Then she continued to search for the real fire of the three flavors, and searched for the breath of the real dog ate cbd gummies fire of the three flavors around the Tianchi Lake.She did not believe that this Flaming Mountain existed for five hundred years, and the real fire of the three flavors also existed for five hundred years.It just disappeared suddenly, leaving no trace of it Zhang Fan in Flaming City was in a bad mood.Although he was no longer kissed on his toes, the Mohan Clan said that they wanted to invite him on a carriage to patrol the city, so that everyone could admire the glory of the Lord.The Mohan Patriarch prepared a golden carriage for him.The carriage was about seven or eight meters high and was pulled by ten horses.The horses were all covered with pure gold saddles, which looked extremely luxurious.

After looking around, she was already devastated, thinking that the scenery in front of her had changed.The hot cbd hemp wholesale flaming mountain that has been erupting magma.Zhang Fan used a golden seal to smash a huge tiankeng.The pit was so big that it seemed impossible to see the end at first glance.It was much larger than the original Flaming Mountain.And it was raining non stop.A golden dragon in the sky appears and disappears from time to time in the clouds, and there is water pouring down from the sky.It rained all night, and the people of this Flaming City also stayed up all night.There are surprises, worries and fears.Mohan has been waiting, waiting for Zhang Fan and the others to return, but after waiting for a day and a night, the rain is about to stop, and Zhang Fan and the others have not come back.

2.gummies CBD recipe What Does Just CBD Gummies Do

If the Rong family wants to stand up, they must seize this once in a lifetime opportunity and hug Mr.Zhang s thigh tightly.This is the most powerful existence they can encounter.Father, and the Chen family are showing goodwill to our family.They even want to get married, and they also deliberately offered a lot of business to cooperate with our family.The terms offered are also very good.I am a little moved When Rong Zhikang said this, he was a little elated.In fact, the Chen family is also a well cbd gummies smoking known existence in the coastal area.In the past, on some occasions, although the two of them knew each other, they were only slightly better than the nodding acquaintance.Not to mention marriage and being the in martha stewart cbd gummy s laws of children, this time Chen Chuan even said that he has a daughter who hopes to marry into the Rong family, which is very rare for Chen Chuan s status.

At this time, his nose was sore, and only he himself understood how terrifying his strength was at this time, that the ghost king was actually vulnerable in front of him After cultivating for thousands of years, it is not necessarily comparable to the strength of a ghost king.Just like A flying monkey cbd gummies Yuan s grandmother, after waiting for hundreds of years, she wanted to wait for a chance in the underworld.She originally just wanted to choose a good family when she was reincarnated in the future.Unexpectedly, he waited for the opportunity of Zhang Fan.After A Yuan and Zhang Fan and Wuming formed a good relationship, A Yuan became a housekeeper in Sancai Village.Going out at this time is a hundred times stronger than Miss Wang.All this is because of the master Zhang Fan.Wuming felt that if he hadn t met Zhang Fan, everything would have been different.

Zhang Fan eats and sleeps well at night.He closed the door early the next morning, and then watched Xu Zijun drive the RV to the door.This beautiful and conspicuous RV stopped at the door, attracting many people passing by.Pedestrians raised their cameras one after another.When Zhang Fan was about to get into the car, he even saw a pretty girl who just took the RV as the background and kept taking selfies.He waited patiently for a minute, and saw the girl, standing in the boarding position of the RV, not moving, just taking selfies in all directions, front, back, left, right, and even probing her head from time to time, trying to get into the car.Miss, is it okay to let it go Wait a minute, I m done shooting, I ll take a selfie for you Before the people in this RV arrive, cbd gummies sold at gnc soon The little girl said impatiently, In his opinion, Zhang Fan CBD vs hemp oil What Does Just CBD Gummies Do probably likes this RV as much as she does, and wants to take a few photos with it. to use CBD gummies for pain What Does Just CBD Gummies Do

He was originally cutting trees here for many years.Not only did he suffer from loneliness and loneliness, but he was also bullied by this Qin Yuzhu.Feng shui will take turns, Qin Yuzhu also has today, and he really deserves it.At this time, he doesn t need to say anything.He just needs to stand here and watch Qin Yuzhu cut down trees quietly, and his heart is full of joy.Thanks to the pawnshop of heaven and earth, he has today At this time, a clairvoyant secretly told the Jade Emperor that Wu Gang was standing under the osmanthus tree watching Qin Yuzhu cut the tree, and he looked happy.When the Jade Emperor heard this reply, he was also in a good mood.He was a little complacent and couldn t help taking a sip of wine when he heard the clairvoyant compliment the Jade Emperor.Your Majesty loves the generals in front of the hall so much, then Wu Gang must be very grateful to His Majesty, and he will do his best for His Majesty and die The Jade Emperor who said this from Qianliyan laughed, yes, he made an exception to promote Wu Gang and put him from A nameless prisoner, who was suddenly promoted to the front of the hall, can be described as a step to the sky.

Brother Zhang, this is the plum garden, and the box you mentioned is right in front.Zhang Fan cbd gummies kitchener nodded, took out his phone and sent a text message Soon, the door of one of the boxes opened, dressed in a fresh and refined air travel with cbd gummies manner, Lin Youyue, who was wearing a long dress, rushed out with her long hair fluttering.Boss Youyou re here Seeing Zhang Fan appear in front of her eyes, Lin Youyue was a little embarrassed, with a forced smile on her face.As soon as Zhang Fan saw Lin Youyue s expression, he felt katie couric cbd gummies scam that something was wrong What s wrong with you No Come in with me.Lin Youyue shook her head, grabbed Zhang Fan s arm, and took advantage of the situation to take Zhang Fan hands in his arms Zhang Fan was stunned for a moment.This Lin Youyue has entered the state so quickly nature s best cbd cream However, being held by Lin Youyue s arm and smelling the faint fragrance of Lin Youyue s body, he felt very comfortable.

What Does Just is CBD good for sleep What Does Just CBD Gummies Do CBD Gummies Do (best CBD gummies for quitting smoking), [eagle hemp CBD] What Does Just CBD Gummies Do CBD honey sticks gold bee What Does Just CBD Gummies Do.

Although the Li family s descendants will flying with CBD gummies 2021 What Does Just CBD Gummies Do publish the legend of Wenquxing, the Li family firmly believes in it, but for Li Zheng, he only wants a child, and nothing else matters.Something will occur if it belongs to your life, if revive cbd gummies reviews not, do not push it.Being able to have a child is already a great blessing, and I don t expect anything else Okay, sign the contract in a while, and you will have a child soon Zhang Fan go hemp cbd nodded, this Li Zheng has the literary fortune of the Li family on him, something that hemp gummies benefits can t be found, it s more precious than life rare.Because if you have this thing, it will change the fate of a person and a family.Zhang Fan felt that he had the potential to be a profiteer, and the more such transactions, the better Over there, Hua Yueying had already come with the parchment roll contract, and by the way, she also brought a nice round boulder.

The opponent is very powerful and is the daughter of a jewelry tycoon.Can I use your strength When Liu Ruotong said these words, she had been thinking about it for a long time.long time.Since she has nothing, she can get beauty and survive, then she must take revenge.She is a person with clear grievances, kindness is remembered, hatred must not be forgotten.Anna harmed her, she must avenge this revenge, but if she wants to take revenge happily, she can t do it alone.Why did Anna dare to attack her, but because she has no power or power, only a beautiful face, since this beautiful face is her capital, then why not find the strongest person.A metaphor for Mr.Zhang Jewelry tycoon Who, Hua Yueying, you investigate Originally, Zhang Fan had no interest in Liu Ruotong s affairs, because he saved people and gave her a beautiful face, all at a price.

Especially those who pricked up their ears and wanted to hear the truth, they wanted to jump up one by one.This is too fake, this mortal called Zhang Fan is really cunning Oh, oh, yes, you re just a mortal, you really can t do anything Taishang Laojun smiled apologetically, no matter what he cbd gummies and kids thought in his heart, but his mouth was very polite, and he couldn t see it at all.Zhang Fan has been scolded countless times.I lied to the gods, who would believe such words However, What Does Just CBD Gummies Do even if What Does Just CBD Gummies Do Zhang Fan was talking nonsense, Taishang Laojun didn t dare to say anything.After all, the status of others is here.For the higher ranking people, no matter what others say, Taishang Laojun feels that it is absolutely not wrong to nod and agree.Me, such a good thing, why can t I meet it Li Jing was so anxious that he was pulling his hair.

The red arch on the side of the main entrance of the hall rang, and Pluto Wuming strode to the front of the table, and fell to the ground like a golden mountain and a jade pillar.The servant is nameless, meet the master Get up Zhang Fan yawned and stretched his waist Is there anything I came here in a hurry After returning from trouble in the Heavenly Palace, the Leibu Zhengshen was smashed and cloned, and Zengguang Tianwang almost disappeared in body and spirit.This matter was widely spread in the three worlds, and the servants specially came to congratulate the master for his infinite power.News from the cbd or hemp for dog anxiety little girl.Wuming felt a little nervous in his heart, this was because he was smart, but it seemed that the master was in a good mood, so he shouldn t punish him.Zhang joy organics cbd gummy Fan smiled slightly, saying this in Wuming s mouth, it was really refreshing to hear.

And the growth king at the moment, let alone really unable to fight back, even if he fought back vigorously, he chose to lie here obediently He is not a fool, the What Does Just CBD Gummies Do Cheef Botanicals CBD Gummy Cubes underworld is now an unnamed territory.I think his dignified king provoked Hua Yueying and was beaten until only his remnant soul cbg cbd gummies floated to the underworld.It s still better In case Wuming was angry, wouldn t he have lost his soul, cultivated hard for tens of thousands of years, and finally disappeared, becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of the world And after the fight just now, he understood in his heart Hua Yueying has obviously 100 mg cbd gummy kept his hand, otherwise, let alone he can breathe now, how big do cbd hemp plants get I am afraid that he has already lost his soul and even has no chance of reincarnation.Zengguang Tianwang is as strong as a true fairy, and was beaten into a cripple by Huayueying, and ten CBD edibles near me What Does Just CBD Gummies Do heavenly soldiers immediately hugged their heads and ran away.

Can you hide such a big incident Song Wanhua s conjecture was good, the matter was too big to hide at all.Soon there were netizens running on the river beach at night on the Internet, and took pictures of the accident in Binjiang charlotte s web hemp gummies Tiandi with their mobile phones.The huge sound and the terrifying scene of the landslide were directly photographed by the netizens.It was posted on the Internet.Rao Shi Wanhua Real Estate Group wanted to hide this matter, but found that it couldn t hide it at all.The amount of broadcasts on the Internet was amazing, and it soon became a hot search list, and even Zhang Fan got the news.Seeing the scene in the video, Zhang Fan frowned and was also very angry.This is simply a tofu scum project.This kind of thing happened before the house was built.Is it crazy On the Internet, those people figured out that this was a project of Wanhua Real Estate.

At the same time, he knelt on the ground What Does Just CBD Gummies Do as soon as his legs softened.Chen Chuan, who had been watching him, quickly knelt down.The legs, the legs are feeling, Mr.Zhang, thank you In fact, in the hearts of Chen Chuan and his father, it was already stormy.Because of the thin old man s legs, they knew very well that in fact, with Chen Chuan s filial piety and financial resources.His father used to travel on cbd gummies not working reddit private jets to see doctors all over the world.Regardless of whether it is abroad or domestic, as long as they are well known or introduced, they will go back to see a doctor, but even after more than ten years of treatment, there is no effect at all.Some experts tell them directly.In this life, Chen Chuan s father couldn t get out What Does Just CBD Gummies Do of the wheelchair or stand up, because the cells on his legs were all necrotic, and there was no intuition at all, in this case.

Although he couldn t shed tears because of his soul, he couldn t help crying.It was I who killed all these sons.They practiced with me.They were always diligent and diligent and never did evil, but they never expected to suffer such a calamity.I killed them The yellow lion is incomparable Heartache and remorse.In the eyes of others, these sons are all goblins, but in his eyes, they are all living beings who used to be in front of him.They did not harm anyone, nor did they go down the mountain to harass the people of Yuhua Prefecture.Just stay in the Leopard Mountain Tiger Cave to cultivate honestly, why can t those preachers tolerate them Even if he is at fault, he shouldn t be beaten to death with a stick, and the sons of his subordinates are even more miserable, just because they followed him, at this time, hemp gummies vs cbd gummies reddit they are all in a different place, making people extremely sad Go find your corpse, the sooner the better Zhang Fan raised his eyes and looked at the hole full of charred corpses and burnt bare rocks, and felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

He is a person who has seen the world, how come here, when he sees the Facebook person sitting in the center, he will only have a feeling of kneeling and worshiping, and the woman in the ancient dress and gauze standing next to him.Why are you so familiar Kneeling on the ground was a slender woman, who seemed to be in her twenties, but when she raised her head to look at Hua Yueying, her face was a little horrible, and it was suddenly exposed in front of Zhang Fan s eyes.It was a freckled face.Although the outline of the face was good, the complexion of the face was very poor, so bad that it looked like the face of a forty year old aunt, which did not match her slender figure at all.Zhang Fan also frowned, feeling that the woman in front of him was a little familiar.It s you The woman seemed to remember something and exclaimed to Hua Yueying, which reminded Zhang Fan of the slender woman in a golden cheongsam that he met today.

At first, she hadn t figured out why Zhang Fan returned to the pawnshop, but when she saw the meteor hammer on the table, she exclaimed, and the joy on her face couldn t be hidden no matter what.Do you know the origin of this Chaos Meteor Hammer I know, I know, how could I not know I have seen this thing in the pawnshop of heaven and earth before, but, later, there is a story about this matter Hua Yueying Excited to say this.Chapter 347 Lost and Found Hua Yueying said that, she paused to think about it and seemed to calm down her excitement.How could she not be excited.This Chaos Meteor Hammer was also the treasure of the pawnshop in the world.She used to wipe it when she was fine, check it frequently, and hoped that someone would borrow it.But at that time, there were too many treasures in the pawnshops of heaven and earth, and Hua Yueying was busy with things to do every day, 300mg CBD gummies What Does Just CBD Gummies Do and all the chaotic meteor hammers seemed to have not what's the difference between hemp and CBD gummies What Does Just CBD Gummies Do been borrowed in the end.

Because he had been cultivating his soul, and he was very unwilling to cbd hemp power be wronged in his heart, he asked for a pawnshop in heaven and earth.With the Honored Lord, how dare they It s just a monkey and a pig, so what s there to worry about She really didn t pay attention to the few passers by, this Huang Shijing was scared out of her courage, and only then did this.Let s go, we ll take you to ask those people and get some justice for you Hua Yueying s words made the yellow lion choked for a while, and she was so excited that she how to make your own CBD gummies What Does Just CBD Gummies Do didn t know what to say.Seventy miles away, even if they didn t summon the Golden Dragon, it wouldn t take much time for them.On the way down the mountain, I walked through a dry forest.The trunk of the forest was so tall that it could almost block the sky.The light on this road was obviously dimmed.

Butler Shen over there took Chen Guangrui s famous post and went ashore to report to the official.Such a case suddenly alarmed many people.After careful interrogation by the government, it was discovered that Liu Hong was a repeat offender.He killed people and threw their bodies in the lake more than once.This time, it wasn t because Chen Guangrui was good at water, and he was lucky enough to escape.If everyone saved everyone, no one in this boat could escape.It is estimated that all of them were killed by Liu Hong in a coma and thrown into the river.Such a cbd gummies gas station major case also involved the officials of the current dynasty, which attracted much attention at once.Then Liu cbd pure hemp oil reviews Hong was sentenced to be executed, Chen Guangrui cbd hemp balm wrote a letter to report to his father in law, and Miss Yin was frightened.Fortunately, the fetus was fine, and the group took the official boat to take office under the arrangement of the government.

It is best to take another jewelry shape and introduction to be unveiled at the press conference, so that if What Does Just CBD Gummies Do does cbd gummies work you meet your favorite, you can preemptively start.Things like this happened from time to time at some banquets russell brand cbd gummies in the upper class, or in some public places, and the name of Dongmei Jewelry was quietly circulated in the upper class.Many noble ladies with identities and financial resources are helping Dongmei to publicize, and some people have seen some samples in advance, or wear Dongmei s jewelry in advance, which makes the lady with almost speed information, heartbroken.I m in a hurry, for fear that I won t be able to grab a good thing one step too late.Questioned by people in the circle, there is no such economic strength.For them, jewelry is also a way for them to break into the circle and stand firm in the circle, and no one will allow their abilities to be questioned.

does hemp seed oil contain cbd A woman dressed in black, with an oval face, and an extraordinary temperament, looked at the appearance of only twenty six or seven years old, and bowed to Zhang Fanyingying, but her bow made everyone in the underworld startled.Meng Po, the god of the underworld How revered is her position in the underworld At this time, he actually bowed to a mortal person, which made the remaining little officials panic and fear, and hurriedly followed Po Meng to bow to Zhang Fan.As for the densely packed spiritual bodies, when they saw their ghostly god.Seeing so many small officials around, they all bowed to Zhang Fan, and all knelt down at this time, no one dared to stand up.On the banks of the entire Wangchuan River, almost everyone knelt on the ground.The scared A Yuan, who was already panicking, saw best cbd gummies for chronic pain that he was best brand of cbd gummies the only one standing around, and hurriedly knelt down.

Bajie, I will put it down for the teacher Master, there may be monsters lurking around here in the Black Mountains and Bad Waters, so please hold on for a while.Zhu Bajie found a reason to prevaricate However, Jin Chanzi grabbed the horse s reins, turned over and jumped off the horse s back.The master and apprentice had no choice but to stop, Zhu cbd gummies for covid 19 Bajie was like platinum cbd gummies an ant on a hot pot, holding his fat What Does Just CBD Gummies Do belly and anxiously said Master, just listen to me, this matter is so big, we must have something to do with it.It s troublesome.Tang Seng shook his head gently Wukong, we ve been traveling in this way for a day, but we ve traveled dozens of miles less in the middle, and we ll have to return it later.Sun Wukong said.Do not send Tang Seng continued This place is hundreds of miles away from Wuzhuang Guan Shao Said, we can t travel like this anymore, otherwise wouldn t we be breaking our promise with the Buddha Sha Seng also sighed It s really hard to travel like this.

I saw him standing next to the trash can just now.Hurry up and take a look, maybe you will catch up soon, he is not dead Zhang Fan greeted Hua Yueying.The last time Hua Yueying followed this hill and lost charlotte s web daily wellness cbd gummies it, because he found the place where he worked, who knew that he had been fired, and then he disappeared.As for the drop of blood, Hua Yueying also used it.All can not fully locate the position of the hill, can only roughly know his orientation.As soon as Hua Yueying heard Zhang Fan s greeting, she quickly walked out of the store and What Does Just CBD Gummies Do Cheef Botanicals CBD Gummy Cubes walked to the back street, but when she got there, she found that there was no one by the trash can.But here, there are several roads, and another distance is the pedestrian street.There are all kinds of people and tastes on the pedestrian street, and it is difficult to determine where the hill has gone.

room, stunned.This Hua Yueying can actually control water, and the ability to control water is green farm cbd gummies review quite What Does Just CBD Gummies Do Cheef Botanicals CBD Gummy Cubes proficient Control the fire, you come to control the fire Master, this, I really haven t learned it yet Just spare me, it s the slaves who are too stupid, making you embarrassed Hua Yueying, who was standing cbd gummy s on the left, had a face The embarrassment of her, recipe for cbd gummy bears she said that she would not control fire, because she can only control water, and the ability to control fire has not yet been learned.Master, I really don t know this, but after I conquer the real fire of the three flavors, give me some time, I will definitely learn to control the fire, please believe me, master Hua Yueying on the right also has a face Embarrassed, he said cbd gummies eagle hemp that he could not control the fire, and the expressions, movements and language of these two people could not be distinguished at all, they were looking at their breath.

Although Mr.Liu left, Zhang Fan tried his best to keep the original procurement channel running on the first floor.However, some people themselves made a fortune with Mr.Liu, and naturally they left, so these things still need to be arranged Mr.Zhang, recently we are facing the problem new age hemp gummies 3000 mg of lobster shortage.Manager Wang said It is cbd gummies natures boost the off season for salvage, and the number of fishing boats going out to sea in ports and other places is very small.We have no wild lobsters.Channels.In addition, regarding bluefin tuna, we must also seize this opportunity, because someone cbd gummies vs hemp gummies has purchased bluefin tuna from outside through our channel, which is robbing us of our share, does cbd oil help with inflammation so at present, we There are not many top quality ingredients.Manager Wang said very solemnly, and explained to several people why such top level ingredients must be available.

There was an eel with a thick bucket at the bottom of the river, and a little girl was crying beside her, but she was really the daughter of the boat lady.Hua Yueying looked at the poor child and hurried up to hug her.The eel still wanted to run, but the golden dragon swallowed it in one bite, and the national teacher over there was disheveled at this time, and suddenly turned around, she seemed to have a huge fan shaped tail, and suddenly the golden dragon was sent flying And because of the strength, he only spit out the eel essence, and even spit out some What Does Just CBD Gummies Do water from the Zimu River, making the eel essence and What Does Just CBD Gummies Do the national teacher want to run away in a hurry Zhang Fan saw this posture, if he really let it go, who knows what would happen Just aiming at the arrogance of this national teacher and swallowing the boat lady at his subordinate eel spirit, he will not be lighthearted, so the health naturals cbd tincture 250mg light in his hand flashed, and the golden seal of the pawnshop that day was smashed down.

I didn t expect Brother Zhang to face it so plainly Manager Wang Then he looked at the form he had prepared My dear, don t take 20 to 30 million yuan to heart What kind of god is this Could it be that I left Mr.Liu, cbd gummy bears for sale and I really met a big man Manager Wang was tempted to try , I want to see Zhang Fan s strength.After all, 20 to 30 million is not a small amount.If Zhang Fan shows he cares a lot, it means that Zhang Fan s worth should be within his expectations, but now that he looks at Zhang Fan s identity and worth, he is completely Bottomless This made him not dare to relax at all, because Manager Wang finally understood that maybe what President Liu told him before was true The reason why Zhang Fan bought this floor was not because he valued the income of the first floor, but just bought it for the people he trusted and used it to where to buy CBD gummies What Does Just CBD Gummies Do practice his skills Therefore, Manager Wang has broad spectrum cbd gummies effects some doubts about life.

This little monk actually knew about Heifeng Mountain, so I What Does Just CBD Gummies Do wonder if he knew about the Batu Caves Since there is Heifeng Mountain, I don t know if there is a Batu Cave Battu Cave Such a big mountain naturally has a Batu Cave.Donor, treetop hemp delta 8 gummies you said that you are good at the art of Qihuang, and I hope you can save one.Save our Elder Jin Chi The little monk was thinking about Elder Jin Chi and kept begging the Black Bear Spirit.He also saw that although he was ugly, he was proficient in Buddhism, and he was polite and polite, not like a bad person.More melatonin and cbd gummies importantly, since he was willing to take the smilz cbd gummies shark tank episode initiative, he was willing to help the elders.The little monk naturally refused to let this opportunity go.Go, go, go immediately, this is fate The black bear spirit who knew the location of the Black Wind Mountain didn t know how happy he was at this time, so he didn t care about his own injuries, and he was so happy that he went to the Guanyin Academy.

As soon as she thought about this, Yin Rou Rou instantly understood why Zhang Fan kept saying that they were here to collect debts, not to extort money.Indeed, their daughter country of Xiliang owes the pawnshop of heaven and earth a debt of five hundred years, and that Zimuhe is cbd in hemp hearts indeed the pawnshop of heaven and earth, and people have the right to take it back at any time.From the beginning, Zhang Fan was completely misunderstood and regarded as a greedy person who extorted and extorted money.Ashamed, Yin Rou Rou could hardly raise her head.You are so loud, but I want to see how a mortal person has the ability to accept me I will also show you that I can leave Lingshan safely, not because of the mercy of the Buddha, but because of the Buddha s mercy.I m in a state of perfection Xie Anan was so proud at this time, she stung Buddha s finger, but she was able to leave Lingshan safely.

Taoist What Does Just CBD Gummies Do Zijin bowed to the ground Master, the subordinates are incompetent, please ask the master to do something.Zhang Fan raised his brows Invite people to the pawnshop of heaven and earth After speaking, he took Huayueying into the pawnshop of heaven and earth.However, Zijin buy online cbd hemp flower Mouse breathed a sigh of relief.He had already prepared himself when he first arrived.I am afraid that after some hardships, the Great God will help After all, the Great God has given him a divine position, allowing him to practice with the help of incense in the pawnshops and What Does Just CBD Gummies Do temples of heaven and where to buy wyld cbd gummies earth.The trouble that he couldn t solve today, he had to trouble the Great God to take action, which really made him a little ashamed.I want to improve my cultivation as soon as possible, and I must make the Great God impress me Taoist Zijin made up his mind, then came to the top of the mountain, and stretched out his hand A grandmother in her 70s or 80s leaned against the wall beside her in a daze, and the people around her immediately put her on the chair, but did not leave the first time, because experienced people know that this It is the god of the pawnshop of heaven and earth that is obviously spiritual He performed the dream inducing technique on the old grandmother.