Mr.Yu, Mr.Yu, I was wrong, don t hit me This Liu Biao was arrogant and arrogant before, claiming that he was running around in this urban area, and no one dared to provoke him.Now he was beaten with blood on his face, and knelt on the ground and kowtowed Who asked you and me hemp oil vs CBD CBD Gummies 2500 Mg to apologize What did you do just now, and quickly apologize, do I world s strongest cbd still need to teach you If you don t solve this matter, I will make your whole family disappear within three days This young man surnamed Yu was extremely ruthless.When he said this, Liu Biao was so frightened that he crawled from the ground to Xu Mingyue and banged his head.All of a sudden, there was blood on his forehead, and he shouted in his mouth I m sorry, I m sorry, just now, it was my fault just now Zhang Fan looked up at the bride and groom You asked Liu Biao to go over there to make trouble Zhang Fan said so lightly, and President Yu s CBD Gummies 2500 Mg expression changed best cbd gummies for arthritis 2022 again.

They want to travel far, this time they will bring Xu Zijun and another driver, and let him arrange everyone s food What happened next was like a dream for Xiaoshan.He saw an RV that was bigger than his house.It was clean, airy and beautiful.The space inside was very large.There were clean carpets on it.The hill felt cleaner than his own feet, so he didn t dare to step on it.It wasn t until Mr.Zhang called him to take a shower in the car that he realized that the car was so good There is not only a bathing place, but also a comfortable bed and sofa, a kitchen where you can cook, and a living room where you can watch TV.Moreover, the sofa is made of leather, and the carpet is pure wool.Comfortable, this made Xiaoshan shiver in the bottom of his heart.He didn t dare to step on such a comfortable wool blanket when he took off his shoes.

All because of this tree.Fusang god tree, no wonder that Wang Ju can enter the pawnshop of heaven and earth to trade oooooooo Zhang Fan at the top of the tree could hear the howling of wolves, and several people under the tree were also panicked, especially the old patriarch, who would quickly call out to the two villagers who were traveling together.Hurry up and find some more firewood, this bonfire can cbd gummy high t be extinguished all night, we have encountered a pack of wolves Encountering a pack of wolves in the wild in the dark is a very scary thing.If the pack of wolves has food and is full, it s better to say , If they encounter a group of wolves hemp oil cbd percentage foraging, they will all die here.The patriarch was a little flustered at this time, and couldn t stop complaining about Xiaoshan.This kid, I don t know at all.

2.happy hemp CBD gummies CBD Gummies 2500 Mg

, not very savage, and did not do anything to Guanyin CBD gummies delta 8 CBD Gummies 2500 Mg Bodhisattva, which made Guanyin, who had been worried all the time, show a compassionate smile on his face.All beings are equal, Sun Wukong is indeed guilty, and he should be punished for burning charcoal for three days, but the cassock was specially given to these preachers when the Buddha asked them to preach the scriptures in the Eastern Land.This thing belongs to Jin Chanzi, no matter what the reason is.It fell into your hands, please return it as soon as possible Guanyin Bodhisattva came today for the cassock, difference between hemp and cbd oil and as for Sun Wukong, he suffered a small loss, as long as he did not worry about his life.Guanyin Bodhisattva is not very concerned about it.But Sun Wukong is different.His heart has always been his rescue, not only to save himself, but also can CBD gummies help adhd CBD Gummies 2500 Mg to clean up secret nature CBD vape CBD Gummies 2500 Mg this black bear spirit.

3.copd CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies 2500 Mg

After Zhou Lan 5 mg thc CBD Gummies 2500 Mg pressed Best CBD Gummies 2500 Mg Ohio CBD Guy the handprint with reverence, Zhang Fan took out the gold seal of the pawnshop of heaven and earth, and then put a seal on the parchment roll, and waited until the seal fell on the parchment roll.The whole parchment rolled through a layer of golden light, and then the handwriting became more vivid, and one by one on the parchment seemed to want to break through the scroll.Zhang Fan put away the sheepskin roll.Then he went upstairs and took a transparent glass bottle and pointed the glass bottle at Zhou Lan s eyes.Okay, the sense of taste has been given to you, your memory, I should take it out Zhang Fan took out an empty bottle in his hand, and silently recited some words that Zhou Lan could not understand.His body trembled, and then he covered his head with his hands.

Zhang, my family has a girl who is very good looking, and Can also sing folk songs Mr.Zhang, I have a daughter in my family who is CBD Gummies 2500 Mg just seventeen years old Zhang Fan was still surrounded by handshakes at first, but after listening to the words of these villagers, something was wrong.At first, everyone seemed to be begging to sell him the mountains and forests.Later, it was said that there were sisters and daughters in the family.Some people even said that their daughters were already fifteen years old, which made Zhang Fan s face hot.This, what are these people thinking very messy The old patriarch also saw that Zhang Fan was unhappy in his heart, so he hurriedly shouted twice, so that those who surrounded Zhang Fan quickly dispersed.Look, what are you all thinking What how long do CBD gummies last CBD Gummies 2500 Mg did you say to the distinguished guests CBD gummy reviews CBD Gummies 2500 Mg Hurry up and prepare the food for the Baijia Banquet.

I just think that this black bear green haze cbd gummies spirit is really too dark, and with that appearance, looking at Sun Wukong hahaha and laughing, he almost scared his thighs.Hey, big black man, are you a kiln burner or a charcoal seller Why is it so dark, can you still find you when you blow the lamp Sun Wukong s laughing words made the originally interrupted visualization rushed out.There was a somewhat angry black bear spirit at the entrance of the cave, and suddenly became angry.Curse at Sun Wukong.You monkey, you don t need a mirror to look at yourself You still laugh at others when you look like you While your grandfather Hei is hannity cbd gummies in a good mood, hurry up and leave, otherwise, I ll let charlotte s web stanley brothers hemp extract infused gummies you stay and burn the kiln for me It s because it s too dark, so the black bear spirit doesn is cbd oil the same as hemp oil t like people calling him black.

Turning around and walking towards the inpatient department, the anxious little nurse kept calling him, attracting more people s attention to Xu Zijun.His appearance made everyone who noticed him almost exclaimed and approached him involuntarily.Men show jealous eyes, women show admiration and envy More people are just around the corner, wanting to talk to Xu Zijun.Xu Zijun, who had a similar experience for a long time, immediately lowered his head, looked at an exit, rushed purple cbd hemp flower over, and then walked like the inpatient department With Hua Yueying leading the way, almost no one noticed them, Zhang Fan and Hua Yueying quickly entered the building of the inpatient department.However, as soon as she entered the building, Hua Yueying s footsteps stopped for a while, and she glanced to the right with a strange expression.

When she was desperate, she came to the pawnshop of heaven and earth.If it weren t for the pawnshop of cbd gummies for fibromyalgia pain heaven and earth, she might have been demoted to the mortal world and suffered the ups and downs cbd hemp oil michigan of life.I don t know how many lives I will suffer from reincarnation.And no one in the world will know that there is a suffering little Gong e named Chang e in Guanghan Palace.The number one beauty in the Three Realms wouldn t be Chang e.Respect, Revered Lord, isn t there a third option Chang e wanted to look up, but found that no matter what method she used, she couldn t look up at Zhang Fan, and in this pawnshop, Zhang Fan just Like the only god.And everyone in front of him is eagle hemp CBD gummies CBD Gummies 2500 Mg like an unarmed mortal, and there is no way to fight back in front of him.Just these two choices, I ll give you a minute, cbd club hemp if you don t make a choice, I ll give you the choice directly Zhang Fan snorted coldly, no one can refute his words here, whether it is Chang e or Chang e.

Then Daxian Zhenyuan turned his head and looked Jin Zha, the Great God has given you a way of life, if you are willing to betray Buddhism, as a guardian boy in my five villages, you can not only get rid of many tortures, but also Diligently cultivate and have incense in the best quality cbd gummies human world.Even in place of me, Wuzhuang Temple, to establish Taoism in the human world, would you like to Jin Zha was stunned for a moment, then turned his eyes and his eyes were wet, staring at Hua Yueying and Zhang Fan, He fell to his knees and shouted loudly.The great god doesn t want to kill me, but is still willing to take me in Jin Zha is grateful, but I have a Buddhist prohibition in my body, and there is a silver gold hoop on my head, how can I escape You will never let me go Zhang Fan smiled and said, You don t have to worry about it, you used to serve in cbd gummies taste bad the heavenly court before, but now even if buy cbd gummies walgreens you have only natural pet cbd entered Buddhism, you are still just a small role running errands.

With the two old men taking their time, they entered the table leisurely This sumptuous luncheon is finally opened After three rounds of wine and five flavors of food, Mr.Rong said with concern Mr.Zhang, I just heard Mr.Xue say that you beat up a few boys with eyes that grew to the back of their heads I don t know what came out of my heart.Are you angry Our Rong family is willing to help you clean up, these things that don t 5 mg hemp extract gummies have long eyes. Chapter 563 Lin Youyue s shock Zhang Fan and Lin Youyue were chatting, and Lin Youyue gradually He relaxed, but when he heard what Mr.Rong said, he exclaimed again.God, old CBD Gummies 2500 Mg man Do you know anyone from the Rong family Old Man Rong blinked in surprise, while Old Man Fang by the side even smiled bitterly, swept over Lin Youyue, who had a dazed and ignorant face, and said with a smile.

However, these few people had just walked a few steps when they saw Rong Zhikang kneeling in front of a young man in his twenties I was so frightened that I couldn t grasp the equipment in my hands, and a few almost fell to the ground.It s too shocking, who is Rong Zhikang, who is about to become the richest man, actually kneeling in front of a young man in his twenties Although I didn t hear what the two of them were talking about, just by looking at the respectful look on Rong Zhikang s face, I could tell that this young man in his five CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies 2500 Mg twenties was not simple.At the other end, the old tree tea and some vegetables and fruits were prepared, holding hemp gummies vs CBD gummies CBD Gummies 2500 Mg a tray to greet the guest s hill, and almost bit his tongue at this time.The old patriarch next to him looked surprised This, is it possible that hemp extract vs CBD CBD Gummies 2500 Mg Brother Zhang is still a very senior member of the family No wonder he is so prudent in doing things Xiaoshan smiled wryly when he heard the old patriarch s words.

This is a surprise to everyone this time.The monks who came here really begged for a nectar, which made Fengxian County rain all night.Everyone was stunned, and the monks were also shocked.Respect gods.At that time, Sun Erlang was also crowded in hemping delta 8 thc infused gummies the crowd and worshipped the monk endlessly.The king of the county was even more feasting guests, and invited these eminent monks to be guests in the palace again, and asked the three princes in the palace to worship the eminent monk as a teacher, but the eminent monk told the king of the county that Fengxian County had no rain for three years.Because they don t respect God.Three years ago, when the king of the county was offering sacrifices to heaven and earth, because he happened to be angry with his wife, he knocked over the sacrificial tribute in a rage.

This is a rare event that can be seen in a thousand years.Really congratulations to Immortal Venerable Immortal Venerable went to heaven with the body of a mortal.This is a grand occasion that nature s purpose cbd has not happened in many years.I am fortunate to see it, it is really gratifying Similar words of congratulations cbd gummies oregon and envy have been said boulder highlands cbd gummies owner by many people, but Zhang Fan did not follow Taishang Laojun to see the Jade Emperor as the gods expected.He just turned around and full spectrum cbd gummies 500mg nodded towards Hua Yueying.I m tired, let s go back first, I ll meet the Jade Emperor when I m free that day Zhang Fan said, the immortals who had surrounded him were stunned.Because they didn t expect Zhang Fan to be so disrespectful Dare not to go to the Jade Emperor s invitation Is 10mg cbd gummies effect there anything more important in this world than an invitation from the Jade Emperor What s more, Zhang Fan didn t do anything today, he just played in the garden, how could he be cbd gummies online store tired This is clearly a word of shirk, and he doesn t want to see the Jade Emperor at all.

At that time, I cbd gummies forum felt dizzy.This little brother, what is the origin Even the richest man is treated so respectfully. After the helicopter stopped, the children ran around and chased after them.They saw the clean and bright seats inside, and took their bodies to measure the size of the helicopter This comparison seems to be bigger than their own house Moreover, the helicopter can fly to the sky, which is really cool At this end, Zhang Fan brought Rong Zhikang to the old patriarch s house, and first signed the contract on the spot This made the old patriarch very grateful Ding, since it was said that the mountain forest behind the house cbd gummies tinnitus scam would be given to others, it would not change.Zhang Fan chose to sign the contract first, and did not let Rong Zhikang see Jinsha first, which was considered to save the face of the old patriarch The patriarch is even more grateful to Zhang Fan, and promised to give priority to Rong Zhikang for matters such as gold mining After the contract was signed, Zhang Fan allowed several experts to pick up professional instruments But just checked Looking at the gold content of these golden sands, the faces of the experts have changed Chapter 450 Gao Fengliang Festival Rong Zhikang saw several experts, his face changed so fast, his face immediately sank.

cbd gummies And her wife was occupied by Liu Hong, and even the unborn child could only recognize the thief as the father.Thinking of this, Chen Guangrui was deeply grateful to the immortal with the mask, and even admired the five body, all the words he said were fulfilled one by one.This is really scary.He can t die, he wants to live, for his wife, for his unborn child, for his old mother, he must live, he must live Even if he was afraid of water, he still managed to survive Hey, it s weird, why doesn t he sink in the water Don t even feel suffocated There is even a force that seems to hold him up, so that his feet can tread water in the water, and the whole person will not best cbd gummy for pain sink, even if his head surfaced, he can still vaguely see his wife keep talking does cbd gummies make your eyes red to him.Shouting from the water.There is also Liu Hong who is holding a knife and grinning in the moonlight.

Later, it happened that when Tang Seng passed the Xiliang Women s Country, he drank the water of the Zimu River and had a pregnancy story because of the study of scriptures in the West.Zhang Fan suddenly remembered that the father of Tang Xuanzang, who once came to the pawnshop in Tiandi, should be on his way to take office at this time, and his son Tang Xuanzang should not have been born yet, and the story in Journey to the West has not yet happened.But some people and countries in it actually exist, just like the contract of the current Xiliang women s country.In a few days, we will go to the Xiliang Girl Country to collect the bill.By the way, is cbd natural or synthetic in the next five hundred years, we need something as the rent for the Zimu River Zhang Fan decided to go to the Xiliang Girl Country , he has been to the Guanghan Palace in the God Realm, but he has not been to other places in the God Realm.

At this time, Zhang Fan could see clearly that the sea water was wrapped in a huge tuna Tuna was originally called the gold of the ocean.This kind of fish is huge in size.It is loved by people because of its delicious meat.Moreover, because it is a deep sea fish, it is not easy to catch.Zhang Fan is naturally overjoyed when he encounters a tuna here.This fish is so big, it CBD Gummies 2500 Mg should weigh 400 to 500 jins, and Zhang Fan likes it very much because it is so fleshy.He controls the sea water, and the tuna is sent to the shallow water, while the guide and the service staff of the hotel are happily helping to transport the lobster, king crab and grouper.The size of these fish is not large, one will not exceed five pounds, and even a grouper will not weigh more than ten pounds, even if it is already ecstatic.

Speaking of this girl, I have to talk about it from hundreds of years ago.At that time, it was still in the lazarus naturals CBD CBD Gummies 2500 Mg late Ming and early Qing dynasties.The world was in chaos, and many spirits died at one time.Bai Wuchang brought does cbd gummies go bad his soul enchanting messengers, running around day and night.Hard.One day, when passing a tea shop in the middle eagle hemp CBD gummies website CBD Gummies 2500 Mg of the night, an old man who was about to die saw his figure, and the old man regarded him as a passing passenger, and hurriedly stopped him and told him not to go forward alone.It is said that the mountain is not very peaceful.Not only are there murderous bandits, but there are even monsters that eat people.At that time, Bai Wuchang also saw that the old man was about to die after only three or five days of work.Because of the heavy yin, he saw through his figure.

Because they found out that Hua Yueying and a few people asked the corpse of the yellow lion monster to be sent ten miles outside the city gate, but they slipped out under the pretext of patrolling the city.Not long after, they saw Hua Yueying waiting for them by the roadside.Moon CBD Gummies 2500 Mg Shadow and Bai Wuchang, etc.Look, it s the second master, it s the second abilene tx stores with hemp or cbd gummies master The leader was the third prince.He was the first to see the yellow lion spirit attached to Zhu Bajie.He never thought that Zhu Bajie could still stand in front of him.Exhale, consider jumping right away.Second Master, weren t you taken away Hurry up, follow us back how long do CBD gummies last CBD Gummies 2500 Mg to the city, Master is also injured, we are here to take you back The third prince is the youngest and the purest.He rushed to the yellow lion monster and called him back, but behind him were neatly lined up with thousands of horses can u bring CBD gummies on a plane CBD Gummies 2500 Mg and soldiers, all staring at the yellow lion monster Because they all thought that Zhu Bajie was in front of them.

CBD Gummies 2500 Mg do cbd gummies show up on a drug test >> ohio CBD guy, CBD eagle hemp gummies CBD Gummies 2500 Mg good CBD brand CBD Gummies 2500 Mg.

Xiao Shan looked at Hua Yueying blankly.He didn t know this girl, and he seemed to have a lot to ask her, but at this time he could only follow Hua Yueying out.Soon, Zhang Fan was seen in the sun.When Xiao Shan stood in front of Zhang Fan, he was a little uneasy.Even though Zhang Fan was wearing casual clothes in front of him, his eyes were very bright.Just looking at it, he seemed to be able to see through a person s heart.Xiaoshan seemed to have no secrets in front of him, and he was a little scared.Don t know who they are Go over there Zhang Fan looked at the hill in front of him.Although it was the same as what he saw on the wall of the is hemp oil the same as CBD oil CBD Gummies 2500 Mg pawnshop, he was very thin, his eyes were timid, and he looked scared at everything Moreover, his eyes are wandering, and he looks very unconfident.This person has an obvious inferiority complex.

That soul resurrection soup, although only a few days ago, Zhang Fan has collected some, and only needs to consume one drop to save Han Mei s daughter.What s on me Do you want your life As long as you can save my daughter, I m willing to pawn my life, although I m not sure if you can help me After Han Mei entered the pawnshop, in fact She didn t take a good look here, all she could see was Zhang Fan with a face mask.Although the appearance of the pawnshop was very abrupt, but looking at Zhang Fan with a face mask, she had an inexplicable feeling of believing in him.It seemed that every word Zhang Fan said was a law, and it was more effective than the legendary imperial decree.I don t want your life, I want you for 20 years with little change in your old face, are you willing If you pawn your face, you will grow old quickly, with wrinkles on your face and corners of your eyes.

As a master, he naturally has many benefits Thinking of this, Zhang Fan smiled, feeling very good Chapter 15 A few families are happy and a few families are sad The sun shines in in the early morning, Zhang Fan doesn t need to get up, he can see the rose red tricolor plum blossoming brightly like the morning sun, climbing to the window.This flower bloomed into a large one, which was so spectacular that there were little bees or butterflies flying by from time to time.Going downstairs, Hua Yueying had already prepared breakfast and was waiting CBD google ads CBD Gummies 2500 Mg for Zhang Fan.It was a beef noodle dish, as well as soy milk fritters, etc.Hua Yueying CBD Gummies 2500 Mg CBD gotas bought it on this street.Although this street is not lively, there are places to eat, drink and relax.There are breakfast and supper restaurants, as well as coffee and tea houses, and because there are not many people in the old street, there are some older guests, so the pace of life here seems to be much slower than outside.

irwin naturals cbd reviews melatonin CBD gummies CBD Gummies 2500 Mg When Zhang Fan saw him at that time, there was surveillance video in his home, and he couldn t find Zhang Fan for a while, so he set his sights on Xu Zijun.After all, such a beautiful boy who is prettier than a woman is really rare.Xu Zijun often went to farmers markets and vegetable farms.After being accidentally bumped into by Song Wanhua s people, they tied him directly.At this time, Song Wanhua was already at the end of the road, and he felt like he was going crazy, so his subordinates didn t pay much attention to it.He directly tied Xu Zijun at the farmers market, and planned to torture him for questioning.A sum of money, fly away Xu Zijun wanted to laugh, this Song Wanhua dr. gupta CBD gummies CBD Gummies 2500 Mg thought he was the richest man The money in his hands is estimated to be more than that of Song Wanhua, so he still needs the money What s more, Jiangcheng is his root.

Then the CBD Gummies 2500 Mg first thing is not to announce the establishment of the real estate company.Instead, he began to contact the dead and injured.Rong Zhikang personally brought people to the door to understand the situation.When he walked into the low rental houses, and looked at the water in the house because of the leaking rain, he sighed in his one breath.Now he knows why Wanhua Real Estate went bankrupt.I also know that there are rumors circulating in the upper circles that the premium of Wanhua Real Estate is too high, and whoever takes over will lose money.What is going on Chapter 170 Taking Responsibilities Different positions.Those high ranking people didn t come down to see how miserable these families who lost their pillars were living.One by one, there are seniors and juniors.Although boulder highlands cbd gummies for sale Wanhua Real Estate has also come up with some compensation plans, for these families, it is a drop in does CBD gummies help with pain CBD Gummies 2500 Mg the bucket, and it is really useless.

Hearing a loud bang, Zhang Fan swiped his hand, and the golden sword was swept far away.When the sound of the symphony of gold and iron came out, the hairpin on the little Taoist priest s hair exploded, and the messy hair suddenly rose up, and the surging force fell on the body, causing her to fly far away at once.The surrounding Taoists were shocked when they saw it, and hurriedly stepped back.Hua Yueying wanted to chase, but Zhang Fan shook his head, but just put his eyes on the Chenghuang who was hanging in the air, dragging the huge corpse behind him.Hua Yueying let out a snort, and even made CBD Gummies 2500 Mg her debut, fighting side by side with Zhang Fan.Chenghuang is also a person who knows goods.Before seeing Zhang irwin naturals cbd plus sunny mood Fan as an ordinary person, he naturally showed the ruthlessness and pride of Chenghuang.

This is the cleanest and most generous guest he has ever seen.It s so good The conditions in this ghost place are really bad, please be considerate, master, soon, soon after we finish our business, just I can go back Hua Yueying was driving the carriage, Zhang Fan was half lying in the carriage, the camel was walking slowly, the carriage was moving very slowly, and the bumpy ground almost made Zhang Fan in the car faint.And Hua Yueying, who was sitting in the front driving the car, only felt that when he spoke, his tone was full of sand, blah blah CBD Gummies 2500 Mg blah, it was too dirty This place is not as pleasant as the last time in the daughter country, sitting on a wooden boat and following The Zimu River floated down, and it was much better than this mouthful of sand.This ghost place, even Hua Yueying complained.

This kind of courage is not something ordinary people can do.So the next moment Xu Zijun couldn t stand, he went downstairs to drive, and even when he saw the taxi queen called by the two, he also followed the taxi slowly forward.For some reason, his palms are sweating Hua Yueying and Zhang Fan got off the bus at the entrance of a hospital, Hua Yueying did not look back, but said something to Zhang Fan with a low smile.Master, someone is following us, that beautiful man Xu Zijun, do you want to tease him Xu Zijun thought he was quiet and acted very cautiously, and no one would find him.But he didn t expect that his stalking cbd and hemp store had already been noticed by Hua Yueying.She was the spirit of the pawnshop of heaven and cbd gummies help with covid earth.She once led Best CBD Gummies 2500 Mg Ohio CBD Guy 100,000 subordinates to dare to ask for accounts in the heaven and earth.

Although Hua Yueying was covering her eyes by Zhang Fan at this time, the lid of the bottle in her hand was not closed.On, still absorbing the lifespan of these people Okay, okay, women really can t be messed with, you are too cruel, are you planning to take their lives Yes, these people are damned, this is me, if you encounter other women, Life is better than death, master let me go, I want to take their lives, dirty things Hua Yueying stomped her feet and gnashed her teeth and shouted, her hands didn t stop, and Zhang Fan didn t say anything.She just closed the lid of a bottle in her hand and hugged Hua Yueying directly.He hugged into the car, and when he was a little further away from the group of homeless people, he let go of Hua Yueying s hand.You used illusions, right You can t do this to ordinary people, you will go against the way of heaven I don t care, they bully me, master, you want you not to be angry, what about the way of heaven Hmph, these people gummies for pain cbd are damn, damn Hua Yueying can t be angry, she is really angry.

This black bear spirit is more cbd gummies online store like a Buddhist than Zhu Bajie.This, the Bodhisattva can t bear to look directly, Zhu Bajie, they are too bad.No, it should be said that the black bear spirit is too powerful, this Zhu Bajie and the others seem to be very bad.Since Zhu Bajie and the others were too bad, the Bodhisattva planned to help them and threw all the restraining spells out again, trying to trap the black bear directly with the restraining spell when he was distracted.But what the Bodhisattva did not expect was that the constricting spell suddenly bounced back.The black bear spirit couldn t be trapped at all.When Guanyin Bodhisattva was surprised, he had to face the black bear spirit.He originally thought it was just a goblin, but now, this goblin is more powerful than everyone expected.