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But after thinking about it, it seems that there is no need for it.Today is a special reason to cause so many tableware and kitchen utensils.Usually, cbd gummies fresno there should not be too many.Just thinking about it, he just put down a washed bowl and put his hands around him lightly, and at the same time there was a soft body on his back that pressed against him.According to the feeling of this man, she knew who it was.I said you don t want me to find you as soon as I wake up.I told you about that feeling.Lin Yuner held Ye Gui from behind and complained in a low voice.Ye Gui smiled and apologized, Sorry girl, I was thinking of going to accompany you after washing.Lin Yun er sighed softly, Why are you so cbd gourmet gummies diligent, obviously this is what I should do.Ye Gui Gui smiled nonchalantly, Why leave something that you can do easily, why leave it to another person.

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I m not a waste person, I don t want to start dragging you before I do.After speaking, there was a pause.questioned.You, can you understand what I mean Iu understood for a moment, she actually understood that some people are proud and don t want to drag anyone down.Ye Gui is one of them.Uh, I understand.Iu responded.But this topic is a bit heavy.It was heavy before, and now she doesn t want to waste a lot of time on heavy time.So I quietly changed the subject.By the way, Ye Gui, look, there seems to be a dolphin jumping out of the sea in the distance.Ye Gui heard the words and hempful gummies followed iu s guidance.But for a moment, it was black again.with previous experience.He was neither flustered nor surprised.This kind of thing will definitely happen again in the future.So he remained calm, following where can i buy pure kana cbd gummies the previous direction and justcbd sugar free cbd gummies keeping a distant view.

Krysta shook his head, Jia, who has nothing to do with you, I chose the place, it s just a coincidence.Gu Zhiya sighed.But how did you guys get so far apart I ve seen you when you were the closest, but CBD gummies for high blood pressure CBD Gummies With Cbn compared to now, you seem to have some deep hatred.Don t you even say hello to relatives Can you Krysta was a little lost.It seemed like a long time before she made a sound, her voice was a little hoarse.It might as well pass by.When he came back.Lin Yun er s face was already flushed, and she was covering her face and frowning.Ye Gui sat down and looked at her.What s wrong girl Lin Yun er pouted, Drinking a few glasses of wine, my face is so hot, and I don t seem to be in a good state today.Ye Gui smiled, took her hand off, and covered best cbd gummies for anxiety and pain his own.Lin Yun er s eyes lit up, and her wrinkled face stretched out with a smile.

That was my worst fear, I always thought that my future would not fall calories in cbd gummies into such an ending, but when the omens came, I It s no different.I ll be a mourner too.Lin Yuner s nasal voice was heavy at this moment.And she continued to speak.Ye Gui.I love you very much, and I am willing to do everything I want to do with you, but I can t accept that there is a second woman in your heart, and I can t accept it Where does my heart come from The second woman Ye Gui finally couldn t help interrupting Lin Yuner.I said that when I see her, I always think of Minya, so I can t see her being wronged, but that s family.How can you let me admit that I like it But you are not related by blood CBD Gummies With Cbn Lin Yuner Looking at Ye Gui, the voice was very loud.Ye Gui paused, So, all your unhappiness now is just an assumption, right But it didn t happen, you can t take it as real, let alone as a reason for breaking up, it s as absurd as if you take everything that happened in your dreams as reality We still have a lot of time, even if Ye Guishen Take a breath, Even if you must think I like her now, well, then I will prove it with my actions, and in the future, I will prove it with all my actions And his voice was soft and relieved.

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cbd gummies effect What about your body Do you feel more comfortable If not, I d better ask you for leave.Xiao Gao Leng shook his head and said, I really don t need to, my body is also very comfortable.Although I said yesterday that I have become squeamish, but then Also relatively speaking, this level really doesn t matter. I won t deduct your salary, really.Ye Gui said jokingly.Then I don t want it either.Xiao Gao Leng puffed up his face slightly, very cute.Ye Gui smiled and stroked her hair, Then I won t force you.I ve already asked Yiyong to buy breakfast.Go and pack it up.When you pack it up, it should be just right.Xiao Gao Leng sighed slightly , But I m a little lazy all of a CBD Gummies With Cbn Botanical CBD Gummies sudden, and I have to wash my hair, face, brush my teeth, skin care, and make up.That s it.Ye Gui thought for a while.Watch her speak.

Without thinking much, even before Gu Zhiya reacted, Krystal walked over, took off his black trench coat, and put it on Ye Gui lightly.Then she walked gently to leave, but she saw the group photo on the desk at a glance, she had seen it before.He was a little stunned, but then, Krystal came back to his senses, and regardless of Gu Zhiya s strange eyes, he directly pulled her out of the study and gently closed the door again.In the living room, the two sat down on the sofa.Krystal hesitated, but still said, Gu Zhiya, why does Ye Gui sleep in the study Gu Zhiya sighed slightly, Brother has had this habit for a long time.In the study, there is a group photo of my brother, my brother s biological mother, and my sister A few years ago, due to a plane crash, my brother s biological mother and sister died.

In the booth closest to the rooftop, there were only two chairs, with a round table in between, and Krystal sat on the chair to the right of the round table.Ye Gui walked over to the chair on the left, the one across the table from Krystal.Approaching, he hemp seeds cbd content sat down.Krystal didn t seem to notice, just sat there, looking up at the stars.He sat quietly, without making a sound.for a long time.Krystal spoke.Uncle, you re late.Ye Gui nodded, I m sorry, I took Yun er back today.There was a lot of delay on the way.Krystal looked back at Ye Gui.Is it Yuner Is it such an intimate name, when did the uncle have such a good relationship with Yuner Oni Ye Gui didn t answer the question, but said directly, I am with her.Krystal suddenly Quiet again.Another long time.She spoke softly.Congratulations, friend A.

Okay, Xiao Xiujing, just accept it generously.We can t really go to the Shura field in the future, right Yoona said, and also shouted that CBD Gummies With Cbn when Xiao Gao Leng followed behind Jessica, they called Xiao Gao.cold title.Krystal bit the corner of his lower lip immediately, I m not too young now, Yoona Uni Yuna couldn t help laughing, I m not too young, she has become my sister and Taeyeon Uni.Haha Taeyeon laughed beside her.Xiao Gao Leng also bit his lips and smiled a little embarrassedly.That s how laughter came from the kitchen.He was stunned.Immediately, he smiled unintentionally.Gradually, those smiles faded a bit, but anyway, it was good It s still a while before they leave.Everyone s arrangements have been made clear.He was arranged very clearly.First, I took Xiao Gaoleng to the singing stage, and then came to pick up Yoona and Taeyeon after the live lazarus naturals CBD CBD Gummies With Cbn broadcast.

His face, which was originally white, was now covered with a layer of white frost.The scene was a little quiet for a while.But not long after, neat steps sounded from the corridor in an instant, and the elevator went up.Soon, Long Yiyong filled the entire stairwell with dozens of people.Several people also surrounded Taeyeon and the boy.Taeyeon is okay, she has seen the big scene before, Ye Gui is also an acquaintance of acquaintance, don t you help others if you don t help her And boy, not to mention of course, at this moment, his legs were a little soft, and he even leaned against the wall for support.He CBD Gummies With Cbn wanted to explain, but looking at the vicious bodyguard in front of him, he didn t dare to speak.And Long Yiyong came to Ye Gui.Vice President Ni, do you have any instructions Ye Gui didn t speak, and the irritability on his face did not disappear.

After a while, she looked up at Taeyeon, It s not about getting along, it s about fulfilling contractual obligations, and there will be nothing beyond the limit.Taeyeon exhaled slightly and looked at her, Li Zhien, even if you say that, but if we Exchange now, would you agree to this kind of thing iu shook his head, no.Said, looking at Taeyeon, So, I didn t even think about being alone, I mean, Taeyeon Ernie , can you and Ye Guixi perform the contractual obligations together If you watch it with your own eyes, you should be relieved, I actually want to stay with you.And the deadline is the day before your wedding, okay Taeyeon was quiet for a while, and finally sighed slightly, Okay.Iu also sighed in relief.There was a moment of silence between the two.The clock ticked a few times.Taeyeon looked at IU s fingers.

After speaking, she picked up the bathrobe, Forget it., I ll go out and change in the corridor, anyway, some people won t let me change here.After speaking, CBD Gummies With Cbn he was about to leave.He silently grabbed her wrist.Okay, okay, I ll go out.Yun er coughed lightly, standing quietly holding the bathrobe and natures boost CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies With Cbn deliberately not looking at him.He full spectrum CBD gummies with thc CBD Gummies With Cbn shook his head helplessly, then turned around and walked out, pulling the door behind him.Yoona looked at the closed door, the corners of her mouth twitched uncontrollably, but soon the smile hemp gummies wholesale disappeared.She sat down holding the bathrobe, and for a moment, she became silent again the bath is really comfortable.It s not that he didn t wait for Yuner, but after waiting for a while, he knocked on the door and asked, but Yuner only told him to let him go first.He came first.

That s all, are you at ease, wui Ye Gui xi.Ye Gui turned his head to look at Lin Yun er, No.Lin Yun er slowly restrained her smile, Why Ye Gui said, Because I can feel your unhappiness, even though it happened for a reason, even though that little girl I explained it to you.But if I put myself in my shoes, it s absolutely impossible for me to treat this as if buy prime nature CBD CBD Gummies With Cbn it didn t happen.If I m uncomfortable, I m just uncomfortable.Lin Yuner suddenly laughed, Oh, you and Xiu Jing s explanations are so similar.Ye Gui CBD Gummies With Cbn paused and was about to speak.Lin Yuner interrupted and continued to speak.Let s go for a bike CBD Gummies With Cbn Botanical CBD Gummies ride, didn t we agree Let s go for a bike ride along the Han River, go to the park there, and look at the Han River from the park bench.Ye Gui nodded, Okay, then let s go home first.Inside.Lin Yuner said.

The resident is a blond female singer.The songs that Xiao Gao Leng sang seemed to like, because when Xiao Gao Leng looked at the stage, he would nod his head unconsciously and sing softly along with the rhythm.Or maybe it s a habit of being a singer.But Ye Gui didn t delve into the reason, just looked at her softly.Xiao Gao sang softly for a while, then stopped.Looking back at Ye Gui.Today, fx CBD gummies CBD Gummies With Cbn would you like some wine While cbd gummies gold bee speaking, the little girl s eyes were filled with anticipation.Okay.He agreed.But I didn t drink any do CBD gummies cause constipation CBD Gummies With Cbn strong quit smoking CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies With Cbn wine.First, neither of them likes to drink.There is also a resident singing restaurant in this restaurant.It is edible gummies cbd obviously more refreshing to come to draft beer.Who can resist a cold draft beer on a midsummer night Xiao Gaoleng s alcohol intake has increased significantly.

While speaking, he wanted to embrace Xiao Gao Leng.Xiao Gao Leng hurriedly what's the difference between hemp and CBD gummies CBD Gummies With Cbn ran away and ran 1 1 cbd thc gummies to the other side of the table.Of course I wouldn t refuse it if it was normal, but now I really can t.I m going to the company soon, and I have to meet my sisters.If I find unnatural makeup, I ll be made fun of.Ye Gui thought for a while, then nodded, to be honest, still a little regretful.Krysta looked at him with a smile, At night, I promise you when I go home at night, okay Ye Gui smiled, didn t speak, and nodded lightly.Xiao Gao Leng immediately said lively, Then I ll go first.Speak when we arrive.Ye Gui said.Nei Xiaogao Leng Qingyue agreed, and then turned around.The moment the door opened.Looking back.Laugh out loud.I love you, Ye Gui.Ye Gui was stunned, just about what CBD gummies are safe CBD Gummies With Cbn to speak.But Xiao Gao Leng had already got out with a smart smile on his face and closed the door.

You must only like me or Girls Generation, right Yayan breathed a sigh of relief, It s nothing, it s Ernie, you ve been in a lot of mood swings lately, you re happy for a get eagle hemp CBD gummies CBD Gummies With Cbn while, and irritable for a while, I m afraid this will become a trigger.Soo or something Lin Yun er fell silent for a while, I ve been really weird lately, haven t I Oni Yayan opened her mouth to comfort her.I know.Lin Yuner said, Although it can t be said that women all over the world will become self doubt, IQ will drop, and rationality will be lost when they fall in love, but I cbd weight loss gummies feel like I m almost there.So, please help me judge.Well, is he pretending to be stupid Or, he prefers young and beautiful girls like Xiu Jing.Yayan can CBD gummies cause diarrhea CBD Gummies With Cbn was a little helpless, Oni, Ye Gui can you take cbd gummies with blood thinners is pretending to be stupid or not, I really can t see it, it stands to reason that he cbc gummies CBD Gummies With Cbn has a high emotional intelligence and is not so slow about love, but he is not acting like a fake.

He glanced at Taeyeon.Go in first.And Taeyeon paused for a while, but finally did not hesitate any more, and took a step forward.As the elevator door closed, he was about to order the first floor, but Taeyeon did.He looked at Taeyeon and wanted to ask.But Taeyeon took the initiative to explain.There are also good restaurants nearby, so I won t bother going to other places.He nodded and said nothing.Then the elevator sank steadily.This time, there was nothing unexpected, and the number on the elevator slowly CBD gummies for back pain CBD Gummies With Cbn decreased.Taeyeon s eyes inadvertently skipped Ye Gui s stubborn face.Then I saw his heavy dark circles and bloodshot eyes.You stayed up late yesterday she asked softly.Not asleep, he responded.Taeyeon looked a little helpless, Isn t it the same thing gorilla hemp cbd He looked at Taeyeon and shook his head, It s not the same thing, staying up late is active, not falling asleep is passive.

It seems that what I said before is right, you really have a special hobby.I said I just blurted out your letter subconsciously He said aloud, looking at Xiao Gao Leng.Xiao Gao Leng shook his head, I don t believe it, but it doesn t matter.If you want me to call your uncle, I ll call it.Isn t it just a title, and it s not called in public, and you and Dad are not brothers.I don t.I care.He exhaled slightly.I really don t have this special little hobby, trust me.Xiao Gao s inquiring eyes flickered, That means CBD Gummies With Cbn cbd gummies free trial something else Okay If I really have any weird little hobbies, you would have discovered it long ago, right Xiao Gao sneered.That s not necessarily true. Chapter 309 Breakthrough Chapter 309 Breakthrough Xiao Gaoleng finished speaking, and continued to speak with a smile.I don t live with you every day, and after all, we are a couple for a month.

Yun er took it and wiped her face lightly.Then he raised his face and looked at him, Is it all right now He smiled, You better take a mirror and wipe it, fool me, or fool yourself Anyway, I m no longer under the camera and the spotlight.If you re watching, then don t wipe it, and I m hungry too.Show me and don t wipe it He looked at her and joked, I m not worth it Yoona smiled, You deserve it.After speaking, she took out her bag, I ll put on my makeup again.Right He smiled helplessly and held her, Okay, let s eat.Yeah.Yun er replied CBD Gummies With Cbn obediently.Then eat with a little bit of accelerated frequency.He smiled at her.Really hungry Yun er nodded, Of course it s true, I m eating a lot now.Then why are you still so thin he asked her.I don t know either.Yun er shook her head, I didn t eat too much.The last breakup gift you gave me, I insist on drinking it every day.

Inner, Ye Gui ni.Ye Gui looked at the driver again.Master, find a place in front of me to get off.The driver responded.But Krystal spoke suddenly.If I don t take the medicine, won t you disappear Ye Gui looked at her and spoke in a deep voice.If you don t eat, I ll disappear now.Krystal also looked at Ye Gui, the wet appearance made the pale face even thinner, but she pursed her lips and didn t speak, just looked at Ye Gui.Ye Gui took a deep breath and looked at Huiya, Give me the medicine, Huiya.Huiya hurriedly handed it to Ye Gui, then looked at Krystal carefully.Ye Gui once again took out two pills.He took Krystal s hand again and placed it in hers.Krystal didn t drop it this time, but put it in his mouth, drank the water quietly, and swallowed.Ye Gui took the water in her hand, closed the lid, put it aside, and opened her mouth.

A paparazzi wearing a mask hat and a gray sweater continued to squat in the corner after taking several photos from different angles.That s all, Taeyeon and Ye Gui didn t know.He and her seemed to be confronting each other, one looking at the other.a long time.Okay, don t drink anymore.He opened his mouth and put down the wine can.Taeyeon also let go of his hand.He paused and asked softly.Do you think I m in charge of you He didn t answer this sentence, just leaned back whats the difference between cbd and hemp oil in his chair, raised his head and closed his eyes.If you don t let me drink, play me another song.Taeyeon looked at him, I won t give you a sad one Got it he said, Give me a quiet song.Oh Taeyeon looked at him, snorted softly, then took out her phone, and Bai Nen s little hand began to search.Soon, a quiet music sounded.It was like telling a story in the dark Taeyeon gradually lowered the sound of the music until it finally turned it off completely.

While guiding Ye Gui to sit down on the sofa and serving coffee, he took Lin Yuner to look at the wedding dress and measure her figure.This process is relatively long, but seriously, Ye Gui is looking forward to it it seems like a long time has passed.The curtain of the display stand in the fitting room was drawn.The girl in her wedding dress came into view.Hair pulled in a bun.Beautiful delicate makeup.Exposing fair and delicate shoulders, as well as delicate and delicate collarbone.The koi naturals cbd long white wedding dress fits this girl s figure perfectly.At this moment, this girl looked at him with a little shyness and anticipation, and looked at him with a good looking smile.Ye Gui was quiet, and even his breathing slowed down.really beautiful Lin Yuner looked at Ye Gui.His eyes were serious and fiery, but it was different from that kind of impulsive emotion that he wanted to eat her.

Wow, Kim Taeyeon, you He suddenly stood by the bed and looked at her.Taeyeon finally couldn t help it and burst out laughing.Okay, very good, I can t live this day He looked at her, I m really going to the sofa now It s just that he was about to say.The smiling girl stood up in an instant, then pulled him back onto the bed again.All of a sudden, I looked at Jin Ruan Ruan who had pulled him down.Jin Ruan Ruan also looked at him with a broad smile.He was suddenly CBD Gummies With Cbn stunned, and looked at her with a look of joy, I knew Ruan Ruan you But his words stopped there, because in an instant, Taeyeon approached, approaching with fragrance, those soft , the sweet and CBD Gummies With Cbn warm interweaving will unfold again.for a long time.The two are temporarily separated.With a slightly violent gasp and a rise in temperature.

He smiled and approached, Don t be so soft, let me hug you again.xilou Taeyeon refused without hesitation, If you do it again, my waist will be broken You universe Super invincible big pervert I just hug you, how can you think of where to go He gently pulled her quilt.Brother, do you think I m still a child Taeyeon pulled the quilt even tighter, then pulled down the quilt slightly, revealing a pair of beautiful eyes to look at him.Brother, what s the difference between CBD Gummies With Cbn what you re saying now and what you re saying on the Internet that you just can t get in You dissatisfied super invincible pervert of the universe Forget such a long nickname, cdc gummies Do you even add adjectives He smiled and looked at Taeyeon, thinking she was cuter.Isn t it my brother Taeyeon pulled down the quilt a little bit, showing her upturned nose, Last night was crazy enough, you just woke up this morning Taeyeon gritted her teeth again and didn CBD Gummies With Cbn t speak.

does cbd oil help with inflammation Walking into this house, it seems that every place retains strong memories.When she came to the living room, looking at the wall covered with photos, she sat weakly on the ground, leaning on the sofa and hugging her knees.It was as if something was stuck in his chest, and he stayed like that.It was as if something had suddenly disappeared, leaving a chunk of it empty.The bracelet on the wrist is still releasing a unique charm.She raised her hand and stared blankly.Just looking at it, the vision is blurred for a moment.Suddenly, the sound of the door lock entering the password.She was stunned, but is cbd gummies good for back pain hurriedly got up to look.But I only saw my side effects of cbd gummy sister Lin Runna.oah, Run e, are you at home Why don t you turn on the light As he said that, he turned on the light, and the room brightened instantly.And Lin Yuner s tear stained appearance was revealed in Lin Runna s eyes.

It always seemed to be covered in a thick benefits of cbd gummy layer of fog Have you declared war Sunny asked.Uh, well, I told Yoona about a fair competition.Taeyeon paused for a while, but still spoke out frankly.Sunny sighed slightly, It s okay to cannabis gummies for pain say it, although there are some things that I can t go back to.But it s better to follow the truth and say a fair competition, rather than being sneaky and worrying too much to like someone.At least you stand in the sun.People, if you don t stand in the sun and face your heart, something will happen sooner or later.Taeyeon froze slightly, but then cbd gummies near by pulled out a slightly complicated smile.When did you become so philosophical It s always been.sunny akimbo proudly.Taeyeon didn t speak, but still smiled, and the smile was still complicated.Sunny paused, looked at her slowly with a restrained expression, and sighed a little.

The conditions are the same as your father s.You can manage it freely.You can manage it any way you want.Ah Now it CBD gummies for weight loss CBD Gummies With Cbn s not the problem of the hotel and the amusement park Your biological daughter CBD gummies eagle hemp CBD Gummies With Cbn Gu Zhiya looked at her parents.Gu Chengtai and Jin Eunxia didn t even think about it, they nodded in unison.Gu Zhiya laughed in anger, and then the smile disappeared.She took a deep breath and spit it out, as if she had finally surrendered, surrendered cbd gummies with no thc for anxiety to this evil capitalist society, For Chong and Oppa s sake, I Accept.Goo Sung Tae and his wife laughed and laughed happily. Chapter 12 Embarrassment Chapter 12 Embarrassment The night passed in an instant.Ye Gui and Krysta met in the small conference room used for teaching.It s just that one has some dark circles, and the other is full of energy.Ye Gui with dark circles.

Lin Runna laughed, Success Ye Gui brought five or six bodyguards, but you know that in How many guards are there nearby Lin Yuner was silent.Lin Runna sighed, It s alright, don t you want to send him the chicken soup later Lin Yuner s eyes lit can children take cbd gummies up, Will Ernie help me Lin Runna gave her a helpless look, I will help you.You make chicken soup.Lin Yuner smiled and hugged Lin Runna, Thank you, Ernie.Lin Runna smiled and took her hand, Can you come in with me now Nei, Ernie.back home.In the car, Ye Gui set off again and went to the hotel that Yang Le and his party stayed at and belonged to his sister.Goo Ji ah called in the middle.Ouba, I have already arranged your friend and the bodyguard from Huaxia.If you become the president in the future, you can make me the vice president to repay me.Ye Gui looked disgusted, How much do you say straight Don t discount the money, I ll transfer it to you.

Hearing Taeyeon say, Ye Gui was moved.Why don t we move the sofa It s too late, let s talk about it tomorrow.Taeyeon laughed, Is it just right to be the chairman CBD naturals CBD Gummies With Cbn Is the execution so high I was just thinking, maybe Then we how to make CBD gummies CBD Gummies With Cbn might really fall asleep quickly.Ye Gui said.Taeyeon paused a bit.Ye Gui, apart from being drunk and that afternoon, you haven t really had a good night s sleep.You obviously have more things on your mind than I just couldn t sleep because of my uneasy heart Ye Gui Some silence, for a while.He opened his mouth.Actually, I just don t know where to start.A lot of things are like more and more coils of thread.I can t find the thread, let alone start.There was some silence.Taeyeon looked at Ye Gui with mixed feelings of pity in her eyes, but she didn t say CBD Gummies With Cbn Botanical CBD Gummies anything, she just stretched out her hand and put it on Ye Gui s hand gently.

He smiled Going down, he looked out of the half closed conference room door, and from time CBD Gummies With Cbn Botanical CBD Gummies to time he peeked into the silhouettes of Cat One, They ve already arrived, but they won t come in until our hug is over.Taeyeon was stunned, They are outside the door now Yes.He smiled and didn t hide it.Taeyeon was quiet, and after a while, she was relieved quickly, just like she was cheering herself up again.Forget it, I ve already been seen, so let s hold it for a while longer.Anyway, it s not against the law or against my will.He still smiled, but he held Jin Ruanluan tighter.At the same time repeating her words.Yes, it s not against the law, nor against her will.Taeyeon also smiled and continued to close her eyes In the conference room, the second generation of the small circle sat down on both sides of each other.

The words fell.He looked at Taeyeon in silence.And Taeyeon looked at him seriously.He looked at the other girls again.I saw Yoona, I saw Xiujing, I saw IU, I saw Xiuyan.See the candlelight reflected in each of their eyes.Thank you.My flowers.The words fell, and several CBD gummies eagle hemp CBD Gummies With Cbn girls laughed.Oh, what a weird name.Yun er smiled softly.Hey so naive.Taeyeon rolled her disgusting little white eyes.Hello, uncle.This is Xiujing s embarrassed expression.You managed to give me goosebumps, Mr.Ye.Xiuyan rubbed her arms.Ye Guixi, I don t want to use honorifics to address you in the future.Iu also raised his forehead a little.He smiled helplessly.About to speak.But he saw five girls looking at him seriously in the next moment.Birthday card Ye Gui.Also, Happy New Year.The five girls said in unison.Full of cutesy sounds.