Almost, anyway, it s not really immersing in the plot, green cbd gummies reviews it just makes the space a little noisy.Occasionally, she also thinks about something in the air, and sometimes smiles.Just suddenly, she was surprised to find that in the group of sisters when she was a child, Taeyeon and Ernie shared a song, a Chinese song, Want to be charlottes web CBD gummies sleep CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients Free.Even though it was very late, with Taeyeon Unnie s sharing, everyone came out to chat, with various emojis and CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients inquiries.Yeah, Wuli Taigu shared a song late at night Taeyeon Unnie, what s wrong The tune is so sad Aren t you all sleeping Do you want to get up in the nightclub I m suddenly sleepy Me too Hey hey hey, will you be cold as soon as I appear Lin Yuner also listened to it best gummies for stress and anxiety and read the lyrics carefully, sad Yes, cbd broad spectrum gummies without corn syrup but there is also warmth, and it makes her think about something involuntarily, such as herself, cbd plus delta 8 gummies when she reads the lyrics, she always thinks of Ye Gui involuntarily.

It s kind of embarrassing.But Xiao Gao s cold little hand held him and asked him with a smile.Are you feeling embarrassed, President Ni Ye Gui was also calm, he nodded, Yes, I was still the President just now, but now I ask you to pay.Krysta smiled indifferently, Although it s been a while.An ice cream is nothing, but I can also solve the embarrassment of the chairman, so will you give me a salary increase I should cbd gummies augusta ga consider quitting you.Ye Gui shook his head.Krysta s eyes widened slightly, o cbd balm lazarus naturals why I resolved your embarrassment in such a timely manner, it s fine if you don t say thank you, but you just fired me Are all capitalists like you Ye Gui said, Yes It s because you know how embarrassed I am that you can t let you stay.What does this have to do with capitalists You should not tell me that I paid me such a heavy basic salary that does not calculate performance.

2.purekana CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients

CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients lucent valley CBD gummies >> benefits of CBD gummy, are hemp and CBD the same CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients CBD gummies review CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients.

Nei, it s a little bit.This is not to preserve the tenderness at the moment, she is really hungry, because at the table today, after drinking a belly of wine and eating, she ate two mouthfuls of salad.Okay, then I know.Ye Gui nodded.Huh Taeyeon turned her head to look at him, a little puzzled, You, what do you know Take you to eat something delicious, he said.Delicious Taeyeon s eyes brightened, but then she picked up her phone and checked the time.It was already more than eight o clock, almost nine o clock.She quickly shook her head.Forget Ye Gui, don t eat it.I don t dare to eat it at this time.I ll gain weight.I ll go back and drink some milk or some water and let it go.You really don t want to eat He Take a look at her.Nei.Taeyeon sighed a little, Best CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients Full Spectrum but her reason finally prevailed.Okay.Ye Gui nodded, and then asked again, By the way, I have something I want to ask you.

Krysta s flat lips, If you don t let me accept it, then you can still laugh, let you always treat me as your sister, now, I m directly a niece.Ye Gui thought for a while, I didn t admit it, you re not.Krysta pouted, But Dad has already called you one by one, Brother Ye, and CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients said that you will come to the house and let us pay attention to etiquette, CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients so am I going to say honorifics Uncle Ye Gui Ye Gui couldn t help but smile again, Why are you so cute Krysta paused, a little depressed, This is not the time to talk about cuteness, I m getting bored.He said, I haven t even arrived for the first day of your week, I cbd hemp drops have to wait, ah jjia, it s even more annoying Through the phone, I could hear the little girl s collapse.Ye Gui thought for a while, and said to the little girl, Then I will call your father directly and explain everything.

Lin Runna nodded.However, Lin Yuner said, Oni, why did it suddenly become today Lin Runna said, Dad has something to do tomorrow, so I changed it to today, and specially all natural CBD CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients asked me to come here to invite Ye Gui.After speaking, she seemed to mean something.Seeing Lin Yuner opening her mouth with a smile.Otherwise, I don t want to appear suddenly and disturb you two.Lin Yuner was a little shy again, Oni Lin Runna smiled and glanced at Lin CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients Yuner, then looked at Ye Gui, Then, you can continue chatting, I Go back and prepare for the dinner how to infuse cbd into gummies first.Ye Gui saluted and said goodbye, Thank you, sister, see you tonight.Lin Run e smiled and waved her hand, Don t be so polite.After saying that, she was ready to leave.Lin Yuner, who was wearing a hat and mask, hurriedly said, O Neill, I ll send you.Then, she said to Ye Gui, Ye CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients Gui, I ll send me O Neill.

3.eagle hemp CBD gummies side effects CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients

Ye Gui smiled and squeezed her small mouth gently.Then tuck her hair on the sides behind her ears.Put the cbd gummies distributor mask on for her.Xiao Gao s cold garden of life cbd sleep gummies reviews eyes blinked.Then loudly.Is this your nirvana What kind of nirvana.Ye Gui shook his head.But you CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients ve already made me unable to calm down.Krysta said, I really want to kiss you right now.Ye Gui looked at her, Be patient, don t be impulsive, impulsiveness is the devil.Then, he took are cbd gummies effective for pain relief Xiao Gao Leng s hand Go outside.Xiao Gao Leng s brows and eyes were immediately curved, and he smiled, although he was somewhat helpless.But still follow him under his leadership.At the same time, he said, Ye Gui, if I kiss you now, will you push me away Like last time at the CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients beach Ye Gui looked back at her, When can you hold me down and whats cbd gummies talk.Krysta pouted, Che, you wait.Ye Gui smiled at her without saying a word.

Quietly, as soon as he entered, they all looked at him.Yes, waiting for him again.He didn t say anything, just eagle hemp CBD gummies shark tank CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients took a seat as soon as possible.Then looked around.Let s play as usual, there s nothing wrong.The words fell.Gao Yuanzai immediately understood, and began to set off the atmosphere and start the game.Then the bar started again.At this time, he suddenly felt that someone was pulling him down, and when he turned around, it was Taeyeon.With a small face, Taeyeon asked him softly.Is it okay He shook his head, full spectrum CBD gummies with thc CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients It s okay, let s play at ease.Yeah.Taeyeon nodded lightly and didn t ask any more.And the game continued.As if everything was just an episode the moment IU came home.I got a few things right away.A memory card, a hard drive removed from the computer, and two photos of all the digital products in Zhang Jihe CBD vs hemp oil CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients s house being smashed and burned into a black mass, and a video tape.

White.Oh, no, it s nothing.Taeyeon was a little flustered, Well, let s go.While speaking, she lowered hemp cbd pain relief salve her head a little and walked to the co pilot to sit down.He didn t ask any further questions and walked to the driver s the carriage.He glanced at Taeyeon who had taken off his mask.Just eat barbecue, and don t drink wine.After all, you have a schedule tomorrow.Taeyeon also looked at him, Then do you drink Me Of course I drink, I ll just find a chauffeur.He glanced at Taeyeon a little weirdly, is that even a question Taeyeon laughed, Aren t you drinking alone Single He glanced at Taeyeon, thought about it, and then spoke.Okay, then you drink less.Nei.Taeyeon nodded lightly, I m measured.He was noncommittal, thinking again of the night she vomited on her body.Taeyeon paused slightly, her eyes moved slightly, You re not thinking about that time again, are you He didn t answer, but instead asked, I m here for a few days this time.

Only Long Eryong and a few bodyguards were left standing a little further away.He frowned and looked around, but saw IU staring at him with burning eyes.He sighed slightly.It should be just a few days.IU nodded lightly.Then I ll be waiting for you in the crew.He said, waving his hand gently, Goodbye, Ye Guixi.After speaking, he showed a soft smile.He paused, then nodded.Okay, goodbye.Goodbye.IU replied softly again.Immediately, two Ye Gui s bodyguards came over, a man and a woman.IU followed the two bodyguards and left quietly.But at the corner of the corridor, he glanced back.But he found that Ye Gui had turned around.She pursed her lips slightly.But still silently watched Ye Gui s back disappear.Just turned and left. Chapter 389 Support 12 Chapter 389 Support 12 Back to the private room.

On your back Lee Jae sub bowed his head, not knowing what to say.Ye Gui shook his head helplessly, Okay, it s okay to go to Korea or not.I don t even know who Gao Yuanzai is, and jolly CBD gummies review CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients I don t care.That s it, you can rest.Okay.Li Zaixie said., Brother Chong and have a good rest.Well.Ye Gui nodded and turned to leave.And Li Zaixie watched Ye Gui leave, cbd hemp store online and there was some worry in his expression The next day, Ye Gui set out with Gu Zhiya, Li Zaixie, Zhang Sheng and Yayan.Yang Le did not come because of some family affairs.And Ye Gui didn t go to the backstage to find Krystal.The backstage should have been busy at the moment, and Krystal should also adjust his state.He didn t bother, but took a few hemp fusion CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients people to sit in the best positions.down.As soon as he sat best cbd gummies for stress down, Ye Gui understood that Krystal had taken great care in the arrangement, because his seat was indeed very good and unique.

But a little lonely, this is an unavoidable feeling.But if Ye Gui s eyes really fell on her, she would be afraid again, very Top 3 CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients contradictory.For a time, we all became scenery and dreams in each other s eyes After the singing stage was over, Xiao Potuan got cbd hemp oil walmart off the stage and walked to the lounge amid the cheers.However, natures purpose CBD CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients Xiu Jing did not leave with her teammates, but spoke to the three teammates and walked out through the exit.Then came to a car parked at the back door.I didn t see my sister in the car, only him Ye Gui was driving.Xiu Jing sat in CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients the co pilot, took out her Best CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients Full Spectrum phone and was looking at something.Xiuyan went back first.He said.Krystal turned his head to look at him, I know, Ernie just texted me.Okay.He nodded, Now, where do you want to go Krystal paused, Ask me I I thought you came CBD vs hemp CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients to me and already thought of where to take me.

Sitting in the co pilot, Krystal still stared at his big eyes, blinking somewhere.Ye Gui glanced at her and pulled the sun visor down for her.Close your eyes and sleep for a while.Krystal raised his hand and pushed curts concentrates cbd gummies the sun visor back.Wait a minute, I don t want to sleep just yet.Ye Gui said, Okay, then I ll drive first, you can sleep when you want.In.Krystal pursed his lips and smiled, still with a soft expression on his face.Ye Gui nodded and started the car.As she walked along, Krystal didn t speak, she just occasionally do cbd gummies help sleep looked at the scenery and Ye Gui, and gradually, she finally covered her mouth and yawned lightly.Her eyes gradually blurred, and finally she fell cbd gummies charlotte s web asleep.On a quiet street, Ye Gui stopped the car and threw a thin blanket over Krystal, then the car started again smoothly and drove forward.

Lin Yuner hesitated, then shook her head, No, the body is the most important Ye Gui paused, Then we will go to the hospital for a checkup cbd gummies bad for liver the day after tomorrow, even if you don t believe me You should trust the doctor s judgment when you judge your own body, right Lin Yuner thought about it, but looked at Ye Gui with a light smile, Ye Gui, you seem to be very resistant to being hospitalized, are you afraid of injections Or are you afraid that the doctor will take a small hammer Knock on your knee Ye Gui waved his hand, Neither.Lin Yun er looked puzzled and curious.Ye Guizheng said, Actually, the hospital bed is too small.When I hold you, I m always afraid that you will fall.The air suddenly became quiet.Lin Yun er kenai farms CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients s cheeks were slightly warm, Just because of this Ye Gui nodded and said calmly, So it s better for me to stay at home and hold my sweet Lin Yun er than that, isn t it Lin Yuner bit the corner of her lips slightly.

Listening to his words, Xiao Gao s cold eyes flickered slightly.Immediately nod, I ll put it in a good place.Ye Gui nodded.And Xiao Gao Leng did what he said, and walked down holding the brocade box.Not long after, she came up.Guess where I put it The kitchen Ye Gui asked.Xiao Gao sneered, How is that possible Then he said, I put it in our, Ani, my bedroom, the master bedroom on the second floor.Ye Gui understood.And Xiao Gao Leng five cbd gummies free immediately pulled Ye back to his seat.Eat with me, Ye Gui, I m so hungry.After speaking, the two sat down and opened the boxes one by one.Xiao Gao Leng looked at Ye Gui in surprise.What, it s all my favorite food, how did you do it Ye Gui looked at her and said, I asked your sister, she told me.Xiao Gao laughed coldly.Why don t you lie to me and say that you checked it out and observed it normally.

written on it.Ye Gui, let s pass the note.After writing, he pushed the notebook and pen obediently 250mg cbd sleep gummy bears over.Ye Gui s gaze shifted to the book.After reading it, he smiled and looked at Xiao Gao Leng.Xiao your cbd store gummies Gao also smiled coldly, with some anticipation.Study hard and make progress every day.Ye Gui replied.Xiao Gao pouted coldly.wrote natures best CBD CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients again.You really came to the library to read and study Ye Gui looked at it, didn t write, just turned to face Xiao Gaoleng and nodded.Xiao Gao frowned coldly.No more writing, just melatonin cbd gummies speaking.What, then let me ask you, the book looks good, hemp edibles or me You.Ye Gui didn t even think about it.Then look at me.Xiao Gao Leng said angrily.Then I ll finish reading this chapter.Ye Gui said.Xiao Gao Leng rolled his eyes.But Ye Gui turned pastor charles stanley cbd gummies his attention to the book again.She was helpless.An egg was drawn on the can you give dogs cbd gummy bears notebook, then Ye Gui s name was written, and an arrow connected the egg and Ye Gui s name.

Jessica sighed slightly and said nothing, waiting for Krysta to speak.Krysta continued, I know, I m still childish in many ways.So, I want to mature quickly.At least not so keoni CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients young anymore, not just protected by you.Jessica calmed down.look at my sister.half an hour.You ve done CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients a good job, Xiu Jing, really, Ernie has anytime cbd gummies seen it all, so you don t have to run in the direction of being too mature, you have to be yourself, my sister who dares to love and hate.Zheng Xiujing.I like my sister like this, and so does Ye Gui.It s normal to be childish in front of the person you like, as long as you don t spoil yourself, all those jokes are cute, you have to be so mature, you want to be him Elder Krysta pondered a little.After a gummy pain reliever while.She looked up at Ernie.I understand what Ernie means.After speaking, he hesitated and asked again.

eagle hemp CBD full spectrum gummies CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients It s nothing to do today, after listening to CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients Yang Le and Long Yiyong s report.Ye Gui has nothing to do, he intends to leave, and drives to s to find Lin Yuner.But Long Yiyong brought the person he recommended 25mg cbd to see Ye Gui at this time, called Shi Zaichun.A tall and sturdy man, koi cbd gummies side effects CBD hemp flower CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients he is a little smaller than Long Yiyong, and he looks softer, not as fierce as Long Yiyong.According to Long Yiyong, he worked as a bodyguard for an ido before he lost his job.Ye Gui has no opinion.Shi Zaichun joined the ranks of guarding Ye Gui, just as Ye Gui was about to go out, Shi Zaichun just followed.Drive all the way to s.It was also reviews on CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients smooth all the way.When going to the lounge where Lin Yuner was.Passing a hallway, there is a housekeeper cleaning up.In addition, he also saw a familiar little girl coming from the other end of the corridor.

I ll accompany you to wash your face.He got up.Ye Gui also followed her.Just when they got to the bathroom, both of them saw that the door of the suite was natures purpose cbd coupon code left open.Look at each other.Krysta approached, gently pushing the door open.Inside the suite, look through the living room lights.Empty.Krysta opened his eyes slightly and turned on the suite light in disbelief.The suite brightens up.With only the what is the difference between CBD and hemp CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients quilt thrown away, Jessica was gone. Chapter 228 Unspeakable weakness 5 Chapter 228 Unspeakable weakness Clothes and shoes hurried out to find someone.I asked the front desk, but they couldn t determine Jessica s direction.The two could only go in separate directions to find each other, walking on each side, and agreed to call every fifteen minutes.If anyone doesn t answer the phone, call the police directly to prevent more incidents.

Taeyeon didn t respond, and pursed her lips even more.Sunny gritted his teeth and took out a card from his bag.Then he handed it to Taeyeon and said angrily, Give, give.Taeyeon approached suspiciously and took it carefully, What is this Sunny explained indifferently, I have a relative who opened a new shopping mall.It is a top level VIP card, you can enjoy the first three luxury items for free regardless of the brand, and 50 off for subsequent luxury purchases, right Taeyeon s eyes lit up, Are CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients there many luxury men s stores She laughed angrily, Are you thinking about your Ye Gui, or your father or Oppa Taeyeon said casually, One piece per person, of course I still want to buy him a few more pieces., as a gift I want to give him.Saying this, he approached Sunny again with a smile, Will you take some time to accompany me to buy things after I finish the concert Sunny looked disgusted.

Tomorrow about changing the medicine, wait until I come to you, and then help you change it.Ye Gui looked CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients at her, I was arrested a few times, but it s not a piece of meat, don t make a fuss, just go to class as usual tomorrow.Lin Yuner paused, Tomorrow, won t you rest Ye Gui shook Best CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients Full Spectrum his head, Small injury, it s not necessary, Best CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients Full Spectrum and I ll teach you a day or two, I m going to the magic capital, and I have eagle hemp cbd gummies phone number an CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients agreement with a little girl.Lin Yuner nodded, Nei, I see, then we ll see you in the crew tomorrow.Okay, let s go back and rest early.Ye Gui said.Inside.Lin Yuner responded, closing the door gently.Then, watching eagle cbd gummies tinnitus the car leave, they entered the hotel together with Yayan.Back in her room, she didn t pack up and remove her makeup or lie down, but took out her mobile phone and called her sister.Let s give Lin Yuner s family settings here.

Ye Gui nodded.The story began.He told it softly, and Xiao Gao Leng listened carefully.Only as the night CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients deepened.Xiao Gao Leng gradually fell asleep in his arms, breathing slightly heavy.Good night.He whispered to Xiao Gao Leng Leng, and gradually closed his eyes, sinking into the dream.night.very quiet.Jessica got up from the bed, the tightly drawn curtains blocked all the light, and the room was horribly dark.He was dizzy and drunk, and he seemed to CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients be tired and groggy after being hit by some kind of drug.She took a deep breath, and the chaotic memories began to sort back.Finally, when everything is clear.She closed her recoverfx cbd gummies eyes silently, trembling helplessly in the dark.night.very quiet.Ye Gui had another dream.Disorganized but only natural pet cbd there is always Lin Yuner s figure.She was laughing, approaching, crying.

Ye Gui was stunned, I want to follow me when I go home The CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients big man who spoke nodded, That s right, but you Don t worry, we will stay in a house near your home and wait for you.We will not disturb your private life.We will only follow you when you go out.Of course, if you call at any cbd hemp oil congestive heart failure time, we will also appear at any time.Ye Gui thought for a while, Then If I ask you not to follow me sometimes, can I do it The big man nodded, Theoretically, there is no problem, but we will judge at some point.Once CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients we feel that there is a safety hazard in your trip, we will follow.Ye Gui Nodding, Okay, then it s hard work.By the way, I haven t asked your names yet.The big man said, I m Long Yiyong, he is my brother Long cbd gummy labels serenity CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients Eryong.Long Eryong heard his brother introduce himself., also salutes Ye Gui.Ye Gui nodded, Okay, it s nice to meet you.

We need the comfort of food.Xu Xian blushed a little and pulled Tiffany down, but Tiffany smiled and gave her a look.Xu Xian could only lower his head, not daring to look at Taeyeon.Taeyeon gritted her teeth, Okay, I m fine if you need to comfort me, but there s no need to order so much, can you eat it Then you underestimate my stomach, I ll pack it up and go home.Tiffany laughed out loud.Taeyeon let out a long sigh, Well, Panny Xiaoxian, let s change restaurants, I treat guests, and there is absolutely no limit, the specifications are thc hemp gummies only a little lower than here oh y God, Kim Taeyeon, even if this is a five star place, Ye Gui doesn t need you to save, right Tiffany was a little surprised.Taeyeon didn t say anything, just looked at the two with a serious expression.Xu Xian also hurriedly pulled Tiffany again, CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients Panyone, it s really okay, stop teasing Taeyeon.

on his chest.Is this any better Lin Yuner asked softly.Ye Gui is disdainful, If the beauty plan is useful, Ye Gui won t be single before you.Lin Yuner chuckled, The beauty plan is also divided into beauties, what if it was me Ye Gui coughed, Of course, of course it s useful Lin Yuner laughed, Haha Ye Gui, you are so cute, I want to kiss you.As she spoke, she tiptoed slightly, wrapping her arms around Ye Gui s neck and looking at him.The delicate face is close to Ye Gui.Without even thinking about it, Ye Gui nibbled at the thin lips that might be slightly crystal clear because of the lipstick and lip gloss.Lin Yuner drew some black eyeliner, and closed her slightly cold eyes.The world is quiet.Make up, check your outfit, and put 5 cbd gummies on your bachelor s uniform and hat.After doing this, Lin Yuner drove Ye Gui and set off.

sunny, I m older than him, so I don t want to worry too much about him.And the most important thing is that after Sika left the team, we have more crises and doubts.At this CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients time, we have to take on more things.It s not for him, it s for us.So, don t be angry, CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients my Lee Soon Kyu.Taeyeon still smiled when she said this.But sunny and Lin Yuner, Tiffany, Xu Xian couldn t laugh.After a long time, sunny s expression gradually softened.Yeah, tell me what you need to say how much is pure kana cbd gummies in the future, you insist on quarreling with you Taeyeon smiled and nodded, Nene, Alasao After the words fell, the atmosphere was a little silent, but several girls looked at Taeyeon.Yan, but CBD gummies and breastfeeding CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients her expression is soft and warm.Taeyeon smiled, Oh, don t be like this, today is a good day for Yoona to graduate and fall in love with her lover.

Because those cheers and laughter constitute the present, which is slowly burning firewood releasing infinite heat under the cold night sky. Chapter 470 Daily Taeng9Cam 14 Chapter 470 Daily taeng9ca 14 I listened to the little short body introducing the elementary school I went to all the way, In junior high school, cbd gummies for muscle recovery the park where she used to walk with her family, the botanical gardens cbd gummies roads she walked, the small shops she went to In this place where she grew up, many of her memories are stored.It s just that charlotte s web calm the night is as cold as water at this moment.The speed of the small electric car CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients CBD gummies near here is gradually slowing down on the way forward, but the cold wind does not stop.He feels that the short body is a little cold, and green ape CBD gummies review CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients the whole person is a little trembling.He finally stopped immediately.This time, the road to memory.

nightfall.The night is cold as water.The two circled around for a long time, sweating a little.So the first thing Xiao Gao Leng did when he came back was to take a bath.Ye Guize came to the rooftop alone.For no reason, my chest was heavy.It didn t hurt, but it made him have a sour feeling lingering in his eyes.He was standing on the roof, the wind was blowing.The coolness did not make him feel well being CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Alzheimer S Patients any better.He rubbed his eyes.But momentarily stunned.There are tears.It just flowed down unhindered.The dullness in his chest gradually turned heavy.Yooner on the rooftop.He gently.Call out the girl s name softly.Stuck in the wind for a moment.In an instant, it drifted away again.Ye Gui s bedroom.Wearing a bathrobe with wet hair, Xiao Gao Leng came to Ye Gui s bedroom.Ye Gui, go to my room and sit for a while.