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Even in such a difficult situation, she still Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale took me, LUNA, amber, Xue Li and the others.So since then, we have all relied on and trusted her.At the same time, I also respect her and love to cling to her, but that s what it looks like between sisters and sisters.Even if it s a summary of online clips.In the video, Victoria Ernie and I can drive, and the speed is a bit high, but what s wrong with the girls driving Is it the same relationship between boys talking jokes to each other So, Both she and I are girls with normal orientations, and they are not allowed to scatter their thoughts.Ye Gui was quiet, but finally he could only apologize.I m sorry, it s because I m not firm enough in my thinking, I misunderstood, and I shouldn t be curious.I admit my mistake.It s boring to apologize.Come with me and have a drink.

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But don t wait for her to recover.Ye Gui lightly held the back eagle hemp CBD gummies price Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale of her head with one hand.She felt the heat and thickness of citadel cbd gummies this moment.And he felt the moment of suppleness.He leaned over and approached again.Taeyeon finally panicked a Best Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale What Is Full Spectrum CBD Good For little, she wasn t ready yet.There was panic and embarrassment in his eyes.But finally closed his eyes again.He also subconsciously raised his toes.She just failed to lift her toes, she was gently wrapped around her waist by Ye Gui s other hand, and she stood still.Gently holding the back of her short body, she felt the softness and coldness of her light gray long hair.Holding her short, slender waist, she also felt her softness.Like a soft and fluffy doll.That blend of aromas is the final catalyst.close to zero.He gently kissed the slightly cold and trembling lips of the short body.

Lin Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale Yuner bit her lips and smiled, did not speak.Tiffany also said loudly, Don t care who you are, don t care who I am, fuck him, I love you, yoona After Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale speaking, Tiffany looked at Lin Yuner with a smile, Is this Ye Gui After that, several girls laughed.Lin Yuner bit her lip relax bears cbd gummies and chuckled, Oni, don t be like this.Sunny said with Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale a smile, Yuner, why don t you tell us about your relationship I heard about your Ye Gui.I beat up Li Shengji who was looking for trouble with you.Today, I directly exposed that guy s black material, but that guy didn t say a word.What is the identity of your Yegui The last sentence seemed to be a little tentative.Lin Yuner watched her laugh out loud, but she also covered it up, O Neill already knows about this, don t you know Ye Gui s identity Sunny smiled mysteriously, Yoona, you are the most hidden child in the team, I don t dare to jump to conclusions right away.

In medterra cbd gummies sleep the end, the room was quiet again, and even the final half life of cbd gummies sound of the door closing was silent While Ye Gui jolly CBD gummies review Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale and Krystal were sleeping peacefully, vegetarian cbd gummies what happened in the morning had already caused an uproar on the Internet.Public opinion about Krystal and Ye Gui also started to erupt again.Boyfriend Liax, wow, a real marijuana derived cbd vs hemp derived cbd life overbearing CEO I really want a boyfriend who will cover me up Upstairs, what cover You must at least have one first.Krystal s looks like where can i buy royal blend cbd gummies that I mean, the looks of these two people are too explosive, right Why hasn t it been made public yet If this is clarified, I don t believe in love.Upstairs, don t be so naive, there must be reasons for not making it public.After all, the man is outside the circle and has a social status.Generally, such a person will only be officially disclosed when he is about to get married.

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The man paused for a moment, then walked over hesitantly, not daring to look at Ye Gui.I saw that there was a hemp rolls cbd cigarettes dining car in the room.Is it you who delivered the meal Ye Gui asked first.No, no, it s another person, not me.The person hurriedly spoke, and then continued to explain.Sir, I only came to see it because of a gentleman s request.He only gave me money to report whether the owner of this room had any changes.I just watched from a distance and didn t get close to the house., please let me go.Ye Gui looked at him, I ll give you three times, tell me the details, and what he looks like.The man s eyes lit up, and Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale cbd 25 mg gummies then he said, Can you pay me first What about the deposit Ye Gui Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale s expression became colder, Look at your clothes, you are also a waiter in this hotel, and your name is also clear at can you drive after taking cbd gummy a glance.

He looked at her.Nei Taeyeon blinked at him.He immediately crouched down and gathered a small snowball.Then pinched the snowball and looked at Taeyeon.Since there is a conflict between us, let s have a fight.Taeyeon took a deep breath, Okay.After speaking, she quickly stepped back, How about we prepare ammunition first He approached with a smile On the battlefield, how can there be any reason to prepare the opponent to fight again Taeyeon stepped back again, and said at the same time, You are lying As my fianc , you are also a big man, how can you do this Right.He stopped.Taeyeon looked overjoyed, then pointed to a tree a little further away.Then brother, go back to his trenches first, I said start, we ll start again.That won t work.He looked at her, Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale You have to give me some practical benefits to Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale make me obey, right Taeyeon pursed her lips.

His brows were furrowed tightly.She subconsciously wanted to stretch out her hand to smooth it out, but he grabbed his hand all of a sudden.She paused.In the next moment he was heard whispering softly.Girl speaks Chinese.She understands.His eyes turned red instantly.When he woke up, Lin Yuner was lying beside him and fell asleep, sleeping in a Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale very generous position, with a small head and a long hair in his arms, his arms on his chest, and his thighs on his legs.In short , is to use him directly as a pillow, a human shaped pillow.It s like going back to the past, that kind of intimacy.Plus everything in the dream, she in the dream.For a moment, Ye Gui was in a trance.Ain t nothing happened.However, Lin Yuner faintly woke up, looking at Ye Gui s silent appearance, but she smiled with clean eyes.

He immediately got into the car and drove.Go to Zheng s house.It was a smooth ride along the way, and it arrived soon.Jessica received the message in advance and was waiting at the door of the house.Carrying Xiao Gaoleng on her back, Jessica took it all the way.And Zheng s father and mother are cbd gummies bottle not there either.So I omitted some explanation and took Xiao Gaoleng upstairs directly.Just put her down.Tucked.This time, Xiao Gao Leng didn t catch him again, she slept soundly.Jessica watched Ye Gui s movements from the side.How much she drank today, she s actually so drunk.She lied to me and my dad before, oh mom, that she was staying in the dormitory, but eternal sleep cbd gummies I didn t expect to be drinking with you.He tucked Xiao Gao coldly, While saying, Drinking the bomb wine, it counts Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale as eight glasses.Bomb wine Jessica s eyes widened, Is this girl still greedy for this Ye Gui just nodded and didn t worry too much about this question.

But it seems that Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale because of someone, the little girl on the opposite side has completely endured.In the same way, someone seemed to be completely unaware, just watching with interest where the three were secretly fighting Krystal s eyes gradually blurred, and even his face turned red.Ye Gui took her wine glass away.Krystal frowned and pouted slightly, Uncle, I m fine, I m not smilz CBD gummies reviews Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale drunk, really.Ye Gui looked at her, I see, but if you drink again, you ll be really drunk.Then he looked at the three of Victoria again., I m going to pay the bill.Look at this little girl, and I ll call a car to take you back.The three of Victoria nodded.Ye Gui stood up immediately, but Krystal grabbed his clothes with a small hand.I ll go to pay with you.Then he stood up and looked at the opposite side, Oni, go back first, I ll be back a little later.

He lightly tapped her forehead, According to the script, if someone named Jin Ruanruan asks me to wait a few more days, then who should I ask for reason Oh, no, you can trust me, okay Huh Taeyeon blinked and looked at him sincerely.Then Okay.He thought for a while, then nodded, I listen to you, Jeonju eldest sister.You can say it.Taeyeon smiled, Haha, I feel like my brother got a big total pure cbd gummies one.I m determined, I can t bear to say it.He said indifferently, Go ahead, I ve agreed, so I where can i buy keoni CBD gummies Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale ll lucent valley CBD gummies Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale listen to your soft hearted words now.Taeyeon s eyes He smiled and pondered for a while, Wellthen brother, let me go first.He was stunned for a moment, and then sighed with regret.Wow, Jin Ruan Ruan, CBD gummies with pure hemp extract Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale you Forget it, I clearly told the consequences myself, but I still believed you Ruan Ruan.Taeyeon still couldn Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale t help laughing, Haha, they call me Ruan Ruan.

Inside, Ye Gui.Lin Yun er said softly, Good night, see you the day after tomorrow.Okay, good night, see you the day after tomorrow.Ye Gui nodded.Then the phone hung up, Ye Gui put away his phone, called a taxi and went home.On the other side, Lin Yuner also smiled and put down her phone, although she seemed more tired and wanted to sleep at the moment, but it was different.She glanced at the screen that hadn t gone out, and had returned from the call to the album, and the one in the album.She smiled and touched Ye Gui in the photo with her fingers again, her fingertips soft Chapter 51, their nights plus 8 Chapter 51, their nights Uncle, are you home yet Krystal took off his makeup and washed himself, leaning against the head of the bed Sent a text message to Ye Gui.In fact, she wanted to make a phone call, but finally endured it.

coming soon.But Xiao Gao Leng did not stop.The next moment, there was a warm and moist sip on Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale the neck, but only for Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale purekana cbd gummies for arthritis a while.He looked back in surprise.But soon, Xiao Gao Leng approached again.The warm lips were instantly close to the corners cbd gummies sale of his lips.Leave after printing a light kiss.Ye Gui stood there a little bit.And after doing all this, Xiao Gao Leng seemed to have nothing Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale happened, so he rested his chin on his shoulder.He suddenly smiled.It s gone Xiao Gaoleng froze slightly, then paused and bit his lip slightly.Then what else do you want What about this one on the neck just now Ye Gui asked with a smile.Xiao Gao Leng was quiet.But finally he still said, That s right, I just want to grow strawberries Xiao Gao paused for a while between his cold words.After he finished speaking, he buried his head in his neck.

CBD gummies eagle hemp Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale , spoke with a little coquettish voice.If there is no accident, I think I should be lying on this bed, but I don t know if it is possible, a domineering president surnamed Ye, will he think I squeeze him Ye Gui felt a pain all over his body instantly.are gone.He nodded, or rather, nodded excitedly.Da Jun, I can do it, I can What else to squeeze, you look thin Lin Yuner looked at Ye Gui s appearance, bit her lip and chuckled.Under the light, her makeup is exquisite and breathtakingly beautiful.And Ye Gui looked at her, his heart beating out of rhythm Ye, Ye Gui In the dark sick house.WellI mean, in the ward with the lights off.Lin Yuner was lying in Ye Gui s arms, her voice trembling a little.Ye Gui replied softly, What s the matter, Lin Dajun Your hand, take it, take it away Lin Yuner bit her lip, her cheeks hot.

Are there still few routines derived from this basic reason But now, that reason is clearly true.In addition, if the two really come together, their team may really be broken up.It s just that Best Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale What Is Full Spectrum CBD Good For if there Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale is such a day, at least the girl in front of her will have a good home. Chapter 43, royal CBD gummies review Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale you come to my concert 5 Chapter 43, you come to my concert 5 Euni, are you worried about me Krystal frowned slightly in confusion, looking at the worry in Victoria s eyes, she always felt something was wrong.Victoria chuckled, but didn t say much, You and Ye Gui will get along well, Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale you are a good match.Krystal was silent for a while, Did Ernie miss her Victoria didn t speak.Krystal stepped forward, hugged Victoria, and comforted her, O Neill, the team won t break up, at least one day when best cbd for back pain I m on the team, our team will always be there.

Finally, it was one or two o clock in the middle of the night when the needle was pulled out for her.Touch the deer girl s forehead, it s not hot.Her complexion also returned to normal blood.She is sleeping peacefully now.Beautiful look.Not quite like it used to be.A long, soft sigh of relief.Turn on your phone.Wen Xin received news.There is not much fluctuation in the outside world.After all, in the eyes of the outside world, you are still boyfriend and girlfriend.In addition to praising your boyfriend s strength, it also broke the rumors that the two of you have broken up on the Internet, so please take care of Lin Yuner with peace of apologize.I m sorry Mr.Ye, all the medical expenses of Miss Lin Yuner will be borne by me, and I will 10 mg hemp gummies also compensate Miss Lin Yuner accordingly.Also, Xiao Gaoleng and Jessica s.

Ah, Mora doesn t know.The little girl ruffled her are cbd gummies stronger than oil hair and frowned, You fight.Is it okay to fight, I m really embarrassed between you.Jessica laughed angrily, o You let me fight him I can t fight him with you, and now you let me fight him alone Fight Krysta mumbled a little, I m just saying, Ernie, are you really going to fight Ye Gui Jessica sneered, Whether it s true or not, and whether I can fight or not, I won t bully you.Elderly people.Ye Gui took a deep breath, I ve endured you for a long time, Zheng Xiuyan, it s okay to mention it once or twice, you re holding on to it, aren t you Come on, don t eat this meal, You go outside with me, we Best Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale What Is Full Spectrum CBD Good For really got into a fight.He got up.Krysta hurried to Ye Gui s side to relieve her, Don t be angry, don t be angry, Ernie is ignorant, don t care about her.

Why Ye Gui frowned.Lin Yuner said, It s very simple, once the couples Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale in this world break up, they will become enemies.I hope the other party is not doing well, and it cbd gummies colorado springs is even more impossible for the other party to know that they are not doing well.To become an ex boyfriend, if I have a financial crisis or a bad life, how can I let your ex boyfriend know about it.This is a conventional thing.Ye Gui looked at her, So I am in love with you.Yan, I m your enemy, right Lin Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale Yuner paused and looked at him, You, of course you are not.Ye Gui looked at Lin Yuner, Am I not Then what am I I treat you Lin Yuner Speaking of, it s the person you want to say goodbye to, the person you want to escape, or the person you want to be the enemy.Lin Yuner s eyes widened slightly, and her expression immediately became a little stagnant.

Iu looked up at him for a while.He CBD gummies vs hemp gummies Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale looked a hemp bombs cbd oil little hopeful and quiet Gu Yang and the two did not always stand in the same place.Stop and go, and finally sit down on a bench by the sea.In the distance, the ship roared.Far away and not noisy.Iu approached him gently.asked softly.You re going back this time, and you re going to receive treatment, right Well.He nodded.No wonder, let me and Xiujing and the others go on a trip or something.He sat up and asked him, Do you want to let us go If you can let it go, it s definitely not the reason, just stay by my side, it s inevitable I ll be bored, go out for a walk, I ll be waiting for you in the hospital for Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale treatment, it s not a conflict.He shook his head and explained, looking at iu.So don t think too much, I just eagle CBD gummies reviews Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale don t want you to devote all your time to me, just do what you want to live your life.

So, someone with such a high status can let go of face, you can t, right Kai thought for a while.But thinking about it.From the entrance of the cafeteria, two more girls came in, one tall and one short.But with a different kind of Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale temperament and beauty.The moment they came in, many people stood up to salute or say hello.The two girls nodded or returned the salute and greeted sun state hemp cbd gummies 750mg each other.Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Nine Those Dreams That You Are Very Risky Four Then say it again.If the person who came up with the single was Xiao Gaoleng, it would be different.If Xiao Gaoleng wants to come up with Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale a single, s will definitely spare no effort to form a team to achieve it for Xiao Gaoleng.Even Xiao Gaoleng s sister Jessica quit the team and left the budpop CBD gummies Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale company.But it still doesn t matter.Even the lawsuit with jessica, s is not fighting.

Ye Gui did not intend to drink.He wants to quit all alcohol.In fact, I didn t drink much before, but now it just seems to be back to the original point.Plus there must be someone else driving.Both sisters paused for a while, but finally said nothing.It is also a taste.after a while.Both sisters were a little drunk.Ye Gui stopped Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale them from drinking any more.Both sisters nodded and put down their glasses.I ll take you home.Ye Gui said.What Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale about you, go back to the hotel directly Xiao Gao asked coldly, his face flushed a little, Why don t you come and sit at home.Jessica didn t say anything, just looked at Ye Gui quietly.Ye Gui shook his head.I won t go today, I ll pick you up tomorrow.Okay.Xiao Gao Leng was a little disappointed, but he didn t persuade him any further.Let s go.Jessica said immediately.

This also changed Ye Gui s conception of Liu Xixian.So don t make any other appointments.He accepted the heir to the Liu family who seemed to have to worry about everything.The two exchanged a few words, and Liu Xixian also made an appointment for the next meeting with a wink, and then left with his younger brother and sister.A small storm disappeared and became invisible.The four also said goodbye at the door of the hotel.In the end, Park Jiyeon and IU left together.The two watched.Then, under the orange street lights, in the heavy snow, Taeyeon looked at him, Husband, do you want to go home in the snow together He smiled and hugged her gently, Okay, listen to you, Wife.While speaking, the two held hands and strolled under the pouring snow.Step by step, walking into the distance, it seems like step by step, together with a white head Park Ji yeon looked at iu who was beside her in a daze and looked in front of her.

Krysta change Gu Zhiya asked tentatively.Krysta nodded, Yeah.He stood up, staggering a little, royal cbd gummies for pain but Gu Zhiya hurried over to support Krysta.Krysta shook noble hemp cbd gummies his head, It 30mg CBD gummies Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale s okay, Zhiya, I m not drunk, don t worry.Gu Zhiya looked worried, Don t drink next time, let s go see the scenery.Krysta waved, It s okay, let s go out first.Let s go.He picked up his bag and got up and went out.And Gu Zhiya could only pack up her clothes and bags and go out together.Just after going out, I saw Krysta standing there, staring blankly at the front of prime nature cbd owner the aisle corridor, where there was a person standing.Gu Zhiya looked over and was immediately surprised.Brother she called out.When the bar is snoring.Ye Gui said to the girl beside him.Girl, I m going to the bathroom and I ll be back soon.Lin Yuner chuckled and nodded, Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale Inner, Ye Gui.

Four people sit in a booth, two by two.Yayan looked at Ye Gui and Lin Yuner s natural intimacy with some envy.He tilted his head to look at Zhang Sheng, and found that Zhang Sheng was also looking at her, but as soon as his eyes met, Zhang Sheng avoided his gaze again.Yayan was a little helpless.On the opposite side, Ye negative side effects of CBD gummies Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale Gui looked at Lin Yuner and spoke.Girl, Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale I haven t had a drink for a long calming cbd gummies time.Have a good drink today.Lin Yuner chuckled and leaned closer, Ye Guixi, have you been led astray by me Ye Gui laughed out loud, That s not true, it s not you stinking girl.Take me on the side, I seldom touch alcohol before.Lin Yuner snorted softly, Really The first time we met, who was drunk and murdered me, scolded me, and said I hemp derived delta 9 gummies was a fool.Ye Guishen She said loudly, Girl, you re not turning over the old accounts anymore, you CBD gummies stomach pain Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale re just tearing up the account books.

1mg CBD gummies Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale Ye Gui said.Then do you regret not taking me for this navigation Xiao Gao asked with a cold smile.Ye Gui said, I regret it.On the way, I was md choice cbd gummies reviews hesitating whether to turn the front of the car and take you with green gorilla cbd gummies me.Cut.Xiao Gao pouted his lips coldly, I don t believe it.He smiled, Don t be unhappy, I ll pick you up tomorrow morning.Xiao Gao snorted coldly, It s just to pick me up, I can t get rid of me like this.Ye Gui asked aloud, Then I need to do something.What do you say, I promise to do it.Xiao Gao pondered coldly, I want to live in a dormitory tomorrow, and I want to live there for a long time, what do you think Ye Gui paused, cbd oil infused gummies It s the kind of dormitory I want.Is it Xiao Gao Leng replied affirmatively, Of course it s what you think, otherwise why would I live in a dormitory After the words fell, Ye Gui paused again.

is hemp oil same as cbd Take it, there is a saying in Huaxia, the biological brothers must clearly calculate the accounting transactions.Once our relationship is mixed with money, it will not be pure.I don t want that.If you don t take it, then this house will be my responsibility I won t buy it anymore.Ye Gui was silent, Okay.Only then did Xiao Gao Leng smile, and then looked around.Ye Gui, can I move in today Yes.Ye Gui nodded, I have the keys and password, but now, they are in yours.After speaking, he returned the proximity cards.If there is a password, hand it to Xiao Gao Leng.Xiao Gao Leng took it generously.Ye Gui watched her put on the keys, Now go with me to see other houses.Xiao Gao Leng paused for a can i take cbd gummies on a cruise while, What are you looking Best Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale What Is Full Spectrum CBD Good For at, you live here, I bought a house because I wanted to build a home.Ye Gui looked at her, Wait a little longer, okay Xiao cbd wholesale gummies Gao Leng was a little silent, then raised his eyes to look at Ye Gui, Okay, I ll wait, but even if you have to wait, you have to live here.

But neither of them were just fledgling little girls.They knew very well that the rules of this world were realistic and cruel.They could only look at Park Zhiyan with consolation.Park Zhiyan chuckled lightly, It s alright, really, I finally breathed a sigh of relief today, and then it s nothing.After speaking, she glanced at Ye Gui inadvertently, but quickly avoided it.But how sharp the two are.One is Taeyeon, who is sensitive, and the other is IU, who can see his face the most.It was quickly captured.Then the two looked at each other.They all subconsciously glanced at Ye Gui who didn t notice anything.Then look at each other again.When they looked at each other, they saw the smile and helplessness in each other s eyes.It seems that he provokes peach blossoms again. Chapter 511 Horse 15 Chapter 511 Horse 15 Without drinking, the four of them simply ate a beef bone pot.

He was amused, and gently squeezed her fair face.I m not unhappy, and I really shouldn t talk about your figure.Taeyeon waved her Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale hand in a big way.Oh, it doesn t matter, you said that my eyebrows disappeared, and I don t care.Do you think I would care about this He shook his head, and explained to her very seriously and firmly, No, I m very serious, your current figure , it s just right, I really really didn t lie to eagle hemp CBD gummies cost Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale you.Taeyeon bit her lip and looked at him immediately.After a pause, she koi cbd gummies for anxiety stood up, and then lay lightly on his shoulder.The shoulders are slightly heavy at the same time.He smelled the Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale good smell on her, the warmth of her breath, and her whisper.Actually, hemp bombs CBD gummies review Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale brother, hemp gummies vs CBD Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale I hemp gummies for pain m a pad.The words fell.He was stunned.But the shoulders lightened.The short body has already sat back in place, looking out the window again.

But in the end, you will still leave.Before leaving, you will coax me with sweet words.I will never make trouble.I will let you flav cbd gummies go, and then I will be alone.Digestion.So in order not to let these pains happen.I have to be patient, resist the urge now, I don t want you to come and accompany me for a little while, relieve me for a little while, what I want is long Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale term healing, you You have to be there all the time.So don t come here.Ye Gui smiled, You won t let me come in a week Why, are you deliberately picking on me Krysta pouted, If you dare not come in a week, I will come to you, no matter what.If you don t believe me, you will miss the appointment in a week and see if I can find you. 250 Chapter 2 When Brother Tazi is Shy 3 Chapter 252 When Brother Tazi is Shy 3 This time Ye Gui didn t tease him any more.

Let s talk, get ready for class.With that, Ye Gui began to prepare, as if everything that happened before had no effect on him.Lin Yuner was a little wary in her heart, but she didn t show any emotion, instead she nodded obediently.Okay, Teacher Ye. First of all, the learning of Chinese is interspersed in the back, let s talk about the general background first.The story of the TV series you participated in this time is taken from one of the four famous Chinese novels, Romance of the Three Kingdoms , but it is not real natural CBD Indica CBD Hemp Flower For Sale The history of the Three Kingdoms.The Romance of the Three Kingdoms tells the story of the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, when the emperor was incompetent, the court was corrupt, eunuchs were in power, the people could not get enough to eat, and the people changed their children to eat.