The key is that there is no scandal and it is clean.In this Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats way, serving by Zhang Fan s side will not collide with him.Moreover, this Liu Ruotong s appearance changed so much before and after, and something like that happened on the T stage, but it was all right in the end.After thinking about it, it botanical farms cbd gummies shark tank is very likely that the lord made a move, so this Liu Ruotong might be the person of the lord.Because of this situation, the people of the Rong family are Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats also polite to Liu Ruotong, and because Liu Ruotong has been to Chen Yuan, he has great respect for Zhang Fan, and he does not dare to hold his own beauty and be arrogant.It is also very polite to the Rong family, but cbd gummy bottles it is very pleasing to the eye.The air here is not good, and it s uncomfortable to stay here.I m going to Pearl Island.If you have anything, you can come and tell me The city here is noisy, and even those lights are a kind of pollution in Zhang Fan s eyes.

This, how can this survive here Hua Yueying s tea was brewed, Zhang Fan took a sip and frowned.The water quality here is not good, and the tea leaves brewed are extremely bitter and unpleasant to drink.Did you get the groundwater here Why is it so bad to drink Well, there s not a bit of water here, let alone snow mountain water and mountain spring water.It took me a lot of effort to get the groundwater, and the quality of the groundwater is not good.No, if we can t do anything here, it is estimated that it will become a desert in one or two years at most Hua Yueying also sighed.The ecology here has deteriorated, and without water, it is really difficult for people to survive.Even if there is a banana fan, the flame mountain can be extinguished, but if you want enough rain, you have to find another way, and the environment here is so deteriorating, there is no large amount of water, this 800 mile flame mountain, given to the pawnshop of heaven and earth is a huge pit Master, this damn place, we have suffered a big loss The more Hua Yueying thought about it, the more angry she felt, but she felt that it was not worth it.

2.CBD gummies delta 8 Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats

Ah, what you said is true Xu Zijun was stunned.He didn t expect these people to be so eager to transfer this mountain.How much money is this They are so generous and generous.Tens of thousands of dollars agreed.Just to get so many mountains Although it s very cheap and cheap, it s too far cbd gummies grand rapids here, isn t it a waste to Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats get so many mountains All Xu Zijun turned to look at Zhang Fan, does that mean there are so many mountains Yes, 50,000 yuan for a mountain and 100,000 yuan for this valley.A contract must be written, and everyone must sign it.In the future, a few villas will be built in this valley, an airport will be built, and a few more houses will be built on the nearby hills.Just a few airports There are hibiscus trees here, and where there are such trees, the surrounding trees and the environment are different.

The place is full of reclining chairs, and there are special cabins for cbd gummies drinks and some food that can be provided.On the beach side, you can dive, and the clear and clean sea without blue makes you want to cry.When Fan never became the owner of a pawn shop in the world, he was just an ordinary person, and he never copd serenity cbd gummies CBD gummies 400 mg Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats had the opportunity to relax on the beaches of foreign countries.This time, when he saw the bad condition of this island, he immediately felt very satisfied.This place is really clean.Moreover, the people of the Rong family have cleared the island in advance.Let this island not receive anyone recently, and only be responsible for Zhang Fan and his party.So when we got off the plane, there were one or two hundred service personnel on the island.They all stood at the airport to greet Zhang Fan.

Zhu Bajie is okay, there are nine toothed nails in his hand, and the weapon in Sha Wujing s hand has also been confiscated by the black bear spirit.Although Zhu Bajie also had thirty six changes, he didn t know why, in the face of the Buddha s light, which was getting stronger and stronger every time, he was getting weaker and weaker.The nine toothed rake just wanted to run.In front of the black bear spirit, he simply couldn t make a move.Originally, the Bodhisattva thought that although Zhu Bajie was worse than Sun Wukong, there were also thirty six changes, so it wasn t that bad, but when the expert stretched out his hand, he knew whether it was there or not.Compared with the black bear spirit, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing are far worse in fighting power.Moreover, the vajra mudra used by the black bear essence looks like the inheritance of CBD gummy bears Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats the Buddha.

He looked at Zhang Fan with great admiration.He never dreamed that their god of the underworld, Meng Po, would actually bow down to him like him Telling this to grandma, it is estimated that grandma can t believe it in her dreams.The one person she helped casually was so arrogant that she not only injured Meng Yaoyao, but also made her mother in law kneel down like him This, but he still walked with him all the way, what a glory this is, it is worth boasting about for several lifetimes.You are Madam Meng Was it the contract you signed with the pawnshop Zhang Fan also looked at the woman kneeling in front of him in Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats surprise.In fact, she only looked a few years older than Meng Yaoyao.He thought that Meng Po, who is famous in the world, will be an old woman Didn t expect to be so young The little girl is Mrs.

3.CBD gummies eagle hemp Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats

Turning around and walking towards the inpatient department, the anxious little nurse kept calling him, attracting more people s attention to Xu Zijun.His appearance made everyone who noticed him almost exclaimed and approached him involuntarily.Men show jealous eyes, women show admiration and envy More people are just around the corner, wanting to talk to Xu Zijun.Xu Zijun, who had a will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test similar experience for a long time, immediately lowered his head, looked at an exit, rushed over, and then walked like the inpatient department With Hua Yueying leading the way, almost no one noticed them, Zhang Fan and Hua Yueying quickly entered the can you drive after cbd gummy building of the inpatient department.However, as soon as she entered the building, Hua Yueying s footsteps stopped for a while, and she glanced to the right with a strange expression.

A life saving grace.Miss Yin has always believed that Xianggong is her own heaven.At this moment, Chen Guangrui escaped from death and involved the Bodhisattva.Naturally, he did what he said and did exactly what her husband asked, but she was a little worried.If she gave birth to a woman, how could she become a monk Seeing Chen Guangrui escaping from the dead, and the words he carefully told his wife, and the Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats natures boost CBD gummies reviews tablet that was sacrificed, Zhang Fan nodded secretly.This Chen Guangrui still has a conscience, and did not waste herself helping him.After this thought flashed through Zhang Fan s heart, he suddenly found that his face seemed to have changed.The mask that he had been wearing had disappeared, and a mist began to surround him, which became very strange Chapter 162 is getting stronger and stronger The pawnshop of heaven and earth has recovered a little bit Is it because of Chen Guangrui s tablet Or because of the recent business improvement Or both Zhang Fan only felt that this is a good phenomenon.

Zhang.Congratulations Daniel said with a smile But the most beautiful girl in their mountain village, and the daughter of the patriarch, why are cbd gummies so expensive is already the best here, the only person who can match Mr.Zhang.So even if they saw Erya and Mr.Zhang leave, the old patriarch where to buy summer valley cbd gummies and him pretended to be deaf and dumb, and no one would be a little selfish.If these two girls follow Mr.Zhang, they will definitely have a good life in the future, and even the hills will be wiped out.What, confused, my sister is too confused, Mr.Zhang is not what she can think of at all, and, and Xiaoshan originally drank some wine, and the whole person was dizzy, but at this time he was mostly sober up., the whole person looked at Huayueying on the field, and under the illumination of torches, Huayueying danced gracefully, and the beauty was like a fairy in the sky.

What Mr.Zhang said is right, because the difficulty of mining and smelting is very high.There is a folk saying that real gold is not afraid of fire, and it is conceivable that it is difficult to refine However, just look at the sand that has been dug up now., this mine is different The expert explained that although there are already a variety of gold extraction processes, the industrial chain of production is gradually improving However, one method is difficult to solve cbd gummies for sleep near me the problem of impurities in ore And this gold mine is different, because the gold content is high, only one of the simplest extraction methods can be conservatively estimated to remove half of the sundries In this way, if the mineral deposits are rich enough, Rong Zhikang can directly establish an industrial line for smelting and refining gold in the village After getting the semi finished product, even if it is transported by plane, you can make a lot of money Therefore, a few experts will change their faces Because the contract signed by Rong Zhikang just now did not cover the ore veins at all This makes such a high content of gold mines completely cheap for these ordinary people.

Wang, some of them showed surprised and shocked expressions, their faces were a little stiff, and their eyes were full of incredible.The person eating next to him has also been paying attention to this transaction, and now seeing Zhang Fan suddenly intervene and take out a rainbow card, many people can t help but stare at Zhang Fan in astonishment.There are more than 20 million in this card.I can immediately notify the bank to handle the cash withdrawal business.You only need to walk with me, and 16 million will fall into your pocket, and I only are cbd gummies fda approved need one Floors, and will maintain the staff lucent valley CBD gummies Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats arrangement in the hotel, as well as the taste, etc., cbd gummies from shark tank to quit smoking according to the previous, this is equivalent to blackberry cbd gummies not breaking the signboard, just changing a boss.Zhang Fan thought of this Mr.Liu has been there all the time.

Bai Wuchang, let them leave.I have already taken this yellow lion spirit under my command, and I plan to bring him back to life.As for the two of you, just report back to your boss Zhang Fan s last sentence was to the two enchanters.said.No matter what they want to do, the soul of the yellow lion spirit will definitely not be given to them.Not to mention the two little messengers, the Ten Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats Great Yin Shuai is not his own servant, so Zhang Fan didn t take it to heart at all.Since it was clear that they were from the underworld, Zhang Fan didn t plan to go around and just let them go.The two soul enchanting messengers looked at Bai Wuchang with some fear, hesitating and not knowing what to do.If they can t accomplish this mission, they won t be able to eat good Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats fruit when they return to Hades.Go back, just report this matter directly to Hei Wuchang.

And Rong Zhikang didn t dare to dispose of these wealth casually, so this meeting happened to ask Zhang Fan for instructions.After all, there is too much money, tens of billions or hundreds of billions is not a small amount.Let s put it there first.If there is a disaster somewhere, you must be willing to donate Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats more money.Money is something outside your body, and we are just passing it on Use this money to train a group of useful people who can do things., you must be willing to spend money, and I will notify you when I have money back Zhang Fan used to calculate a few cents, and now Zhang Fan has no chance to spend hundreds of billions of dollars, which is just a lot.In a short period of time, his mood has also changed a lot.Money, which has become his slave, will serve him, not cbdfx cbd gummies that he is troubled by money.

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Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats I would have thought that he was a pawnshop of heaven and earth.You haven t mentioned these four words for many years, and I have forgotten them.Who would remember so clearly when I was a child Besides, he said that you owe a debt as soon as he came up.Master, you are so powerful, how can you owe a debt, it is impossible You, there are people outside the sky, you are too arrogant in this one third of the land of the underworld, then Meng Po Tang is indeed what I was in the past.I got a very precious thing from the pawnshop of heaven and earth, there is an appointed time, and it has can hemp gummies help with anxiety indeed expired, hey Mother Meng looked at cbd gummies ebay the apprentice who had not experienced the wind and rain, thinking that this Mengpo soup was eaten by Zhang Fan.After taking it away, there are still so many spirit bodies waiting for reincarnation outside, what should I do Bai Wuchang and Xie Bian stood outside the house, depressed and heavy.

And seeing that this is true, everyone has a thought in their hearts.Chapter 534 Self Ashamed Zhang Fan is definitely on purpose Like Zhang Fan, who is young, rich and handsome, he must have a good impression of Lin Youyue, deliberately pretending is hemp oil and cbd oil the same thing to be an ordinary and harmless youth But in fact, Zhang Fan southern organics cbd gummies is a super rich man with great strength and at least tens of millions of wealth And Li Hai knew more clearly in his heart that someone who could easily spend 16 million to Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats invest in a hotel would probably be worth no less than 50 million You must know that even Li Hai, relying on the property left by his father, the number of all assets added up, does not exceed 20 million And most of them are still in his father s hands Therefore, he saw Zhang Fan s ability to show the tip of the iceberg, and a little bit of ability, which immediately made Li Hai feel ashamed The face is even more black Zhang Fan saw Li Hai s expression, this person is too narrow minded, he didn t want to expose the fact that he is a first floor boss in front of so many people, but it just happened that Mr.

Tent up.And Zhang Fan, who was standing at the top of the big tree, looked at Hua Yueying with a very different expression, nodded, and at this time he finally confirmed one thing.I didn t expect that this tree really exists Our luck is really good Chapter 436 Danger I didn t expect that I could still see the hibiscus tree here, Hee hee, it s really surprising Hua Yueying giggled, the hibiscus tree is a good thing, although there is only one tree, it is a great blessing to see it in this Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats world.So when she saw this hibiscus tree for the first time, she was surprised and immediately told Zhang Fan that there was a hibiscus tree in this Wild Wolf Valley, and this hibiscus tree also had aura.Let this valley and even this endless mountain range of hundreds of miles be full of vitality and extremely dense with trees.

Seeing that Zhang Fan was a little bored, Mr.Xue smiled Brother Zhang, why don t I take you first and take a walk around the inside You might have to wait here for a while I m here to say that my grandfather is here today.I heard that it was because of you that can cbd gummies cause dry mouth my grandfather took action.Only then can we get better, and our family should thank you very much.Zhang Fan understood a little when he heard this, it turned out that it was not a chance encounter in the morning, that Mr.Xue should have come to greet the three of the family and congratulate Mr.Rong.Just happened to meet him Oh, so that s the case, then I do fun drops cbd gummies work also congratulate you, Mr.Rong, on your recovery.Zhang Fan nodded, Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats and the pawnshop of heaven and earth made a move, which is naturally a means of bringing back the dead and the bones of the dead.

cannabis vs hemp cbd She hadn t figured out how to deal with those charlottes web cbd gummies things.Yes, you can show me all your junk Hua Yueying looked at Chang e with a half smile.She had never touched a few nails in front of Chang e before, hehehe, every time she came to Chang e, she could go out for an excuse, so this time she was caught in the right place, but she was very vengeful.Even Chang e is still a servant of the pawnshop of heaven and earth.For the treasures she kept secret, she had to take out ten pieces to compensate the pawnshop, because it was overdue for ten years.One piece a year, fair enough Miss Yueying, please wait here for a while, I ll come when I go Chang e smiled, but did not dare to lose her temper.She felt extremely wronged in her heart, thinking of the palace lord in the vast cold of her dignified heaven, who was overwhelmed by Hua Yueying Lielie blackmailed, but there was no way at all.

In the past, there used to be a good pregnancy stone for ten copper coins, but now it s only sold for one do cbd gummies have thc reddit copper coin, because after the Zimu River dried up, the good pregnancy stones are everywhere The little girl was talking happily, but as soon as she finished speaking, the woman in the black shirt suddenly burst into laughter.Hahaha, Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats I didn t expect that I would finally wait for this day, and finally wait until the day when Zimu River is dry, I can finally see the sun again, and struttingly go to the palace, that position was originally mine, mine, back then, if it weren t for that.That person, this daughter country of Xiliang belongs to me, so I still need you to sneak a roast goose for me to eat The woman in black laughed and cried, she seemed to know that the roast goose came and didn t It wasn t easy, and she said that the Zimu River was dry.

When the morning light came in outside, he got up with a jerk.He couldn t help but glanced at Hua Yueying and Mr.Zhang s room.They were all closed at the moment, and he hadn t gotten up yet.They were too tired last night After Zhang Fan got up, the people in the car had already gotten up, and the cool 25mg cbd gummies wholesale wind blowing from the outside made one s spirits shocked.It was really comfortable in this mountain.That s why Shang Huayueying told him about those things last night.It seems that this is the right time to send Xiaoshan home.Maybe there will be Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats unexpected surprises here.He was looking forward to it, so he was in a very good mood.Seeing Xu Zijun packing fresh vegetables over there, he took a look and saw that he was peeling the big taro.Brother Zhang, good morning, I m going to cook some soup for you.

It took a long time.No wonder the tree was destroyed., Zhenyuanzi Honghuang old good man, also wants to break with Buddhism Even when he saw it now, it was a pity.It s a pity, Tianda s chance was ruined like this.Zhen Yuanzi saw Zhang Fan s sighing attitude on the side, and he couldn t help but look full of sadness.However, at this moment, Hua Yueying suddenly let out a snort, holding Zhang Fan s hand slightly tighter.Zhenyuan Daxian woke up and hurriedly invited the two to enter the inner hall for tea After drinking a few cups of fragrant tea, Zhang Fan felt refreshed, and after waiting for a while, there was no movement.It seems that even if the Avalokitesvara is coming, it will take a while.So Zhang Fan wanted to go back, Hua Yueying and the two came to the edge of the cbd gummies or tincture flower bed again, Hua Yueying came to the old tree root and stroked gently, and then pulled Zhang Fan with some guilty conscience, Back to the pawnshop together.

Did your father tell you that Chen Yuan of your family was pawned off by him many years ago, and this house is not yours Zhang Fan said this, the old man was startled and tried to support him in a hurry.The body pointed at Zhang Fan.You, who are you How do you know about this In fact, even if it s not the Chen family s house, I ve been managing it for so many hemp cbd pain relief salve years.If you can t show any evidence, I ll treat you as nonsense That old man Although he was talking like this, the fingers on the bed kept shaking.It could be seen that he was very excited, very excited.Do you know the characters And your father s signature, and the bloody handprint he when does cbd gummy kick in pressed, these can t be wrong, he took this house as a pawnshop decades ago, you won t admit it When he spoke, Zhang Fan had already taken out the contract.

At this time, the valley was very lively.Several tents were set up over there, some people got into the tents and lay crooked, and some people were talking.Xiaoshan, your valley is not bad.I like it very much.Whether you sell flying with CBD gummies 2021 Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats it or not, I want all the mountains near the can you take cbd gummies through tsa valley Because of his happiness, Zhang Fan said a few words to Xu Zijun, and then heard Xu Zijun clamoring to buy a hill.This valley, because this valley is the place contracted by the Xiaoshan family, a large area is.Brother Xu, is it Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats true or false It must be true.The patriarch and the others are all here.There are so many how to make homemade cbd gummies witnesses here, how could it be false Xu Zijun said with a smile, Zhang Fan likes this place, that is How much does it cost to buy it.If you really want, this valley, 50,000, if you want a mountain, you can count it, a mountain is 30,000, how much do you want to pay, in fact, this valley is enough, and also, this valley You know there are wolves, don t regret it Xiao Shan kindly reminded Xu Zijun that although the valley is beautiful and beautiful, there are really wolves.

When it comes to Chen Yuan, almost no one knows about it.Of course, real estate agents like Li Cheng know that Chen Yuan is not for sale, so he told Xu Zijun that he could buy Chen Yuan s property.The house, screwed his head off and kicked him as a ball.And the house he took with Xu Zijun and the others to see today, the biggest selling point is that it is backed by the famous Chen Garden.The location is particularly good, and a villa will cost 3 billion yuan.Hehe, Mr.Zhang, you are joking, or you does CBD gummies help with high blood pressure Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats should think about it first when you go home, I am looking for other houses for you, if you really can t find a more suitable one, I suggest you buy that villa, really It s not bad, it s so close to Chen Yuan Li Cheng didn t believe Zhang Fan s words at all.Even when he went back, he took the matter of Zhang Fan as a joke, and told it in the intermediary group, saying lazarus natural cbd oil that there was a particularly proud guest today, and he actually boasted that he was going to move to Chen Yuan.

Because she knew how incredible things had happened to her The people who have the ability to do that have surpassed ghosts and gods.Well, your face is indeed prettier than in the video.Remember the contract you signed, your life and froggie cbd gummies soul are free, and everything does not belong to you Yes Liu Ruotong Biting his lip lightly, he glanced at Zhang Fan, and agreed with a low eyebrow.But I was a little nervous in my heart, and I was called here by Wan Li Yao, just to see this Mr.Zhang.Then, and then After thinking about the face that confuses all beings after thinking about it, Liu Ruotong looked at Mr.Zhang as a young man.Thinking of the words he just said, his heart trembled.Panic, but it s useless.Her own life, everything in her free soul, does not belong to her.Mr.Zhang, I was calculated by someone and I want to take revenge.

He said this, but it made John even more curious, who can cbd gummies give you a headache is the owner of this young Rong family How can there be such a great ability to make the Rong family his slave, this is simply incredible But John saw it with his own eyes.But John still wanted to inquire about Zhang Fan, but was politely declined by Rong Zhikang and refused to talk about it any more.He just said that the master likes to be clean and does not like to be disturbed.Rong Zhikang respected his master.Let John even guess, is the distinguished guest living on the island the master of the Rong family I have to say that this time John was very smart.After the father and son of the Rong family left, Zhang Fan saw a few more people there, and then handed them the money on the table, one by one in a box.With the money, we are abroad again, so everyone can work Chapter 315 Pies fall from the sky Life, use this money to exchange for a lot of life, don t begrudge money, want Let them cbd gummies pure organic hemp extract 300mg voluntarily sell their lifespan to you, of course, the more the better, 2.5 CBD gummies Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats you have to give them some time trolli cbd gummies to enjoy the rich life Zhang Fan ordered Hua Yueying and Bai Wuchang in front of him.

He is Tang Seng s father, and also Chen Guangrui, the top scholar of bio essential cbd gummies the Tang Dynasty who was pushed into the river to persecute by the boat master.At that time, he was appointed as the prefect of Jiangzhou.When he was murdered, Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats his wife Yin Wenjiao was pregnant for three months.In Journey to the West, Chen Guangrui was on his way to Jiangzhou to take office.Liu Hong and Li Biao wanted to make money and kill them.Chen Guangrui was pushed into the river, Miss Yin was occupied by Liu Hong, and Liu Hong took Chen Guangrui s Officially, she went to Jiangzhou to take office in a grand manner.Miss Yin wanted to die, but she thought that her husband s revenge was not avenged, and she was pregnant, so she had to endure the humiliation and bear the burden for the time being, and then gave birth to a baby boy.

After all, Jin Chanzi is also It s your senior brother Guanyin Bodhisattva saluted like a black bear spirit.If Hei Xiong Jing became a disciple of Buddha, his status would be similar to him, and the status of hemp gummies for kids Buddha s children on Lingshan was quite high.Even if best CBD gummies for anxiety 2022 Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats he was just starting out, he would at least be a Bodhisattva or Arhat.All Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva is unusually polite to the black bear spirit at this time.Some people say that it is one step to cbdistillery cbd nighttime gummies the sky, but for the black bear spirit, it was a fairy in the beginning, and now it becomes a disciple of Buddha.That is a huge leap, and it is a qualitative leap.His disbelief is also understandable.Have a relationship with the Buddha Go to Lingshan Be a Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats disciple of the Buddha This is too important.I have to give me some time to think about it.

Rong s spirit is very good, but his face is not very happy.Rong Zhikang on the side was talking.The Chen family is finished.Many bosses who do business with their family have contacted me on their own initiative, expressing that they don t know that the Chen family is despicable.Now they have canceled cooperation with them, and they will not be in touch in the future You want us The black card I noticed was only after a bank had withdrawn more than one billion in cash.There was no other movement.I have already ordered it.The whole city is investigating the messenger Zhang Fan.It is strange to say that this portrait It s like the world has evaporated, and there is no news so far Although the Rong family was handed over to Rong Zhikang, the Rong family still had the final say.So after he woke up, he made the search for Zhang Fan a top priority, but this Zhang Fan seemed to have disappeared without a trace of news, which was surprising Now the Rong family is looking for Zhang gummies cbd sleep Fan, because the old man Rong is very worried, very worried, he wants to go to the place in his dream that brought him back to life But he couldn t find a pawnshop in heaven and earth, he could only pure cbd gummies find Zhang Fan, and maybe there was still a chance, so Zhang Fan was regarded as a life saving straw by Mr.

The long water sleeves began to dance in front of Zhang Fan The seven sisters were extremely excited this time.After looking for so many opportunities, dr oz pure cbd gummies 300 mg this time I can finally show my face in front of the Lord, let them get what they want, and let the Lord know that their sisters are not only beautiful, but also good at nature s way botanicals cbd singing and dancing.Also proficient in a variety of musical instruments, extraordinary talent.Lu Zhu waited on the side carefully, not daring to dig into Zhang Fan s arms like the last time, but kept pouring food and wine for him, observing Zhang Fan s face.Although she couldn t see clearly what the Lord looked like.But it can be felt that when the Lord eats food, he will look Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats at the food more often.This is a good reference, which allows her to guess what tastes the Lord likes.

If you go, what should I do That Huayueying seemed to Seeing Zhang Fan s determination, the next moment he hugged Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats his feet, dragged him desperately, and refused to let him leave the door.Like a god who wants a debt, I can t save my life, my life is gone, I still care about your life or death Release, release, cbd gummies for chronic pain my pants Zhang Fan suddenly found that Hua Yueying was too strong , When holding his leg, he almost pulled his pants down.Although there are no outsiders here, there is a difference between men and women Master, as long as you promise me not to leave, I will take you to the Moon Palace immediately to collect debts like Chang e.The debts of the pawnshops in the world, as long as you go out, master, are really easy to recover Hua Yueying was about to cry.She is really too difficult.As an artifact spirit, she is obviously only the master s maid.

This is the first task that the pawnshop of heaven and earth gave him.Wu Gang felt that he must do it well, or else he would live up to the expectations of the lord.He must know that the pawnshop of heaven and earth saved him like fire and water.Okay, I hope you can do it in three days.Let s go.You want to develop the power of the pawnshop in heaven.Don t forget, you are the servant of the pawnshop Yes, yes Wu Gang agreed, After hurriedly retreating back to the heavenly court, I quickly had an idea in my heart.He went to the Jade Emperor and gave some gifts to express his gratitude.By the way, he proposed it to the Jade Emperor.He heard some rumors that he had cut down the divine tree and dissipated a lot of the spiritual Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats energy of the entire Tiangong.Since he cut down the sacred tree, I begged the Jade Emperor to send someone to restore the sacred laurel, so that everyone in the heavenly court thought that only Nanhai Guanyin Bodhisattva had the ability to restore this sacred Hemp Oil Or CBD Oil For Cats tree Then it destroyed the ambition of the heaven, and grew the prestige of the Buddha Wu Gang was a general who was raised by the Jade Emperor.