Master driver, go to Star Wars Academy.Li Xing got into a taxi and smiled.Young man, are you looking for a girlfriend the driver asked with a chuckle.How do you know Li Xing asked in surprise.Why don t I know, the students of the Star Wars Academy are more beautiful than the other, but they are more arrogant than the others.Those rich second generations and the like don t dare to run there now, and the boys won t just run around and hang out.I don t think you are a person who has fine skin and tender meat, and you don t look like a martial arts person, so hemp vs CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits it s do cbd gummies make you hungry impossible to go to the field.Then you can only find someone.Seeing how complacent you are in spring, besides finding a girlfriend, what else can you do There how long does it take cbd gummies to kick in is a second possibility.Li medigreens cbd gummies Xing laughed, clapped his hands and praised Master has good eyesight, I am indeed looking for a girlfriend.

Before he could ask, there were several loud noises.Han Tianzhao immediately started running towards the exit and shouted at the same time, Everyone spreads out immediately, charlotte s web cbd gummies don t get together.Along the way, he saw a lot of traces of explosions, as well as the bodies of his team members, Han Tianzhao became more and more angry , the eyes are red.Soon he ran to the exit.Li Xing are cbd gummies legal in texas was waiting for him at the exit.Looking at Han Tianzhao s arrival, Li Xing waved his hand and walked into the quiet wind calmly.Han Tianzhao also roared and rushed into the quiet wind, he was confident that his strength could last in the quiet wind Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits for a long time.Li Xing felt the breath behind him, laughed lightly, and sure enough he came, it seemed that this Han Tianzhao was going to be mad.This is also true.Li Xing went deep into the enemy camp this time, and many people were killed along the way, and many of them were the elites smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies of the night group.

are cbd gummies legal in mn Zhang Zhehua came back with a little guilt on his face.If he do cbd gummies make you fail a drug test hadn t been soft hearted before and let Shen Meng Yuan Yima go, things would not have developed to this point.You power CBD gummies reviews Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits or I Wang Chen tilted his head and looked at Li Xing, without the slightest worry on his face.This was completely self confidence in his own strength.Come on, you still have a few more to deal with.I ll help you deal with a few first, and I ll leave the rest to you.Li Xing stood up, took off his coat on the chair, and Lin Jing took the clothes In his hands, Li Xing moved his neck, smiled faintly is there a difference between hemp oil and cbd oil at Zhang Zhehua, and jumped onto the ring.It s you Of course Shen Mengyuan knew Li Xing, because Li Xing rescued him from Chen Fan, and he could be sure of one thing, Li Xing was faster than him.I m sorry, even if you saved me, I still have to win this game.

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However, the girl was not willing to give up like this.Through her own efforts, she was admitted Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits to Lingtian Academy just like Wang Chen.At this time, she mustered up the courage to confess to Wang Chen, and finally achieved a marriage.I have to say that their story has a great motivating effect on Mo Li and the two of them.Mo Li and Han Yunxi, who were about to give up, rekindled their hopes again.They came to Li Xing every day to learn from each other, and to learn from each other in private.Li Xing sighed in his heart, these two girls can be said to be no less than anyone else, and there is no boy who will not be moved by them.Today, Li Xing rachael ray cbd gummies had just finished training when he suddenly received a call from Han Yunxi.Before Li Xing could speak, he heard Han Yunxi s urgent voice, Come to No.

Chapter 473 Sincerity please subscribe After a long time, their lips parted and their eyes met, Lin Jing suddenly panicked, and her heart thumped.She quickly buried her head in Li Xing s arms, her face blushing, she couldn t understand now, how could she be so bold just now.Li Xing couldn t help smiling, hugged Lin Jing gently, patted Lin Jing s head, and smiled slightly Okay, dose cbd gummies I came out to eat, I didn t see you being shy just now.It Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits s over.Lin Jing s embarrassed voice came from Li Xing s arms, and Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits Lin Jing s hand was still pinching the soft flesh around Li Xing s waist, and kept turning.I was wrong, I won t dare to mention this in the future, charles stanley eagle hemp gummies please let me go.Li Xing was almost a second, begging for mercy, the soft flesh on his waist was his death point.Hmph, don t make fun of me about this in the future.

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The three of them didn t drink a few sips of wine, just Khalifa Sisters CBD Gummies Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits Best Rated CBD Gummies For Pain Relief a few sips.Li Xing didn t like the taste of cbd sugar free gummies wine very much, and Chloe reminded him that drinking alcohol would numb his body, so Li Xing hardly drank alcohol.Zhou Zheng Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits and Bai Ximing had almost the same reason.After eating, the three talked about the college entrance examination a month later.The college entrance examination is a 9 out of 10 for the three of cbd gummies medford oregon them, and they also have the qualification to be exempted from the test.However, the college Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits that was selected at that time for admission without examination was not Li Xing s favorite college, nor was it the favorite of Zhou Zheng and Bai Ximing.Therefore, they should give up the exemption qualification for the college entrance examination and re apply for the school.Li Xing intends to go to Lingtian War Academy, where there are ice type exercises that are more suitable for him.

After Li Xing finished throwing it, he didn t rush to leave, but ran to the side of the mountain and began to set up his sniper rifle.The people from the night group came out to check the situation, and they were shot in the head.The others panicked and looked for cover everywhere.After sacrificing a few more people, they also found the trace of Li Xing and began to rush towards the mountain.Li Xing was not in a hurry and continued to snipe.Seeing that there were still about 100 meters left, Li Xing jumped and jumped off the mountain.The people from the night group hurried over, but found a rope tied to the boulder next to him.And Li Xing was waving to them at the foot of the mountain, Han Tianzhao was immediately angry, this kid dared to play with them.Immediately sent someone to guard here, and then rushed down the mountain by himself.

Li Xing kicked Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits cornbread cbd gummies out, Yang Lei was kicked directly into the sky by Li Xing, Li Xing threw his when to take cbd gummies for anxiety body upside down, flipped, and hit Yang Lei with a golden hook, pulling him down from the sky., landed heavily on the ring.Hearing the sound of Boom , the arena was filled with smoke, and Li Xing slowly fell, the smoke covering the figures of the two of them.After a while, the smoke slowly dissipated, Yang Lei twisted his neck, and climbed up from the ground as if nothing had happened.Yang Lei stretched out his hand and tore off full spectrum CBD gummies with thc Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits the somewhat damaged shirt, and threw away all the weight on his body, which weighed about 500 pounds, revealing his iron like muscles, and grinned at Li Xing You are very good, so I Be more serious.Li Xing also smiled and took off his shirt to reveal a silver white iron jacket.

biogold cbd gummies After closing the bathroom door, Li Xing took out a ball of paper on which was written the shift time of the patrol team and the distribution map of the guards.After confirming cbd hemp processing equipment that he had memorized the map deeply in his mind, Li Xing made a mark, then crumpled the map and threw it in the trash can in the room.Chapter 252 Plan Subscribe The next morning, Li Xing got CBD gummies eagle hemp Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits up and threw the garbage in the bathroom at the garbage collection station, and soon a car would take it away.At this time, Tu Feng and others who were waiting outside the base silently climbed onto the garbage truck, and soon found the paper ball marked by 7 hemp cbd oil Li Xing, and then disappeared into the garbage truck without a sound.The garbage truck driver didn t notice it at all.In the days that followed, Li Xing and Bell met each other on the road, and they just passed by without squinting, as if they didn t know each other, silently waiting for news from Bumblebee and the Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits others.

Stop, did I say let you go Li Xing s voice came from behind, Wang Wei trembled, and without thinking about it, he pulled out his weapon and slashed towards the rear.Li Xing put his hands together and caught the weapon in Wang Wei s infused gummies hand with his bare hands.Li Xing s palm firmly stuck to Wang Wei s weapon, preventing him from splitting it, and then kicked Wang Wei s lower abdomen.Li Xing s kick was merciless.With the greatest strength in his life, Li Xing kicked Wang Wei up more than five meters away.Wang Wei struggled several times but was unable to get up.Wow A mouthful of blood spit out.Mr.Li Xing, that s enough.Wang Weide looked at Wang Wei in the distance, and a trace of distress and anger flashed in his eyes.Li Xing must have Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits ignored him too much.Enough It s not enough.Li Xing snorted coldly Director Wang, if no one calls today and asks you to let me go, cbd hemp flower do you think my end will be better than his Wang Weide was speechless, he understood his nephew s character the most, let him be, if it was ruthless, his nala cbd gummies father couldn t compare to him.

Chapter 160 Offense Subscribe After Li Xing waited for a while at the hot pot restaurant Tang Lingfeng said, Tang Lingfeng quickly walked in with a smile eagle hemp CBD gummies ingredients Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits on his face.He nodded to Li Xing, then turned his head and entered a room, followed by Li Xing.What s the matter with the inner ghost you re talking about Tang Lingfeng s expression was stern, his eyes pierced straight at Li Xing like two sharp swords, Li Xing s heart skipped a beat, and he quickly said that he was going to the Salvation Group today.thing.Afraid that Tang Lingfeng wouldn t believe it, Li Xing also took out the video at the time.After watching it, Tang Lingfeng s face became more and more ugly.He didn t expect that he almost sent all his apprentices to the door to be killed.I will handle this matter.As for the insider in the base, don t worry, he can t escape.

The reason why he accepted Zhang Feng was because he liked Zhang Feng s open and close fighting style.From his point of view, his skills are all tricks, and he is completely vulnerable in the face of absolute power.Listening to Liu Guohu s laughter, the mentors sitting around him felt a little helpless.No wonder Zhang Feng s fighting style was so reckless.It turned out that he learned from him.There is no way.In their opinion, fighting is about using skills to fight, and this is different from Liu Guohu s reckless thinking.If they hadn t been able to beat him, how could they let Zhang Feng be taken away by him.At that time, Zhang Feng received letters of disciples from several mentors, but Liu Guohu forcibly accepted him as a student, which made others dare not speak out.Li Xing and the others had a headache while watching, and they all told him to use some koi naturals CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits skills properly, otherwise your physical strength cbd extracted from hemp will be exhausted very quickly, and you won t be able to last two rounds.

Ask for hemp cbd tincture collection, ask for recommendation, ask for subscription, I hope you can subscribe.Chapter 150 The difference between Han Sheng The three of Li Xing didn t stop until they ran out of the Forest of Starfall, and looked at each other, the three of them couldn t help laughing.It finally paid off.Brother Li Xing, it s really thanks to you this time.I ll definitely thank you when I go back.You ve really helped me a lot.With these, even if those people have more Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits things than you, you can still enter the top five.The three of them began to count the gains of the past few days, and then one person hurried back to the city with a huge backpack.Tonight is the deadline, and the three of them have to hurry back.It wasn t until the afternoon when the three talents returned to the city.Han Sheng called the person in charge and asked them to clean up the things.

Zheng Shuangxue s face was full of smiles, and she seemed to how long do 10mg cbd gummies last like to tease Li Xing very much.This should have something to do with Li Xing s similarity to her younger brother.Li Xing looked helpless.The younger brother is similar, shouldn t you take care of me Why are you being so strict with me Of course, Li Xing didn t dare to say these cbd hemp oil canada words.He felt that there was nothing to do, so Li Xing said purekana CBD gummies reviews Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits goodbye to Zheng Shuangxue.After Li Xing left, Zheng Shuangxue Picked up the phone, connected and said happily, I found it, the two of them really look like, if I didn t know he wasn t Xiao Qi, Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits I m afraid I really thought he was my brother.yes That s really congratulations.What are you going to do The opposite should be a woman who is about the same age as Zheng Shuangxue, and her voice is very nice.

Surprisingly, this address is not outside the Star Wars Academy, but inside the Star Wars Academy.Ten minutes later, the three of Li Xing arrived at their destination.After Li Xing knocked on the door, when he saw the scene inside the house, Li Xing was instantly stunned.If it wasn t for the fact that he knew that this was the Star Wars Academy, he would have suspected that this was a lights in the room were on and off, but Li Xing could still clearly see everything in the room.Li Xing saw Liao Ruo and Lin Jing sitting in a corner at a glance.Hello, I m here to cbd gummies melted find the two of them.I m their teammate.Li Xing looked at the girl who opened the door in front of him, and pointed to Liao Ruo and Lin Jing not far away.Quiet, Xiao Ruoruo, your two teammates have come to pick you up, you can go hemp seed vs CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits back.

Facing the eyes of the two women, Li Xing s forehead was sweaty, and he didn t even dare to raise his head to look at them.As for why Li Xing was so cowardly, it is estimated that only he himself knew.Just as Han Yunxi and the others felt tired, Li Xing hurriedly pulled over the stool Zhang Feng and the others were sitting on and brought it to him.Zhang Feng was stunned when they saw it.You are too skilled at selling brothers.Seeing Li Xing so acquainted, the cold expressions on Han Yunxi s faces faded a little, and they asked, Why didn t you tell us what happened in Youfeng Valley There was a trace of resentment in the words, which what happens if a dog eats cbd gummies made Li Xing s scalp tremble.Ma, how can pure kana natural cbd oil I say this, I said bravely, I don t want you to worry Look, they are all injured, and I am the only one who is intact.Wang Chen s girlfriend Yan Ya er glanced at it.

Momo had already started school these days, and Momo couldn t see him off.Li Xing also had some regrets, but soon It s relieved, after all, the days ahead are still long, and the two of them are not bad for this period of time.My teacher and I asked for leave.I said that I was sick today.I m going to the hospital to see a doctor, and the teacher agreed.Momo said with a edibles cbd candy bit gummy bear cbd edibles recipe of confusion.Obviously, as a good student, after Momo deceived the teacher, there was a trace in her heart.guilt.Li Xing stroked Momo s hair and said with a smile, Thank you, cbd hemp video Momo, for letting you come to see me on purpose, let me send you back to school first, otherwise I won t worry about you coming back alone.Ah.Momo wanted to say something, but was stopped by Li Xing s firm eyes, so she obediently asked Li Xing to send her back.

Tang s mother turned her head to look, Li Xing was still asleep, it was just his instinctive reaction in his sleep, Tang s mother was angry and funny, this is my daughter, I can t touch it yet But Mother Tang didn t try to wake them up sunmed CBD gummies Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits again.Li Xing s performance just now has been fully recognized by her.Even do cbd gummies make u high in his sleep, he still does not forget to protect Momo.Does he still doubt Momo s sincerity Mother Tang glanced at them helplessly, and then pulled Father Tang back to the side.She had confirmed that everything was fine, so naturally there was no need to stay here.Li Xing looked at Tang absolute nature CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits s father and Tang s mother s indifferent expressions.He didn t react at all to what happened yesterday, and felt a little uneasy for a while.Li Xing bit his head and said, Uncle Tang, I CBD hemp cigarettes Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits was watching the stars on the rooftop with Momo yesterday, and then I fell asleep accidentally, but don t worry, I didn t do anything, really.

Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits (khalifa sisters CBD gummies), [how long do CBD gummies take to start working] Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits cheef botanicals CBD gummy cubes Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits.

Fan Jun was envious at the time, and asked Li Xing how to chase girls, Feng Xiang was also satisfied.The color of movement, after so many years, due to the strict tutoring, the two of them have never even touched a girl s hand since they were single, which is very desolate.Li Xing s face is full of helplessness, two brothers, are you all so busy It s time for the game, can you watch the game well You two have fallen, and you are actually addicted to women s pornography.Seeing that Li Xing couldn t hold back the enthusiasm of the two, Wang Chen coughed and said, What time is it, I m still thinking about these, it s time for the game, kenai cbd gummies and I lost the game because I didn t watch the game well.Do you think both of you can take responsibility Wang Chen said it righteously, making Feng Xiang and Fan Jun feel ashamed, and Lin Hai couldn t help but agree with Wang Chen a little more, feeling that it was the right choice to choose him as the captain Feng Xiang was still a little unwilling in his heart, looked at Wang Chen and asked, Captain, do you have a girlfriend Wang keoni CBD gummies reviews Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits Chen was taken aback and nodded noncommittally.

Li Xing stepped forward and said to a middle aged uncle next to huckleberry cbd gummies the sign, Uncle.I want to sign up.Where can I take the test Lively.Naturally, Li Xing couldn t leave.After talking for a long time, the uncle finally agreed to take him to the test.The uncle kindly reminded, You are still too young, the wilderness is not something you can go to now, go back and practice again.Hunting is not a joke, it will kill people.Li Xing didn t want to go back, but he wanted to change.If you are strong, you can only face the difficulties.Besides, Chloe s debts can t be relied upon, otherwise she will have serenity cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes to be read to death by her.On top of that, in case something goes wrong with the system, it s in trouble.So Li Xing had cinnamon cbd hemp oil drops review no choice at all.Li Xing was quickly brought to the side of the captain, who was quite young, about 30 years old.

Xiao Bai, what s wrong with you Why is your face so red Lin Jing asked suspiciously.It s nothing, nothing, sister, don t you know Something big happened, the Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits second ranked chief of the inner courtyard is back.As soon as he comes back, he will challenge Murong Xi, who CBD gummies for tinnitus Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits is currently ranked No.1.The appointment will be half a month later.Let s watch it together when the time comes.Lin Bai said excitedly.Okay, okay, I ll accompany you to see it.You girl, you like to watch the fun.Lin Jing tapped Lin Bai on the head.Lin Bai stuck out his tongue, looked at Li Xing unconsciously, and asked with concern, If the student council president is replaced, will you be affected It s possible, but it s okay, the big deal is quitting, the status enjoy hemp gummies of the student union is useless, it s just a job, and I don t lack that salary now.

It s almost done, you two, ready to eat.Li Xing stirred the porridge in the jar again and turned to Lin Jing and Lin Bai.Li Xing condensed a layer of ice crystals on top of the jar so as not to burn them, and then I handed the porridge to them both.Li Xing, where did you get the rice Lin Jing asked curiously.Li Xing laughed and said, I have more than just rice in my backpack, but also a lot of seasonings.I m afraid that one day I want kushy punch cbd gummies review to eat it here, so it s easy to make.Lin Jing only thought of the barbecue that Li Xing gave them yesterday.It was sprinkled with seasoning, no wonder it was so fragrant, Lin Jing couldn t help smiling, but Li Xing was still a foodie.Okay, let s have a taste of how it tastes.Today, I specially made it kush cbd hemp flower with the spirit fruit here.The taste should be different.Li Xing urged the two of them to eat quickly, and picked up the other jar and ate it.

After the unlucky ghost died, Huang Quan s killers turned around and chased after Li Xing and the others.The captains are all dead.If they haven t completed their tasks, the organization will not allow such rubbish people to stay.Only by killing Li Xing will they have a chance of survival.As for the rule that only three people can shoot at mostMoments, they don t care anymore, Li Xing and Wang Chen must die, otherwise they will die.All of a sudden, the entire gathering area was in chaos.While Li Xing and Wang Chen were running in front, they had to be careful not to be affected by attacks from behind, otherwise they would be surrounded in an instant.After chasing and fleeing, it was already early morning, Wang Chen was out of breath, high potency hemp gummies Li Xing was the same, and the killers who followed were even more unbearable, but they still did not give up, Li Xing and Wang Chen looked back, took the pill, Turn around and start going back.

Khalifa Sisters CBD Gummies Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits Best Rated CBD Gummies For Pain Relief Both blue and blood colored Li Xing are very familiar.After all, one was cultivated by him, and the other was lurking in his body for so long, how could he not know it.But this purple energy made Li Xing a little confused.What is this Why haven t you seen it once Li Xing casually tapped a sword energy, and the wall pierced directly, silently and in an instant, and the hole pierced continued to expand.Li Xing was a little surprised by this power.This is the reason why the soul qi merges with the murderous aura in your body.One day the phantom in your body will be completely shrouded in purple, which is not a bad thing.But you have to remember, remember the martial qi in your body.Don t be eroded by murderous aura, otherwise, you will probably become a lunatic who only knows how to kill.When Li Xing was confused, Chloe s voice sounded and explained to Li Xing.

In the end, the two of them were about to lose their eyes, which was too embarrassing.No way, you were brutally abused by a little girl, and you were anxious.After playing for about an hour, a voice came from outside the door.You two little bastards.Don t eat Zhou Zheng and Li Xing, who were fighting, shuddered and forgot about it.They had already started cooking before they came, and they should have been done by now.Entering the room, Mother Zhou laughed when she saw the two of them.Are you still young I m so addicted to games that I don t even eat.Mother Zhou s voice was very soft at this time, but Li Xing and Zhou Zheng were trembling all over.Please don t believe your subjective impression, Zhou s mother is actually is there cbd in hemp a very hot person, and Zhou Zheng s father is a well known tracheitis.

After all, Li Xing managed to seize an advantage, how could he hand over so easily.Once the distance is widened, Li Xing can t hold on for too long, because the distance dagger cannot attack well.Therefore, Li Xing could only stay close to Lin Jian all the time, but this was also very dangerous.Li Xing would definitely not be able to stand up if he was hit by a sword at such a close distance.Lin Jian is now aware of the hardships.In this close fitting situation, his attack is restrained, and his leg injury cannot open the distance.The balance of victory is slowly tilting.But this situation didn t last long, because Li Xing s physical strength was rapidly draining because of the constant attack.Lin Jian naturally felt that the attack was weakening, and taking advantage of the situation, Li Xing was being pressed and beaten again.

mr hemp flower delta 9 gummies With a smile, he said, What about you, just eat well, don t look around, you know Seeing the cold light in Li Xing s eyes, Fan Jun s body trembled, revealing a smile that was uglier than crying, and then he buried his head and began to eat.Let s all eat, Fan Jun just got it wrong.Li Xing smiled and began to bury his head in eating.Wang Chen did the same.Seeing that the two parties didn t want to mention it again, everyone cooperated very well.It s over.After dinner, when Li Xing was about to make up his mind to say something, the phone suddenly rang.Li Xing took the phone and saw that it was Bai Ximing.Call.Oh, nothing, it s my girlfriend s birthday tomorrow, didn t I just want to invite you to come to participate, it s rare for you to come here, so you shouldn t bother.Bai Ximing s voice came from the phone out.

, even though it was a few meters away, Li Xing could still feel the terrifying energy reserve cbd thc gummies contained in the flames.But Zhou Zheng s face was not very good looking.He felt that the flame in his hand was extremely difficult to control, and he would lose control if he was careless.Li Xing also discovered this.Okay, you don t want to be cheap and sell well.When Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies Benefits you can control it, a few people of the same level of this terrifying power can defeat you.Li Xing rolled his eyes, if it was so easy to control, wouldn t you To be invincible.However, Li Xing was also a little scared in his heart.Is the gap between Earth level exercises and Xuan level exercises really that big From this moment on, Li Xing became very interested 2 5 cbd gummies in Earth level exercises.By the way, Zhou Zheng, if we cultivate in the future, let s go to the base.

In order to prevent some accidents, I have also erased cbd gummies breastfeeding all the memories of your grandfather s family.I m sorry, I made you suffer a lot of grievances.You should be old now.The one who gave you this jade slip is a close friend of mine.You can worship him as a teacher, and he is also the do cbd gummies help with depression emperor of the Xingyan Empire, so you will not be bullied in the Xingyan Empire I m sorry, I may never big chief premium hemp cbd see you again, this time back to the Seven Nights, I may be executed.Well, I left you some experience in using the magic eye in the jade slip.Your father and I are an idiot, and the summary is not good, so you can just make do with it.By the way, I have left you with the Qiye Clan s source method.You remember to practice it.Only by practicing the source method can your magic eyes continue to evolve.Say hello to your mother for me, but she probably doesn t remember me either, so say hello from one of her admirers.

All the golden rays of light penetrated Li Xing s body.Drops of cold sweat fell on Li Xing s forehead.He didn t expect Wang Chaoge s progress to be so great that he almost capsized.Li Xing took a deep breath, stepped on the soles of his feet slightly, and the arena instantly froze, but with Wang Chaoge as the center, within a radius of one meter, the arena was the original appearance.The corner of Li Xing s mouth twitched slightly, this progress is a bit too much, I don t know if I m afraid that I m going to think it s a dead end.Li Xing took a deep breath, the first move was over, and there were two more moves, and then he was waiting for Wang Chaoge to make a move.Wang Chaoge smiled slightly, and Li Xing suddenly felt a little dazed.Li Xing bit the tip of his tongue and instantly woke up, and Wang Chaoge had come over without a sound.