis and pain Sunny smiled.wave.I cbd hemp products ve already bought so many ingredients, what a waste to order takeout.Taeyeon took a deep breath and looked at her.Then you can bear with my level of ramen making.Sunny sighed, Hey Gu, what s the hurry, even if you and I are both skilled at making ramen, there is a guy sitting here who knows how to cook.The chef s, right Ye Guixi The words fell.Sunny looked at Ye Gui.Taeyeon pulled Sunny, Okay, let s order takeout, don t Sunny pulled her back, motioned her to be quiet, and then looked flav cbd gummies at Ye Gui again.Ye Guixi, is it alright Listening to Sunny s question.He paused.Taeyeon and Sunny also looked at him.He quietly looked towards the kitchen.It seemed a Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies familiar and unfamiliar place.

Then he looked at Ye Gui, But, it seems that I have returned to that topic, and also returned to the question I asked you, why am I not afraid at all, and dare to let you try to escape If you are by my side, I dare to say that I want to see what the future mistress will look like.Although it is all a joke, it is also very strong and fearless.And hemp seeds cbd this kind of fearlessness is because the answer to this question is you.It was you who gave me confidence every moment, just like at this moment, just because I suddenly ran away, you actually thought about whether the topic was sensitive or not, and whether it would make me think more.You are so attentive, even a girl can t stand it, let alone I like you.So this is the most terrifying thing.It always makes me feel that you can t leave me, but in fact , I m getting more and more inseparable from you.

Only Long Eryong and a few bodyguards were left standing a little further away.He frowned and looked around, but saw IU staring at him with burning eyes.He sighed slightly.It should be just a few days.IU nodded lightly.Then I ll be waiting for you in the crew.He said, waving his hand gently, Goodbye, Ye Guixi.After speaking, he showed a soft smile.He paused, then nodded.Okay, goodbye.Goodbye.IU replied softly again.Immediately, two Ye Gui s bodyguards came over, a man and Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies a woman.IU followed the two bodyguards and left quietly.But at the corner of the corridor, he glanced back.But he found that Ye Gui had turned around.She pursed her lips slightly.But still silently watched Ye Gui s back disappear.Just turned and left. Chapter 389 Support 12 Chapter 389 Support 12 Back to koi cbd gummies for anxiety the private room.

Brother, I ll go first, I ll call you then.Ye Gui nodded.Turning around and watching her sister catch up with the little girl and leave, she was a little lost.Xiu Jing, wait for me.Goo Ji Ah caught up with Krysta, What are you doing Krysta shook his head and said.Jia, let s stop drinking.Come cbd gummies utah and sit by the Han River with me.Gu Zhiya was stunned for a moment, then nodded.Okay all the way to the Han River.On the stairs of a square, the two sat down, with a bodyguard standing not far behind, and they did not expel anyone, but the darkness made pedestrians feel uncomfortable, so they all left.The scene was quiet.Krysta looked at the Han River not far away, and the wind came out and ruffled her hair, but she didn t seem to care at all, just looked at the distance in silence.Gu Zhiya paused.Xiu Jing, are you okay I didn t know my 2.5 CBD gummies Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies brother would be there today.

But she didn t watch the video, because the bodyguard named Long Eryong who was beside Ye Gui said that this was something Ye Gui specifically asked people to take pictures of, something about Zhang Jihe.She knows what it is.So she didn t energize cbd gummies look, just set up a small brazier and prepared total pure CBD gummies Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies a hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Gummies household fire extinguisher.Throw this videotape, along with those hard drives and memory cards, into the brazier.The flames rose slowly.It s like burning the past, burning some past that can t be looked back.Her face was restless against the fading flames.It wasn t until everything turned into a charred, jelly like substance, exuding an unpleasant smell, that she slowly regained her senses, then picked up the fire extinguisher and extinguished the flame.Then it is to slowly clean up, sweep the floor, put it in the garbage bag, and install it together with the small brazier and fire extinguisher.