Seeing that he ignored him, Li Chen moved in his heart.In the Jieyu mirror, the sloppy face of the Zen monk is reflected.This hand is flying, surrounded Wei and rescued Zhao, it is really beautiful. Li Chen is happy in his heart.Walking behind Zen Master Jingding, he glanced at the scriptures.Deliberately said loudly This big fly hanging angle is really a shark tank eagle hemp gummies fantastic idea.It not only solves the urgent need, but also turns the gun head to directly attack the weakness of Heizi.Zen Master Ji Ding was stunned.Involuntarily turned around and glanced at Li Chen behind him.I thought to myself This kid, he is a bit skilled He can actually see such a clever trick.second only to me.However, Zen Master cbd gummies on shark tank for tinnitus Jing Ding resisted the urge to respond.Turned a page secretly.Then deliberately lean back.Give up most of the chess content.

hemp cbd oil uk Chapter 80 The Blood Pond in the Forbidden Land Killing Temple, Sending Zen Palace.This is The obscure Zen master looked at the gourd lying in Lichen s hands in disbelief.This gourd is only the size of a palm, and its entire body is red.The surface seems to be born with a layer of lotus veins.Red Lotus Gourd Indifferent like an obscure Zen master, he couldn t help but be excited at this moment.This pattern, this texture, is exactly the same as what Young Master Void said.Lichen folded his hands together Amitabha, it s not a disgrace to the mission.The obscure Zen master stood up tremblingly Bless the Buddha, bless the Buddha.The red lotus weeps, CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews kills and drinks the sky.The criticism left by the killing temple.When the red lotus blooms, it is the period when the killing temple conforms to God s will.

Sure enough, they have some ability.They have four ghost assassins, assassinated many heroes, but I have never encountered a situation like today.The other party seems to be able cbd and hemp oil to see through their own weaknesses.The landing are royal blend cbd gummies legit point of each palm is the turning point of their own movements.They are good at assassination, and have an intuition in their hearts.No matter how fierce the four of them are, they are not the opponent s opponent.Killers know the most precious thing about lions fighting rabbits and spare no effort So immediately made a very tacit move.Ding Ding Ding.Dang Dang , four ghosts connected with each other.Surrounded by cloudy winds, the situation changed.Suddenly a cloud of yin appeared in the air.The yin became more and more solid, as if there were The chains were entwined.

2.dr. gupta CBD gummies CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews

Boom Even under water, this palm has been weakened by several layers, but its power has hemp bombs cbd gummies melatonin review not diminished in the slightest.Clang Thunder light flickered on its body, and the shadow body was obviously shocked.Taking advantage of this effort, it was clear that the opposite was actually a giant whale.Just now, Lishou was feeding the bow of the boat, and unknowingly it attracted such a behemoth.He leaned out halfway without noticing it, and was slapped by the giant whale with a wave and rolled into his belly. O The giant whale turned around, and the whale s tail was raised high again, and a huge wave was thrown into the sky.As soon as Lichen appeared, he was photographed.Immediately in his heart, he was furious, and under his anger, he used the Hundred and Eight Worry Prayers to be even more powerful.

kenai farms cbd gummies good guy.Li Sao s left cheek was swollen high.At first glance it looks like a walnut in its mouth.He also limped on his legs.Obviously not badly injured.He had taken medicinal pills before, and the injury on his body should have healed.Li Chen thought about it, and unknowingly has followed Li Sao to the beginning and end.The starting and ending point is the toilet.It is the dirtiest and most tiring class in the Seshen Temple, no one.Responsible for collecting night fragrance every morning.Clean toilets during the day.Distributed again in the evening.Only disciples with extremely poor aptitude treetop hemp co delta 8 gummies and not being favored will be assigned to such a Hemp Fusion CBD Gummies CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews (Part2) | ghost place.Lisao is an exception.He was just being impolite.Far away, Lichen smells a sour smell.At this time, Li Sao hesitated for a while at the small door at the beginning and end, and then went in with a lame leg.

3.are CBD gummies addictive CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews

The world of the sea of blood was created by the ancestor of Ming He.For some unknown reason, the rules of the small world have gradually weakened for hundreds of millions of years.If another thousand years pass, maybe this world will really shatter itself.The Blood Dragon King let out a long sigh and said in a sad tone Since the blood ancestor the ancestor of Minghe opened up, the sea of blood has also experienced thousands of years of vicissitudes.One day, two dragons, three Yaksa, four Kandarvas, five Asuras, six Garudas, seven Kinnaras, and eight Mahoragas.The eight groups are all Dharma protectors for my Buddha, Zen Buddhism.The continuation is indispensable.Until the Buddha passed away, he also gave eight treasures to the gods, dragons and eight tribes to strengthen the foundation of all ethnic groups.

Move footwork.Lichen usually relies on the body method of seeking Buddhahood in the Hundred and Eight Annoyances to fight against the enemy.However, how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety once encountering an attack with a large range that cannot be easily dodged, it can only be resolved by Cause and Effect , which is really passive.Especially when competing with Li in martial arts, I was pressed and beaten by Invitation to the Moon and Sky Shadow , but I couldn t keep up with the CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews opponent s attack, so I felt very uncomfortable.It can be said that if Li Shen did not have this method of moving, he would not be able to do a hundred moves under Li Chen s hands.Thinking of this, I looked at this book Invitation to the Moon and Sky Shadow with some expectation in my heart.In Buddhism, the shadow is the appearance of all beings who follow the Tao, and is recruited by karma.

The passage through which luck descended was completely stabilized.As long as these three stars are still hanging in the sky in the future, the Killing Temple will have a steady stream of stars and CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews how many mg of cbd gummies should i eat reddit luck.The passage is stable Haha, now you can feel at ease Chirp After the establishment of the star luck channel, the Suzaku bird fluttered its wings and disappeared in a blink of an eye.Just when everyone thought it was over.Above the nebula banner, a green worm phantom suddenly appeared.The green worm climbed onto the nebula banner and spit out a cloud of green luck.Then it was also far away, CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews and disappeared in a flash.The nebula flag catches the starlight, attracting the attention of the constellation organic full spectrum hemp extract gummies lord Zhen Shui Wo.The excellent performance of Nebula Fan was rewarded by Zhen Shui Worm. The water and air luck of the Killing Temple CBD gummies effect on liver CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews has been increased.

It Sale CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews may have the power to confuse, but it is hard to hide the eyes and ears.As far as the method of blocking is concerned, it is the simplest of the three qi, but it is the easiest to overlook.It seems to be predestined.There are two CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews Buddhist treasures on Lichen s body misty smoke and covering the sky.Covering the sky, it can cover up the sky spirit in the heavenly secret.It makes all the methods of divination and can five cbd gummies get you high inquiring impossible to see.Misty smoke can emit mist and cover up the human spirit in the heavenly secret.Together with the fog, the five senses are cut off.This is also the origin of the colorless mountain of the previous killing temple.Once you are in the misty fog, the law of the eyes and ears cannot be perceived.PS Ask for recommendation tickets, monthly tickets, and rewards.Chapter 10 Killing Buddha s Sons The eight treasures are all transformed by the mind of the Buddha.

Good guy, isn t it enough that you got my saucy junior brother PS I wish all readers and friends, the Year of the Tiger is auspicious, and the tiger is prosperous Gong Xi Fa Cai PS Please collect, recommend tickets, and invest Thank you all the officials.Chapter 53 The Second Pearl Spirit The blood winged black mosquito is an ancient alien species that can devour the essence of flesh and blood, and can also lay eggs in the body of living beings.What a pure blood smell Give me a baby Li Chen shuddered, it was so disgusting.He can i take 2 cbd gummies couldn t help but think of the Centurion of Asura, who once said that if he was caught without his hands, he would let the other disciples on montana valley cbd gummies cost the Blood Shadow Ship go.I think they have the ability to perceive a person s physique.Lichen is the body of Su Tuohan, the four elements are all empty, and the body has long been unstained by the mundane.

Chen, with a blood colored infuriating force, the blood mist on his body couldn t stand it immediately, and soon there were signs of breaking.At this time, the blood winged black mosquito couldn t hold back, after all, Li Sao still had its flesh and blood, and flew towards Li Sao.How could Lichen make him wish, two greedy rosary beads flew out, just blocking its way, best cbd gummy for joint pain the greedy toad eaglehemp cbd gummies rosary has a natural fit with Hundred and Eight Worries.With one punch, two rosary beads will meet you.The blood winged black mosquito best CBD gummies for tinnitus CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews do thc gummies have cbd was blocked, but he refused to give up.Suddenly, his six wings were spread out, and his body flashed.Unexpectedly, when passing a rosary, a blue flame suddenly lit up on the rosary.The flames are sultry, directly contaminating the body.Wow A blue flame danced will cbd gummies show on drug test in the cave.Squeak a sharp sound.

Worrying in my heart Is such a genius going to die here Just as he was considering whether to help him or not, a wild wave protruded from behind him, rose into the air, fell from the sky, and rushed straight towards He Cangwu s ghost king Ninggang.This mad wave is congealed, and it is very domineering.He Cangwu dares to hesitate when he sees it.When he regained his footing, his eyes showed vigilance to the seven Canglang sons who were coming out of cbd gummy bears 500mg the crowd.Youwhat do you mean What does cbd gummies affect birth control s the point of hitting you.I hate seeing you guys crying and howling.It s so dark, I ll wash you The seven sons of Canglang cursed for a while.Only Ding Yong said angrily from behind Didn t you say that people are not uniform, so you don t make CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews a move Fuck, the old eight is almost gone, so I still don t make a move.

In the end, it condensed into the shape of a stone mill.Pure Yin ghost mill The little devil is grinding the mill, no one can hide Yin and Yang are judged under the smashing of ghosts.When balance cbd gummies I meet the King of Hell, I ask who is it how to make your own CBD gummies CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews This trick is really extraordinary.As soon as it was used, someone exclaimed in surprise.This ghost roller was formed by the condensed creation of heaven and earth.Only because the four people were born at the time of the dead, they could be condensed with secret techniques.The four people rotated In a circle, the pure yin ghost in the middle will also rotate for a week.Anyone who is run over by a ghost will strip away a layer of yang energy CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews from the body.Ordinary monks, best thc free cbd gummies if they are run over once, the yang energy will disappear.The death is also inexplicable., I don t know if I m dead, so I have to ask who the other party is when I meet the King of Hell At the same time, the ghosts swarm towards Shi CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take Nian, the four ghosts turn, and they are getting closer and closer to Lichen.

In the past few days, the monkey wine in the camp has been inexplicably decreasing, and it is burning.Da Dian was full of anticipation, and opened the curtain with both hands, only to see the human woman lowered her head and couldn t see her face clearly.It frowned, seeing that it didn CBD gummies with thc CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews t look like the type it liked.However, seeing her bowing her head, she felt a little itchy in her heart, and she reached out to hold the woman sour gummy bears cbd s chin.But who knows, the hand is only halfway stretched, and it is climbed by the woman s hand.To be so active Da Dian s face was suddenly filled with peach blossoms.But the color changed in the next second, and his arm seemed to be bound by iron clamps, and the pain was severe.Hee Li Sao suddenly raised his head and smiled at it.Squeak Da Dian was taken aback.Damn, he s even uglier than me Its body wants to cbd gummies expire retreat, but how could Li Sao let it go He stretched out his hand suddenly and pulled it Squeak Li Sao s aptitude is extraordinary, and he has practiced The Classic of Blood Clothes , and his strength has long exceeded the same level.

Next is a map.It turns out that this vine grows in the middle of the island.Half of it is under the jurisdiction of the ancestor of Ming He, and the other half is the territory of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.But the secret realm of the sea of blood has been established since the beginning of the world.This map is probably useless.At this moment, Li Sao finally realized Blood Shape Thousand Hands , and the text on the second wall disappeared completely.Senior brother Great opportunity Hey hey hey.Seeing him dancing, Lichen couldn t help worrying secretly don t move the fetal gas PS Thanks to book friends 160203214418460, Xingyu Aoqiong, Yuya Zhisheng, everyone A big reward PS I wish all readers and friends, the CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews Year of the Tiger is auspicious, and the tiger is prosperous Gong Xi Fa Cai PS Please five cbd gummies collect, recommend tickets, monthly tickets, and invest Thank you all the officials.

It s like an eminent monk who is enlightening him.Lichen only felt chaos in his mind.Many Buddhist essences were suddenly imprinted in his mind.The reason that I couldn t figure out before was suddenly opened at this moment He must be dead.The layers of ghosts are still intertwined, and there is no meaning to dissipate.It eagle hemp CBD gummies review CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews s over, this little monk should be dead.Being surrounded by so many ghosts, even the interior cultivator can t hold it.Alas, the ghost crow messenger, after all, is the arrogance on the CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews golden scale list.In the ghost religion.He can be regarded as a leader among the new generation.After all, this little monk s cultivation is a lot worse Everyone sighed with emotion, but Lichen was already dead at this time.quack quack The ghost crow hovering the georgia hemp company cbd on the head is extraordinarily noisy.

He also left a verse Eight to eternity.After that, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva was instructed by the Buddha., benefits of hemp oil gummies before the death of Sakyamuni and the birth of Maitreya, all the people will be saved.There have been many reincarnations and vicissitudes in the middle, and I don t know how many years have cbd oil sleep gummies passed.The blood ancestor, the Buddha, and the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva are gone, and I am left alone.The next hundred million species are weak, and they are on the verge of collapse.The blood dragon king s tone was low and his expression was sad, showing a bit of heroic twilight.Lichen proclaimed the Buddha s name, and although he understood the loneliness, he couldn t taste it.The fall of this world has something to do with the opening of the secret realm once every hundred years The Dragon King frowned, showing a bit of gummys CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews a king s demeanor, he stretched out his hand and gestured to Lichen to sit down.

In the secret realm of the sea of blood, because of the infiltration of blood evil energy, the astral energy is mixed.Lichen can easily break through their qi with the red lotus karmic fire.But now these cbd gummies for anxiety and pain days, hemp CBD gummies CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews everyone has their own strengths, and it is not easy to deal with.The so called ordinary people are innocent and guilty, and if the sprouts on Lichen s body cbd gummies for alcoholism shark tank are discovered, they may bring disaster.The most important thing now is to go to the daughter s village quickly.According to the regulations of the Bamboo Shooting Conference, Ling Bamboo is equivalent to a betrothal gift.As long as it reaches the daughter s village, it will be named as a guest of honor.At that time, it will naturally be protected by the daughter village.And according to the map in hand, the entrance of Nv Zhai is at Fengbai Mountain opposite Wangxia.

cbd gummy bears near me Cause and Effect Transformation Judgment answers Serve hundreds of billions of Buddhas, and make great pure vows. Dragon The Elephant Prajna Sutra asks The unsullied and pure light, the sun of wisdom breaks through all darkness. Cause and Effect Answers It can suppress disasters, wind and fire, and illuminate the world. Dragon Elephant Prajna Sutra Question There is no security in the three realms, just like a house on fire.Answer from Cause and Effect Transformation Judgment All sufferings wyld cbd pear gummies are full, so terrifying.Two sutras are asked and answered one by one.Lichen, as a third party, actually has a sense of seeing the debate of eminent monks.So everything went very smoothly.Suddenly a line of writing appeared in the Jieyu mirror Dragon and Elephant Prajna Sutra and Cause and Effect are like minded, they are each other s cbd relief gummies confidants, and unlock the bond Buddha s Light.

Put down the jug, and pulled out the map instead.Southern ananda cbd gummies Xinjiang is known as the 100,000 Great Mountains, and there is still more than half of the journey to Anhou City, almost all of which are mountainous.At the current speed, it would take at least ten days to arrive.Look at the sky, the sun is about to set.So he turned his head and said, Junior brother, it s getting late, just take two steps forward, it s a small village, let s find a place to live there tonight.I can t hold it anymore.Li Chen glanced.I smell it, a young lady has urinated here. broad spectrum CBD gummies hemp bombs CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews Wait until the next village, incite him.Li Sao was so angry, he simply took it back benefits of taking cbd gummies to the beast control card and walked directly.After climbing over a mountain, I finally saw the village before it got completely dark.This village is not big, with about a hundred or ten families.

Li Chen nodded slightly, and before he could respond, suddenly a swimming fish jumped out of the wine lake and spat at him.bubbles.The bubble exploded in front of him, revealing a map.Boy, this is the hidden place of my foolish valley.You can come to me with a wine order in the future.Lichen smiled bitterly how could he not hear what Qu Huanbo meant, but he was already fettered in the killing temple, so he really couldn t CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews change his mind.Thank you cbd gummy manufacturer colorado for your kindness, Lichen will never forget it.Qu Huanbo s voice was vague Hmph, wine is like a person, boy, you are born to be a drinker, sooner or 200 mg CBD gummies reviews CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews later we will have a date.There reviews on CBD gummies CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews was a flower in front of him, and he was actually in the same place, not moving an inch.Li Sao next to him was sleeping with Huai Sheng in his arms, CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews but Qu Huanbo was no longer there.

Attack Axe, spear, bow and arrow all at once.Like raindrops, it fell on the wolf cbd gummies shark tank reviews cbd gummie for sleep s head.Roar What is shocking is that the Yin Wolf directly retracted into the cave.Venerable Ghost Candle s mouth twitched.The wind is screaming But at this time, the people of the Ghost Sect were very busy.What a big mosquito Where did so many mosquitoes come from Go go go A ghost sect disciple shook the bell in his hand, trying to scare away the mosquitoes.But who knows it s okay, a chironomid swarms.Scared the monks scatteredbecause the Feiyun Waterfall is separated.Shenxiu had no idea what was going on outside.Before, she had been waiting in Feiyun Cave for a long time.Originally it was a fawn bumping around, and then it began to worry about gains and losses, and then it was silent in the end.Seeing Lichen s delay in coming, I feel sad in my heart.

I can hit ten now Buddha, there must be Buddha s blessing.Shaking the nebula, can actually attract the four spirits of Vermillion Birds It s really outrageous.Xingyun Fan s mood perfect description disturbing Lao Tzu s bathing in starlight Eat shit tommy chongs cbd gummies After the half winged fire snake in the sky was pecked by the Suzaku.The luck was taken away by the Nebula Fan at the Temple of Death.And the CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews Winged Fire Serpent finally couldn t hold it any longer, and scattered stars in the air.eventually disappeared.Zhen Su left the Samsung Nebula CBD anxiety gummies CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews Banner and continued to attract the stars.It s shaquille cbd gummies just that there are Suzaku birds guarding them now, and no one dares to disturb them anymore.Time passed by minute by minute.Finally a dazzling light flashed.The three stars in the sky seem to be connected hemp gummy bears for pain with Hemp Fusion CBD Gummies CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews (Part2) | the three stars on the nebula banner.

At this time, the place where the Star Swallowing Array was set up for the Ghost Religion had turned into a piece of scorched earth.Cough.Venerable CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews Ghost Candle s body flashed with thunder, and he twitched on the ground.Finally, a puff of black smoke came out.Stretching his neck, he fainted.But none of the surrounding sects dared to step forward to check.Heavenly robbery, is it over My dear, there are seven heavenly tribulations in a row.Seven faced nebula banner, isn t it just seven.Venerable Ghost Candle It s too miserable.It s all scorched., can it not be miserable Huh What s going on Overnight, the aura of our Ghost Religion has weakened so total pure CBD gummies CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews much in the tomb here.A group of ghost fire turned into a human face, and looked fiercely at Venerable Ghost Candle, who had fainted.The seven faced nebula banners are not worth the lowest level three star nebula banners.

CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews copd cbd gummies, [elite power CBD gummies] CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews well being CBD gummies CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews.

The crossing gate was almost invisible, and suddenly a red light flashed above, and there were more figures in the Mahavira Hall.When the red light dissipated, the face of parting do i need a card to buy cbd gummies was revealed.Pa The wooden fish in the hands of the lonely monk shattered into scum again.But this time, he didn t put on a new one, and just kept the action just now and froze in place.For a while, the silence in the hall made people hairy.Just like the tranquility before green lobster cbd gummies cost the storm, all the heads looked at Lonely Zen Master together, not even daring to breathe.At the next moment, Chuanjie was cbd arthritis gummies in a trance, and the small flags in the four directions waved, and even the last red glow finally faded.Waiting for the fog to dissipate, I don t know when, there are more figures in the same place.Meet the elders, see the master The voice sounded, it was Lichen At the last moment, he drove the ascetic nuclear boat and rushed out of the gate.

But one steam and one brew , after the infuriating breath was introduced into the do cbd gummies really work for tinnitus dantian, the meaning has not stopped, and the Bacchus is still changing the text.The flow of true energy is still intriguing, but after summer valley cbd gummies shark tank a little intoxication, it is immediately another week.Two steamed and two brewed Lichen only feels that he is like a stove, and his true qi is like boiling water on a fire.After two times of steaming and brewing, it turns the virtual into the real, and then enters the body from the nose, and the meaning is endless.SoThree steaming three brewing Uncle Qu Huan was dumbfounded Is this really the first time he has practiced this method The Method of Brewing is the inheritance of Chiren s Valley wine way, with deep roots.There is a legend in the world that there were eight immortals who attained the Tao, and left a message in the human world If you can t be fooled, the Tao will not stand.

Om The magic weapon stabbed straight, and Lichen could only see a shadow.The black sugar free CBD gummies CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews gold thorns didn t slow down until Hemp Fusion CBD Gummies CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews (Part2) | three meters in front of him, under the repulsion force, and the passive fake of the wine was triggered, and the black gold thorns passed through.The shadow of the dust is always useless.Marshal Li snorted lightly, but the dead fish s eyes narrowed.His magic weapon is extremely fast, and he must have some ability to dodge it, but he saw the monk twist his body, put on a strange posture, and gently push his right hand out.One palm.Aw The electric light dragon roars, the sea is high in the sky, and the shadow of the palm flies straight and hits Marshal Li.First worship PS Thank you for the reward of the three book friends who are confused and drunk late at night, Shilao, what the hell is a car beads PS Please collect, invest, recommend tickets, monthly CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews tickets Thank you all the officials.

CBD naturals CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews And in the end, Li Shen muttered the word kill.Was it his resentment towards himself before he died, or what message did he want to convey Li Chen frowned and returned to the Blood Test Rock.Fortunately, the Meteoric Fire Fork was not knocked flying, and it was green health cbd gummy bears not polite to take it directly into the bag.Just as he was about to turn around and leave, Dinghaizhu s brilliance flashed again.Ok What does it mean Is there another Buddha treasure on Lishen He immediately picked up Dinghaizhu and started looking for it.Sure enough, he found the gray white canopy in the grass.At this time, Li Shen was private label CBD gummy manufacturer CBD 7 Hemp Oil Reviews dead, and the Jieyu Mirror could be seen.The sky cover, the treasure of the eight heavenly dragons.It can block the peeping of all primordial spirits, luck, etc., and can also block kushly cbd gummies review the interference of the formation.

With such a weapon close by, it should be difficult to deal with.The four of them couldn t help but wonder if the parting party might be trapped by this kind of Yaksha.Soon this speculation was successfully fulfilled.Turning over the hill in front of you, you will see a small hill facing you.There is a very simple stockade by the river.Yaksha patrols around cbd gummies georgia the stockade from time to time.Some of them were ox headed, some were horse headed, some were tall, and all of them were hideous and terrifying.There are two types of Yaksha.One is a dakini, with wings on the back and able to fly in the air.The other is the Earthwalking Yaksha, which can run fast on both water and land, often making people unable to react in time.The one they killed just now was the Dakini Yaksha.Standing on a high place, the four of them could clearly see the monks who were tied up in the open space in the center of the stockade.

Suddenly he stretched out his claws, penetrated his back, and pulled out a beating heart from his body.In the terrified eyes of the monks, the guy turned his head up and swallowed it. O Then, as if he had eaten an elixir, a faint red light appeared all over his body, and his cultivation level began to increase rapidly, visible to the naked eye.A few people were stunned when they parted, and their own people were not spared After devouring the hearts of the same kind, Asura s skills increased greatly.With a kick of his foot, he roared.Under his leadership, the surrounding Asuras regained their fighting spirit and rushed towards the killing formation.Brows wrinkled after parting, killing more than half of Sisheng Temple casualties, the enemy is outnumbered, and the head to head confrontation will not take any advantage.