in the penal department.Zhang Jing looked at Xu Qingxiao who appeared, his eyes were extremely complicated, and he didn t want Xu Qingxiao to appear.But when Xu Qingxiao appeared, his heart was still full of excitement, not because of other reasons, but because Xu Qingxiao dared to appear, it proved that Xu Qingxiao did not practice other arts.This is his idea.As for Prince Huaining.When he heard Xu Qingxiao s voice, he didn t get angry, nor did he appear angry.As long as Xu Qingxiao appeared, he would be satisfied.Just don t wait for him to speak.A voice followed.Your Majesty has a decree Xuan, Xu Qingxiao, Prince Huaining, and hundreds of officials have entered the court to review the case of different techniques.The eunuch s voice sounded.This imperial decree calm cbd often appears at the most critical moment, not more or less.

Is Hemp CBD Effective I m afraid that a rank 1 martial artist will not be able to intervene in this matter.It doesn t mean that someone will rebel, and in the final analysis, you can t stand.The two of Best Is Hemp CBD Effective Can You Take CBD Gummies On A Plane you said something to me, and it seemed a little different.this moment.Xu Qingxiao took a deep breath, looked Is Hemp CBD Effective at the two and said slowly.Two adults, stop arguing about anything.This king has a plan, I wonder if you two would like to hear it Xu Qingxiao knew botanical farms CBD gummies reviews Is Hemp CBD Effective that both Chen Zhengru and Best Is Hemp CBD Effective Can You Take CBD Gummies On A Plane Wang Xinzhi were actually for the good chumlee cbd gummies of Wei, but hemp rolls cbd cigarettes they had different ideas.That s it.He didn t want any internal conflicts to arise.Please tell me clearly.The two still respect Xu Qingxiao.Rejecting the prince from outside the capital of the Great Wei Kingdom is indeed unacceptable.If it spreads out, it will be very troublesome and unpopular with the people.

Xu Qingxiao hurriedly left, too lazy to pay attention to Baiyimen, who cares about his life and death.Nowadays, there are a lot of troubles.It s just the matter of public opinion, Xu Qingxiao can t understand it, and he even wastes his time.Isn t this cheating It s just that when they just walked out of Taohua Nunnery, a group of foreign merchants surrounded by a few people walked into Taohua Nunnery.These fan merchants smiled one by one, but after seeing themselves, they all turned pale, their laughter stopped, and they didn t dare to say it.a little sound.Xu Qingxiao just glanced at it and left without thinking about it.Among the alien races, the few people who were held in the hands of the stars couldn t help frowning.They didn Is Hemp CBD Effective t know what five cbd gummies free happened, but inexplicably guessed something.It s just that the two sides CBD thc gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective didn t speak and best CBD for pain 2022 Is Hemp CBD Effective left directly.

2.CBD thc gummies for pain Is Hemp CBD Effective

As for the other saints, Xu Qingxiao did not look at them for the time being, mainly looking for the deeds of the great saints.Xu Qingxiao still has to figure out who the seven people in Wen Palace are, after all, it is better to know yourself and your enemy.Rather than being passive, it hemp fusion CBD gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective is better to take the initiative to master sovereignty.And at the same time.Inside the Huaining Palace.After hearing all the events in the court today, King Huaining s face looked a little ugly.Impossible Absolutely impossible Manchu civil and military, why did they all agree to the waterwheel project in one day This is absolutely impossible.50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 taels of silver is even more uncomfortable than taking his life.The Ministry of Personnel, Punishment, and the Ministry of War agreed.

dr oz cbd gummies for sale The golden anti magic energy filled the air, submerging the Wen Palace.Since Lu Zi was determined to kill himself, Xu Qingxiao would not hide it.He didn t give any chance, he wanted to kill Lu Zi directly.These people have completely rotted their roots.Not to kill.It s okay to resurrect Zhu Sheng, let s help Zhu Sheng solve these troubles first.boom.As Xu Qingxiao s aura of kingship permeated his body, the demon suppressing energy evolved into a golden spear, which was even more dazzling than Lu Zi s.Lu Zi s spear was condensed from Haoran s righteousness.But Xu Qingxiao s war spear was condensed from the demonic force, the power of the kingly way, the Is Hemp CBD Effective power of the peerless kingly way.From the perspective do CBD gummies work Is Hemp CBD Effective of Confucianism and Taoism, Lu Zi is naturally stronger, but Xu Qingxiao has the Great Wei Longding and Haoran Wenzhong to resist.

Martial arts tenth rank, one rank and one heaven.If you want to break through, it is as difficult as Is Hemp CBD Effective ascending to the sky.Qualification, talent, perseverance, and luck are all indispensable.Especially the further back, the more terrifying its rank is.It is not uncommon to be stuck in a state all your life.But if you get the ancient alchemy scriptures, you can make endless breakthroughs.You only need to find the medicinal materials needed by the alchemy recipe, and you can refine the breakthrough dan.After swallowing, it directly breaks through its realm, and there is no need to wait at all.So why doesn t Cheng Lidong get excited How not to get excited He is now an eighth rank fresh thyme cbd gummies dantian martial artist, and if he wants to break through to seventh rank, he may have no hope in his life, but with the ancient alchemy scriptures, he can easily break through to seventh rank.

3.what is delta 8 CBD gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective

Especially Xu Qingxiao, to say something unpleasant, as long as Xu Qingxiao is willing, it doesn t matter what he eats and drinks or even plus cbd oil hemp balm prostitutes here.Let s be Is Hemp CBD Effective Is Hemp CBD Effective more direct, Xu Qingxiao Is Hemp CBD Effective only needs CBD gummies for anxiety reviews Is Hemp CBD Effective to go in and shout, who is willing to help buy the order, it is estimated that before the other royal nobles pay, the women of Taohua Temple will already take action.So what kind of honorable order is this If he was insulting Xu Qingxiao.It s time to work.Xu Qingxiao smiled slightly, and then followed the other side.Sister Liu, I ll come too.I ll also come to help.Seeing Xu Qingxiao leaving, these women came over one after another, wanting to follow behind, but under the eyes of this sister Liu, everyone stopped.After people leave.The Is Hemp CBD Effective voices of the people could not help but sound.Hmph, Sister Liu just wants to eat alone.

Blazing rays of light burst out from the two wordless stone tablets.In an instant, the entire magic sea boiled completely, and the stone tablets began to crack.Thousands of miles away.The monk Jialan, who was ready to go back, sensed the strangeness for the first time.He turned around and looked at the sea of magic through everything.Soon, his face was hard to see the extreme in an instant.Oops.God Monk Garan s face Is Hemp CBD Effective was cbd gummies drug testing extremely ugly.He rushed towards the Demon Sea for the first time.But when Best Is Hemp CBD Effective Can You Take CBD Gummies On A Plane it came to the magic sea, the whole magic sea was like a storm coming, rolling frantically.The wind howled, and the sky became darker.It s like extinction.God Monk Garan swallowed.His eyes were fixed on the nine broken stone tablets.His breath was trembling.And at the same time.Dongzhou.A rank one martial artist opened his eyes.

cbd gummies for relaxation The old man won t lie to you.The old man has been looking for twenty years, but he has not been able to find it.Now the old man is dead.Even if he finds it, it is of no use to the old man.Qingxiao, you know why the old man told me back then.Have you lost your special technique Doctor Zhao shook his head and looked at Xu Qingxiao at the same time.Why Xu Qingxiao looked at Doctor Zhao.Because the old man pretended to be a doctor for 20 years, saving lives and helping the wounded, and when he pretended to be a doctor, he forgot his identity.I saw the pattern of the purx7 hemp cbd oil white door in is hemp oil cbd the same thing the inn that day.In fact, the reason why royal blend cbd gummies 750 mg I didn t go there immediately was not because there was something wrong.Be vigilant, but the old man doesn t want to participate.This kind of life is not bad, at least you don t have to worry too much, and there are not too many troubles.

50 mg gummies This point, this subordinate does not know how to explain it, it is really strange.Cheng Lidong was Is Hemp CBD Effective how much cbd gummies cost helpless.Because the thing is this thing.Zhou Ling Li Guangxin frowned, thinking about who Zhou Ling was.However, Li Xin s eyes widened.Zhou Ling What is the name of the yamen you are talking about Li Xin was the first to react.Master Hui, my name is Xu Qingxiao.Cheng Lidong replied.sounded.Li Guangxin and his son were stunned for a moment.Xu Qingxiao The talented Xu Qingxiao Ya service Practicing a different technique Both of them widened their eyes.Cheng Lidong was a little silent.What s Is Hemp CBD Effective the meaning do you know Dawei Scholar Chapter 38 Subordinates are 90 sure Look at the expressions of Li Guangxin and his son.Cheng Lidong frowned.After he killed Wu Yan, he was seriously injured, but he saved his life anyway.

Bibi s vision is better aries essentials cbd gummies to say, if you really want to debate the law, it will be troublesome.Although Xu Qingxiao doesn t know how Buddhism debates the law, he also knows how dangerous it is.Common sense argues that the original corresponds to the non phase, and the original is related to the non object.The high level debate is based on the sugar free cbd gummies for sleep non corresponding nature, and the Is Hemp CBD Effective non material participates cbd gummies rochester ny in the original.If it is the method of sophistry, it is the original appearance, and the original object is related to the original object.These things are hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective bizarre and involve astronomy and geography.But more involved, Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, and the theory best cbd gummy for pain relief of everything in the universe.Xu Qingxiao can argue a few things, such as the origin of the universe, but these are all original and wrong.Use what is known to prove what is not Is Hemp CBD Effective known, it is not the real thing in thc and CBD gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective the world.

All of a sudden, the nine princes, dozens of marquis, including the Minister of War, all came to green dolphin cbd gummies cost the sand table and began to study the situation in earnest.If there is no way to think of it, it will be extremely unfavorable to Da Wei.But at this moment, the second battle report sounded.Report The Marquis of Sheyang Best Is Hemp CBD Effective Can You Take CBD Gummies On A Plane asks for instructions, whether to assemble all the soldiers tomorrow and attack the capital of Amuta.The voice sounded.The people in the hall were silent again.And Xu Qingxiao s voice also responded immediately.Yes Everyone was stunned when they heard Xu Qingxiao s command of the general attack.Several marquis reminded Xu Qingxiao almost immediately that they had already attacked once, but they couldn t continue the attack.Otherwise, the situation is extremely unfavorable.Nothing in the logistics camp has been handled properly.

After reaching the Golden Bridge, they can walk 500 meters to reach His Highness the Supreme Harmony.After the eunuch speaks, they can walk towards the Supreme Harmony Palace.At this time, the entrance to the palace gate.Hundreds of officials poured in, seemingly in one group, but invisibly divided into four forces.Wearing unicorn robes is the first rank prince, all of them walking like tigers, speaking loudly, regardless of their appearance, but most of them is it legal to take cbd gummies on airplane are relatively old, and some middle aged military officers are standing behind them, which are military generals.Headed by Duke Zhen Guo.The other group of people wearing blue and white robes are Confucian officials.The official positions of the Great Wei Dynasty were set up differently, divided into military generals, civil ministers, and civil servants.

Not to mention Demon Domain, Xu Qingxiao was even more mad when it came to Demon Domain, Demon Domain concerns the world, and Lu Zi, in order to restrict the first grade of the Great Wei, even turned his back on Demon eagle hemp CBD gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective Domain.shot.Treat the common people as cud dogs That being the case, Xu Qingxiao will be able to kill demons for the common people in the world.boom.The golden spear burst into flames, and Xu Qingxiao s eyes were full of killing intent.Teacher, don t kill Is Hemp CBD Effective him.You have become a semi sage.If you kill him, you will are cbd gummies illegal in louisiana be blessed with great bad luck.Let your teacher kill him.At this moment, Wu Ming s voice sounded, and he stopped Xu Qingxiao from doing it.Xu Qingxiao is a third rank semi sage, but the Confucianism and Taoism system is different from other systems.When other systems reach second rank, they will be restricted by heaven and earth and cannot be messed up.

But what if you do something wrong Seeing that he is useless again, what should the Empress do What else can I do Abandoned son.Of course, there is cbd gummies rings another way to solve it, and this solution is very botanical farms CBD gummies reviews Is Hemp CBD Effective simple.Don t be an official.The big deal is that I will keep a low profile in the future, and I will nod my head low when I see Zhu Sheng s lineage, and politely call you brothers and sisters.The big deal is that Cheng Lidong has been looking for trouble for himself.He can t bear it anymore.Report it, and the fish will die and the net will be broken.The big deal is to let Baiyimen find himself, oh, no, can a 15 year old take cbd gummies Baiyimen finds himself, he must let himself join it, and then let himself be an undercover agent, or he has to become an official.Therefore, in the current situation, I cannot be an official.It is even necessary to become an official, and to be the strongest and the greatest, and create greater glories.

But this time it was different.Xu Qingxiao killed and surrendered, committed a heinous crime, and fell into Is Hemp CBD Effective trouble, and then cooperated with the article of the Great Wei Confucian Newspaper, how could they not be angry How can you not seize this opportunity, frantically belittle Xu Qingxiao and trample Xu Qingxiao CBD hemp cigarettes Is Hemp CBD Effective To satisfy your inner pleasure After just scolding for a day, the Great Wei Palace did not respond at all, and everyone was still a little unhappy.Everyone, let s not call every quarter of an hour.In this way, we will call every half hour and everyone will take turns.A scholar suggested not to call once every quarter of an hour.National thief Xu Qingxiao.This proposal was instantly recognized by everyone.The next moment, a scholar stood up and cursed loudly.Great Wei Jiangshan, the heavens bring cbd tincture vs gummies disasters, the state thief Xu Qingxiao, kills and commits the wrath of the heavens, and death is not a pity, please your majesty to punish Xu Qingxiao severely The resounding voice sounded, and immediately, five or six thousand scholars CBD naturals Is Hemp CBD Effective roared in unison, scolding Xu Qingxiao as a state traitor.

Best Is Hemp CBD Effective Can You Take CBD Gummies On A Plane Not clean, not pure, they are all mortals.Maybe Qingxiao is different.In everything Xu Qingxiao did, he reprimanded the great Confucian scholars, made trouble with the Ministry of Punishment, beheaded the county king, killed Fanshang, fought the Wen Palace, developed the country, and put the people first.These are the people who really do the truth.Which one is for fame and fortune If it is for the sake of fame, will the county king be beheaded If it is for profit, will he kill Fanshang In the eyes cannabis gummies of the monk Huixin, Xu Qingxiao is a real Confucian and a real Buddha, but the world has been blinded, slandering the real Buddha and slandering saints.Therefore, these words are not to please Xu Qingxiao, but from the bottom of my heart.Wisdom said.Xu Qingxiao could tell if he was telling the truth.

Even to build a dragon boat requires high quality Xuanling iron ore.The reason why this material is required is because it is a dragon boat.The quality is not good, it is easy to fall apart in the air.But if you arrange a Tiangang array in it, you don t koi cbd gummies delta 9 need high grade Xuanling iron ore at all, but low quality iron ore will do.In this way, you can build 10,000 or even 100,000 ships.Dragon boats are all CBD gummies for pain 1000mg Is Hemp CBD Effective right.Think about it, 100,000 dragon boats can be cbd oil and hemp oil big or small, depending on the size of ten times the size, when the Great Wei fights, you don t need to worry about the transportation of food and grass, and the transportation of soldiers.Is it true Zhou Hai explained to Xu Qingxiao.As soon as he said this, Xu Qingxiao s eyes did show a look of surprise.Don t say it, it s true.In Xu Qingxiao s eyes, the formation is the core of the transformation of the artifact.

Is Hemp CBD Effective And the civil servants began to CBD isolate gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective play, where there was a flood, where there was an earthquake, where and what happened, and the state needed to take action.Anyway, anything above the court could not be a trivial matter.In the end, the Confucian officials said what they thought was important, what could be delayed, and what should be done now, and then the military officers refused to accept it, thinking that what you said here was a bit wrong.The civil servants jumped out and said what was wrong They are very supportive.In the end, after nearly an hour of noise, the Empress bulk cbd hemp oil spoke and settled the matter in a few words.Some difficult cbd gummies for dementia patients how to process hemp for cbd issues were left for a few days to discuss.Maybe they didn t think about it, or they might just press it canabis gumies first.But Xu cbd gummies cost per bottle Qingxiao, as a bystander, could tell at a glance that the Empress favored civil servants.

Because you are not free.Originally, Xu Qingxiao didn t want to make up his mind so quickly.He should understand first, and delay for charles stanley cbd gummies where to buy a while.But because of this incident, Xu Qingxiao read the meaning of the saint in advance.Once you read it, it doesn t mean that you will be able to clarify your intentions.But you can know whether you are suitable or not.The answer is obvious.Not suitable.Since it is not suitable, you can t follow edible CBD gummy bears Is Hemp CBD Effective the meaning of Zhu Sheng.If you don t follow Zhu Sheng s meaning, there are two paths right now.Either go up Is Hemp CBD Effective to find the meaning of other saints, or it is your own idea.The buy cbd with thc gummies meaning of other saints is all for the common people and the world, and it is not suitable for them.After all, Xu Qingxiao had already understood his intentions.The unity of knowledge and action But this idea, it has nothing to do with secretly making it first.

As for whether it is aimed at the royal family, it is really unclear.But looking at this situation, it is very likely.That day, the meeting ended.Letters are sent expeditiously, and even some county kings mansions use immortal methods to send letters, and letters must be sent to the hands of the county kings as quickly as possible.Inexplicably, a layer of dark clouds shrouded the minds best cbd online of many people.No one knows what the Empress wants to do.It s just that everyone knows that something big is going to happen these days.And this moment.In Shouren School.Xu Qingxiao just finished the task at hand.A stack of rice paper.The title is Dawei s First Five Year Plan The first year Grain production and income tripled The revenue of the national treasury amounts to 20,000 taels per hempful farms cbd oil year.The second year Grain production increased fivefold The revenue of the national treasury amounts to 40,000,000 taels per year.

If Xu Qingxiao is willing to worship Zhu Sheng s door and at the same time admit his past mistakes, Zhu Sheng s lineage is willing to give you a chance.I will also do my best to help you become a saint.Knowing your mistakes can improve a lot, Zhu Shengyi.The pulse is not intolerant of people.Hong Zhengtian said this, and he prevented Xu Qingxiao from being sanctified on the grounds that Xu Qingxiao despised the saint.But in Best Is Hemp CBD Effective Can You Take CBD Gummies On A Plane the same way, he gave Xu Qingxiao a chance.As long as he admits his mistake smile cbd gummies and submits to Zhu Sheng s lineage, he will not stop him and even help Xu Qingxiao.This is really shameless.Ha Open your mouth to CBD gummy reviews Is Hemp CBD Effective Zhu Sheng, close your mouth to Zhu Sheng.Can you represent Zhu Sheng Follow the way of a saint Zhu Sheng asked Is Hemp CBD Effective you to tell you, he said that I would not be allowed to become a saint Xu Qingxiao sneered.

hemp bombs CBD gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective Compared with martha stewart s cbd gummies those who were beheaded and ransacked, they are extremely happy.It is equivalent to taking out one fifth of the property to buy peace.All in all, Dawei Jingdu was very busy on this day.In the end, many Jing soldiers entered the household and began to count the money.The entire household was already full of rare treasures, silver and gold.Even the Ministry of Punishment, the Ministry of War, the Ministry of Rites, and the Ministry of Personnel were all piled up.Looking at these mountains of gold and silver jewelry, all the officials were stunned.They knew that these gangs of merchants made money, but when Best Is Hemp CBD Effective Can You Take CBD Gummies On A Plane boxes of silver were piled up in front of them, they really didn t know what to say.There green mountain CBD gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective is a gap between this person.Finally, after a busy day, the next day is not CBD gummies 3000 mg reviews Is Hemp CBD Effective yet.All the numbers were completely counted out.

Some of them just cbd gummies sugar free have their own opinions on Xu Qingxiao.But most are neutral.Knowing that Xu Qingxiao is CBD gummies anxiety Is Hemp CBD Effective a great talent of all ages, Xu Qingxiao is so arrogant that they simply cannot accept it.Naturally, angry voices what is the difference between hemp gummies and CBD gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective sounded one after another.Xu Qingxiao, you are arrogant.A saint cannot be humiliated.Xu Qingxiao, I usually respect you, but I never thought that you would be so disrespectful to a saint The voices sounded.They are all wyld cbd sleep gummies angry at Xu Qingxiao.After all, this is crazy.Great sage teacher When others say that they are disciples of the great sage, they will be abused in various ways, not to mention Xu Qingxiao who claims to be the teacher of the great sage This is too contempt for saints, isn t it Readers were outraged.But Best Is Hemp CBD Effective Can You Take CBD Gummies On A Plane Dawei is over the capital.After the phantom of the Heaven and Earth Palace appeared, in an instant, a phantom hemp vs CBD gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective appeared in the Heaven and Earth Palace.

Is Hemp CBD Effective cbd gummies free trial >> can you take CBD gummies on a plane, who owns botanical farms CBD gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective CBD honey sticks gold bee Is Hemp CBD Effective.

You asked the three major merchants to offer a price of 3,750 taels of silver Is there something wrong with other people s brains or is there something wrong with yours If, if anyone were to sit in front of him now, unless it was the Empress, or whoever dared to say how much cbd gummies should i take for sleep such a thing to him, Gu Yan would definitely be cbd and inflammatory pain slapped in the face.This is simply a fool s dream.Just ask, a thing that could have been sold for 16,500 taels of silver would allow you to sell it for 3,750 taels of silver, cbd gummies sleep on the premise that you knew its value.Who would Isn t this free And it Is Hemp CBD Effective is still a loss for nothing, even if there is no profit at all, you have to lose money.It is equivalent to a loss of about 30 , because 7,500 taels of silver is the price of the household, and their cost price is definitely not so high.Seeing that Gu Yan did not speak, Xu Qingxiao spit out two words lightly.

soon.Xu Qingxiao stepped into the hall.In the hall, the female Is Hemp CBD Effective emperor is very majestic, wearing a black gold patterned dragon robe, showing domineering, fully showing the majesty of the emperor.Chen, Xu Qingxiao, I have seen Your Majesty.Xu Qingxiao bowed towards the Empress.No ceremony.Xu Aiqing, how much is the fun gummies CBD Is Hemp CBD Effective total income of this official business The queen called Xu Qingxiao to come, not only to relieve him, but more importantly, she wanted to ask about who owns botanical farms CBD gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective this matter.Go back to Your Majesty, pure cbd gummies shark tank the actual amount of silver that has Is Hemp CBD Effective been shipped is 1 million taels, and the remaining 350,000 taels have not been put into the warehouse, and they will all be put into the warehouse within seven days at the latest.I expect that by the end of the official business., it is estimated that 1.4 million taels of silver will be credited.

Stronger monsters will also be greatly weakened, so they can get started, but there is no great Confucianism now, and it is really powerless to deal with these monsters.Unless it is to invite some magical instruments, or a real big man comes on stage.Being so aggrieved, Sun Xin couldn t help but complain.Hearing Sun Xin s complaint, the Marquis of Guangyang was also a little unhappy.If he was so easy to kill, he would call you in a roundabout way The Marquis of Guangyang did not speak.However, the Marquis of Linyang spoke up.The court is already dealing with it, wait a few days, is smilz CBD gummies reviews Is Hemp CBD Effective there any news in Xianzong The Marquis of Linyang asked in a calm tone.But Sun Xin was a little angry.Wait If you wait any longer, these demons will be full and go back.If the Wengong of Wei doesn t show up, is it possible that there will be no great Confucianism can u bring cbd gummies on a plane Isn t Xu Qingxiao a great Confucian of heaven and earth This matter has something to do with him anyway.

The four books were completely blown up PY recommends a good book Really super nice Is Hemp CBD Effective I m working hard to cultivate immortals in best places to buy cbd the world of Uncle Nine Hyperlink in Dawei Scholar Chapter 161 Dawei Wensheng News Children s Arrogance Kyoto Fryer Dawei the household.After Wang cbd full spectrum gummy bears Xinzhi informed the four ministers of the future, the four ministers were immediately fried.They were shocked at first, Xu hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Is Hemp CBD Effective Qingxiao, a big Wei Wenbao, was able to sell millions of Is Hemp CBD Effective copies in one day.This is really terrifying.They knew that Shouren s products must be high quality products, but they did not expect to sell so many copies in one day.This is really shocking.But soon the four ministers were angry.Why is Wengong so shameless It s obviously a big Wei Wenbao who copied Shouren, but he wants to say that Shouren copied his Zhaowen notice This is really shameless.