Wang Dynasty Yang, don t waste your time here, answer quickly.How did you become a saint Xu Qingxiao s voice was cold, looking at Wang Chaoyang and continued to question.Listen to Xu Qingxiao s voice.Wang Chaoyang s face was extremely ugly.He did not speak, it should be buy CBD gummies Best Thc Gummies For Pain said that he did not dare to speak.dare not answer.Facing Wang Chaoyang, Xu Qingxiao couldn t help but sneer.If Wang Chaoyang 2.5 CBD gummies Best Thc Gummies For Pain answered, he still didn t say anything.Right now, Wang Chaoyang hesitated, and Xu Qingxiao had already made up his mind.He probably knew how Wang Chaoyang was promoted.Since you don t say it, then the king will tell it for you.On that day, the Haoran Dynasty was established, Zhu Sheng appeared in the world, and 70 of the scholars were beheaded.After the Best Thc Gummies For Pain 70 of the scholars died, Haoran s righteousness did not disappear.

I m busy with business, I ll talk about it tomorrow.Same as previous answer.Busy business, talk tomorrow.However, Xu Qingxiao walked directly into the room and told Zhou Nan s story, just like a genius.But this cbd gummies for alcoholism time the other party did not get angry, but said lightly.This matter is not under the jurisdiction of this official.Xu Qingxiao was sent away in one sentence.I m disturbing your lord.Xu Qingxiao left the room with no expression, and came to the door of the third member.This time, the sound was a bit louder than before.In the case library, Best Thc Gummies For Pain many people came benefits of cbd gummies for pain out to watch the excitement, and many people from the Ministry of Justice also heard the news.The case library head library even sneered.You re really an idiot, he s still a genius, and he obviously doesn t want to pay attention to him.

Definitely not comparable.At least for the suppression of demons, two first rank warriors are no better than one first rank monk, two monks are no better than one Buddhist practitioner, and two Buddhist practitioners are no better than one Confucianism and Taoism.impossible things.But repression is still possible.As long as everyone works together.Especially the complete sativa cbd gummies scriptures of the great sage of Tiandi Wen Palace, this thing is very important, it can effectively contain the crisis in the sea of demons.As Daoist Wuchen issued an order, several rays of light disappeared in an instant, and they rushed to Dawei and Xizhou to get some corresponding things.Almost less than a quarter of an hour.Yipin came to Dawei and went straight to the Heaven and Earth Palace.For the overseas of the Demon Realm, everything in the world was peaceful, and no one noticed anything unusual.

2.hemp bombs CBD gummies reviews Best Thc Gummies For Pain

This involves national luck.Are you looking for death It was the voice of the Duke of Huaiping.His voice also spread throughout the Great Wei Capital.At this moment, he was completely angry.That terrifying coercion, like a mountain torrent and tsunami, crossed the kilometer and directly blessed Xu Qingxiao of the Ministry of the Ministry of Punishment.Xu Qingxiao supreme hemp gummies 5000mg was fearless, and he took a step forward.Also at shark tank CBD gummies episode Best Thc Gummies For Pain this time.An unparalleled beam of light shot up from Xu Qingxiao s body.this moment.Xu Qingxiao s eyes were hemp extract vs cbd oil extremely firm.You like to be oppressed, don t you Like targeting isn t it Since Best Thc Gummies For Pain you like to be suppressed so much, then today the Ministry of Justice will not dare to say anything arrogant.Xu Qingxiao couldn t bear it anymore.So no need to endure Dawei scholar Chapter 97 Xu Qingxiao, an official under the Ministry of Punishment, invites the Minister of Punishment, Shilang, Li Shilangzhong, eagle hemp CBD full spectrum gummies Best Thc Gummies For Pain and Yuanwailang to abdicate Dawei Jingdu.

And Xu Qingxiao s voice resounded throughout cbd gummies detroit the world at this moment.I am Xu Qingxiao, the reincarnation of the teacher of the great sage.The forty eight great wishes have been established.May the heaven and earth recognize me and help me to prove the first rank of Dao, and the Dragon Cauldron in the palm of my hand.This terrifying voice sounded.In the Palace of Heaven and Earth, an incomparably majestic figure appeared.It is the figure of the great saint.And people were totally in an uproar.Because Xu Qingxiao just said that he is the teacher of the cbd oil or gummies great sage.This is too exaggerated.Presumptuous.Xu Qingxiao, you are slandering my grandfather.You have my grandfather s inheritance, but hemp gummies vs CBD Best Thc Gummies For Pain you don t admit it, and now you are even more shameless, saying that you are the teacher of the great sage. CBD gummies help with anxiety Best Thc Gummies For Pain

Wang Xinzhi opened his mouth and said so.Well, let them know that if the transaction is confirmed, let them Best Thc Gummies For Pain send a rank 1 warrior to avoid any trouble in the middle.Also, on the list, this king clearly wrote a list of materials, land and the like can be conceded, but some The treaty is absolutely irreversible, and gold, these treaties are better than the ten counties.Xu Qingxiao reminded emphatically.Most of this list is some land mines, as well as various gold materials.But these are blind tricks, and they are definitely not willing to let the two dynasties cede land.What is really cruel are some treaties, the import and export issues between the three dynasties, and there are green hornet cbd gummies tax claims.To put it directly, Xu Qingxiao came out with some trade and economic treaties from his previous life.These trade treaties that seem to be no big problem, once they are implemented, then the Tuxie five full spectrum cbd gummies reviews Dynasty and the Chuyuan Dynasty will have to cbd in breast milk naturally be honest and big in the next few hundred years.

There is also a great Confucian of heaven and earth, who is about to become a semi sacred existence.And there are several cbd watermelon gummies warriors, and their strength is not weaker than Emperor Wu, but Emperor Wu was the first to arrive at the second rank.So this may be cbd wegmans one of the important choices for inheriting the throne.Of these dozens of princes, half of them are in CBD naturals Best Thc Gummies For Pain other places, and three others have died.Among them, the most outstanding one, the fifth grade of Confucianism and Taoism, and the third grade of martial arts, was the most likely to become the emperor at the beginning.But it was finally taken away by Emperor Wu.And this one died of a heart attack less than two years after Emperor Wu took the cbd hemp direct discount throne.Prince Taiyuan.This is a little weird, and attracts Xu Qingxiao s target.This is clearly problematic.

But the son in law who came to the door, Xu Qingxiao quit.What s the matter What if she is the Empress of Great Wei You are still the new saint of Great Wei.Besides, you are still my Wu Ming s disciple.As a teacher, I will ask you one question.Do you think Ji Ling s doll is beautiful Wu Ming Very domineering.It must be a lie to say that she is not beautiful, but Wu Ming are cbd gummies weed continued before Xu Qingxiao finished speaking.Okay, then the teacher asks you, if the empress is willing to sugar free cbd gummies can cbd gummies help with diabetes marry you, would you like it Don t lie to the teacher, and answer truthfully.Wu Ming interrupted Xu Qingxiao s words directly, and asked Xu Qingxiao not to lie to him.After saying this, Xu Qingxiao could only helplessly say.Master, Your Majesty is Guo Se Tianxiang, if you really want to marry me, I definitely want it, but it s something like love, Wu Ming disappeared before Xu Qingxiao finished speaking.

Best Thc Gummies For Pain eagle hemp CBD gummies Best Thc Gummies For Pain It s like a duck to water.Do you dare to speak out for a group of people you don t know In the restaurant, a scholar who was attending the banquet asked, pointing to the crowd.The people Best Thc Gummies For Pain and literati who were already full of drinkers looked at each other, they pondered, but in the end they remained silent because they couldn t do it.Yes, you can t do it, best thc gummies for pain but Xu Qingxiao, Xu Wangu, Xu Shouren, and Xu Da have done it.What is a scholar What is a gentleman This is a scholar, this is a gentleman, this is the role model I wait for, and the example I wait for scholars Everyone, now Xu Qingxiao is in prison, and I can only stand by and watch, am I still a gentleman At this moment, everyone felt ashamed, and many scholars only felt ashamed.This great talent, I ask you, what should we do Your remarks made my blood boil.

The most troublesome enemy is solved.Who would give up such a sun state hemp cbd gummies 750mg good thing So asking for this price is not outrageous, just whether it is acceptable or not.General, I naturally understand, but suddenly cbd gummies and wellbutrin the need for so many Tianlei cannons is not because the early Yuan Dynasty is unwilling to give them, but because of the material.Otherwise, if the barbarian country can provide the corresponding materials, I can go there.Let s which cbd strain is best for inflammation talk.He said.But as soon as he finished speaking, General Tulu shook his head and said.This can 2022 Best Thc Gummies For Pain t be done.Right cbd gummies joyce meyers now the war is imminent.We also need to build weapons, Best Thc Gummies For Pain Pure Kana CBD Gummies and the materials cannot be provided.And Best Thc Gummies For Pain we all natural CBD Best Thc Gummies For Pain also need the full support of cbd gummies for period cramps the two great dynasties.This is the list written by this general.By the way, you can give Chuyuan Emperor and Tuxie Emperor, Let them take a look, and if there is no problem, they will how do you make cbd gummies be sent to cbd gummy s near me the barbarian country within this month.

Pushing horizontally all the way, destroy the sudden evil within half a day.Xu Aiqing, Zhen, I really can t believe it.At this moment, Ji Ling couldn t help but speak, she knew what the Shenwu Cannon needed to refine.The best spirit gold.Where can Xu Qingxiao find so many materials Are there so many immortal treasures in Zhongzhou Can you refine 500 Shenwu cannons When Xu Qingxiao came back this time, she believed it if she had brought five cannons of Shenwu.Hearing the five hundred doors, the whole person still couldn t believe it.But Xu Qingxiao didn t say much, but waved his hand to 9000mg hemp gummies Best Thc Gummies For Pain condense the Dragon Cauldron of Central Continent.The next moment, a cannon appeared, and the golden Shenwu cannon looked extremely bright even if it was not in the sunlight.The entire hall is not small in size.

He said, making Xu Qingxiao excited too.Who is it Xu Qingxiao asked impatiently.The great hero of the human race.The latter said excitedly.Big hero Xu Qingxiao was a little curious.What you said yesterday, I thought about it for a long time, and suddenly I had a cbd gummies for quitting smoking shark tank flash of inspiration and remembered some of the things that happened in the past.Seal this great demon, but the memory is too broken, I don t know the details.But from what I said yesterday, hemp bombs CBD gummies Best Thc Gummies For Pain I can probably guess that I should perish with the demon, but someone put my soul in Wen Palace., waiting for recovery.The handsome man connected his broken memories and told Xu Qingxiao.It s just that this information doesn t help.Dare to ask senior, do you know your name Xu Qingxiao asked.If the other party knows his name, he can also look for relevant information, otherwise with this description, he will not find any information at all.

Marquis Xinwu only took one day to come to Fan Kingdom and attack the city gate at night.Two At the time, twenty thousand people died, and the monarch of the Fan Kingdom was still dreaming about the Spring and Autumn Period, thinking that he would sagely naturals cbd be fine.Who will make up for the lives of twenty thousand soldiers Who will make up for Wei s injury If the Great Wei surrenders, the old man asks, does it mean that no matter how many people die in the future, as long as they are willing to surrender, we can only accept it Even if all the nations have surrendered and the turmoil is settled, the old man asks, is it They won t continue to trouble me, Dawei next time For this group of jackals, we can only fight And live well cbd gummies shark tank it s a deadly fight., how can I show my great Wei Guowei Everyone Since the Northern Expedition of Great Wei, the real big changes have come, and Lord Xu has written it clearly in the newspaper.

In fact, this heating is not for the emperor, but for these eunuchs and maids.Some maids and eunuchs did not practice martial arts and could not keep out the cold.Inside the Hall of Mental Cultivation.The Empress quietly looked at the memorial in her simply cbd gummy bears hand.This is an expedited memorial.From twelve alien nations.Chief among them is the Silong cbd gummy for kids family.The meaning of the twelve memorials is very simple.To impeach Xu Qingxiao, the reason has also been found.First, Xu Qingxiao killed the fan merchants indiscriminately.Although these fan merchants were indeed at fault, even if they raided their homes, Xu Qingxiao directly beheaded well being cbd gummies people.They couldn t bear it.Second, for the Empress birthday, Best Thc Gummies For Pain they prepared all kinds of precious gifts, but what they never thought was that Xu Qingxiao would instruct the Ministry of Rites to return some things they didn t need at all, and they looked ugly.

Even the powerhouses of Immortal Sect couldn t stand it.Clang.Elder Jian Yuan pulled out his long sword to block the leakage of Gang Qi, and the other four elders of Xianmen also cbd gummies for menstrual cramps shot together, not wanting to cause harm to innocent people.What s your intention Daoist Wuchen waved his hand, and the sky appeared, protecting Dawei Jingdu, and his eyes were full of coldness.What do you mean Best Thc Gummies For Pain This sage cbd hemp oil for sale is slaying demons, and you will cultivate immortals and become demons.You dare to disrespect the great sage.As a first rank immortal, you are the head teacher of the Supreme Immortal Sect.Dare to take the lead in using the power of first rank, that book The sage will punish you today.Wang Chaoyang had no fear, and at the same time he ariel gummies didn t think he had done anything wrong, but instead blamed Daoist Wuchen.

Except for women under cbd gummies make me itch the age of does purekana cbd gummies work twenty five, behead natures boost CBD gummies Best Thc Gummies For Pain all Marquis Xinwu gave an order.In an instant, one head fell to the ground.All kinds of screams and shouts were mixed together, some women of different races fainted with fright on the spot, and some cowardly men, even excrement and urine.Unfortunately, the sword fell again.Each time, hundreds of heads fell.Women under the age of 25 have escaped death but not life, and their future destiny is to be sent to a place like Jiaosifang to be sold into slaves and become prostitutes from generation to generation.If you are lucky, after three generations, you may illuminati hemp delta 8 gummies review be forgiven for a big happy event, but don t think about it in the past three generations.Nothing is fair or unfair.Because if today, it is Da Wei who has been broken into the country, I am afraid that the end will be worse than this.

Now my son s death can be regarded as the power of people and people, but the time and place have not yet appeared.Prince Huaining refused directly, no Let the startup plan.My lord, how long do we have to wait for this time and place And what is this time and Best Thc Gummies For Pain place asked a slightly young voice.The so called time of day is keoni CBD gummies reviews Best Thc Gummies For Pain the battle for the Northern Expedition.Even if the Empress wants to delay, she must make a decision within three years, otherwise the military officers in the court will not be able cbd hemp oil vape pen to wait.Huaiping made a big fuss in the Punishment Department.I said to stop it.I didn t want him to offend the people of the Punishment Department.In the future, the Punishment Department will do things for us.Over the years, this king has let Huaiping have a cbd gummy side effects reddit good relationship with the six departments, and even honors Zhu Sheng as the number one saint in the world.

This sage is different.The great sage s scripture is more effective than a saint.If a disaster really breaks out, this saint will sacrifice the saint s scripture to quell all the turmoil.When the time comes, the people of the world will recognize me completely.Wang Chaoyang expressed his thoughts.Ji Yuan frowned slightly, he knew Wang Chaoyang s plan, but he was still full of doubts and curiosity.Although the idea is good, it is still dangerous in the end.Taking it out now is not bad.There is no need to take such a risk, right Ji Yuan said, and he was still a little worried.He thought that Wang Chaoyang took some CBD gummies hemp bombs Best Thc Gummies For Pain risks in order to gain public opinion.No.I know, the Crown Prince is worried, just to gain public opinion, he is taking some radical risks.But do you know why you and I can t suppress this Xu Qingxiao Wang Chaoyang asked back.

And seven times is 63 million taels of silver, and 40 tax is 25,200,000 taels.How much is a year Thirty thousand how much cbd gummies cost taels of silver hiss Gu Yan swallowed his saliva, he was completely stupid.Seeing Gu Yan froze in place, Xu Qingxiao chuckled softly, and then said slowly.Master Gu, don t think too beautiful yet.According to this ledger, Dawei Jingjing Fanshang alone can provide 30,000,000 taels of silver a year, but this is only an ideal.It will double up and down, but this must be If it s less, it s six jello cbd gummies times as much.However, Mr.Xu, do price of botanical farms cbd gummies you know why these 700 odd merchants earn so much silver taels in just ten days Draw a pie natures aid cbd eye serum with Gu Yan s idea.But this is not necessary.After all, Gu Yan is shocked to see the ledger now.When he looks back and makes a careful calculation, many problems gummy cbd recipe will arise.

At this moment.In the hall, a very fierce quarrel has already started.Now that the Dragon Cauldron of Central Continent has been revealed, the Tuxie Dynasty moved out the so called prince just because he didn t want to see is cbd and hemp oil the same thing my great Wei flourishing, so he deliberately brought a fake prince here to disgust my great Wei.The minister suggested that there is no need at all.Just ignore it and keep it out of the country.This was Chen Zhengru s voice, he didn t care about the prince.The idea is very simple, just shut the country out of the country, regardless of whether he is the real prince or not.As soon as this remark was said, it immediately aroused some voices of opposition.No.This is not in line with etiquette, and if the Tuxie Dynasty escorted him over and refused to go out, wouldn t it be a matter of sitting down and waiting for my guilty conscience When it spreads out, Your Majesty cbd gummies for teenage anxiety is guilty, what should I do Please forgive me, Your Majesty, Minister, it is not because of any other thoughts, but according to the report of the spies, this matter has been circulated a lot in Central CBD gummies joy Best Thc Gummies For Pain Continent, and there have been some rumors in Great Wei recently.

Xu Qingxiao responded politely, Wang Ru is not bad, but he is in a hurry right now, so he doesn t want to delay anything.After receiving Xu Qingxiao s response, Wang Ru became excited.Brother Qingxiao, you really have a noble character, admiration, admiration.Wang Ru followed behind and said excitedly.Soon, the two returned to the inn.Xu Qingxiao was in a hurry, said a simple sentence to Wang Ru, and then went upstairs.Wang Ru understood that there was no complaint, and even went to Xiao Er to ask Xiao Er to pay attention.If someone is making a lot of noise, they should stop it in time, so as not to make the noise to Xu Qingxiao.After Xu Qingxiao went upstairs, within a moment, Chen Xinghe s figure suddenly appeared.Why is Brother Wang Ru still here Are you waiting for me Chen Xinghe was a little surprised.

Li County magistrate said with a smile.These days, there is no shortage of martial artists.There are few scholars, especially local scholars.Of course, this type of scholars Best Thc Gummies For Pain refers to people who are famous, and it is definitely useless to read books casually.Li County magistrate naturally doesn t think Xu Qingxiao can take the test in the government, but is polite.Of course, as long as Xu Qingxiao insists now, maybe he can take off one day.Master Cheng, since there is nothing to do, can I leave now Xu Qingxiao looked at Cheng Lidong and said calmly.He didn t want to stay here, it would doggie cbd gummies be uncomfortable to stay for one more second.En.Cheng Lidong hummed lightly, with a warm smile still on his face, if it weren t for his pale face, he would have looked quite gentle.Saying goodbye to everyone, Xu Qingxiao and Chen Xinghe retire.

noon.Lieyang headed.Li Jianquan walked back and forth at home, his brows furrowed, as if he was waiting for something.At this moment, several figures appeared.After these figures appeared, Li Jianquan immediately breathed a sigh of relief.I ve seen Brother Zhang, Brother Chen, Brother Li, Brother Best Thc Gummies For Pain Zhou.Li Jianquan smiled Best Thc Gummies For Pain and bowed to the four of them.Brother Li, you re welcome.The four also returned a salute, and in an instant Xu Qingxiao knew who the four were.Zhang Wang, Chen Kang, Li Jun, and Zhou Bo.Xu Qingxiao did not expect that the four of them boulder highlands CBD gummies scam Best Thc Gummies For Pain would meet.Obviously, in the current timeline, all four of them should have been threatened, so they gathered to discuss some things.At this moment, Xu Qingxiao was extremely serious, he turned into a swallow and looked at them quietly.Say it inside.

After the scene cooled down, Miss Yu er remembered the business and led the four of them forward.However, along the way, his eyes looked at Xu Qingxiao from time to time, explaining various things about Wenxuan Building for Xu Qingxiao.The explanation is false, and it is true that he wants to chat with Xu Qingxiao for a while.It can be seen that the fish girl is very excited.After all, the smile in the beautiful eyes cannot be hidden.As for the three of Li Xin, they didn t have any other emotions can you send cbd gummies through the mail except sour.Just like that, Best Thc Gummies For Pain the four came to Chunfenglou.At this time, a familiar voice also entered his ears.It s not that I, Wang Ru, brag about Brother Xu.Brother Xu, he is a real scholar.I hemp o gummies pulled him to Wenxuan Tower in every possible way, but he won t come, what is this called This is called a gentleman.

The second question is logic.At this moment, Xu Qingxiao s voice sounded again.The body is shaped like a crane, and the two scriptures under the strain of Panasonic.I 3000 mg cbd gummies came to ask Wuyu and said that the cloud is in the blue sky and the water is in the bottle.Xu Qingxiao s voice sounded, accompanied by the influx of cbd gummies san angelo tx terrifying text.boom The culture is vast, like a river.The previous culture has not been digested, so there is so much culture The purple aura condensed together Best Thc Gummies For Pain Pure Kana CBD Gummies and drowned this place.It was bright again in Kyoto, and the people really didn t dare to continue to look at it, for fear of being blinded.And Liyang Palace was also a little shaken.After all, talent is terrible.A famous poem through the ages can condense a lot of talent.Not to mention three songs in one go silence silence silence The hall was crumbling, and everyone froze in place.

Sir Chen, this subordinate still has important matters to deal with, and he is involved in official business.I hope you will understand.Sir, tell me directly, what is the topic for today Xu Qingxiao spoke square cbd gummies very fast and seemed a little anxious.And this tone and bluebird botanicals hemp cbd oil behavior suddenly made CBD gummies for smoking shark tank Best Thc Gummies For Pain everyone present a little dazed.Everyone feels that Xu Qingxiao seems to have come over to perfunctory, this is the Taiping Poetry Society, why does Xu Qingxiao have such a gesture It felt like, a little reluctantly.Brother, you are here to write poetry.Also, there is a Zhenguo poem in front of you.Why are you putting on a perfunctory attitude Why It s not just the people who are surprised, the ten country genius has a feeling of being insulted.Not to mention that you must be serious, but at least you don t have such an attitude, it s like who owes you You don t really think you can write famous poems through the ages, do you Banquet Without any hesitation, Chen Zhengru said the topic directly.

It was nothing more than Mu Nanping touting Xu Qingxiao, thinking that Xu Qingxiao s words were a bit shocking, and Xu Qingxiao just said a few words of modesty.In the end, Mu Nanping mentioned one more thing.Brother Xu, are you in the habit of being in the Punishment Department he asked.It s okay, it s very easy, best cbd gummy for sleep don t worry about anything by yourself, and you can get the money when the time comes.It s not bad.Xu Qingxiao replied.Hey, I don t know what s going on.Brother Xu clearly has the talent of the ages, but he didn t expect to offend so many people in one breath.The good thing is that Brother Xu has military officers and them to protect them, which can be regarded as some backing, okay , it s getting late.Brother Xu, Brother Yu will retire first.If there is anything, just come to Yongping Palace to find me.

Best Thc Gummies For Pain can i bring CBD gummies on a flight, [do CBD gummies really work] Best Thc Gummies For Pain best CBD for pain 2022 Best Thc Gummies For Pain.

Your Excellency is a little weird, right Blood doesn t matter, how many drops of blood does this mother have Again Xu Qingxiao is really going to have an accident again.This is a new saint in the future, and there is no room Best Thc Gummies For Pain Pure Kana CBD Gummies for mistakes.Senior brother, it s okay, it s just a little blood, brother Lu, come on.Xu Qingxiao didn t care about the blood, he could make blood on his own, and he was also curious about what was going on, how the magic talisman kept self destructing.Okay.Please don t worry, Lu Mou has no other intentions.Lu Ziying nodded and told Chen Xinghe that she had no wrong thoughts.Then came a new round of testing.A quarter of an hour later.All Lu Ziying s talismans were gone, and all one hundred talismans were used up.In the room, the three of them stood silently in their place, really not knowing what to say.

Best Thc Gummies For Pain just cbd clear bear gummies As for the people outside, they were all excited.I ve seen Lord Xu.More than 400 people stood up and bowed towards best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Best Thc Gummies For Pain Xu Qingxiao.Sit down.Xu Qingxiao was what are hemp oil gummies very direct, with a cold face, and asked everyone to sit down.At the moment, the four what is the difference between CBD and hemp Best Thc Gummies For Pain hundred people sat back royal blend CBD gummies reviews Best Thc Gummies For Pain to their original positions.There are some words, I won t be verbose, let bad reaction to cbd gummies s be direct.First, this can you buy cbd gummies online legally time participating in the impeachment of the foreign country of this official, within five days, the monarch issued an edict, went to the Great Wei, and bowed to the empress three times and nine times, all right.If you are guilty of begging with great gifts, you will abdicate at the same time, and the officials will send someone to examine the prince of your country as the new king.Second, when participating in the war in a foreign country, all the monarchs will apologize by themselves, and the civil and military officials will abdicate their crimes.