Boss, this Zhang Fan is known as a living fairy.I used to think that it was a legend, but now the arrogant man like Jiang Hai, Nangong Manyun, has chosen to kneel to him and ask for help, doesn t it He can really save our lives.Everyone is thinking about it.In the end, Marsson looked at the water waves that were about to capsize in front of him, and threw himself on his knees on the bow.Mr.Zhang Fan, please save me.If I can leave alive, I will definitely repay you and give a gift as gratitude.All the leaders present expressed their attitudes Zhang Fan turned his eyes and stopped on Guangben and the others These people touched Zhang Fan s eyes, and his heart suddenly became cold This guy wants me to kneel down and beg him too Guangben gritted his teeth At this time, Marsson s voice came Guangben, what do you still know Do you want to die Hearing the reprimand of Marsson s boss, Guangben jun clenched his teeth and fell to his knees with a plop I beg Mr.

Then I ll make the deal right away, you can transfer the money to me, and I ll give you the snake head Zhang Fan Okay, just wait a moment.Zhang Fan turned his head and glanced at Hua Yueying Hua Yueying nodded very flatly, then operated the mobile phone, took out the black card, and began to enter the bank password.See this scene The audience in the live broadcast room was completely stunned Good guy, black card Six hundred and eighty million, and then transfer Mr.Zhang Fan is so rich I already expected that it is normal for Mr.Zhang Fan to be rich You didn t find Zhang Fan Is the RV that Mr.Fan drives It s worth about 100 million yuan No wonder Mr.Zhang Fan chose to hand over some cultural relics instead of auctioning them.It turns out that Mr.Zhang Fan s money has been spent., and such a powerful ability I actually bought another where to get cbd gummies national treasure, no, this time I must see Mr.

Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings can a child overdose on cbd gummies, (purekana CBD gummies) Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings (2022 May Update) Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings.

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, I also sell stones, and give the money to my master when the time comes, and give it to me when I use it, so that I can avoid the things that are missing in my life.Li Hongyu nodded straight while listening Okay.Alright, Lao Bai, go get a few dollars, so that I don t have to spend my own money when I buy cosmetics.The corner of Lao Bai s mouth twitched, looking at Li Hongyu, not to mention helpless He still remembered how dashing and heroic Li Hongyu was when he got into the car for the first time.He arranged himself clearly in a few words before and after, so he had to be a teacher.Lian Bai Xiaobai s name was given by Li Hongyu s domineering style.Why did she suddenly become a wealthy little girl today Moreover, he also likes to spend his apprentice s money the most, which makes Lao Bai complain, but there is no way to resist.

Big money.Chapter 879 Li Xiaochen advancing So Lin cbd edibles for sale Qing knew the power of the nuleaf naturals cbd oil Seventeenth Watch clearly.Rong Lecheng pulled Lin Qing s arm Brother Lin, what is Mr.Zhang Fan going to do Lin Qing smiled mysteriously Rong Lecheng, sometimes I really envy you, an ignorant guy, staying in Zhang Fan has been around for so long, and you haven does cbd gummies help with anxiety t learned anything at all, look it up, some things are absolutely beyond your imagination.Zhang Fan smiled and looked at the confused people, and pointed a finger on the watch.The invisible power of merit is instilled in it.The next moment, the seven day watch emits a very faint colorful light.Immediately, best CBD gummies for tinnitus Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings the hot Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings steam from the teacup Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings on the table no longer rushed to the roof, but was like a cloud, lingering on the tea table, condensing into a fairyland like appearance.

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those golden boots .Chapter 1527 Gathering under just cbd gummies side effects Gula Mountain On the surface of the golden boots, the lines outline a pattern that looks very simple With the Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings blond prince s artistic identification ability, he can lucent valley CBD gummies Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings see that the style of the pattern on the jade finger is extremely similar.He instantly leaned back on the chair and stared at the gorgeous chandelier above his head.Perhaps, maybe I know where to go to find clues about this woman I also know who is the biggest suspect. At the headquarters of the Tiandi Pawnshop Alliance, Zhang Fan watched intently for Saka Sha cheapest CBD gummies for sleep Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings and Kevin s awakening ability of Anna s expression gradually eased a lot Liu Yingying disappointed him, but Anna s performance made him feel very satisfied It has only been a dozen days for Anna to change from an ordinary person to an extraordinary person, but Anna s performance is unexpected and has a strong ability to adapt During medigreens CBD gummies reviews Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings the time he was concentrating on his work, Anna had almost studied the functions of everything inside the pawnshop.

cbd gummies for restless leg syndrome We may be able to get some useful information from them The opinions of the officers, the expressions of the people present changed But for now, it seems like there is only one chance Immediately stop these two people, don t let them leave easily, at least we have to meet him And immediately contact the research base in the Alxa Desert, and share the latest royal blend CBD gummies reviews Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings meteorite test results with us We want to get these tests As a result, come and do some articles The leading officer decides the strategy The rest of the people responded, and they were ready to go immediately While outside the gate of the small courtyard, Zhang Fan frowned as he watched the old tree root in front of him transform into a human, and turned into a fairy in the image of an old man Old man, it doesn t look like you are an ordinary person Zhang Fan seemed to be smiling I only saw the old man bow his head, and then did an etiquette that the ancients knew Senior, please spare Xiao Yao s life.

So he took out the talisman paper and waved it to the sky In a hurry, like the decree, the thunder of the sky will come to the world With a cry, there was green ape CBD gummies reviews Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings no movement in the sky this time.I thought that nothing happened, and this talisman paper was useless, but I didn t expect that this talisman paper was in At the moment when the voice fell, platinum natural cbd a fiery bright light erupted.Then, the talisman exploded in an instant, and hundreds of thunder powers were connected like chains, heading straight for the octopus mother.A loud bang The octopus couldn t even react, the astonishing dazzling light was already blooming in the body, the power of destroying the sky and destroying the earth completely destroyed the octopus in one fell swoop.In the crackling sound, the octopus was broken down into several hundred points, and the power of thunder was still chasing, and it lasted for another three or four seconds, and the huge body of the octopus was finally completely destroyed.

When he saw Chen Haisheng, he threw himself to his knees in front of Zhang Fan This scene made Lin Qing, who was standing cbd gummies for blood pressure on the side, with a cold light in his eyes.Up Li Xiaochen and others almost bit their tongues Because, this is ridiculous But at the same time, it can be seen that Chen Haisheng did not rely on any luck to get to where how much cbd is in 1 gram of hemp he is today.His brain is enough to make him think Clear the cause and effect, and understand the person in front of him, it is very likely that he will change his life.Mr.Zhang Fan, I already know that I was wrong, please give me a chance Lin Qing stood up next to him with Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings a tom Even if he knocked hemp bombs cbd oil reviews over the teacup, he didn t seem to notice it, his eyes fixed everest cbd gummies on Chen Haisheng kneeling on the ground, as if a thunderstorm sounded in his mind.And the man who followed behind Chen Haisheng Those bodyguards, harrelson cbd gummies as well as the personal butler, were struck by lightning at the same time It golly cbd gummies was as if they had encountered something unbelievable, and their mouths were so open that a goose egg could be stuffed into them Chen Haisheng is not an ordinary person.

Everyone was stationed next to the hot spring, CBD gummies delta 8 Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings enjoying the hard won warm night.When the sky was completely dark, a cold wind blew up halfway up the mountain, almost freezing people completely However, for such a situation, they have already made preparations, and they chose to station under a giant rock At this time, Brother Bug carried the alcohol block all the way, and it finally came in handy Before walking through the underground caves, many people just relied on some nuts and the nutritional 100 mg cbd gummy effects cream they carried with them to simply solve their dinner It s been too long since I tasted a hot meal So everyone gathered around Brother Bug, happy head shop cbd gummies planning to drink some hot soup and feel the joy of being alive Zhang Fan and Taoist Zijin stood above the stone, looking into the distance, surveying the terrain.

This statue was created by our elder, Mr.Woburn, when he was in the woods.Its significance is very extraordinary.We must take hemp CBD gummies Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings it down.Sir, it looks like an ordinary statue.Why does the guardian of the family, Do you have to get this thing You say it s the honor of our family The blond young man who spoke first glanced at his companion We must listen to the guardian s words, even if we spend a high price to buy back a piece of scrap iron, as long as the Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings guardian is satisfied, we must do it.Several other people nodded lightly At this time, Zhang Fan saw that no one had increased the price so far, so he took a look at Rong Lecheng.Rong Lecheng immediately raised the sign On the stage, Wang Meijuan waited anxiously, and finally someone made a bid, and her smilz cbd gummies website face suddenly became happy, her charming voice was a little more surprised, and she agreed.

Because this kind of monster started on the night of the haircut, it has only been three days now, but such a big change has taken place, and he is just an ordinary person, and even though the facial changes are great, it can still be identified through the photos., that is the official s son.But in just three days, this person has grown such a thick and surprisingly defensive cbd gummy for kids armor, and can fly over the eaves and walls, as if he has become a beast, which is too unbelievable.Just when several police officers seemed to relax a little, suddenly, the communication voice sounded.Who is in charge of catching the monsters Are you in the channel Hello, I m Sheriff Laermont, who Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings are you Don t care who I am, I just ask you, this time I used so much A lot of manpower and material resources, do you confirm that you have caught that monster And can CBD gummies for stress Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings you confirm that it is the son of the poor official The responsible landscape frowned, asked the companion next to him, Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings and was told that this was the person in charge of the security bureau eden s herbals cbd gummies call frequency.

I want to tell you, this book is very good It records the operation of many kinds of methods and the most basic principles And there are many teaching ideas.If you keep reading for a long time, it will definitely open up your horizons in the future Let you find It belongs to one s own heart.The prince s grandfather handed the book to a few children.This caused many children who had been locked in the martial arts field for too long to show some surprised expressions I shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking episode didn t expect that today I don t need to be scolded, and I even got a compliment from the prince s grandfather Therefore, this special book has suddenly become the most popular reading in the martial arts field fun drops CBD gummies review Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings Many children exchanged readings, 9000 mg hemp gummy bears but in Chang an City, there are some people who have really benefited As the sun sets in the west, there is a bright red cloud in the sky Many people in Chang an City looked up as usual, and could see the long Jianhe, hovering above Chang an City When they saw this Jianhe, everyone breathed a sigh of relief As long as this Sword River is here, even if the Three Realms are destroyed, purekana CBD gummies review Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings they can still guarantee their own safety At eagle hemp CBD gummies side effects Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings this time, in an Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings jolly cbd gummies cost inn, a practitioner sitting in front of the sunset window suddenly opened his eyes The mortal cultivating immortal record placed in front of him, without wind, automatically rolled onto the ground with a clatter This cultivator grabbed the mortal s immortal writing, and his hemp d9 gummies face was full of shock In the morning, he read this book and found that there is a record of the practitioner s movement method Out of curiosity, he moved a little bit, but he didn t expect that just a little bit of operation would make him intoxicated and unable to extricate himself So from morning to night, he just woke up But suddenly found that the power of condensing the spirit to watch the cultivation base in the body has increased greatly As recorded in the book, it actually allowed him to cultivate a trace of fairy spirit It s really hard to find a place to break through the iron shoes, and it takes no effort to get it The practitioner clenched his fists.

The thread was like spider silk, and its slenderness made people think it was just an illusion, but when the old man Jiang Hai passed through his body, a strand of hair rubbed against the thread, but he didn t want the thread to look slender, but it was incomparably tough and incomparably sharp.Jiang Hai s hair was split in a blink of an eye.When Jiang Hai found out, the incident had already happened.If it wasn t for his great fortune, but also because Zhang Fan rushed ahead and found a safe way, his body might cbd hemp store have been separated.Brother Bug looked at the gray hair on the ground and swallowed hard.Looking up, Jiang Hai s speed did not buy cbd oil gummies decrease, and he rushed into the fog as if he was not all natural CBD Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings afraid of death.Zijin Daoist, I please, don t leave me behind.Brother Bug shouted helplessly, feeling a tightness behind his back, he kept grabbing his backpack with big hands, and in the blink of an eye, he felt that he actually flew up.

No one will choose to go back the same way as a last resort.Impossible.If the palace we are in is really just a road to hell, then the entrance shouldn t be set so narrow, and it shouldn t be so deep.Mr.Jiang Hai muttered to himself , after all, in his opinion, there must be a way to the depths of the palace, and if it is Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings the real road to hell, it should be in the deepest part of the palace.How could it be possible to find a remote place and go down Chapter 1942 Hell Listening to him talking to himself, Mr.Fei and Brother Bug said.Master Jiang Hai, I discovered this organ by accident, so CBD gummies for sale Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings I think there may be another way in Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings other places in the palace.It s just that the way is hidden deep, and it may take some broad spectrum CBD gummies Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings time for us to find it.That s it.What Brother Bugs said sounded like it was very reasonable Zhang Fan also nodded lightly and comforted Jiang Hai Mr.

Speaking of this, he immediately came to the door, just pushed the door open, and then three or four strong men rushed in directly.These people had a stench that ordinary people would never have, as cbd gummies hawaii if they were tightly imprisoned with stinky fish and rotten shrimp in the hottest weather in summer.Even Jiang Hai couldn t help frowning, and his eyes immediately became sharper when he looked at these people These people have a smell of rotten flesh, I m afraid they just came up from the ground.Zhang Fan nodded when he heard the words Indeed, but don t be impatient and see how the situation develops.Jiang Hai returned to his position As soon Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings as these people entered the door, the tall man in the front immediately where to buy pure kana cbd gummies noticed Zhang Fan and Jiang Hai with a very alert expression.Who are they When you called us here, didn t you mention that there are other friends Dong Dafu s hands shook, and a layer of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Damn it It can t be the crazy girl we met before This thing is even faster than us, and it has already arrived here one step earlier Brother Bug screamed and subconsciously CBD vegan gummies Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings took a few steps back., his face was pale and bloodless The whole person fell into a state of panic.Don t get excited Maybe it s just a statue Mr.Jiang Hai held his shoulder and persuaded him immediately.Impossible Have you ever seen the statue s skirt move This is definitely the female ghost It s definitely the stinky bitch.Brother Bug drew his pistol and pointed to the depths of the alley He has a very deep fear of that Qin Dynasty female ghost.Shut up Mr.Jiang Hai grabbed Brother Bug s pistol Don t make any weird noises here, we can go around this place, but if you thc gummies for sleep disturb the things inside All of us are entangled in This that poison gas alone dale earnhardt jr cbd gummies can kill us.

Therefore, Liu Yingying looked at Zhang Fan for help.Zhang Fan turned his head slightly Elder, according to what you said, the steamed noodle restaurant may not be able to open anymore, what can you do Master Huikong smiled gently Since Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings you are in trouble, and it is still the kind of invisible brands of cbd gummies touch.I would like to ask cbd gummies for restless leg syndrome how Miss Liu plans to do in the future Liu Yingying said, Of course I will continue to do so, after all, this noodle restaurant has only been sold for more than a few days, so of course I have to manage it well Hui Kong The master shook his head Excuse the old man and tell me bluntly, the evil things you experienced that day will become more eagle hemp CBD gummies amazon Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings and more, not less and less.It s not that the old man is alarmist, because only people who have seen that thing with their own eyes., can be qualified to assess the threat of this thing, and according to the ability of these people around Miss Liu, it is difficult to protect Miss Liu.

He just fell into the mud and opened his mouth like a mosquito.This world gave him a warning.Some things can t be said at will, and some things can t be forced.Otherwise, it will inevitably lead to disaster, or even leave the world.This is fate, and it makes sense to drink and peck.Humans are not complicated, but once obsessions are involved, it should be a quiet and indifferent character, and it will also be like dropping a boulder and cbd gummies albany ny setting off monstrous waves.Wang Bin s mind was very heavy, and he realized that he had spied on some mysterious aspects of the world.There was a lot of confusion in his heart, but he couldn hemp vs CBD Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings t describe it.He wanted to ask why the hurdle of being a hundred years old was so difficult to cross.And why, the old man Jiang Hai claimed to be 90 years old, instead of saying that he was 100 years old.

One of these three is a treasure that is invaluable, and even money can t buy it. Isn t Mr.Zhang Fan s appraisal fee free of money The power of the lady s palm is worth the money I don t know Don t you think, if there is no Zhang Fan and Hua Yueying, cherish the baby in this life, it is estimated that no one will be found.Damn, Zhang Fan actually intends to continue shopping, my God I also told my father that if Mr.Zhang Fan came to our street stall I also set up a stall on this street.You two should know some inside information on the street, let s talk gummies for pain and sleep about whether there will be a national treasure It s hard to say, after all, I can come here to set up a stall, and generally have it.They have a very high vision, so it is very difficult for the baby to pass through their eyes. Chapter 752 The gap There is no need to worry about these, this is a small antique in the country.

But whether it is a human being or a monster, Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings as long as they are in the Three Realms, they are still under hemp oil vs CBD Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings the control of heaven, so what kind of results can the two geniuses of the monster clan find No one can easily spy on it.Above the sky, Zhang Fan sat in the clouds, sipping light tea, watching these Greg Gutfeld CBD Gummies Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings Whole Foods CBD Gummies young cultivators wyld cbd gummies reviews below, looking for their future and future in a pseudo sect way.Beside him, Yin Rourou smiled and watched everything happen Master, this book world is really eye catching Humans and monsters can really coexist peacefully, and help each other, for a common road, Finally, a heart has been united.Zhang Fan sighed when he heard the words There is such a situation, but it is not what the deity wanted Yin Rourou s expression paused Masterwhy did you say this Zhang Fan looked at the people below.

Liu s seat.And Liu Lao is also a matter of course, get together with Zhang Fan, and everyone gets together.This young brother, your methods really impress me.Mr.Liu praised when he came up.Zhang Fanping smiled peacefully, shook his head and said, Mrs.Liu looks down on me.This is just an appetizer.After all, I came with Young Master Rong today.Young Master Rong s goal is the auction item that follows.Liu The old man was stunned.Then take a look at the old friend Zhou Guanzhu Curator Zhou was helpless, so he had to introduce it.When he heard that the young man sitting next to Zhang Fan was actually the heir to the Rong family, the eldest Liu was surprised and his face was full of surprises.It turned out that he greeted Rong Lecheng first, as if he had sacrificed his worth to make friends.This made it difficult for Rong Lecheng to figure out the identity of the old man, copd purekana cbd gummies so he had to talk to the old man obediently.

In other words, it is not in exchange for Zhang Fan s help in this way, but if anyone can help the family, Sakasha is willing to do so.If your father is a mercenary, I will help you Zhang Fan said without hesitation, I don t need you to accompany me, my request is, I want to meet your father with you, if you can agree to this One point, follow me after getting off the plane Sakasha was stunned for a moment Don t you ask, did we encounter any trouble Zhang Fan shrugged You haven t answered my question yet Sakasha immediately said My father is a mercenary hired by the national army, but I heard that he died, and my mother and I were going to collect his body for him, but I heard that the rebels hated him very much.My mother Greg Gutfeld CBD Gummies Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings Whole Foods CBD Gummies and I Our safety cannot be guaranteed, we can only choose this way.Zhang Fan nodded, these were enough for him He needs to go deep into the war zone, either way.

In the hands of this master priest, the circular light illusion can span time and make the entire canyon fall into the control of one person s mind thousands of years ago.Even this round light illusion tricked everyone in Marsson s team around and almost killed himself But now, the people under Guangben have mastered the Origin Light Illusion, and even used it to make magic.This is no longer difficult to get into the elegant hall, it is simply a waste of this method, although the formation set up thc and CBD gummies Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings by this priest has harmed a lot of people, how can the scale be large.But compared to the trail in front of me, it really doesn t know what to do with the axe So Zhang Fan didn t bother to pay attention to are CBD gummies the same as hemp gummies Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings this group of people at all, he just thought he was watching the clown performance, and it was indeed a boring time Guangben looked at the people around him with anticipation and curiosity Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings on his face, and snickered in his heart A group of ignorant people, when this illusion is unfolded, you will be immersed in it, maybe for a day, maybe for a long time, by then we will have cleaned all the things down the well You, you will only be in the illusion.

The person who takes the scriptures is originally determined by heaven.Whether it s the monkey or the Tang monk, it can t be replaced It can t be moved by human beings.Ke Er and so on, however, think that people will determine disaster and make the prosperity of Buddhism come sooner Little do you know that , this has already planted the bitter fruit Having said this, the Tathagata withdrew his gaze, and once again fell into semi trance And the people below, after hearing these words, feel a little incredible But at the same time, I also understand as the saying goes, there are causes and effects, the master of the pawnshop of this world, destroying the small reincarnation Maybe it s destiny.In the Purple Bamboo Forest of the South China Sea, Guanyin also heard the words of the Tathagata, and his face turned pale Bodhisattva, Wheel turning Bodhisattva is now isolated and helpless, and will face the master of the pawnshop of heaven and earth, Wu Gang, and the 120,000 people in this world I shouldn t wait and watch, should I support immediately Hundreds of people have gathered in the purple bamboo forest.

cbd gummies individually wrapped They don t want to save mortals, they don t want to help those who live in misery They just shirk their responsibilities and only Will let people kill each other in desperation And Greg Gutfeld CBD Gummies Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings Whole Foods CBD Gummies you actually call yourself the goddess of light You are a betrayal of human beings, you should cry in despair Instead of holding the so called artifact, can you travel on a plane with cbd gummies you can wash away the filth from your body.The black shadow burst out with a powerful dark aura, belonging to Liu Yingying s heart of the sky, which was corroded by darkness in an Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings instant, this bow is the embodiment of Liu Yingying s divine power Without this bow, Liu Yingying s power will not be complete At that time, let alone kill Alamein, there will be no chance to are hemp and CBD the same Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings guarantee his own life Ugly monster, the goddess will not succumb to your dark power Liu Yingying desperately supported the afterglow of the sanctuary and stepped forward with difficulty.

At this time, it was finally time for the best CBD gummies for quitting smoking Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings auction to start.I only saw a beautiful woman in red cheongsam, who was still charming, slightly blessed and more charming, and stepped onto the auction stage.This woman is very charming, and she appeared on the stage.Before he could speak, there was a round of applause.Zhang Fan was very curious, as soon as this woman appeared on the stage, she had such an air of dominance in the audience, cbd gummies for essential tremor which made everyone seem to be very trusting.Rong Lecheng whispered Zhang Fan Sir, this person is not small.He is a world renowned Chinese auctioneer named Wang Meijuan.The total number of auctions sold over the years has exceeded 3 billion.The most famous thing is that this woman, relying on her appeal, sold a blank piece of paper for CBD gummies effect on liver Watermelon Gummy CBD Rings a sky high price of 40 million US dollars at a charity auction in North America Chapter 1057 The Werewolf Philosopher and Bronze Head Wang Meijuan, although her name is common, she is indeed a legendary woman.

Even though Li Hongyu was Lao Bai s master, at this time, he couldn t compare to Hua Yueying s casual words.Lao Bai drove the car, and the three took out some simple meals from the refrigerator, warmed them up a little, and made up a late night snack before finding a place to rest.Only Lao Bai had a wry smile on his face, not to mention his highest cbd hemp strain resentment.It s fine to drive, anyway, as a goblin, I ve never had a hard time, but if you don t let me eat, it s too disrespectful to me Hearing him muttering, Li Hongyu threw a pillow over.It s even more does hemp produce cbd injustice to hit Lao Bai Drive well, if this master feels a little bumpy in the car, don t expect to have a bite of tomorrow s meal Lao Bai was about to cry.Good guy, these two beauties in the car have always obeyed Zhang Fan.I can t wait to dedicate my everything to Zhang Fan Also as a man, why is there such a big difference in the treatment between yourself and Zhang Fan This is simply no human rights.