Generally speaking, it should be feasible.To put it bluntly, the communication technologies we use are of the same origin at the root, and they are all variants of communication techniques., just like a roadbed, and then we modulate it into a magic net signal, and modulate it into a nerve impulse that is compatible with nerve thorns, which are all paved with different roads, but the road is still a road.When she finally talked about the technical field she was good at, Rebecca s usual simple stupidity was instantly swept away, her eyes brightened, and her mouth started to talk non stop.In fact, she didn t need to explain many things so carefully, Gao could understand it completely, but Gao still listened patiently at this moment, neither interrupting nor making a sound, with a slight smile on his face.

But even so, there were many small sects at that Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities time that could not support it, and disappeared in the wasteland in the process of people fleeing from the Gondor Empire.Gawain remembered that the leaders of the major sects had more than one secret talk and attempt at that time, and people Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities Is 100mg Of CBD Gummies A Lot gave up their prejudice and hostility in the past.beliefs and historical hatred, and instead come together to try to find a solution to the problem.Later, several large lazarus naturals CBD Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities sects represented by the God of Light, the God of War, and the Three Gods of Harvest finally made some progress.After several emergency meetings, the leaders of several sects are now on the eastern border of the Ogure Tribal Nation.An attempt was made to communicate with the gods on the top of the Peak of the Ancestors.That attempt was a closed door meeting.

2.hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities

The gods of Benefits offered their faith, so for a long time, the Church of the God of Commerce could only be regarded as a second tier or even a third tier in Cecil s territory.But on the other hand, it is actually a good thing that the faith of Buffal, the god of commerce, is not very strong.Just because he has few believers and the power of the church is weak, the chain between this god and the world will not be too strong.When the trade order of the new era brought by Searle was vigorously unfolding all over the world, especially when the subversive concepts such as Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities commercial warfare and modern finance developed rapidly, this god obviously did not suffer a fatal impact like the God of War 1 1.It is still Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities Is 100mg Of CBD Gummies A Lot in a relatively stable state.Considering that the combat power of the God of Commerce is likely to be at the same level as several gods in the art field, it is obviously a good thing that he is not crazy historical candidates in later generations can at least have two less major questions.

power cbd gummies review Members, no matter cbd gummy to quit smoking how large the scale is, the changes to the social order are very small, usually no more than a few decrees or the claim of a few titles, more like the handover of power and clever disguise, and what happened here today is A violent change from the bottom to the top, although our lords are behind it, the change itself is carried out by the masses and the result is even more amazing hemp bombs cbd gummies amazon it directly destroys an old order.After the collapse of the old order There will be vacancies, so there must be a new order to fill in time, as you told us last time, Master.Yes, but that is the first concern of our lord and the Protestant priest, Godwin Orlando He smiled calmly, What we have to do now is to record this scene at the what is the difference between hemp gummies and CBD gummies Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities moment Seeing the apprentices look thoughtful and busy again, Godwin Orlando nodded slightly, then he took out his own notebook, thought for a where can you buy botanical farms cbd gummies moment, and wrote on it with a pen Ansu 737 , On the 30th of the Frost Moon, Requiem Day, tens CBD gummy worms Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities of thousands of people from the northern region of the southern border attacked the Cathedral of Holy Light.

I m probably the original and biggest false copy.Gawain thought of some things, and Amber also thought of them, but they had always been very tacit.Before a reliable solution boulder highlands CBD gummies scam Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities or idea, they did not choose to point it out.But now, Amber broke it.She suspects that she is the false replica mentioned in the Anchor Generator s log, after Lady Night fell into an abnormal state, which can explain all the anomalies Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities that happened to her.It could also explain her innate talent for shadows.Gawain didn t speak, he just stared into Amber s eyes, and after an unknown amount of time, he broke the silence It s not like we haven t solved the divine disaster.But it s not medterra cbd gummies necessarily a divine disaster perhaps there is no way to use force.Solved, Amber said casually, Seriously, if Madam Ye is really a god who is malicious to the world and chooses to come down and fight, then I really don t doubt that you will directly pull the dozens of coalition forces over, anyway, you Reckless gods and god like gods are no longer the same, but what if this is just a system error of the sailor You can t dismantle the sky station, let alone if budpop CBD gummies Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities you dismantle that thing, it may not work Chapter 1492 A Little Hope Amber, an artificial human created by the Gondor Empire in the Age of Starfire, the nameless soul of the Shadow Realm, where did she what is hemp gummy bears come from Many years ago, this was not a problem at all.

3.eagle hemp CBD gummies amazon Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities

Melita s stunned expression was gradually replaced by silence, her eyes became solemn, and when she looked at the ruins in front of her again, her expression seemed to have changed into a dragon.At this moment, a flapping sound Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities came from nearby, awakening Melita from her contemplation.Miss Lanlong suddenly raised her head and looked at the sound.The next second, her eyes were full of surprises.A familiar, white figure was passing by from Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities the sky, looking around as if looking for something.Melita couldn t help rushing.With a roar in the sky, the white dragon shadow finally found the figure in the wreckage and immediately landed here.After a while, accompanied by a gust of cbd gummies high potency 125 wind and vibration, the white dragon landed on the edge of the ruins, and Melita finally gathered up her strength, broke free from the pile of ruins, endured the injuries all over her body and eagle hemp CBD gummies shark tank Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities ran towards her friend halfway through.

It is the morning glow.Daniel and the others also stopped, watching a splendid brilliance abruptly cut through the darkness, and suddenly appeared at the end of this town that seemed to have fallen into the eternal night.The brilliance rapidly expanded in the eyes of everyone.Almost in the blink of an eye, it turned into an endless golden red dawn, splashing recklessly on the scattered roofs of the town, and then the golden red dawn turned into pale golden sunlight, completely dispelling the dark shadows between the streets.A giant sun rises slowly in the sky, CBD gummies for dogs Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities the light is radiant, and the darkness fades away.It s natural cbd cigarettes dawn.Daniel stared blankly at the magnificent scene of the rising sun, as if he was shocked by the magnificent scene beyond words.Mind protecting spells empower the entire team in a matter of seconds.

Ladies first, the beautiful lady smiled, walking to the immersion pod, and I ve been interested 100 hemp gummies cbd in Cecil s magic technology for a long time.How do I use it Lie in Need Do you have any spells or spells ready You can just cbd gummies to quit smoking shark tank lie in, this is for ordinary people, and naturally you don t need any spells and spells, Gao said casually, The experience time is only ten minutes, you won t feel tired.Wendy nodded and lay down into the immersion cabin with the Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities Is 100mg Of CBD Gummies A Lot help of Amber.Then, under the watchful eyes of the rest of the archbishops, the immersion cabin closed with a slight crackling sound from the hatch natures only copd cbd gummies cover.The many symbols on the base of the immersion cabin light up one by one in an instant.Magnum watched this scene with wide eyes, and while caring about the development, he couldn t help but mutter At least in terms of comfort, this thing is much better than ours You don t have to think about it now.

Now these coins have been ready to use.After Byron and the others left, only Gawain and Amber were left in the tent.The latter kept looking at Gawain with strange eyes, making Gawain uncomfortable What are you looking at Let me Those mercenaries who only recognize money go to catch refugees and send them here.Obviously, it is much more convenient and cost effective than sending people to publicize and search, and you have to prepare dry food for vehicles and horses.I thought you would definitely choose a more practical one.The plan for you haven t you always said that you are a pragmatist I am indeed a pragmatist, but I am not a villain.How would those mercenaries capture refugees as slaves I think about it with my back molars.Can you imagine how many people will be killed on the spot eagle hemp CBD gummies cost Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities in the process How many people will be separated How many people will die of starvation and disease during the rough transportation of the mercenaries Even if I am entrusting Zhong deliberately emphasized the need to ensure the health of the slaves , but how many mercenaries do you think would really listen And these things may not have been done by me, but they were prompted by me, which violated my code of conduct.

The spell model cannot be parsed, the builder does smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies review not know its principle, and can only inject magic power to obtain the effect, but cannot carry out any form of transformation or splitting of its talisman structure, medium material, and energy flow.Such spells are collectively referred to as black boxes.Magic, and before the Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities cbd gummies to stop drinking widespread application of Logic, our magic system was full of such black boxes.When Gao was thinking, Hetty best CBD gummies for quitting smoking Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities s voice came from the side, Of course some of the black boxes are The human magic system is originally there, especially those parts related to the lost ancient Gondor magic system, but the other part The other part is all from the Violet system, isn t it Gao Congzi raised his eyelids and looked serious Looking at Heidi, Is there any exception to the ancient magic that has been identified as originating from the difference between hemp oil and cbd oil Violet Kingdom There is no exception, at least the spells that can be traced accurately so far are either a black box as a whole, or the key structure is Black box, Hetty shook his head, but but what Gao hummed, lowered his head and pondered for a while.

Zhu asked again, What does it mean to domesticate the dark blue net What does it mean to control the planet After all, who are you What are you doing here She stretched her hemp fusion cbd neck and looked around., fun drops CBD gummies review Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities found that she seemed to be at the bottom of a big pit, and the next second, her eyes fell on another platform near the big pit.On the edge of what is the difference between cbd oil and hemp oil the platform, there were several black cubes covered with complex runes on the surface.They are lined up neatly and seem to be waiting for activation the Siren Sentinel, who was still dizzy just a moment ago, reacted instantly.Damn X, I know It s you guys throwing things into the deep blue net all day long Until this time, Bolken, who was half a beat late because of his astonishment, finally reacted.What is the origin of the strange woman who appeared in the Tao, and he can you eat too many cbd gummies didn t even bother to think about how the other party did this kind of thing.

Wait a moment, I need to stroke it.Gao subconsciously waved his hand to interrupt the other party.After finally smoothing his thoughts and confirming the information described by can u bring CBD gummies on a plane Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities the other party, he slowly raised his head, That is, Said that when the big magic tide came, the world was CBD oil vs hemp oil Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities not affected at all, but all individuals who could become observers had a cognitive shift, and the normal world became indescribable and incomprehensible in their eyes things, the so called end of the world, are they actually hallucinations This is not as simple as an illusion.An illusion can be regarded as nothing if you close your eyes and block your five senses.However, the exile shift brought Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities about by the magic tide can break the boundary between matter and reality.If you mistake ice for fire , that fire can really burn you, if the sun in your eyes turns into a black ember that goes out, then the whole world will dim and cool beside you, which sounds very contrary to cognition, but the truth of the world is in this way.

Yes, those traditional mages found them in their dark and cramped mages towers, and then regarded them as treasures.They may not share their discoveries with the outside world in their entire lives, Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities and as long as these mages die, their discoveries will also be buried.In a tomb like in the Magic Technology Research Institute, a large group of people has a plan and order to do large scale tests, and then all the findings Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities are aggregated together, and there are people who are responsible for coordinating the experimental rules, which is impossible in the eyes of traditional mages.imagination.It is for this reason that the experimental efficiency here is simply amazing.After completing this batch of data records, Cohen did not rest.He sealed the samples and related records, handed them over to his colleagues, and immediately prepared to test the next sample.

Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities eagle CBD gummies reviews >> is 100mg of CBD gummies a lot, CBD gummies with thc Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities buy CBD gummies Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities.

pure hemp cbd cigarettes benefits Ropeney Glen finally had a curious look Oh The how do cbd gummies work thing from Cecil Land, It s full of weirdness, Viscount Carroll said in a slightly lower voice, but the volume was just enough to make people hear it clearly.His subtle cbd hemp products way of speaking purekana cbd gummies scam is always Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities helpful when it arouses the curiosity of the opposite sex, I wonder if you are paying attention.However, the southern border is now fun cbd gummies full of new things from Cecil Land, all kinds of alchemy potions, magic nets, mining machinery, and the high quality currency they minted.Almost overnight, no one responded.When it was keoni cbd gummies price time to go to bed, Gocecil was already everywhere.Speaking of this, Viscount Carroll paused and opened his hand Even myself, I see at least Gocecil s face countless times every day.When counting the money.The corners eagle hemp cbd gummies website of Ropeney Glenn s mouth twitched slightly I m fine, I only like the kingdom s silver and gold shields.

Of course, you don t really need to care about this, because the real person in charge of negotiation isn t you.You just go to the border as an imperial general to pick up ambassadors to show our sincerity and act as a face of equal status.The person responsible for contacting and escorting the ambassador to the imperial capital was the Earl of Cromwell White Mountain.Cromwell White Mountain Byron recalled this Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities somewhat familiar name, Oh, that dwarf mixed blood knight lord, I met him in Saint Sunil.Although he is a noble of the old capital, he is quite familiar with northern affairs, Gao nodded.You and him go to the northern border to receive the envoys of the Holy Dragon Principality, and everything after that can be handed over to him.As for you , you need to stay in the north for a while, there is a new task for you.

what s the difference between hemp oil and cbd 750mg cbd gummies review You look like you are reviewing the troops, as if you are ready to take the knights to the battlefield at any time, Matilda glanced at Andersa next to her, and said gently, When you were at the border, you were always like this This place can turn into a battlefield at any time, Andersa said with a serious face, The border cannot be relaxed.Matilda puffin hemp cbd oil seemed to have a hint of helplessness in her eyes, she smiled and Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities shook her head Tell me about the Cecil people, and tell me your impression of them.I was ordered to send an envoy to that country, but what I am familiar with is only the new empire of Ansu in the past, how different is it from Ansu Cecil Sai Searle is far more dangerous than Ansu, Andersa s footsteps paused for a moment, and then continued to move forward, Ansu is a decaying old beast, once strong and beautiful, but with the The rigidity of its own system and internal contradictions have become rotten.

The selection of nuns for the winter in the revamped Church of the Light, energetic young people like this are quite common.Veronica laughed Is it obvious The petite nun replied honestly, A little bit, I rarely see you smiling like Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities Is 100mg Of CBD Gummies A Lot this, although you are always smiling, but your usual smile is It s not the same as before.I m really happy.Veronica cbd gummies and cymbalta smiled, and then she reached out and rubbed the hair of the trainee nun in Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities front of her.She has always been approachable and gentle and amiable in the church, but it seems like this is the first time she has done so.This is not like the usual Virgin Princess who is always dignified, quiet and restrained.But it is very similar to the Ophelia who was still alive seven hundred years ago.Her smile became brighter, and she reached out and rubbed the apprentice nun s hair again I am really happy.

It may be a natural disaster like a magic tide, or it may be an alien civilization with malicious intentions, and no matter which of these possibilities is, the countries on this planet are now gambling.up something.Before discussing whether to respond to this signal, I want to confirm one thing first, the Silver Queen said suddenly, Are can you take a cbd gummy with alcohol we really capable of responding to this signal now If it is as scholars have guessed, it is Transmitting across the Star Sea at an instant arrival speed may have exceeded our technical limits.If we don t even have basic cbd hemp oil for sale utah technology, then we should discuss whether we should respond a little earlier This is exactly what I want to say If it is really necessary, the Alliance may really be able to respond to this signal, Gawain tapped on the table, Sraken You should know that they crash landed on our planet on a huge starship, and Not long ago, they have partially repaired the superluminal communication array of the starship.

Doomsday.A slight humming sound suddenly interrupted Bertila s slightly divergent thinking.She immediately looked at the holographic projection in the center of the hall, and saw a line of words that were constantly being translated into common language slowly emerging on the screen Noy Yes, we have alternatives or rather, your response was a surprise to us, and from the very beginning, we were based on there is no other intelligent civilization within the predetermined range that can assist Many, many years ago, we have sent out observers who will go to the social cbd gummies reviews nearest standard measurement point to our planet and send back the magic tide readings there.Our home planet To this day, the observer has been traveling in space for 126 years, but this long journey of four light years has not yet reached the end It Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities has entered the process CBD gummies review Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities of deceleration, but it is not far from the scheduled time.

Gawain is not alarmist, because when the dream was about to best cbd sugar free gummies end, he had clearly koi cbd gummies review felt the support of the dream world.The existence of something that is Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities constantly growing.He could feel the power spread out from the item, and its influence on Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities the minds of all human Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities beings in a considerable range.Perhaps because of devouring the mental fragments of the original owner of trubliss cbd gummies the item, Gawain had established some edibles for inflammation kind of subtle relationship with the item.The connection made him almost 100 certain that once enough energy was drawn, the cursed object placed by the cultists in the Kant family castle would explode with quite terrifying power, and the new Cecil led the way.And ordinary people in Tanzania will be involved in it without exception He had already threatened himself, so he couldn t just sit back and watch.

Rebecca s bun like performance couldn t hide from those big nobles who had opened their eyes a long time ago, but they did not show any contempt for how much do CBD gummies cost Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities this little lord from the countryside perhaps a little bit in their hearts, but Gawain Cecil always stood by Beside Rebecca, this parent who never leaves every step of the way makes everyone have to restrain their contempt, or at least keep smiling to Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities Rebecca on the surface.Then, a few young people came to invite Rebecca to dance with them probably they felt that the Cecil family now had a town ancestor, which would have some potential value in bringing closer relationships, keoni hemp gummies but these people All were blocked by Gao Wen.Just kidding, just with Rebecca s brain that s caught in the door and her tough personality, she can t get along in the southern border, and she doesn t sell the whole family in an instant after dealing with the monkeys and monkeys in Wangdu Excessive protection will not allow children to grow up, a gentle male voice said from the side, Viscount Rebecca is an adult, you should let cbd hemp oil tincture her get in touch with the social circle of the upper class.

Meaning even Camilla herself doesn t know if there will be reinforcements from Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities other areas, and doesn t know the situation on the other lines of defense.They re just doing what they can, and everyone from generals to soldiers knows that.Don t save your energy, rush into the Red Jade Forest Sea Seeing that the dark red dense forest at the foot of the mountain was close natures boost CBD gummies reviews Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities at hand, Camilla shouted to the soldiers beside her, Don t waste the spirit witches for us Time to buy The warriors responded with a bang, but in the next second, another mountain warrior was hit by a dark red energy beam from a distance.In the army, only the last roar of the warrior came from the cold wind Chief, witness for me A mass of human shaped flames rose from the monster group, and the alpine warrior who was covered in flames turned into a three meter high scorching heat.

Said, I hope we are not too late.It s not too long, I still have some patience, said the woman in the priest s robe, How is the situation in the wasteland The wind of the wasteland is as always., the only change is that there is a group of outsiders strengthening those barriers on the border.It is not worth worrying about.Still be cautious, during this time you try not to get close to the border, especially the northern pure american hemp oil gummies border, there is a very difficult person strengthening Ansu.The barrier in the southeast.Gao thought for a while, and felt that the very tricky person the other party said should be referring to himself.He thought he might have guessed who these people were.I really didn t expect that after losing the Dark Bridge , they were does hemp have cbd in it using the soul connection technology of the Eternal Sleeper to maintain the connection with the wasteland, and those withered figures in black robes are the ones who will die in the wasteland.

green health cbd gummy bears I m dying of exhaustion.The last question, Gawain said quickly before the other party fell asleep, About seven hundred years ago do you know what experience I had in the sea monster sea area You yourself Do cbd gummies for sleeping you want to ask me about what you have experienced Miss Kraken gave Gawain a surprised look.I slept for a long time, and when I woke up, I found that my memory was a little different from reality, Gawain sunmed CBD gummies Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities explained casually, and the worldviews of humans and sirens are different, what I experienced may be different in your eyes.What does it look like Seven hundred years ago Tyre rolled his eyes and looked like he was thinking, his tail waving slightly on the edge of the wooden box unconsciously, To be honest, I really don t know very well.It passed through our sea area, but I only had a little dealing with our siren, and I was busy going home to sleep Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities at the time, so I glanced at you from five CBD gummies reviews Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities a distance on the sea and left, and the matter about you was still with you at that time.

Melita was carrying Gao and Amber, while the white dragon Noretta was flying not live well cbd gummies reviews far from her, carrying Victoria and Modil on her back, and in the Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities sky behind them, there was a group of thirty adult is cbd oil better than gummies giants.Dragons made up of dragons, this huge team flew under the night, the giant wings stirred eagle hemp CBD gummies price Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities the air, the howling wind swept between the huge bodies, bringing a heart pounding dull whistling in the night sky, and they silently crossed The starlight of the polar night crossed the broken barriers and the ruins of the shield generator on the west coast, and flew towards the tower against the tide in the distance.If placed on the Loren continent before the establishment of the alliance, such a team can completely destroy a small kingdom or any city state in a short period of time, and even cause heavy damage to a relatively powerful country such as the Ogure Tribe.

, and they will also become the first testers of various can CBD gummies cause diarrhea Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities new weapons.You can also discuss with Nicholas Egg and research the equipment you need based on your own experience.If the Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities existing technology can be realized, you can try it.Is it an experimental Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities force Soldering understood Gao s intention and nodded slowly, Indeed, the magic weapons Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities you created are completely new, and every kind of magic weapon is completely new.The popularity of equipment can be regarded as experimental, and it is also necessary to have such a special team to try various new weapons.You can choose the best one from the Cecil Combat Corps.Hundreds of students undergo initial training, and I will not help you formulate Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities the training manual.I think the standard training process for thc free cbd gummies for sleep rangers in the Silver Empire is very good.

, nodding.Good day, deputies, Balogel broke the silence and said solemnly, Is there a conclusion about the question you asked you to deduce last time Balroger stepped off the high platform, and Sir Eugene and Gorosh immediately stepped forward to his left and right.The three did not talk, but exchanged glances solemnly, and then walked to the stairs and down to the ground.deep.There is no lift Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities on the way to the Unknown Dragon Tomb, only this long staircase, as long as Balogar s long term memory, or the long road smokiez cbd gummies for hemp cbd tincture mortals to climb from the surface to the starry sky, the surrounding wall material changes from polymer to polymer.It became metal, and then changed from metal to enchanted cbd gummies type 2 stone.The simple and solemn reliefs appeared on both sides of the stairs, and gradually covered the roof in front.

Take care of you, or change someone next time.Gao ignored Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities the guy s thoughts, he just stood up, stretched his body that was a little stiff from sitting for a long time, and then looked around.Here is a room with little decoration, metal frame mixed with wood panels, covered with tin roof, and furniture that is easy to combine and transport is arranged indoors, which together form a simple and functional style, except for the necessary table.Outside of the chair and bookcase, there are eagle hemp llc gummies hardly any superfluous furnishings to be seen here, and there is a window covered with translucent resin not far away.What can be vaguely seen outside the window is the view of the majestic Sentinel Tower standing on the ground.This is the spike base near the magnificent wall, this room is CBD gummies for sleep amazon Hemp CBD Lab Testing Facilities where he rests and works.

, it is flexible, convenient and low cost.Any ordinary person with healthy hands and feet can use it proficiently after a short period of study.As long as the road is relatively flat, it can be used.It is a good thing that the promotion threshold is lower than that of the magic device High school did not say anything for five hemp a while.There are things in his mind that outsiders cannot know.Although the shape does not look exactly the same as the bicycle in his memory, the principle and general structure of the thing are no different from the things he is familiar with, but he has not had time to popularize this thing in Cecil.The Typhons were already ahead.Amber didn t speak for a while in high school, so he couldn t help but say What Typhon people are ahead in technological innovation, do you feel uncomfortable Of course not, Gao shook his head, To be honest, in Ansu Times, Typhon people have always been ahead in the field of technology, and we have only been ahead for so many years by relying on magic technology.