Lishen flashed a palm with Yingluo Yoga , his face flashed decisively, and a shadow flew out from his body in the CBD Gummies At Gnc next second.The monks saw a flower in front of their eyes, but they saw a treasure cover that covered the sky, suddenly suspended in mid air, covering the figure of Li Shen.This treasure cover is gray and white in its entirety, and it stretches out about a zhang.As soon as the treasure cover came out, even the red lotus karmic fire around it dimmed are cbd gummies good for back pain a lot.Lichen was taken aback.The Grand View Sutra is the fundamental inheritance of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, and the lotus drop cannot be easily deciphered by ordinary magic weapons.After thinking about it, the treasure cover in front of me is probably not ordinary With the cover of the treasure cover, Lishen was no longer affected by the Best CBD Gummies At Gnc Best CBD Gummies For Sleep 2021 cold, and immediately returned to normal.

Immediately afterwards, the disciples of Lieguang Pavilion came out and joined the condemnation team Yeah, killing other people s disciples for nothing, the killing temple is too inauthentic.Anyway, people should be called out.Yes, yes, It s outrageous, it s outrageous.If green ape cbd serenity gummies you have any grudges or grudges, you just kill people A monk, No compassion at all.The disciples of Broken Vessel Mountain soon joined them.Black Wind Castle, Lieguang Pavilion, and Broken Vein Mountain are all under the Ghost Religion.There is bulk cbd hemp flower no doubt that this CBD Gummies At Gnc operation is behind the Ghost Religion.And the others are just watching the fun.Everyone I have no interest at all about killing Buddhas, and all think about the killing red lotus in the killing temple.In short, it is the killing temple, the more chaotic the better.

Old eighth, eight sons of Canglang welcome you Lichen looked at the smiling people in front of him, and was a little confused.However, the Temple of Death is the first in courtesy.Amitabha, the little monk Lichen has seen all the donors.Who knew that when he heard the name, Ding Yong s eyes lit up Lichen This is God s will Turning his head to the left and right, he said The surging waves are extremely heavy.God s Will, God s Will, the CBD Gummies At Gnc Seventh is none other than him The surging waves are sunday scaries CBD gummies CBD Gummies At Gnc extremely heavy.The seven sons of Canglang, each of them takes one of them as their names.The seventh character is exactly the word shen , which is homophonic with the chen in Lichen s name.Now, the seven sons shark tank eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies At Gnc of Canglang are still the seven sons of Canglang.Boss, that Junior Brother Bao Chen At this moment, a shout came from outside the crowd Six brothers, royal blend CBD gummies review CBD Gummies At Gnc I m coming But I saw a burly man separating from the crowd and walking in this direction with a smile on his face.

2.lazarus naturals CBD CBD Gummies At Gnc

There are six major Buddhist temples in Samsara Temple, which correspond to the Tao of Heaven, Tao of Humanity, Tao of Shura, Tao of Animals, Tao of Hungry Ghost, and Tao of Hell.Patriarch Bodhidharma will spend his life The road of reincarnation of enlightenment is divided into six parts Void Seal , All Beings Seal , Killing Seal , Freedom Seal , No Phase Seal , and Infinity Seal.Among the six monasteries of Samsara Temple.The hemp delta 9 gummies six types of seals are all Buddhist.It is said that if someone can learn all the six seals, they will be able cbd gummies 5000mg to attain the Great Way of Samsara.Li Chen was secretly surprised.Three thousand avenues are also divided into high and low.There is no doubt that the Great Way of Reincarnation is one of the most superior Great Way laws.If you can prove the way of reincarnation.

CBD Gummies At Gnc cbd gummies near best gummy CBD CBD Gummies At Gnc me walmart >> best CBD gummies for sleep 2021, get eagle hemp CBD gummies CBD Gummies At Gnc CBD thc gummies CBD Gummies At Gnc.

3.hawkeye hemp CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies At Gnc

In terms of fighting alone, the four of them may not have any advantages or disadvantages, but once they form a small ghost formation.It is almost impossible for the monks of the same realm to break free from the entanglement of the four.But at this time, he was killed by the Buddha, and he defeated the enemy with one move.Venerable Azure Nightmare subconsciously, looked at the holy child ghost baby beside him.Ghost Infant also frowned, and secretly said in his heart Killing Temple is such an evil sect.The monk watching the ceremony was also stunned.Four ghost hemp gummy gears assassins, lost in one move They don t claim to be, Under the background, did you post for the King of Hell Even one move will be defeated Killing the Buddha is so strong At the same time, Lichen was also puzzled.Gu Hao secretly guessed in his heart Could it be because of the Asura Field Before, he spent his energy and fought with Master Ji Xian nearly a hundred times in the Asura Field.

This is the secret code he negotiated with the two brothers.The terrain in CBD Gummies At Gnc Fengbai Mountain is complex, and the three of them are looking for Lingsun separately.Whoever finds it first will raise a light smoke as a signal.At the same time, on the other side of the bamboo forest, Bai Jun, one of the seven sons of the Canglang Gang, was leading a magic weapon of water to explore the underground spiritual roots.Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at a light smoke in the sky.The face was slightly cold Who is so short sighted, dare to help us angry Jiao When the seven of them entered Fengbai Mountain, they also agreed that no matter who is in CBD Gummies At Gnc danger, they will take light smoke as their trust.Summon a few others.At this time, Qing Yan was in the left and right position, not far from his position.

The baby with sharp mouthed monkey cheeks, with a plump body, was lying on the chest of the sturdy monk and sucking.During this period of time in Xiangfei Valley, Huaisheng lingered in Wenrou Township every day, where can you get cbd gummies and there was no shortage of milk.After only a few days of hard work, he actually gained a lot of weight.It should be the pinnacle of this life.Li Sao covered the sun with one hand, held Huaisheng with the other, looked at the plum blossoms in front of him, and said, Bie Sun, my poor Bie Sun, you died so miserably.I don t know which unconscionable person killed you.Saying this, he pretended to squeeze out two tears.Glancing at Lichen.Lichen eyes and nose, nose and heart, don t want to pay attention to him.Isn t it delicious that you ate at that time Hearing this, Li Sao was dumbfounded.

CBD Gummies At Gnc So we were full of joy, and each picked one of them.When we wanted to pick the second one, we realized that we couldn t continue picking it anyway.We learned at this time that these gourds have their own spirituality, and each person can only receive one.And each of these gourds has its own magic.Each one is different.Like Junior Brother Huiming s red lacquered gourd, it can capture all the flames in the world.It is the nemesis of all fire cultivation in the world.This one in my hand is not afraid of any miasma or sand., in comparison, it is three points weaker.My brother s gourd can collect the water of the spiritual spring, and it is inexhaustible.In short, the three gourds is 100mg of cbd gummies a lot are different, all have It s magical.Lonely Zen Master slapped his mouth Uncle Master s opportunity is really enviable.

do hemp hearts have cbd Lichen remembered what he had pureCBD CBD Gummies At Gnc seen all the way just now, the mountains here are indeed full of fruit trees, and it is the harvest season, which is full of fruit.Our fruit is sweet and delicious, and it is famous in the surrounding ten miles and eight townships.No wonder the melons and fruits are fragrant as soon 1mg CBD gummies CBD Gummies At Gnc as you enter the village.This year is a good harvest year, the old man is very lucky.But the little monk just saw that the fruits were all delicate and dazzling.I m afraid they are already ripe.Well, it s not that you don t pick it, it s that you can t pick it.Li Chen was stunned for a moment The fruit is ripe and not picked, but looking at the old man, it seems that there is another secret.Speaking of this, Old Man Li sighed, and his face was gloomy again As the Master said, the past few years have been good weather and good harvests, and the days should be like a day.

Has been locked in the blood light cave of Xue Dao Peak, and every night of the full moon, he would go berserk once.I thought that this time he was able to break free.Fortunately, Lao Na found the abnormality, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.Li Chen frowned slightly.Just before he became a killing Buddha, he broke the chain It seems that some people don t want to see themselves become a killing Buddha.The obscure elder looked at Lichen s gloomy face, but CBD Gummies At Gnc felt very satisfied in his heart.To kill a Buddha, one must be the one who knows how CBD Gummies At Gnc what the difference between hemp and cbd gummies to kill the most.PS Ask for recommendation tickets, Best CBD Gummies At Gnc Best CBD Gummies For Sleep 2021 monthly tickets, and rewards.Chapter 24 Not Xiangling Mountain In any case, the practice of Killing Sheng Temple does have a lot of flaws.If you practice with blood, you will eventually be distracted by blood.

After saying goodbye to the villagers, the two summoned their mounts and started the journey again.Before walking out of Erli Road, I heard the sound of a child crying.Lichen Lisao looked at each other and hurriedly followed the voice to find him.I saw under the big locust tree at the head of the village, a swaddling clothes wrapped in plain clothes, in the swaddling clothes is the child with the appearance of a human fetus and a monkey.The two looked around blankly Bie Sun, you ride slower, Huai Sheng just fell asleep.Hehehehe On the big wild CBD Gummies At Gnc boar, Li Sao is holding a doll in his arms.The doll is sucking on Li Sao s chest and is sleeping soundly.Senior brother, Huaisheng s vigor is quite strong, and I m quite itchy with azoles.Because he picked it up under the big locust tree, Lichen named the child Huaisheng.

Lichen has given up struggling.He decided to continue to escape into the wyld strawberry cbd gummies small black house for refuge, trying to consume Best CBD Gummies At Gnc Best CBD Gummies For Sleep 2021 He Cangwu to death He Cangwu was full cbd gummies denver of ghosts.The ghost king s laughing voice was still full of anger.But only he himself knows that now he is just the end of the shot.The consumption just now was too great.But soon he laughed.The familiar mask of pain appeared on the little monk s face again.And when he saw the earthworm flying towards him.He Cangwu couldn t stand it anymore.The little monk can t even reveal the true meaning of the dragon elephant Such a small earthworm is simply an insult to Lao Tzu Go to hell, little monk In the sonic attack of the ghost king laugh.The young dragon was like a fish swimming upstream.Slower and slower.It is indeed vulnerable.He Cangwu s mouth curved.

Good guy, isn t it enough that you got my saucy junior brother PS I wish all readers and friends, the Year of the CBD gummies for pain walmart CBD Gummies At Gnc Tiger is auspicious, and the tiger is prosperous Gong Xi Fa Cai PS Please collect, recommend tickets, and invest Thank you all the officials.Chapter 53 The Second Pearl Spirit The blood CBD Gummies At Gnc winged black mosquito is an ancient alien species that can devour the essence of is cbd and hemp oil the same flesh and blood, and can also lay eggs in the body of living beings.What a pure blood smell Give me a baby Li Chen shuddered, it was so disgusting.He couldn t help but think of the Centurion of Asura, who once said that if he was caught without his hands, he would let the other disciples on the Blood Shadow Ship go.I think they have the ability to perceive a person s physique.Lichen is the body of Su Tuohan, the four elements are all empty, and the body has long been unstained by the mundane.

There CBD gummies for stress CBD Gummies At Gnc are those who are lucky enough to change their methods and want to pick the gourd, but they can t touch the body of the gourd at all.And the golly CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies At Gnc remaining few who could hear the call followed the sound.There are forty eight thousand gourds on the vine of equality.It will take a long time to hear them one by one.Soon all the monks dispersed, looking for their own opportunities.Only Li Chen stood there, suddenly a little CBD Gummies At Gnc overwhelmed.Because there seem to be 48,000 voices in his mind PS Thanks to the book friend Mr.Supreme Li for the reward Thanks PS Ask for collections, recommendation tickets, monthly tickets, investment Thank you all the officials. Sixty third palm red lotus gourd Forty eight thousand voices.Some high, some low.Some were surprised, some panicked.Gathered in Lichen s ears, it became noisy.

CBD Gummies At Gnc cbd living gummy rings The breakthrough of ten brewing qi mentioned the initiation of Daigo.That is to say, Lichen only needs to get drunk once, and then he can directly break through to ten brewing qi and enter the innate.Li Chen s heart naturally moved.If it was in the past, maybe he would really choose not to wait anymore.But now he is going to compete with Heavenly Dao.Looking at the sea of fire that filled the sky, Li Chen couldn t help but let out a sigh of turbidity.Then he raised his glass and drank again, and finally stopped when he felt his blood boil.With a thought, he has already escaped into the Shifang Dojo.Yao remembered that the last time he was enlightened, he was still in the Ten Square Pagoda.Although not on the other side at this time, But it is also related to the Ten Square Pagoda.The Ten square Pagoda is transformed by the single horn of Truth Listening.

At this time, the three women CBD Gummies At Gnc cut off their infuriating kenai farms CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies At Gnc energy almost at the same time.Li Chen hurriedly opened his eyes and couldn t help being surprised.I saw that the three girls all fell softly on top of him, all cbd gummies for smoking cigarettes shark tank of them blushing and winking like silk.Spring is still there, and the look is satisfied.Lichen was stunned, what happened just now Miao Cool Fly The three girls blushed and just buried their heads on Lichen, not daring to Best CBD Gummies At Gnc Best CBD Gummies For Sleep 2021 get up.According to the records of Nvuzhai, the cultivation of Hunyuan Pian is extremely expensive.The process should be very boring, but the three of them just practiced would have such a flying pleasure.This is not normal I think I m about to break through Princess Shenxiu suddenly let out a cry.Finally willing to let go of the dust.Hey, I m going to make a breakthrough too.

Join The two flames collided, seemingly unable to fit together.Dragon Elephant Prajna Sutra says Power Yingluo Yoga said clever One force and one skill, one firm and one soft, the two flames are completely different, and they burn separately.However, the method of no gap is to use no gap to enter the gap, like a thinnest knife, no matter what kind of joint, it can easily penetrate into it.In general, Paoding Jie Niu, the two exercises are completely decomposed into the smallest units.Then the two rules permeate each other, and a new rule with all the advantages is reborn.Wow Dragon Elephant Prajna Sutra and Yingluo Yoga are intertwining with each other in the way of incessant wick , please wait Just waiting like this, it is the eve of the bamboo shoot meeting.In the past CBD Gummies At Gnc few days, Lichen Lisao was unable to CBD Gummies At Gnc go to Fengbai Mountain, so he could only wander around Anhou City.

Outrageous this retreat still did not come out.There are finally signs of a breakthrough in the past two days.Although the outrageous strength is high, but CBD Gummies At Gnc happy hemp gummies best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 because he is still young, he has been living in the empty nest temple.Phew As soon as I thought of this, a strong momentum erupted in the outrageous room.Lichen was stunned, is this about to break through At this time, Lonely Zen Master also heard the movement and rushed out.Lichen hurriedly put his hands together to say hello.Master As soon as Zen Master Lonely saw green monkey cbd gummies Lichen, the panic on his face was immediately why do people take cbd gummies replaced where to buy cbd gummies by satisfaction.He also folded his hands together Buddha There can you take cbd gummies with lexapro are disciples like this, what can a monk ask for Since Lichen became a killing Buddha, Master Lonely Chan changed his name.On the contrary, Lichen felt very uncomfortable.

CBD Gummies At Gnc Hearing this, Princess Shenxiu raised her head slightly.At the beginning, he held his bamboo can you smoke cbd hemp buds flute Rain Snow in his hand, and before he knew it, eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies At Gnc his face was covered with red clouds.Mr.Fen Ji secretly screamed badly Lichen, Lichen, you still haven t created a world like your name Southern Border, Dian Cang faction.The real Cangsong looked at the secret letter in his hand with disbelief.Five character scriptures Impossible, absolutely impossible.Real Cangsong s complexion changed slightly, and his thoughts twitched.The CBD Gummies At Gnc Shasheng Temple was closed and the mountain was closed for more than 200 years.In the past two hundred years, there has been neither Zhou Tianxingchen s luck, nor the help of other forces.Just relying on the resources of the killing forest Even got such an opportunity.The five character scripture is enough to become the fundamental inheritance of the Kyushu wellness cbd gummies School Master Cangsong looked at the secret letter in his hand, and remembered the records in Dian Cang Sect.

cbd gummies for dogs calming what do cbd gummies make u feel like When the spirit and flesh are unified, the infuriating energy will naturally circulate around the body, and then be released outside the body.When the Blood Transformation and Blood Clothes are combined to practice, this is the reason why the breakthrough speed is extremely fast.The two have been in a unified state since the beginning of cultivation.Running in.Seemingly seeing Lichen s doubts, Zen Master Lonely said cbd gummies 5mg with a smile, My disciple doesn t need to worry.It is like water that has been stored in a bucket for a long time, and it will seep out of the wooden barrel.As long as you don t slack off, you can break through at CBD Gummies At Gnc any time.After listening to Master Lonely eagle CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies At Gnc s explanation, Li Chen had some concerns in his heart.Holding the rosary with one hand and standing on his chest with the other Amitabha, thank you for your teaching.

And the killing forest is this profit.You can t delay on the road, you have to finish the important things as soon as possible, and then CBD gummies vs hemp gummies CBD Gummies At Gnc go back to the Killing Temple to explain what happened here ten days gummy bears hemp later.In a barren mountain not far from Anhou City, a child cried suddenly.Li Sao patted the swaddled baby in a hurry and complained, Why are you crying again.Li Chen rode on a stray, without turning his head Either I m pulling, or I m hungry.He touched foods with natural cbd his hand and said, It s really secret nature CBD vape CBD Gummies At Gnc terrible.After a lot of scrambling to clean up, Huai Sheng fell back to sleep again.Li Sao hugged Huai CBD Gummies At Gnc Sheng and sat on the wild boar, with a wild dog behind the butt of the wild boar.The poor wild dog has lost a lot of weight from ten days ago.Li Chen rode Piao Ling, bored, took off the gourd for a moment, took a sip from time to time, and occasionally gave Piao Ling a little bit of profit.

Seeing this, Lichen smiled secretly You are not very smart.So he let out a long sigh Amitabha, sin is sin.Ergou don t need to be restrained, just drink it yourself.Li Ergou was relieved when he heard the words.Just wanted to take two sips.But I heard a long sigh But The Buddha said Wine is a poison that penetrates the intestines, disturbing my heart and disturbing the world.When I think of this, the little monk is very sad.However the world is ignorant, what should I do Liberation Amitabha, sin and sin.Li Ergou s movements stopped abruptly whoever wants to drink, whoever drinks.I didn t dare drink it anyway.Master, I m quitting, quitting.As he pure kana hemp gummies said, he hung the gourd on his waist again.Li Chen was stunned, how much do CBD gummies cost CBD Gummies At Gnc this was too cowardly.So he shook his head It s easy to cross one person, but difficult to cross all beings.

It s hard to do.Li Chen subconsciously took out the gourd from his waist.Drink a keoni hemp gummies reviews spree first and be shocked.Dionysus Chapter drank CBD Gummies At Gnc the fine wine, the heart was surging, and the automatic operation was started. Cough, Amitabha, Lichen is no longer a hindrance.After speaking, Princess Chao Shenxiu folded her hands together.A slight salute.Princess Shenxiu was originally excited, but seeing Lichen still restrained, she couldn t help but smile.It is the spring breeze that does not understand, why is it tempting.What an idiot. Little monk, what happened outside Li Chen repeated what happened just now.Princess Shenxiu frowned City Lord Anhou is hiding so deeply.And ghost sect, when did you get such evil worms.Li Chen shook his head slightly Princess, now we have to hurry out.I may There is a CBD Gummies At Gnc way to crack the ghost ants Princess Shenxiu s beautiful eyes flowed, A happy face Follow me.

With the three elders as the foundation, the illuminati hemp delta 8 gummies review other monks can only follow the rules of Lichen honestly.Day three.The four leaders of loneliness, loneliness, loneliness, and loneliness came together and realized one of them.Fourth day.Quiet, lonely, quiet, quiet year, and other uncles of the silent generation, Recognize one of them separately.Day 5.Four of the true disciples in the forbidden area came.Day 6.In addition to cbd hemp oil utah the nine true disciples, there are also parting brothers from Yixin Chanyuan. ninth day.Li Ge, Li Sorrow, and Li Sao came to Bukong Mountain together.Lishou has just broken through the innate realm, the qi has not yet condensed, and Best CBD Gummies At Gnc Best CBD Gummies For Sleep 2021 it is still CBD Gummies At Gnc the congenital egg.Lichen then passed on to him the Karma Huotian that he had obtained from the Blood Sea Secret Realm.At the same time, he also planted a little bit of green phosphorus fire.

Now the kats natural cbd review interpretation mirror can show where everyone is, so he is not afraid of getting lost at all.The four of them made a way through the mountains, built bridges when they encountered water, and went where they were rugged, and where they were dangerous.Most of the places he went were inaccessible and slightly dangerous, but they were easily solved by the four of them.Bang There was an explosion in the sky.It s a banging arrow Li Sao shouted not cbd gummy ingredients far away.The source of the fluctuations is shown in the solution mirror parting.It wasn t too far to hear the sound, and that direction was right botanical farm cbd gummies on their way.The four of them did not hesitate, and hurriedly accelerated.The terrain on the island is a bit complicated, and it is not slow for four people to walk through.Be careful Li Ge s flying sword slammed, intercepting a black light.

From the way of killing to the way of life.Play the sea of blood billions of creatures.Later, when the Buddha came to this point, he read the Dripping Blood Sutra by chance, and felt that this secret method was unfathomable, so he retreated for seven days, and realized a unique skill from it, which is Swastika Heart CBD Gummies At Gnc Gang.Purify CBD Gummies At Gnc your heart with supreme compassion.From non self to only self.Known as Heaven and earth, I am the only one.Later, when the Buddha passed away, he transformed his id heart into eight treasures and gave them to the eight heavenly dragons.Although the eight treasures can suppress the world s luck, what is more important is that when these eight treasures are activated, they can CBD Gummies At Gnc be re turned into shadows, revealing the Swastika Heart Sutra.As long as I practice this sutra, there will be no one in the Three Realms who can disturb my heart, and the Dao will definitely lead the way.

cbd hemp infused gummy bears Finally, when all the white clouds were broken.The speed of Yinghuo Xingchen has slowed down a lot.Outrageous body gas turned into white clouds.As soon as it was approached by the firelight of the stars, it seemed to evaporate into CBD Gummies At Gnc mist.Bang It finally turned into a meteor, embedded in the outrageous white clouds.Stop slowly.Celestial phenomenon into the arms, sent into the heart Gang.It is to plant the seeds of celestial phenomena, which can cultivate wonders.The firefly sparkle was wrapped in white clouds in mid air, and slowly disappeared.The outrageous body flashed CBD Gummies At Gnc with a dark red glow, keoni cbd gummies side effects a little weird and a little ominous.The next moment, the anger disappeared.Night and white clouds are not seen.He opened his eyes CBD Gummies At Gnc with joy on his face.But Zen Master Lonely couldn t help it, and said first, Tutor, are you okay He was taken aback for a moment, then turned his head to look at the three of them.

At the end, it can t stand it anymore, it will climb out of the ground, and it will come to find it without you needing to grab it.You.Li Chen was amazed after listening to this Sprinkling Wine to Lure Monkeys.The forest is really big, and there are monkeys everywhere.The sloppy drunkard got two gourds of fine wine, and even sold it at a cheap price Hey, in fact, this method is not very useful.The method of Tianlu s spirit and monkey s earth escape is a magical technique, and it is not a hiding place at all.Unless you have a celestial mirror, you can calculate the celestial secret.So in the end, you have to catch it.Your escape technique is too poor, and even if you meet it, you can t catch it.Li Chen put his hands together and proclaimed the Buddha s name Amitabha, dare to Ask senior, if you meet that monkey, you might capture it.

Noisy.Dare to interrupt Lao Tzu s speech and beat your shit out. Lichen wiped his sweat silently.Junior Brother, you just got down to the ground, so you have to go back to the bed again.It s seamless.Sure enough, if you are not polite in the killing temple, you will die very ugly.PS I wish all readers and friends, the Year of the Tiger is auspicious, and the tiger is prosperous Gong Xi Fa Cai PS Collection, recommendation tickets, investment Thank you all the officials.Chapter 5 Causal Changes Master Lonely doesn t care about Li Sao s life or death.Instead, he looked at Lichen and waited for him to make a choice.The Classic of Blood Clothes is astonishingly powerful, it is consistent with the True Classic of Transforming Blood , and it is complete.But the quick success method, it is estimated that it is easy to become obsessed.

Senior brother, he Master Lonely turned his eyes to the outrageous room and nodded Your brother has been practicing Xiantian Tongzi Gong since he was omega 8 cbd gummies a child, and he has long since reached consummation.Let him suppress his cultivation.But after so long of repeated polishing, the water overflows, and the heart is already formed.This is to break through to the realm of interior scenery.Breaking through the interior is the introduction of celestial wonders into the heart.The outrageous practice of Xiantian Tongzi Gong is a miracle handed down by Bodhidharma.Acquired realm can practice childlike innocence.Congenital can evolve the white cloud congealing Gang.As for the wonders of the interior, there is another article in Xiantian Tongzi Gong , the art of picking the stars.Can pick the stars in the sky into the heart.

Uh Wealth, silk and resources are nothing to worry about, as long as the next person accompanies him to the left and right to serve tea and water.Li Chen coughed twice Amitabha, home The teacher has already said that he will no longer accept apprentices in this life.I ll be a lay disciple.You want to be beautiful.After some rejection, Lian Hai knew that it was impossible for him to be a teacher, so he was full of disappointment and re emphasized.Sitting back in his seat, he let out a long sigh.It s a pity, the rest of my life is only good at drinking, but today I have nothing to do with the drunken monk in wine.But there is a cup of immortal brew from Master Lichen, and I have the right to comfort it.The color was swept away.After a while, his eyes lit up again There is also a single wine in the Famous Wine Record that also ranks in the top ten, both from the hands of a drunken monk, but I don t know about Master Lichen Lichen turned to the tenth page and wrote the book.