Chapter 475 Daily Taeng9Cam 19 Chapter 475 Daily Taeng9Ca 19 After changing clothes and makeup.Taeyeon sorted out the albums that were written on the blessing cards that day, but did not CBD Gummy Manufacturer California finish, and then gave them to the seniors who are familiar with the background now, the same period or juniors, and some familiar friends.For relatives and sisters who were not at the scene, she entrusted Xiuna to arrange for someone to send them.Of course, he didn t forget the card to write to Ye Gui.Lots of writing.Done with broad spectrum cbd gummies enhanced with melatonin reviews this.She glanced at her phone and saw the message Ye Gui sent her.Ruan Ruan, I ll be waiting for you in the auditorium.She smiled and hurriedly replied.Brother Bia, I haven t looked at my phone because I met the band, and I was receiving makeup and choosing clothes.It s all healed now.

At this moment, both of them were a little surprised.And after being stunned, the female protagonist is angry, and the male hemp bomb CBD gummies CBD Gummy Manufacturer California protagonist apologizes in a daze.After being stunned, he hurriedly jumped into the lake to get the heroine back.The female protagonist pushed the male protagonist away and began to dive in search.But the lake was deep and it was raining heavily.The heroine had nothing to gain, so she could only swim up, and once again pushed away the hero who wanted to pull her ashore.Ashore, the heroine s face was full of undisguised disgust, and finally, she turned around and left Card, very good One pass Director Zhang shouted.Krystal, you did a great job.Whether it was the emotion of meeting, the outburst of jumping into the lake, or the final performance, it was just right During cbd gummies or oil for anxiety Director Zhang s compliment, the surrounding staff applauded, and because of the language barrier, Krystal was a little confused.

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Taeyeon said, It s Ye Gui s house.Sunny on the other end of the phone was still looking weird, so she took off her phone and glanced at the time.02 05 am.Take a deep breath.Then spit out a word.So Kim Taeyeon, you just slept CBD Gummy Manufacturer California with him today Yeah Taeyeon blushed instantly, He s so drunk now, how is that possible Oh Sunny sneered, That means that , if he s not drunk, are you going to sleep with him Taeyeon frowned and gritted her teeth, Oh Li Shungui, can you stop thinking like this Hey, it doesn t matter what I think.Sunny said CBD Gummy Manufacturer California mockingly , It s better than some people.For the so called team stability, for the so called medigreens cbd gummies reviews sisterhood, they don t even want that heart.The words fell.Taeyeon was silent for a while, then pursed her lips a little.Don t scold me, okay You ve already guessed it.What I should and shouldn t say today, I told Pani and Xiaoxian.

Around a table, he and the director and screenwriter sat in the main seat, a few young CBD Gummy Manufacturer California people sat next to him, and then the actors sat down one by one.There is a projection screen, and the Huaxia version of Singing Heart is playing, with Korean subtitles.At the same time, a script is in hand.It s just a rough version, a rough translation of the Chinese version of the script.The screenwriter sat CBD Gummy Manufacturer California quietly beside Ye Gui at the moment, waiting melatonin CBD gummies CBD Gummy Manufacturer California to ask many, many questions.With everyone seated.Director Kim made the opening remarks.Everyone, everyone should have a simple understanding of Ye Guixi s identity, so please listen carefully to cbd gummies nesr me the next question.It will be of great benefit for everyone to figure out the role they play.Inner Everyone They should be.Then the scene suddenly quieted down, and a group of people looked at him.

Then she looked at the dialogue with Ye Gui again.Stay in that moment in the afternoon.She bit her lip.Hate strangers know how to apologize, but you don t.When you are angry with me, a woman who is nine years younger than you, you can really survive.Thinking about it, Xiao Gaoleng hit him with a clothes iron.suit, and put the ironing machine aside again to resolve his dissatisfaction.But the next moment.The phone rang, and a pale yellow moon note popped up on the screen.Xiao Gao Leng was stunned for a moment.Immediately, there was an uncontrollable smile on his face.The next moment, she connected.The tone was not very friendly.Why, be careful.Ye Gui smiled, Royal Blend CBD Gummies Reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California Oh I already have such a title It just started.Krysta pouted, and said a little coquettishly, Why did you call me before you said it I want to talk to you about the clothes you bought for me.

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Krysta nodded lightly, his expression There was a hint of clarity, That s the difference between being a teacher and being a student, right Royal Blend CBD Gummies Reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California Ye Gui said with a smile, It s an apt metaphor, you re very smart Krysta.Don t praise me like that, Krysta said softly.I bit my lip, a little embarrassed.However, as soon as Krysta finished speaking, Li Xuyong frowned, Krysta, be polite.Inside.Krysta stuck out his tongue and stopped talking.The atmosphere suddenly dropped from warm to freezing.Ye Gui could only speak to break the freezing point, Mr.Li, Krysta is quite polite.If you have to pay attention to politeness, it would be a little weird, isn t it No, Mr.Ye.Li Xuyong shook his head and said, According to As I grownmd cbd gummies reviews know, Mr.Li, you are much older than Krysta.Under such circumstances, Krysta cannot use plain language.

He looked back at Taeyeon.Taeyeon smiled at him.Wait until my week, otherwise, I m embarrassed.After all, it s Xiujing s week.Since the concept of equal division has been proposed, let s abide by it.After speaking, he wiped the CBD gummies for stress CBD Gummy Manufacturer California last bowl and looked at it with a smile.Glancing CBD Gummy Manufacturer California at him, he turned to meet the three gazes cbd oil gummy and walked over.Okay, okay, kids, don t look at it, I m not someone who eats alone.After speaking, the three girls couldn t help but laugh Speaking of which, it was like a New Year s Eve, five people gathered around watching TV.There was fruit tea on the coffee table, and a bunch of dried fruits that he had Wen Xin mail from the motherland.This can be regarded as capturing the hearts of the four girls.For a while, watching the variety show and laughing non stop, banging and eating all kinds of dried fruits, like squirrels one by one.

I m sorry, I kissed you suddenly, she said.But, I can t control it anymore, it s really hard, that kind of way of suppressing myself, Royal Blend CBD Gummies Reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California but it can t explain everything.So I don t want to cover up anything.I like it, I like it, the throbbing that this kind of like brings, do it.Friends can t relieve it, just cbd gummy rings eating together can t relieve it, watching the sea, watching the rain, even hugging, snuggling can t relieve it So, I confess.Ye Gui looked at her, just watching, but did not speak.Lin Yuner bit her lip a little harder, and her voice suddenly became smaller.What do you mean when you don t speak After speaking, the surrounding hand also loosened.Ye Gui paused for a while, Ireminiscing.Lin Yun er s eyes widened and her face blushed, You, what are you talking about, what is the aftertaste Ye Gui paused for a while and said, It s like, hot pot.

He looked at iu, and immediately began to recite the poem in CBD Gummy Manufacturer California his native language, Yangliuqingqingjiang level, I heard the singing on the Langjiang River.The sunrise in the east is in the west.Rain, whether it is sunny or sunny.IU listened very seriously, but after hearing Ye Gui s recitation, her face was still dazed, and then she subconsciously spoke again, her face full of curiosity looking at Ye return.Can you explain it However, after she finished speaking, she reacted and touched her hair a little embarrassedly.Am I total pure CBD gummies CBD Gummy Manufacturer California annoyed He shook his head and looked at iu.No, I still have to tell you the source and meaning, otherwise you won t be able to act well.Iu smiled and looked at Ye Gui with big apricot eyes, Nei, then I ll listen to it in advance Speaking, opening the mouth to explain.This poem is called Bamboo Branch Ci , and the author is Liu Yuxi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty.

She hurriedly covered her face and took out the vanity mirror do hemp gummies show on drug tests from her bag.Start looking at the left side of the face in the mirror.In fact, there was nothing, her face was white, and the traces of hard rubbing had long since recovered.But under the dual effect of psychology and light, Krysta took out the mask and put it on, and then didn t look at Ye Gui.Ye Gui smiled and looked at her, What s wrong Don t look at me anymore Krysta gave Ye Gui a small white eye and stopped talking.Soon, spicy chicken feet, beef tongue and other smitz cbd gummies dishes were all served, as well as a purekana CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California bottle of Jinro soju with IU s head printed on it.Krysta took off the mask and at the same time supported his left face with his hand so that Ye Gui could not see it.Ye Gui looked at her with a smile, Okay, let s eat well, there s actually nothing, I m just kidding you.

So she immediately turned to Lin Yuner for help.Lin Yuner was a little embarrassed, and the girl turned her eyes to Ye Gui for help.Ye Gui paused.Old Zhang, I said I would help you, then I will definitely help you, this is not a blank check, and you also have your own housekeeping skills.When you come to Baihuayuan in the future, let alone support you and Yayan.No problem, it s okay for you to start a family and start a business in the magic capital.Your concerns are nothing more than a lot of Dayayan and a criminal record.Of course, I m standing on an outsider s point of view, and some things don t come to my head, who is it It s all easy to say.But don t miss a girl who is sincere to you.The situation is getting better and better, not worse.That s all, you See for yourself.The voice fell, Zhang Sheng fell silent, and Yayan looked at Lin Yuner even more anxiously.

Ye Gui Royal Blend CBD Gummies Reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California looked Looking at her strangely, You come too Krystal tilted his head slightly to look at him, Can t I Ye Gui shook his head and said, Don t be joking, you can speak two languages yourself, one of which is common.Still need an interpreter If you say yes, I might not Krystal muttered.Ye Gui smiled and said, Okay, let s talk about your recent state.Krystal puffed up, I m just very tired, I want to sleep when charlottes web calm I m tired, what you see of me now is the best I ve been in the past few days.It s in good shape.Ye Gui frowned and said, When we were leaving, did you say you still have to rehearse What time will it be Krystal paused and hesitated, Actually I lied.With you, today is the last rehearsal, and then it s the official performance.Now, I can actually rest.It s just that I lied to you, are you angry with me Krystal looked at Ye Gui with an expression on his face.

However, his lack of sense of security at this moment, a deep unexplained fear lurked in this seemingly mature words.She actually knew where those fears came from.last relationship.It s true that he can t let go, can t be emptied, is afraid of the next paragraph, or is afraid that the relationship with her will repeat the same mistakes, is it really repeating the same mistakes Xiao Gao Leng gently stretched plus sleep cbd gummies out his hand and hugged Ye Gui.Some stood on tiptoe.But Ye Gui bowed in the next moment, letting her stand on tiptoe on the ground again.She laughed.Sweet smile.Nei, Alasao, I ll listen to you.Before we reach the CBD Gummy Manufacturer California next node, we, I, and you will just walk quietly.But my Ye Gui, I hope you don t be afraid of anything.I want to be good with you.I will be good with you too.The words fell.Ye Gui was stunned for a moment.

It cornbread hemp cbd oil was like all the emotions came back in an instant.She could no longer control the heat in her eyes, let alone the sourness that came up from her moment.Four eyes meet.Will we ever imagine that one day, we will meet in this way The plane rose steadily.Lin Yuner sat beside him.Silently silent.Red eyes, but did not cry after all.No opening.No one spoke.Not like on TV.As soon as they met, they ran away in fear.Nor did they embrace with excitement after not seeing each other for a long time.There is no other greeting.We inevitably meet.It was inevitably silent.In fact, I never thought that one day the deer girl would still be able to sit beside her.It s like the biggest surprise that life gives, and it s like the biggest joke.But the impulse was too much at this moment.want to hug.

After a while, Then I ll go down first, then order something, and when Taeyeon nature s ultra cbd muscle rub comes back, we ll eat together.Yoona nodded lightly, Okay.Then I ll go down Dajun.He said.In.Yun er smiled.And he left immediately.He also took the door by hemp infused gummy bears the way.And after he left, the bedroom door closed.Yuna let out a small breath.It s ridiculous.Although it was absurd when the couple of them discussed this matter from the beginning, now she came here to fill in a bit of real weirdness for this absurdity.Can have to admit.She was very at ease.However, on Xiu Jing s side She was a little wyld cbd strawberry gummies kushy cbd gummies reviews hesitant when she cbd gummies for copd reviews sat beside the bed.But finally, she still sent a text message to Xiujing.At the seaside, Ye Gui s sudden change CBD Gummy Manufacturer California of mind and decision told Xiu Jing.And Xiu Jing responded quickly.Short, Well, ok Ernie.It didn t cbd gummies near me seem to matter at all.

I recommend chicken CBD Gummy Manufacturer California soup, and rabbit meat is no problem, and peppers and the like are not affected.Lin Yuner listened carefully and nodded, Nei, I cbd 750 mg gummies wrote down the doctor, thank you.Dr.Chi waved his hand, You re welcome, go back Say hello to your father on my behalf.Lin Yuner nodded, Nei.The two then said goodbye to Chi Shanghe and left.When she was leaving, Lin Yuner was still thinking about it carefully.Ye Gui smiled at her, CBD Gummy Manufacturer California It doesn t make any difference, girl Lin Yuner shook her head, I can t say that, it s not an easy thing to add to an injury, I ll be relieved to check it more, anyway, you can rest in peace, and I ll take care of the rest.Yes.Ye Gui nodded with a smile, Inner, the serious, gentle and intellectual Lin Yuner xi.Lin Yuner smiled and looked at him, smooth It was just that while the two were chatting and laughing, Cui Zhenyue led a few people towards them.

At the same best CBD gummies for quitting smoking CBD Gummy Manufacturer California time as he felt something, Xiao Gao s cold smile also appeared quickly, but it was fleeting, and the next moment was also immersed.In fact, they didn t fall asleep again, both of them were.Although the body is very tired, but the heart is not tired, that kind of breakthrough, more intimate contact cbd gummies for knee pain than before, makes cbd hemp extract persona the two of them unable to get the slightest sleepiness.And now, after the last kiss.Xiao Gao Leng was still in his arms.Her voice also sounded softly.In the future, don t carry it all alone, okay When I saw broad spectrum CBD gummies hemp bombs CBD Gummy Manufacturer California your announcement last night, I actually wanted to call you, but I held back, I think I want to What you cbd sleep gummies with melatonin said, you can t speak clearly on the phone, and you may not hear it at that time.People are born alone, so it s not easy to find someone who can rely on each other and fight against each other in the world.

Chapter 162 On the Right Track Chapter 162 On the Right Track After taking a shower, Lin Yuner secretly went downstairs and caught a glimpse of In the living room, Ye Gui was still reading the love letter she wrote, as if he had read it and read it again.She bit the corner of her lips lightly, a little shy, but she walked over slowly.Ye Gui glanced at her, then continued to look down.Lin Yuner sat down with a puffed face, Ye Gui, all the people who wrote love letters are in front of you, are you still reading love letters Ye Gui glanced at her with a smile, Lin Yuner is the only one in the world who is jealous can i take cbd gummies with alcohol of her own love letters.Lin Yun er hummed softly, Ye Gui only knows how to read love letters, cake cbd gummies but not his girlfriend, and she is the only one in CBD Gummy Manufacturer California the world Ye Gui looked Royal Blend CBD Gummies Reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California at her with a smile.

Lin Yuner looked at him hesitantly, Can t you bear it You will get sick by taking a cold shower, and you are not young, so don t hurt your body because of this.Even if I am not young, can CBD gummies make you high CBD Gummy Manufacturer California my physical fitness is not bad.Ye Gui s eyelids twitched slightly.Lin Yuner couldn t help laughing, Oh, okay, I was negligent and mentioned Ye Guixi what happens if a child eats cbd gummies s age again.Ye CBD Gummy Manufacturer California CBD gummies sugar free Gui s eyelids jumped, but he finally let out a breath and confessed.Let s not talk about age.I know that I can never despise my own desires, let alone when this desire is facing the girl I love, that desire is more difficult to control and easy to endure., it won t work.Lin Yun er bit her lip a little, Mr.Ye, CBD Gummy Manufacturer California are you online again Does this count as your confession to me, before you became a couple for a day Ye Gui didn t speak, just picked up cbd oil versus hemp oil the cup and drank it.

Watching the nanny van head south.Ye Gui stood there for a long time.After a long time, he got in the car.And his car was heading cbd 1000mg gummies a line.Turn left turn right.When I got home, I said something to Xiao Gao Leng, and then cleaned up a little.He went directly to Baifanyuan.He couldn t be quiet the company.Judging continues.In fact, when he left.The review is also continuing, but without Ye Gui, there is less professionalism and authority.But when he returned to the jury seat again, he gradually became a little lost.Until Wen Xin pushed him.Ye Zi, what s wrong with you Krysta didn t give you a good face when he flew over to your house Ye Gui shook his head and didn t speak.Wen Xin thought for a while, then waved his hand, Okay, today s judging is here, Mr.Ye is a little uncomfortable, everyone will take a break today and continue tomorrow.

CBD Gummy Manufacturer California do cbd gummies show up on a drug test, (medigreens CBD gummies reviews) CBD Gummy Manufacturer California smilz CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California.

So if I quit, will everything be better Ye Return.Let s break up.As he spoke, a tear fell on Ye Gui s hand.Ye Gui was silent, but he grabbed Lin Yuner s hand.And Lin Yuner struggled to do cbd gummies make you happy break free, then got up, turned her head down, and withdrew from the scene in a crowd of lively occasions.Lin Yuner walked out of the auditorium.There were a bunch of reporters outside, and Jin Zhangguo and Yayan led someone next to Lin Yuner.Lin Yunerxi, are the intimate photos of you and that Mr.Huaxia Ye exposed on the Internet true Lin Yunerxi, is the reason for your how much is eagle hemp cbd gummies breakup with your ex related to the current one Lin Yunerxi, a young girl recently Times frequently expose romance, Jessibsp xi CBD Gummy Manufacturer California has left the group again.Is it really true that shark tank tinnitus cbd gummies Girls Generation is about to disband, as rumored in the outside world Lin Yoona xi, some time ago, Krysta and your incumbent had an affair.

He handed over the revised script to screenwriter Zhao as scheduled.Screenwriter Zhao called quickly, with a hint of sincerity.Ye Guixi can watch it slowly, don t be in such a hurry, it makes me feel a little guilty, I should post it later.He quickly responded, This way, I can start earlier and finish the work this time.There are a few things to do, so I don t want to delay too much.Screenwriter Zhao said clearly, Okay, I know Ye Guixi, then I will communicate with the director now to get the shooting progress up as soon as possible.Well.He Nod.Then Ye Guixi rests first, and I won t bother.Screenwriter Zhao said.Okay.See you later, Ye Guixi.See you later.The phone CBD gummies for weight loss CBD Gummy Manufacturer California natural green labs cbd hemp oil peppermint hung up.He moved his body and got up.Knuckles rattle.And suddenly there was a knock on the door.He walked over and opened it.Taeyeon stood at shark tank cbd gummies episode the door.

I only see her.The Zheng Xiujing who smiled bravely and fearlessly by his side. Chapter 308 magnolia hemp cbd flower I won t turn Chapter 308 I won melatonin CBD gummies CBD Gummy Manufacturer California t turn Yoona stood outside the crowd.The moment I saw Krysta come in and Ye Gui stood still.She was about to step into the sea of people, but her footsteps to Ye Gui s side stopped.Just watching him and her from the crowd.Just one step too late.facing the CBD Gummy Manufacturer California crowd.Xiao Gao Leng held Ye Gui s hand tightly and opened his mouth.The noisy crowd gradually quieted down.Three months after he broke up, I met him again by chance on the beach of a small island in Indonesia.After knowing that he broke up, He immediately pulled Xiao Gao coldly.But Xiao Gao smiled coldly.He squeezed his cbd gummies with jello hand lightly and continued to speak.After knowing that he broke up, it was me who kept getting closer.

Yun er looked at his eyes for a while, but then she looked back and asked CBD Gummy Manufacturer California again, Then tell me why Don t answer my first question.Then he added after a slight pause, Really, don t you want to sleep with me Having said that, Yuner didn t say anything, just bit her lip slightly and looked at him.He shook his head, I fell asleep with you at noon, how could I be hypocritical again at night.He paused, I was just thinking about a question.He asked directly, What s the problem Will you take revenge on me if I don t see you again Yoona paused a little.Nodding slightly, I will.Like what He looked at her.For example Yoona pondered a little, I ll take the scenes with very handsome actors, and then there are kiss scenes, especially if there are a lot of kiss scenes, I will be the first to appear.He looked at her quietly.

hemp oil has cbd How can it be similar.The ventilation of the bedrooms downstairs is not very good, and the view from the window is a sun state cbd gummies bit narrow.There are also stairs, although the designer may want to design it to be a little simpler.The style of the children, but the safety is greatly reduced.There is also this open kitchen, which is really good, but it is too close to the living room.When cooking, even if there is a range hood, it will It tastes good.Ye Gui listened and asked tentatively, So, no Inner, no.Xiao Gao nodded coldly.Saying that, he took Ye Gui s arm, Don t CBD Gummy Manufacturer California think about it, let s go to the next house.Ye Gui smiled, Okay.While talking, he got into the car again and went to the next house.This is an apartment complex.It s that kind of high end apartment.Xiao Gaoleng and Ye Gui came to the reserved room.

It s delicious, I don t like sweets very much, but I think it s delicious now.Ye Gui affirmed.Lin Yuner said with a smile, Really Then, I want to eat it do CBD gummies help with pain CBD Gummy Manufacturer California too.Ye Gui smiled knowingly, and immediately took a piece and wyld strawberry cbd gummies review fed it to Lin Yuner.Lin Yuner took a small bite, and then chuckled, I thought you would let me down and let me take it myself.Ye Gui was annoyed, Why didn t I think of it Lin Yuner frowned, Oh, you Royal Blend CBD Gummies Reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California really think so.Are you letting me down Ye Gui smiled, Just kidding, it s full spectrum thc gummies so good to carry such a sweet girlfriend, at most it s a bit awkward.Lin Yun er frowned and said, Oh, you big smilz CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California pervert, take advantage of me.It s cheap, and you still despise me for cheating on you Ye Guiren said with a smile, It s called in our country, if you get cheap, you ll be a good Royal Blend CBD Gummies Reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California boy.Who asked cbd gummies for gastritis you to teach this Since it s over to you, let me down.

cbd gummies michigan what are CBD Gummy Manufacturer California Director Liu nodded.Head, I feel a lot more relieved, Ye Gui said.First, all of Lin Yuner s intimate scenes, including kissing, physical contact, hugging, etc.and not limited to all the intimate scenes mentioned above, must high CBD gummies CBD Gummy Manufacturer California use doubles, as for the appropriate I m here to find a substitute for , and I ll be responsible for the related expenses.Second, add the name of Baifanyuan to the end of the prelude.Director Liu thought for a while, then nodded, Okay, when there is a similar drama, just only Take a photo of the male protagonist s face, and the substitute to supplement the profile.Thank you, Director Liu.Ye Gui laughed, Don t bother, I ll go see the one in my house.Director Liu waved his hand with a smile, Mr.Ye is free.Since this day, the filming has been accelerated, and for Lin Yuner s long leave, because of the explanation of CBD Gummy Manufacturer California Ye Gui s investment, and Lin Yuner s excellent character, not only resentment at the Royal Blend CBD Gummies Reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California end After recovering, many Chinese actresses became good friends with Lin Yuner.

, and she can live her life better.Lin Yun er nodded lightly.And Ye Gui didn t say anything CBD gummies at costco CBD Gummy Manufacturer California anymore.Just squeeze her hand and move on.On the other side, Jessica also asked Krysta.Is there any money on the ground Still staring, can you see through the floor When people are not around, it s okay if you re depressed or unhappy.Now that people are in front of you, you are silent and don t speak Ten thousand steps back.Speaking of which, even if you can t be a couple, you can be a relative, can t you A relative, that is a relationship that can get along well for the rest of your life, isn t it better than a lover who can be separated at any time Yeah Zheng Xiujing, can you stop being so awkward Royal Blend CBD Gummies Reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California However, Krysta was just silent and didn t say anything.Chapter 135 Noncommittal Added 3 for Su Yu Chapter 135 Noncommittal Central Hospital, an intensive care unit.

I also like to keep a low profile, and nothing will change between us because of the non publicity.However, your company won t block or affect your personal feelings, right Lin Yuner shook her head., It s just that it can t be made public, it won t block the influence.Then there s no problem.Ye Gui opened his mouth, and then said with relief, Relax, it s not your problem, I hemp smokes cbd cigarettes don t care whether it s public jolly CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummy Manufacturer California or not, you are a person.Just be by my side.Lin Yuner didn t say anything, just smiled and nodded at him Ye Gui suddenly received a call.From Yang Le.Brother, what is your response Or let the public relations handle it There are already reporters around the company.Ye Gui frowned, What response What reporter You don t know the set of photos of you and Krystal.Is it Ye Gui paused, Photos And Krystal Having said this, Ye Gui suddenly had some ominous premonitions.

Ye Gui paused, Okay, I will catch him in front of you.Krysta bit his lip slightly and opened his mouth softly.Thank you, Ye Gui.Ye Gui frowned and was about to speak.Krysta reached out and grabbed Ye Gui s hand to interrupt.Don t be angry, I don t want to be polite to you, I just thank you for my Ernie.Ye Gui then loosened his brows.Krysta continued, There is still room to change, can I do it tomorrow Ernie is asleep now.Ye Gui nodded.Okay.Saying that, he stroked Xiao Gao Leng s hair.Take a good rest with your sister today, call me anytime if you have anything, and I will come over soon.Xiao Gao lowered his head coldly and asked softly, Are you leaving Ye Gui hugged gently She, Yes.In Xiao Gao Leng Xiangxiang s hair, he continued, Tomorrow I will bring someone over to help you carry your luggage, get up early to wash up, and I will call ahead.

Have they all gone to bed he asked immediately.Nei, everyone has to get up early tomorrow for your wedding with Taeyeon Unnie, So I decided to rest early, otherwise, if you come out, everyone may be late again.Too.He nodded clearly, Then let s sleep too. CBD Gummy Manufacturer California okay.Yoon er replied, You lie down first, I turned off the lights.He nodded, then turned to get on the bed, and then turned it off after waiting.He also turned on the light of his mobile phone, so that Yoona came over and went to bed.Immediately, the light of the mobile phone was also turned off.After a slight sound of covering the quilt, two The person finally lay down comfortably on the bed.Inexplicably, the two were very quiet, not hugging each other, just lying side by side.After a while of silence, Yuner turned to look at him.What are you thinking I m thinking about dismantling your alliance.

This time he will assist our crew to complete the shooting progress, everyone is welcome.The applause broke out immediately, Ye Gui stood up and bowed slightly to show courtesy, and then slowly sat down amidst the fading applause.And Krysta also knew Ye Gui s identity from the interpretation of the translation she brought by the woman beside her.Glancing at Ye Gui, and remembering it silently, Krysta turned his head again and sat up quietly.The power CBD gummies CBD Gummy Manufacturer California content of the meeting that followed continued to introduce other people, such as the eagle hemp CBD gummies review CBD Gummy Manufacturer California production director, drama director, assistant director, etc., including director Zhang s self introduction, and several leading actors.Of course, Ye Gui naturally knows the girl next to her.In her memory, this girl named Krysta is full of aura.Her gestures are not only charming, but also a combination of various attractiveness.

Don t be angry, Ye Gui, I m wrong.Lin Yuner said softly coquettishly.And Ye Gui grabbed the girl s oatmeal with one hand, and led her upstairs with the other.When she walked to the second floor, the girl apologized coquettishly.His expression was blank.For the first time there was a feeling that he was not as good as a cup of oatmeal.He turned his head, still bewildered.I m not angry, I just feel like I ve lost.Pfft Lin Yuner couldn t help laughing.Don CBD Gummy Manufacturer California t be disappointed, you didn t lose, I did it for you Ye Gui sighed silently, You don t understand, I thought we would all sink into that atmosphere, but you finally soberly reminded me to take that cup of oatmeal Is it because I m no longer attractive to you It s only been a few days, it s only been a month, let s be together Lin Yuner laughed, Is it contagious for cranky thinking Ye Gui shook his head, Don t change the subject.