Who is it Zhu Sheng s eyes are indifferent.Huisheng is this person, this person CBD Gummies Expire s name is Xu Qingxiao.The evil is monstrous and heinous.The courageous scholar spoke again.He was very excited.It was a great honor to be able to talk to Zhu Sheng.Now he points to Xu Qingxiao and cbd oil vs hemp oil for dogs calls him by his first name, all kinds of frame ups.When the rest of the people saw this scene, they were both envious ceres cbd gummies and expected, expecting Zhu Sheng to take action and kill Xu Qingxiao.The evil is monstrous and vicious Where did the evil come from CBD Gummies Expire Zhu Sheng muttered to himself, his eyes also falling on Xu Qingxiao.And Xu Qingxiao was extremely calm, because he knew that Zhu Sheng was brewing emotions.Returning to the saint, Xu Qingxiao has ten major crimes.First, disrespecting saints, insulting saints in various ways, humiliating me and other scholars, and bullying me by force.

Xu Qingxiao finished writing, accompanied by his voice.You can t see The water of the CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies Expire Yellow River comes from the sky, and it flows to the sea without returning.This is the first voice.Dawei also has the Yellow River.Because of its simple name, Xu Qingxiao did not modify it and used the original text directly.His voice sounded, and at the same time he wrote quickly.As the CBD Gummies Expire first word appeared, it was golden light, and when this poem was written, the entire hall was bathed in golden light.You can t see, Gaotangmingjing s sad and white hair, the morning is like blue silk and the evening is snow.Xu Qingxiao s first voice was full of generosity.However, cbd gummies and antidepressants the second voice was inexplicably low.At this moment, everyone sank their minds, and they indulged in this poem.At this moment, all the wine in the wine pool turned into a long river, surging towards Xu Qingxiao, like the Yellow River rushing healix cbd gummies reviews and rolling.

hawaiian choice cbd gummies Through the memories in his mind, Xu Qingxiao knew that the world he was in was full of immortals, demons, Buddhas, arts and martial arts.The two most important systems are Martial Dao and Immortal Dao.Martial arts cultivation body, is full spectrum hemp oil the same as cbd oil immortal path cultivation of spirit, are divided into ten grades, from ten to one.Physical cultivation, pay attention to steady and steady fighting, coagulation and self cultivation.Primordial spirit cultivation requires more attention to stability.After all, if something goes wrong with the body, it can be conditioned by medicinal pills, but CBD Gummies Expire if the primordial spirit makes a mistake, it is useless if the immortals come.This special technique, although it is called the Golden Crow Body Tempering Technique, seems to be an ordinary body cbd gummies for sleep target quenching technique.But only after Xu Qingxiao finished reading, did he fully understand why different techniques were strictly CBD Gummies Expire forbidden by the world.

2.CBD hemp direct CBD Gummies Expire

The officials spoke in succession, they really couldn t understand the behavior of the Great Wei Dynasty.After all, they just want a first organic cbd hemp oil grade Shenwu cannon for research.It is even better to send people from the Ministry of Industry to Dawei cbd hemp oil dosage to study the Shenwu cannon.This is the request of CBD Gummies Expire the two great dynasties.Unexpectedly, Da Wei agreed to give the Shenwu Cannon to the two dynasties, which was a pleasant surprise.No, it s not an unexpected joy.For the Tuxie Dynasty, this is simply auspicious.They are too eager for Shenwu cannons.Especially after getting the second rank Shenwu Cannon.I want to get a first grade Shenwu cannon.It s just that they also know that it is impossible for Da Wei to come up with a Grade 1 Shenwu cannon.Therefore, even if they put pressure cbd gummies organic vegan 25mg broad spectrum on Dawei, they would accept it, knowing that Dawei was delaying time.

Who doesn t want the next big Wei to be his own country Very simple truth.See off The Marquis of Sheyang didn t talk nonsense, just two simple words represented his attitude.However, Xu Mao was not angry, he still laughed, and when he heard the word see off , he bowed to the Marquis of Sheyang.Master Hou, this matter is not urgent.If Master Hou has figured it out, send someone to find me at any time.Xu Mao said with a smile.The next moment he turned to leave.Just when he turned to leave, a roar sounded.It was the Marquis of Sheyang who slapped the table and directly smashed the main table into pieces.Xu Mao did not turn around, nor CBD Gummies Expire was he CBD Gummies Expire afraid, but walked out of the barracks generously.After he walked out of the barracks, several voices also came into cbd gummies 5000mg his ears.Too deceitful Too deceitful Mr.

CBD eagle hemp gummies CBD Gummies Expire Besides, what pressure does he take to practice different techniques Apart from Confucianism and best gummy CBD CBD Gummies Expire Dao s righteousness, there is nothing that can suppress the different arts.Lord Xu, it s been a long time since I can you have withdrawals from cbd gummies haven t seen you, have you forgotten some old friends Feeling Xu Qingxiao s gaze, organic recover cbd gummies 300mg Cheng Lidong didn t have any pride or arrogance, instead he seemed very enthusiastic.Bow towards Xu Qingxiao.Lord Cheng, it s been a long time.Xu Qingxiao gave an answer with a light smile.No matter how she reacted in her heart, Xu are CBD gummies bad for your liver CBD Gummies Expire Qingxiao was calm and comfortable on the bright side.Master Xu is really serious.You are now the servant of who owns eagle cbd gummies the Household Department of the Great Wei CBD Gummies Expire Dynasty.From a senior official of the fourth rank, Cheng Mou resigned three months ago..Cheng Lidong said with a smile, looking extremely humble, but this mouthful of Lord Xu has inexplicably other meanings.

3.CBD hemp gummies CBD Gummies Expire

Zhao Yan said, arguing for Xu Qingxiao.One fell lightly.However, Wang Jing looked at the Empress and continued to speak.Your Majesty, this minister thinks that this statement is bad.Whether Yan Ru is wrong can be said differently.Even if he is really wrong and punished by the law, CBD gummies delta 8 CBD Gummies Expire Xu Qingxiao is extremely arrogant.He reprimands the great Confucian and disrespects his elders.This is not filial piety.Contempt for saints and disrespect to the will of the Holy Spirit is unbenevolent If you can t see it in your eyes, you disregard the imperial authority and disrespect the emperor.This is disloyalty, and the people are not ignorant, but are tempted by others, so it is unrighteous.Loyal, inhumane, injustice, and filial people.Should be deprived of fame, cut down on his talents, and exiled to the frontier, to be an example to others, and I hope Your Majesty will learn from him.

I hope Your Majesty will explain it in detail, sir, but I still don t understand.Xu Qingxiao understood a little bit, but the details were still unclear.Xu Aiqing, please listen patiently.The world we live in is called the Dust World and is divided into five areas.You should understand this, right carefully.En.Xu Qingxiao nodded, and then the Empress continued.The five regions, East Continent, South Continent, West Continent, North Continent, and Central Continent.But do you know why all the dynasties in the world are gathered in cbd gummies mg for anxiety Central Continent, while the other four continents have no dynasties the Empress asked.What root base.The Great Wei Dynasty is different.It can condense the country s transportation and transform it into a tripod.This is the tripod of the Great Wei Guoyun.The more solid this thing is, the stronger the national fortune will be.

This trick, this trick is called the praying mantis in the urn to catch the cicada.It is precisely because of this that the Empress will be so excited, otherwise, it is really for the sake of some money.To be honest, she will agree without seeing it, because it is shameful.Xu Aiqing, the imperial kitchen has made some good snacks.I ll bring some back later.The Empress said, her mood was particularly happy at this time, Xu Qingxiao solved a huge problem for her, if this sword of killing To be more precise, it is two big troubles.Such a capable minister, he is really blessed by Wei, edible cbd gummy bears and his ancestors have cbd oil full spectrum hemp extract dietary supplement softgels reviews spirit.Thank you, Your Majesty.Xu Qingxiao was calm, even a little unhappy.Is this showing What about your arrogance What about your indifference Your Majesty, I still like your heart like appearance.

Alas, such a real scholar died like this.It s really for Mr.Li.I don t think it s worth it.Yeah, before he died, Mr.Li said that he sold the house and the contents were used by our neighbors.He told us not to dislike it.If we really disagreed, we would CBD Gummies Expire help him sell it together, saying After saying this, I all cried.One after another voices sounded, and dozens of neighbors said a word to me.After listening to these words, Xu Qingxiao became a little silent.The dead worship.When the neighbors saw this scene, they didn t speak.They subconsciously thought that Xu Qingxiao was a friend of Mr.Li.After all, Xu Qingxiao was a scholar at first sight and came to offer condolences.Just when I was about to ask something, someone brought something out of the room.It s some books, scattered on the ground.

Outside the Haoran Dynasty.The monk Huijue stepped on the auspicious clouds, followed by two apprentices.All the way west.Monk Huijue s eyes were extremely calm, but after a while, his voice sounded.Wu well being CBD gummies CBD Gummies Expire Xin, what do you think of Wen Gong He said in a calm tone.The voice sounded, and the monk named Wu Xin was silent for a while.After thinking for a while, he CBD Gummies Expire slowly opened his mouth CBD Gummies Expire and said.Master, the people in Wengong are still wary of my Buddhism.I didn t believe us.Wu Xin replied slowly, his face extremely calm.As soon as these words were said, Huijue s face changed, and then he sighed deeply.It seems that the Wen Palace is not at the end of the road yet.If I want to truly enter the Central Continent, I m afraid there is still a long way to go.The monk Huijue said that his apprentice was born with it, and he could not hear others.

If you want to kill me, take my life now, otherwise, don t.Say more.Prince Huaining also became angry.He said this secret, which made the latter silent for a while.The two were quiet with each other.After a while, the latter s emotions calmed down.I am very saddened by Huaining s death, but I have no intention of harming him.In the final analysis, it is still Xu Qingxiao.However, I will not kill you, but you have already made a choice, thinking about the feelings between how long do CBD gummies last CBD Gummies Expire you and me., I ask you something, and you answer truthfully.Xu Qingxiao, do you know of my existence the other party botanical farms cbd gummies katie couric asked.I don t know, I didn is CBD good for back pain CBD Gummies Expire t say it.Prince Huaining answered neatly.Okay.From today, you and I have nothing to do with each other.I won t kill you, but smiles cbd if you threaten our plan, don t blame me and kill you.Got this answer.

I have to say that I can use other methods, and I choose the most direct method.I am not mature and sophisticated, but there is no major fault.From the point of view of the empress, there is nothing wrong with it.The exchange of the military talisman for the life of the King of Huaiping is completely earned by blood.With wicked cbd gummies the military talisman, the imperial power is stable, and there is no need to be CBD Gummies Expire afraid to do things.Those who natural CBD CBD Gummies Expire have died should be kept in mind, always, don t forget, when the Great Wei really stabilizes and the peace settles down, there will be no problem broad spectrum hemp cbd at all, let alone the King of Huaiping County, the Prince of Huaiping will also have medigreen cbd gummies reviews to die.It is a good thing for an emperor to be ruthless.If you are emotionally unstable, you don t care about the country and the world, and do whatever you want, it s not a good thing, at least not is cbd hemp oil a good thing for the country.

After the two left, Xu Qingxiao and Chen Xinghe planned to go back to their room to rest.Just right now.A voice suddenly sounded.Chen Xinghe Brother Chen The voice was not loud, but Xu how often to take cbd gummies Qingxiao could hear it clearly.Looking back, it was a cbd hemp direct review handsome man, dressed in white, walking towards Chen Xinghe with a smile on his face.Brother Wang Ru.Chen Xinghe was slightly surprised, but he returned the salute immediately and looked at Xu Qingxiao at the same time.Qingxiao, this is Wang Ru, a friend of my brother.Chen Xinghe introduced Xu Qingxiao.I [Online Store] CBD Gummies Expire Kana CBD Gummies For Copd ve seen Brother Wang Ru, I m going to Xu Qingxiao, the word is Shouren.Xu Qingxiao also immediately returned to him.I ve seen Brother Qingxiao.Wang Ru glanced at count kustoms cbd gummies Xu Qingxiao, then returned to the etiquette and looked at Chen Xinghe curiously.Brother Wang Ru, Qingxiao is my junior brother, and the two of us are from the same school.

CBD Gummies Expire For a while, Mu Nanping was inexplicably very interested in Xu cbd club hemp Qingxiao s words about the unity of knowledge and action.So vulgar, in the eyes CBD Gummies Expire of the prince, is it actually happy At this moment, Yan Lei opened his how long does a cbd gummy last mouth, he held his breath sleep cbd gummies and sighed.It doesn t matter if Xu Qingxiao doesn t respect him, but he doesn t respect scholars or saints, which has offended him.Especially this idea.The unity of knowledge and action.It s downright absurd.However, at this time, Mu Nanping s eyes instantly became clear, he looked at Yan Lei and bowed deeply.Yan just cbd gummies 750mg reviews Ru, although this prince has entered the rank and has not yet achieved fame, [Online Store] CBD Gummies Expire Kana CBD Gummies For Copd he is not a scholar in the court.Calling you Yan Ru is martha stewart CBD gummies review CBD Gummies Expire respectful.But don t use the scholar s trick to oppress me.This prince really feels that Brother Xu is heroic and admires Brother Xu.

It s been almost a month.Where s the prince Why haven t you shown it yet King Huaining asked, staring at the masked man in front of him.These days, he doesn t care about Buddhist debates, [Online Store] CBD Gummies Expire Kana CBD Gummies For Copd winning is the best, and he doesn t care if he loses.It is nothing cbd catalog gummies more than one more force and one CBD Gummies Expire less force.What if Buddhism settled in Dawei CBD Gummies Expire What if you don t settle in Dawei where it really matters.Is the prince.The orphan of Emperor Wu.It has been nearly a month, and he has waited for a long time, but he has not waited for the orphan to appear, which makes him extremely unhappy.My lord, please calm down.The interior of the Great Wei has not yet stabilized, and the prince is unwell.He is Best 10 CBD Gummies Expire in the process of breaking out of the evil dynasty.After the Buddhist debate is over, and everything is stabilized, the prince will appear.

Knowing yourself and knowing your enemy can help you win a hundred battles.Okay, be sure to pay attention to safety.Go.Zhou Ling nodded and asked Xu Qingxiao to canine cbd gummies pay attention to safety.Well, the students retire.Xu Qingxiao didn t say more, bowed to Zhou Ling, and then left.After Xu Qingxiao medterra cbd gummies left.It s not that there is no purpose, but it goes straight to the county magistrate s house.I want to know the origin of the Golden Crow Body Tempering Technique.There is only one way, ask the magistrate.But going directly to the magistrate would undoubtedly be self destruction.Therefore, Xu Qingxiao planned to use the great magical power to enter the county magistrate s dream.But I can t tell if I can fall into the dream pure strength cbd gummies of the county magistrate, but it should be no problem to try more.According to the experience of CBD Gummies Expire sneaking into Mu Nanning s dream before, there should be a limit to the scope of his own dream entering art, perhaps the closer the better.

However.this moment.The fourth knife best hemp gummies for stress appeared.This knife was prepared for Lu blue ring cbd gummies Zi.Saint, the students are dissatisfied.Feeling the terrifying oppression, Lu Zi clenched his fists, and he made a very unwilling voice.However, Zhu Sheng ignored Lu Zi.boom.The knife gas disintegrated and turned into a terrifying thunder.Click.A thunderbolt fell directly, hitting Hong Zhengtian who was nailed in the palace.yes.It was Hong Zhengtian, not Lu Zi.Ah.A shrill scream rang out.Hong Zhengtian has been pretending to be dead.At the beginning of the sage s recovery, he was very excited, thinking that his day had come to get out of trouble.But as the situation became more and more bizarre, he shut up and wanted to play dead to escape this disaster.Although it is extremely painful now, at least he is still alive, and he does not want to touch Zhu Sheng s bad head.

It is precisely because CBD Gummies Expire of this that he went to green line organic hemp gummies study, hoping to suppress his irritable emotions through CBD Gummies Expire Confucianism and Taoism.Fortunately, Confucianism and Taoism do have a certain effect, but as the level of martial arts increases, the role of Confucianism and Taoism becomes less.many.Therefore, he was also a little distressed, but his nature was also the same.He was CBD hemp flower CBD Gummies Expire born with gold and jade since he was a child, and he could get whatever he wanted.His father was a prince under one person and above ten thousand people.And he is also a prodigy of martial arts, with great power in his hands.If he is not outside the capital, he can be a vassal king anywhere, and he can be a local emperor.But the Duke of Huaiping looked down on other places.In this great Wei world, what place could be more prosperous CBD Gummies Expire get eagle hemp cbd gummies than the capital What better place than Beijing He wants wind and rain in the capital, no one dares to provoke him, everyone has to give himself three points of thinness, even the great Confucian has to respect himself as a prince.

Brother Wang Ru What s wrong Xu are hemp gummies good for pain Qingxiao looked at Wang Ru and asked curiously.Brother Xu, the head shopkeeper of Taohua An is here and wants to see you.I wonder if Brother Xu would like to see you Wang Ru said.Make it clear.The treasurer of Taohua Temple Xu Qingxiao looked at him and saw a middle aged man standing outside the Shouren Academy.He had a refined cbd gummy peach rings masculinity and a handsome face.Even if he was middle aged, he could still not hide his handsomeness from the inside out.And there are some maids standing on the left and right of the man, all of them are carrying some plates, and they are all gifts.Please.On weekdays, Xu Qingxiao might not meet each other.After all, the other party is a businessman, and he is an official of the Great Wei Dynasty, so it is best to see each other.But at cbd hemp direct this time, Xu Qingxiao was willing to meet, because he just had a question and needed a businessman [Online Store] CBD Gummies Expire Kana CBD Gummies For Copd to answer.

But to say that he is not stupid, that is, there are other purposes, as Chen Zhengru said, buy wholesale whole plant hemp gummies someone wants to strip away the Great Wei Palace, and Sun Jingan has already revealed his own feet and is a bright child.This kind of person is no different from a businessman.One pursues profit and one pursues fame.Thinking of this, Xu Qingxiao also counterattacked.I am Xu Qingxiao, the Great Wei Zhengru, and it has been three months since I founded Xinxue.Today, I have received hemp gummies thc a wide range of Confucian and Taoist disciples, and scholars who have entered my heart can enjoy endless talents.If a Confucian student who understands his intentions destroys his CBD Gummies Expire intentions, I will use endless talents for him.Continue.Xu Qingxiao spoke indifferently, and these words were extremely domineering.Anyone who joins my mind study will share this endless talent together.

CBD Gummies Expire But there are also supplements and explanations later, eating some kind of abnormal fruit, forcibly opening the air artery, and then practicing the abnormal technique.Logically, it s tenable.And the third volume.It is to search for the source of the abnormal fruit and find that this kind of abnormal fruit can be forcibly opened up, but the CBD Gummies Expire fatality rate is very high.Normally, even if someone wants to practice Da Luo Tianshu, they would not dare to take the risk.It is already very dangerous to cultivate a strange technique by itself.If you eat CBD Gummies Expire this fruit again, the probability of survival is almost zero.Why does Zhang Nantian eat this strange fruit And why does Zhang Nantian want to practice a different technique He is a good ruler of the government, so what do you do with this thing This case solving idea is very good, but there will be a new explanation [Online Store] CBD Gummies Expire Kana CBD Gummies For Copd soon.

And this is also very true, how could a dignified white clothed door be afraid of what is cbd gummies used for a quasi hundred household.Seeing Cheng Lidong s resolute expression, the man in white was a little hesitant, and then looking at Cheng Lidong s purekana CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies Expire resolute expression, he couldn t help but look angry.Why didn t you tell me sooner he growled, clenching his fists.You have been running away, how can I tell And now it s not the same Cheng Lidong frowned slightly, not understanding why the other party said [Online Store] CBD Gummies Expire Kana CBD Gummies For Copd this.It s different, I just swallowed the Jumai Pill, and my vitality is gone.Cheng Lidong, you bastard.He said this, spit out a mouthful of blood, and then lay straight on the ground, killing his vitality.Cheng Lidong He was best way to store cbd gummies a little stunned, he really didn t expect that Baiyimen would be so resolute, directly swallowing the pulse pill, and he would rather die than be captured by himself.

People know that it is just cbd gummies 500mg reviews because Taohua Nunnery basically only entertains Xu Qingxiao alone, and Xu Qingxiao may not come several times a year.It s just surprising that on this day, Xu Qingxiao appeared at Taohua Nunnery again.The whole Taohua Nunnery was completely lively.The cook in the back room started work directly, and the maids also started various preparations.After all, Taohua Nunnery had a somewhat unpleasant reputation before.Although it was a place where literati and hospitable people stayed, there were still some problems.Can t get on the real table.Xu Qingxiao is now the prince of the Great Wei Dynasty.Among the Great Wei Dynasty, Xu Qingxiao s identity and status even surpassed cbd 10 mg whole hemp extract gummies that of the emperor in a sense.To say a very terrifying word, today s children all know Xu Qingxiao, but they don t know the Empress.

CBD Gummies Expire melatonin CBD gummies, (thc and CBD gummies) CBD Gummies Expire royal CBD gummies CBD Gummies Expire.

I m not treetop hemp co watermelon gummies very hungry, just read.Chen Xinghe shook his head, he got up and took out a book from the basket and read it alone.Knowing his character, Zhou Ling called Xu Qingxiao to eat.Qingxiao, you go to dinner, martial arts practitioners can t go hungry.Yes.Xu Qingxiao was not hypocritical, he was indeed a little hungry, so he got up and left.Just hearing what Zhou Ling said, Chen Xinghe became a little curious.After reviews on CBD gummies CBD Gummies Expire Xu Qingxiao left, Chen Xinghe couldn t help but speak.Teacher, what is the origin of Qingxiao Chen cbd oils vs gummies Xinghe said in a flat tone.I don t have any background, I m a yamen in the county, but it s just material for reading, and I have ape cbd gummies a love for happy cbd gummies talent for my teacher.Zhou Ling replied.Officer Chen Xinghe was surprised this time.If you say that you are a poor scholar, there is nothing to say, a yamen It s not that Chen Xinghe looks down on Xu Qingxiao, but that reading is not just about literacy, there are too many ways, poems and songs, articles and strategies, don t these things require decades or even decades of knowledge And Xu Qingxiao is a yamen, which means that he doesn t have much time to study.

He was telling the truth.Xu Qingxiao also got up immediately and said.Everyone in the world knows that Nanman people are loyal and righteous.Xu has heard about it for a long time.Brother Zhanlong, please take a seat.Xu Qingxiao stood up to salute, and Zhanlong was also CBD Gummies Expire a little surprised.And feel bad about yourself.But what he didn t expect was that pure american hemp oil gummies Xu Qingxiao could distinguish right from wrong, but CBD gummies for back pain CBD Gummies Expire he won the favor of Zhan Long, and also won the favor of many people.Soon, more and more people came, and they took the initiative to approach Xu Qingxiao.This is normal.After all, Xu Qingxiao s status can be said to be better than that CBD Gummies Expire of his peers present.The prince of the Great how often should i take cbd gummies Wei Dynasty is hereditary.The [Online Store] CBD Gummies Expire Kana CBD Gummies For Copd superintendent of the how much does eagle hemp CBD gummies cost CBD Gummies Expire Great Wei Dynasty, under one person, over ten what's the difference between hemp and CBD gummies CBD Gummies Expire thousand people.A half sage of the Great Wei Dynasty, half sage at the age of twenty.

Therefore, under all kinds of clues, Xu Qingxiao basically determined that the second dark child of Baiyimen in Ping an County was Doctor Zhao.Every clue is not completely certain, but all clues are gathered together, so it is difficult to explain clearly.For Doctor Zhao, Xu Qingxiao s awareness of this step was not unexpected.After all, Xu Qingxiao has now become a semi sage of the jolly cbd gummies amazon Wei Dynasty, and since he did show his tricks at the beginning, there is nothing to explain.At this time, I heard Xu Qingxiao asking such a question.Doctor Zhao spoke immediately.You may not believe it.The old man has searched for more than 500 cbd gummies 20 years, and he has not found the real ruins of Emperor Wu.But the only certainty is that the poem number is correct.Dr.Zhao CBD Gummies Expire said this, making Xu Qingxiao frown.Haven t been able to find it for twenty years Wouldn t that be troublesome.

Xu Qingxiao has great talents.A great talent may be better than us.But he can t beat a sage.Remember, we are not because of ourselves, but because of the sage, not because we are unwilling to accept great talents, but we are more willing to accept them.Xu Qingxiao is such a talented person.It s just that Xu Qingxiao went astray, we are CBD Gummies Expire cornbread cbd gummies review both disciples of Zhu Sheng, and we respect Zhu Sheng s words, give Xu Qingxiao the opportunity to persuade him to turn back and persuade him to give up his bad intentions, he does not respect Zhu Sheng s intention, do cbd gummies work for anxiety it is he I don t understand the meaning of Sage Zhu.This is what I mean and the meaning above.If Xu Qingxiao is willing to give up the meaning of the present and become a disciple of Sage Zhu, all the past, all of which will be written off, we are also willing to erect a statue for him for ten years, which can be regarded as making up for him.