It was the kind of red from the ear to the face Taeyeon came back, bowed her head a little and CBD Gummies her ears were a little red, and Sunny do cbd gummies make you high followed Taeyeon with a smirk on her face.He walked over, and Taeyeon also looked up at him, her eyes were a little watery, as if there was a thousand words of tenderness.He frowned a little, pulled Taeyeon behind him to protect him, and then looked at Sunny, I said Lee Sunny, you won t bully my family soft, will you The words fell, Taeyeon behind him and Sunny in front of him were both A little stunned.Sunny even switched CBD Gummies to a face of injustice, Oh mo, I m wronged, in this big circle, everyone CBD Gummies who has a bit of strength knows that Ye Gui s woman can t be provoked, do I dare Taeyeon also smiled and stepped forward, Brother, how is it possible, we usually fight each other like this, there is no one who bullies the other.

inadvertently.His children are already adults.There are some fragility, he can still see.I m sorry.Chonghe.He spoke softly and patted his son on the shoulder.I m back.Dad, he whispered, taking his father s hand.Oh Mom.Gu Zhiya said to Jin Eunxia, who came over, Brother is really scary.Jin Eunxia shook her head and motioned for Gu Zhiya to stop talking about this topic.And Lee Hyeri and Krysta also bowed to Kim Eun Ha.Jin Enxia nodded slightly in response, then looked at Krysta.Your name is Zheng Xiujing, right Krysta lowered his head slightly, Nei, Ah, ma am.Jin Enxia chuckled, CBD Gummies Call me Auntie.Krysta looked up at Jin Enxia and saw Jin Enxia s face She nodded, Nei, Auntie.Li Huili and Gu Zhiya both opened their mouths slightly, but remained silent.Kim Eun cbd infused gummies ha spoke, looking at Lee Hyeri and Krysta.

But Taeyeon tried her best to stand still.Book it for me, book a flight back to China.She said with a choked sob and the mist that kept rising in her eyes.And cbd gummies lakeland fl the news that kept rolling in my head.SM s boy group SHINee member, are just cbd gummies broad spectrum Kim Jonghyun, committed suicide at home.On this day, cbd gummies and eliquis the quiet night suddenly had some noise a night of silence.In the early morning, Ye Gui, Wen Xin, and Yang Yueran returned to the hospital and saw Jiang Ya, the mother Wen, who had woken up.He was caught and scolded for a while because he looked thin.But in the end, the family happily took Mother Wen out of the hospital and went home.After CBD Gummies a reunion dinner, it was already around two o clock in the afternoon.Mother Wen was still a little weak, so she quickly rested.Father Wen was still with him.The young couple planned to go out with him for a walk.

But just as the song reached the end, the pretty figure on the stage suddenly fell down, and the microphone that fell to the ground made a harsh sound.The whole place was in chaos.And the chaotic moment.Only one figure ran irwin naturals CBD CBD Gummies up without hesitation.Lin Yuner pushed herself to the stage.Originally it was fine in the room, but when I came out, there was a cold wind.It seems to be a little serious in an instant.The feeling of are hemp gummies weed dizziness keeps coming.But she still held on to the stage.In cheers.There are some ghosts in front of you.But she still saw it.I saw Ye Gui sitting in the front row.There was a moment of daze.But finally kept his expression.A song was sung along with the music.The red bean song, the song he sang to her.But with the accompaniment gradually thickening.Heavy enough to have tinnitus. mountain CBD gummies CBD Gummies mountain CBD gummies CBD Gummies

The timeline of the small events in this book is completely inconsistent.Even the major events will only follow a rough timeline.I hope you don t pay too much attention to this do cbd gummies cause drowsiness Chapter 13 Will you come to my concert Chapter 13 Will you come to my concert Ye Gui wondered, So, is this revenge Krysta s face also showed some doubts, Vengeance What Revenge Then suddenly he said again.So I m a very careful woman in Ye Guini s heart Ye Gui pondered for a while, If I say yes, will you take revenge on me again Krysta s nose wrinkled, It seems that in Ye Guini Where did I become a careful woman.Then he added, Then you won t come to my concert in the magic capital, right Also, how could you come to the concert of a careful woman It s a girl.Ye Gui corrected her, You re still a girl, at least you are a girl with me.

The soft and moist touch is amplified in the slightly secret a quiet office.Such sounds are not amplified.It hemp or cbd oil CBD Gummies s still quiet here, but the two people who were still sitting seem to have disappeared.The day the coterie was formed.The heirs of the various chaebol families under the business alliance opposed to the furniture family also tacitly gathered in a certain place and formed a small circle, but they had a lot of trouble because of who they wanted to listen to.In the end, the small circle where to find cbd gummy bears quickly fell apart again.This made Cui Zhenyue and his party, who knew the news, not able to laugh.Cui Zhenyue actually saw it very clearly.It is impossible for two people who can make a final decision to appear at the same time, that is, they must have a strong original strength, and secondly, they must have a high decision CBD Gummies [CDC] making right at home.

CBD Gummies CBD gummies cvs, gummy bear recipe CBD (when to take CBD gummies for anxiety) CBD Gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies ingredients CBD Gummies.

But not at the moment, neither.Reunion should be a joy.But they are not so happy and not so happy in the fermentation of time.On the contrary, it was more heavy and more sad.This wine is too easy to intoxicate.And he finally hugged her gently.Embrace and rely on each other, dissipate drunkenness and sadness.But we still don t know if the future is as we thought it would be Saying goodbye to the people at the B B.To be precise, it was him who said goodbye to the people of the homestay.Yoona s eyes were swollen from crying, and tears were still accumulating at this moment.She is very strict with her appearance, and now she has no way to say goodbye, she just sits in the co pilot of the car and waits for him.When he got into the car, he fastened the seat belt for Yoona, who was sitting in the co pilot, and then drove again.

Lin Yuner on the side gently pulled Yegui s clothes.No, forget it, Ye Gui Ye Gui was a little surprised, You actually understand You learned so fast Lin Yuner explained, I have also learned CBD Gummies Chinese with translator Ernie before, so I still have a foundationBut, let s change to another one.Ye Gui comforted her, Don t worry, the boss doesn t agree with us.Lin Yuner nodded, and gave a soft um and stopped talking.The boss came over quickly, a middle aged man with a good face, and he was smiling at the moment.Hello, the two of you, the private room at noon today is still very empty, and there are no customers to book.If you want to enter the private room, the two of melissa etheridge cbd gummies you go directly to hemp bombs CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies the second floor, and you don t need to pay extra, just ask the two of you to go back and help the store to promote it.

I ll talk to you when I m done.Ye Gui sighed slightly.Okay, then you, hempbombs gummies hurry up, I ll wait for your call.Lin Yuner nodded.Well, I will.The phone hung up just like that.Ye Gui was a little silent and a little overwhelmed Until after eleven o clock in the evening, Lin Yuner s phone call hadn t come.Ye Gui sighed and decided to fight.But suddenly there was a knock on the door.He walked over and opened the door.A girl with a mask and a warm fragrance lingered on her body with some medicine and food in her hands, standing there so crisply.He froze for a moment.Yun, Yuner Lin Yuner took off her mask and looked at her with a cbd gummy dose chart smile.Oh, won t you let me in Ye Gui didn t say anything, just gently hugged Lin Yun er into his arms, and then tightened Ye Gui couldn t let go.Ye Gui, let me in first Lin Yun er whispered in Ye Gui s ear.

She immediately raised her cannaleafz CBD gummies CBD Gummies head and saw fx cbd gummies 200mg Ye Gui standing in the same place with her back to her, also looking at the phone, and Ye Gui looked out of the field instantly after seeing the phone, with some surprise on his face.She also followed Ye Gui s gaze.I saw Taeyeon standing outside, wearing a white knitted sweater, very beautiful, and standing beside him was Seohyun, who was a young man.It s just that Taeyeon s expression is not good looking, CBD Gummies and she frowns when she looks at her.She paused and looked at the woman.For a moment, it seemed that something was opposing.But after a while, she saw that Ye Gui didn t even change her clothes, CBD Gummies so she waved to Taeyeon and walked over.And Taeyeon also approached Ye Gui.It seems that today s headlines are not deceiving.She laughed to herself.At this moment, the eyes of the people around were also locked on the first day of the party, Ye Gui and Taeyeon.

Not too long.Iu also walked in.Subconsciously, he glanced at CBD Gummies Ye Gui, who was watching TV series seriously.Then he bowed slightly to Director Jin, and Director Jin nodded.Then she walked to her seat, and nodded hello green otter cbd gummies to CBD Gummies the gradually familiar actors as she walked past.Then he finally got back to his seat.The scene seems to have returned to the quietness of the first meeting.It s not weird to say it s weird, but it s a very strange feeling.It s like the feeling of the head teacher sitting CBD Gummies in the classroom when he was in school.No one dared to make a noise, even if he held back a lot of words and wanted relax cbd gummies 1000mg to talk to the people around him.And now they are students.The head teacher was Ye Gui who was sitting in the main seat and watching TV.Think of it this way.Or in other words.It seems to have a more appropriate sense of steadfastness.

Krysta laughed, Hahaha, well, it s you, not you.Who is it You little Gao Leng can answer quickly.Ye Gui said again angrily.Krysta was not afraid, What, what s wrong with my answer, you still want to come and hit me on a plane Ye Gui thought for a while, I don t have to fly over, I can call someone.Who to call Krysta asked, and immediately responded, best gummies for joint pain You wouldn t call me Dad, would you I can tell you, if you call me Dad, I ll be mad at you, and I ll be even more mad at you when I get beaten Ye CBD Gummies Gui asked back, Where did you see that I meant that Krysta said softly, You have it, so I m just angry.Ye Gui sighed, Then let me ask you, if my name is really I beat you, but cbd gummy subscription box did I beat you Xiao Gao shook his head coldly, No.Ye Gui continued to ask, That s your father beat you, right Xiao Gao nodded coldly, Yes.

How to thank you, you have to be clear in your heart The two groups were still bowing, noble hemp gummies shark tank and when they heard Gao Yuanzai s words, their faces turned pale for no reason, and their hearts froze.Taeyeon and Sunny also looked at Gao Yuanzai strangely, and then looked at eagle hemp cbd gummies contact number Ye Gui again with a hint of waiting.The scene also stagnated.Because a breath called unspoken rules began to flow and spread.Cui Zhenyue pressed his temple helplessly.I know that Gao Yuanzai doesn t top cbd gummies 2022 really mean that.He was about to add two sentences.But Ye Gui opened his mouth first.Some people don t like this scene.Too many people.All the salutes, greetings, and CBD gold CBD Gummies his simple CBD Gummies response were really troublesome.But at this moment, this Gao Yuanzai came out like this again.grateful How to thank him, is he a pervert who takes all men and women At this moment, the scene is still inexplicably awkward, and the two short bodies even look like they know him for the first time.

Aren t Eroni and Ye Guixi not very good Tiffany said diamond cbd delta 8 gummies in relief, It s okay, I m busy, there s nothing wrong, let s learn more about how to get along with your lover.Taeyeon laughed, Pani, Yoona is just a first timer in love, so what do you want to learn from the inside, why not let our Lee Soon Gyu ni teach us the experience.Tiffany smiled and said, That s right.Xu Xian was stunned.So the three of them looked at Sunny again.Sunny raised her eyebrows and looked at Tiffany and Xu Xian, Apart from Taeyeon, don t you have both of you Why CBD Gummies don t you tell me However, Tiffany just smiled and didn t speak, while Xu Xian pursed his lips and lowered his head.Sunny looked strange, What s the matter with the strange atmosphere of the two of you Taeyeon looked at it, and then said, Sunny, cbd oil vs hemp oil don t ask, wait until Pani and Mane want CBD Gummies to talk.

Just suddenly a slightly cold little hand was placed on his hand, and then clenched again.He tilted his head and saw Xiao Gao Leng.Little Gao Leng with a pouting mouth.Thinking of Yoona Erni Did you dream asked with a bit of jealousy.After being silent for a while, he nodded, I m sorry, little girl.Don t apologize.Xiao Gao s cold mouth pouted a little higher, You should say, no, you dreamed of me, you were thinking of me , that s right.Even if I lied pure cane cbd gummies to me, I believe it, instead of nodding and admitting it so frankly and frankly, it doesn CBD Gummies cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies t fit your character as a scumbag.After a pause, he gently hugged this little Gao Leng, while she was wet s hair was silent.I m sorry, I m a rubbish.I think about her and you.I can t forget her, and I can t let you go.Humph.She hummed softly, with the fragrance and softness unique to her after taking a shower.

, how to make your own CBD gummies CBD Gummies Why are you still artistic Don t you just like reading comics, don t you like reading books Have you watched The Little Prince recently Oh, I only know a few words.Haha, I know.But I ve got a few good novels and comics recently Wow, I m going to tell Ye Gui You, Kim Taeyeon, are a weird woman Yeah Can you stop being nervous, can I send you back later Haha, then maybe I can consider shutting up How could I know you, a dead woman who loves to catch my black history Cut, you re still a stinky woman Yeah, who are you calling a stinky woman Just say you, just say you, a little bit Rough estimate Cut The two of them quarreled like this, as if they had been the same for many years, and they had not changed.But it seemed to be a lot more.A lot Chapter 482 Daily Taeng9Cam 26 Chapter 482 Daily Taeng9Cam 26 Saying goodbye to sunny.

Lin Yuner stepped back in fear, Oh, what are you doing, Ye Gui, don t mess around.Ye Gui looked happy, Huh You want to mess around Lin Yuner repeated seriously, Yes, don t mess around.Ye Gui also repeated , No, you want to mess around Lin Yuner paused, Ye Gui, please don t play word games just because you are proficient in multiple languages Ye Gui smiled, Well, don t play word games.Come on, we said and rushed over.Lin Yuner exclaimed.Then he laughed uncontrollably.oYe Gui, it s so itchy, haha, I ll fight back if you do this again, ah, haha.So, the whole morning was full of joyful laughter.Packing up, the two decided tko cbd gummies review to go their separate ways, one to warm the rabbit and prepare a few other appetizers, and the other to bake.Yes, the two still decided not to go out and stay at home together.

Everything about the tsunami royal blend CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies has long since calmed down.After she was away from the crowd, her cheeks became hotter, even a little hot, and her heart began to beat irregularly, but she didn t want to let go, and she didn t cbd gummy bears recipe want to be let go, she just wanted to let him pull, and that s it, Go anywhere As he walked to the front of the car, cbd gummies buy Ye Guicai let go of Krystal s hand, but Krystal still held him tightly.Ye Gui looked at her with some concern, Okay girl, there s no one left, get in the car first.Krystal didn t speak, but slowly let go of Ye Gui s hand, took a deep breath and calmed down.Check your mood and heartbeat.Uncle, thank you.She said quietly.Ye Gui shook his head, You are polite with me, get in the car, and I will take you back.Inside.Krystal quietly got into the co pilot, Ye Gui also got into the main driver, and then put down the sun visor for Krystal again.

Xiao Gao pouted coldly, although The mask covered it and couldn t see it, but Ye Gui guessed it.So he said, Don t worry, I ll be back soon.Yeah.Xiao Gaoleng finally nodded, restraining his do hemp gummies show on a drug test unwillingness.Ye Gui smiled and said, Okay, then I ll go first, we ll see you in a few days.Xiao Gao Leng nodded lightly.Immediately, he also looked at Jessica, Goodbye.Inside, goodbye, be careful.Jessica also responded with a chuckle, waving her hand lightly.Ye Gui nodded, glanced at Xiao Gao Leng for the last time, cbd gummies mg chart finally turned around and left.And Krysta looked at Ye Gui CBD Gummies s back and stopped, his expression still downcast.Jessica put her arms around her, Okay, now he s yours, it s only for cbd and ashwagandha gummies a few days, don t be like this.Xiao Gao Leng let out a small breath, I cbd gummies for anxiety while pregnant know, but why did he come It s even more reluctant to come, too.

Sit on the top steps.Close your eyes slightly.But all of a sudden, there was a little pale face and a pair of cold eyes full of tears.And she lowered her head.Put all the grievances in the moment of bowing your head and don t show it.He opened his eyes suddenly.But in the next moment, I saw a girl sitting under the right side of the steps.He got can you drive after cbd gummy up and walked over.Walk very slowly.But just as he was about to approach, the girl looked back at CBD Gummies him, then turned back, not her.He stopped, stepped back silently, and sat down.When looking into the distance, he opened a can of beer and drank it quietly.It s been CBD Gummies a long time.Drink one after another.It wasn t until he took out another can, a small white hand reached out and took the wine in his hand.He looked back.Saw a gentle, good looking face.And those clean eyes.

That hug I don t know why.Because she didn t ask.It was just that when she was passing by a hotel, she suddenly saw a familiar car and a familiar person.That was Ye Gui, and a woman beside him.Her eyes widened moment.Stop the car.Ye Guixi, are you sure Zheng Xiujing will come Iu asked Ye Gui who was sitting on the sofa silently in a hotel room.Ye Gui looked at her, I will come, because I have made arrangements.iu paused, then I will take off my coat first.At this moment, iu is wearing a beige suspender dress with white shoulders in a black leather jacket Below is looming.And speaking, she also took off her coat.I owe you once.Ye Gui looked at eagle hemp cbd gummies where to buy iu.Iu just smiled casually and said nothing a large suite on the top floor.Krystal walked to the room step by step.The two bodyguards who sent her were followed behind.

Then let me experience it.Ye Gui exhaled and walked over.Oh, Ye will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test Guini, what s with your expression Are you unhappy Lin CBD Gummies Yuner asked, then sighed.As your girlfriend, as long as you don t violate the principle, you can t even give me a massage with a smile Ye Gui smiled.She reached out and gave Lin Yuner a CBD Gummies light squeeze on her shoulder.Lin Yuner felt it, and then looked at him in the mirror and said aloud.Ye Guini.Ye Gui smiled and looked at her, What cbd gummies white label s the matter, Lin Yuner.Although it s very rude, Lin Yuner said softly, but I still want to ask, did Ye Guini not eat kozmic gardens cbd gummies Why didn t I have the slightest garden of life cbd 20mg gummies bit The feeling of being massaged and relaxed Ye Gui said in a deep voice, Lin Dajun Don t go too far Lin Yuner lowered her head and bit her lips lightly.It turns out that, as your girlfriend, without violating the principles, have I gone too far Ye Gui was silent again.

Lana snorted, Of course a crit, When you have a boyfriend, catskill hemp co delta 8 gummies you forget about your teammates, and you don t send us photos, you know how to show off your Ye Gui.Xiao Gao laughed coldly and could only hold una, Bianne una, forgive me, okay Luna waved her hand , It s too late, don t want to lie on my bed again.Xiao Gao Leng laughed even more, Then I ll sleep on the sofa until your anger disappears Huh Oh una After a good meal of comfort, Xiao Gao Leng did not Comfort una well.But aber is obviously waiting for her too.Do you still want to sleep on the sofa Xiao Gao s cold expression froze slightly.Then I slept on the floor and waited for you to calm down.Wow, you coaxed me in the way of coaxing una Aber was a little surprised, You re too skilled, right Krysta smiled helplessly, You don t need skills.

They quickly bought a good drink, and the two got into the car together.Or he will drive.In fact, there are several milk tea shops very close to the stage, but the two still chose to drive to a place far away from home.To avoid depression and embarrassment, and those glances.Although it had been discussed before, she had already told her parents and friends about her decision.It is to prepare her relatives and friends around her mentally, and CBD Gummies she also prepares herself.It s just that after talking about this decision, everyone from parents to teammates has been surprised, disapproved, speechless, angry cbd pharm delta 8 gummies review and hemp gummies vs CBD CBD Gummies so on.Overwhelmed.But she knew that this was normal, and it wasn t just about falling in love and waiting for some blessings and encouragement, but to guard a person with a few other girls.

You still call me stinky Yegui.You laughed at me first.Cough cough, cost of green ape cbd gummies I ll add a bowl of corn rib soup for you today.Humph Chapter 163 The other side Chapter 163 The other side of the other side s graduation crew.Director Ni.Krysta, the translator, and assistant Hui Ya came to Director Zhang, who was sitting and watching the screen of the instrument and the assistant s instructions, and said aloud.A member of the translation team of Baifanyuan next to him began to translate and set up communication for the two.Write down what I said, and wait for a while.Director Zhang said a few words to his assistant, then got up and looked at Krysta.What s the matter, Krysta There is one thing.Krysta bluntly fab cbd gummies near me said, I think you can agree.Director Zhang stood up, genesis cbd gummies Tell me, there is a commission from President Ye, within the scope of my ability, I can consider it.

Krysta glanced at Ye Gui and her sister, she bit her lip slightly, and immediately paused.Ye Gui immediately gestured with her eyes The young couple understood each other and hurriedly took Jessica into the restaurant and sat down at a corner table.Ye Gui took CBD Gummies Krysta to the quiet side outside the door.Ye Gui looked at her.Xiao Gao coldly lowered his head.Gui said, Xiu Jing, I know you are kind, you care about your sister, but there are some things you can t say in public, it s a kind of hurt and insult to your sister.This world is inherently unfair, girls want to be independent, they have to face more malice, and they have to put in more effort.Of course, we all hope that investors will look at your sister s design talents, even if they look at them.Her reputation as an ido is also good, but there are not so many Bole.

Dad is angry, Xiujing will be afraid to talk about it, but Xiujing will be stubborn about this matter, and then the consequences will be.At this point, Jessica said nothing.Ye Gui frowned a little in thought.Krysta spoke at the right time.Ye Gui, this matter , you just trust me and Ernie, shall we take it slow Ye Gui nodded slowly.The two sisters breathed a sigh of relief.Seriously, neither side was easy to mess with.On one side was the father, who was outspoken and short tempered., but CBD Gummies the families behind him that will automatically react, the two sisters seem CBD Gummies to have a strong connection when they touch.It appeared so naturally.So, is this life As soon as I thought of this, the two sisters thought more quietly about countermeasures.Ye Gui best CBD gummies royal CBD CBD Gummies also thought quietly.For a time, the whole carriage became quiet.

I m resting here today.I have something I want to talk to her about.I ll open a new room to live in after the chat, so please best cbd for knee pain don t worry.Sitting on the bed.Jessica put her sister s phone down.Holding her own mobile phone, she was hesitant to call Ye Gui, ask her sister, and pick cbd gummies las vegas nv up her sister by the way.But after thinking about it, she finally shook her head.It s not that I believe that Ye Gui is a decent gentleman, but it s really unnecessary.If that guy wants to get his sister, with the kind of love she has for him, I m afraid that unless she guards her sister all the time, it s useless and can t stop her.So if you want to make it clear, let s make it clear.Whether it cbd gummies lincoln ne ends together or completely separates.Even if she didn t want her sister and Ye Gui to be together at first, but thinking about her face paralysis during this period of time, it is still a bad fate after all.

Ye Gui paused, Okay, I will catch him in front of you.Krysta bit his lip slightly and opened his mouth softly.Thank you, Ye Gui.Ye Gui frowned and was about to speak.Krysta reached out and grabbed Ye Gui s hand to interrupt.Don t be angry, I don t want to be polite to you, I just thank you for my Ernie.Ye Gui then loosened his brows.Krysta continued, There is still room to change, can I do it tomorrow Ernie is asleep now.Ye Gui nodded.Okay.Saying that, he stroked Xiao Gao Leng s hair.Take a good rest with your sister today, call CBD Gummies [CDC] me anytime if you have anything, and I will come over soon.Xiao Gao lowered his head coldly and asked softly, Are you leaving Ye Gui hugged gently She, Yes.In Xiao Gao Leng Xiangxiang s hair, he continued, Tomorrow I will bring someone over to help you carry your luggage, get up early to wash up, and I will call ahead.

Ye Guili CBD Gummies [CDC] paused to think.Krysta also interrupted him immediately, It is forbidden to extend your imagination.If you think about it any more, you will think of Yoona Erni again.I will suffer a lot.Listen.Ye Gui nodded.Immediately speaking.It is to evaluate the various language skills of the new batch of employees who have joined the company to see if they can serve as instructors for the nine new language training courses in the botanical farms cbd gummies ingredients capital and several other cities.Krysta understood, Training courses Is it the same as the kind of training courses that Baifanyuan offers in South Korea The kind that only accepts children from all kinds of high society Ye Gui shook his head.In Huaxia, Baifan Academy has set up training courses very early, and it will not charge expensive fees, and it will not reject anyone or choose someone because of one s background.

Ye Gui said.As for overseas, I mean to wait a year, and then continue to develop after everything stabilizes.Well, that s fine.Jessica nodded.But Krysta felt a little bit wrong when he heard this, Ye Gui, won t you go to Korea with us Ye Gui nodded and said, Yes, I have green mountain CBD gummies CBD Gummies to go back to China first and deal with some matters at hand, but I will I ll deal with it as soon as possible, and then I ll come to you.Yeah Xiao Gao nodded coldly.But at this moment, although the little face was no longer wrinkled, the corners of his lips were already slightly pursed. Chapter 239 The problem that I thought would be serious is actually more serious four Chapter 239 The problem that I thought would be serious is actually more serious Gui looked, but did not ask for the time being.Just speak to Jessica first.