Later, Fan Jun also slowed down and stretched out his hand to pull Zhang Zhehua.Li Xing and Wang Chen also turned around and walked back, pulling Fan Jun and the three of them.A group of five people climbed up slowly and step by step.At the end, they were completely struggling.Everyone had reached the limit, but the belief in eagle hemp CBD gummies for diabetes CBD Hemp Oil For Pets their hearts drove them to keep climbing.Every step of the way, there will be a wet footprint on the ground, everyone s body seems to be washed with water, and sweat is dripping continuously.Why don t you two put the three of us down, so that the two of you can still have a chance to reach the top.After speaking, Zhang Zhehua began to let go of Fan Jun s hand, and Fan Jun also let go of Li Xing s hand.Li Xing and Wang Chen took a deep look at them and found that their thoughts were very firm.

Li Xing knocked on the door, but no one answered, Li Xing shook his head, probably still sleeping, after all, this is not the first time.Li Xing took out the key that Zheng Shuangxue gave him from his pocket and opened the door.As soon as he entered the door, he was shocked by omega 8 cbd gummies the scene in front of him.His mentor, Zheng Shuangxue, hemp fusion CBD gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pets was lying on the ground with disheveled hair and sleeping, while Sister Liu was sleeping with the legs of the table in cbd collagen gummies her arms.And Sister Zhou, who was introduced by Zheng Shuangxue yesterday, is even more bizarre.At this time, her whole person and the Gao Leng that Li Xing saw at the CBD Hemp Oil For Pets dinner table yesterday have no connection at all.At this moment, her face is full of graffiti.Li Xing shook his head, the woman was really crazy after drinking, Li Xing quickly helped Zheng Shuangxue up from the ground.

Listening to Momo s cry, Li Xing felt a sleepy cbd gummies melatonin pain revive 365 CBD gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pets in his heart, and he still made Momo sad.Li Xing looked at Momo, wiped the tears from her face gently, and said with a smile, Okay, don t be sad anymore, I m about to turn into a little cat.Momo insisted on hugging her., Li Xing hugged Momo, and then strode forward, so frightened that Momo quickly hugged Li Xing s neck.Li Xing smiled, slowed down a bit, and walked slowly towards the hotel.Momo also slept in Li Xing s arms with a sweet smile on the corner of her mouth.When Li Xing arrived at the hotel room, he found that Momo had fallen asleep, and there were still tears in the corners of her eyes.Li Xing helped Momo take off her shoes and socks, covered the quilt before leaving.Suddenly, Momo grabbed Li Xing s hand, Li Xing turned his head and found that Momo was still sleeping, Li Xing shook his head, sat down beside the bed, held Momo s hand in his hand, and watched silently.

When I was young, I was thrown into the library and forced me to read those things every day.Naturally there is an impression.Zhang Feng and the cbd sleep gummies with melatonin amazon three looked helpless.Who can stand it You can t watch it less.We have practiced the formation for so long, and you have revealed the mystery in one sentence.Chapter 257 Rehabilitation please subscribe Li Xing also had to sigh that Wang Chen was so knowledgeable that he even had knowledge of this kind of formation.However, this move by Zhang Feng and the others is quite good.If Wang Chen hadn t revealed the mystery in one sentence, Li Xing and Wang Chen would have been trapped.In CBD Hemp Oil For Pets terms of dragging down the enemy, this move was quite powerful.Li Xing and the others put their weapons back, and then they left after talking to the boss.The five of them saw that it was still early, so they did not rush back, but wandered around the street, busy practicing during this time.

2.hawkeye hemp CBD gummies reviews CBD Hemp Oil For Pets

A majestic momentum began to sweep the audience in an instant.Feeling cbd gummies for hangover this momentum, there was a dignified look in Li Xing s eyes.This aura, the peak of Nine Stars, it seems that I am destined to be a person who will leapfrog battle.All the murderous auras hidden in Li Xing s body erupted without reservation, and the momentum of nuleaf naturals cbd oil the two people continued to collide.The eyes of Li Xing s team members have also changed a bit.They thought they were all eight star warriors, so how big CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews CBD Hemp Oil For Pets is the gap But at this moment, when Li Xing exploded his full strength, they found that the gap was really not that big.There was some bitterness in Fengxiang s eyes.He used to be someone who could compete with Li Xing on the same stage, but now he has been completely left behind.Come on, let me see your full strength.

3.2022 CBD Hemp Oil For Pets

Everyone was stunned, what did Li Xing want to do, the next moment, the killing sword slashed through the opponent s throat, blood spurted out, Li Xing sat there, watching him quietly, also There is no intention to make a move.Li Xing s opponent felt it, his body gradually began to not obey, and his eyes began to fall into darkness.Those who had been forgotten by him appeared in his mind again, and scenes from the past reappeared in front of his eyes.He thought that he was no longer afraid of life and death, but when death was really near, he suddenly began to be reluctant.He wanted to live, he wanted to see his old friends, he wanted to go home to see his parents.With all his strength, he stretched out his hand to Li Xing.He was speechless, but he was begging Li Xing, but Li Xing was indifferent.

There were also people who became angry and embarrassed, but they were easily subdued by Xia Chuan Satomi, and one of them was maimed, so Xia Chuan Satomi was locked up for half a month, and the one who took the initiative to attack has not been released yet.When he thought that Xia Chuan Li Mei was entangled with Li Xing, Cai Bo Mio was afraid that the same thing would happen to Li Xing.In a moment of anxiety, Cai Bo Mio accidentally tripped over the leg of the table, and when she was about to fall, her hand was pulled, and Li Xing s helpless voice sounded in her ear Although I know you have some bluebird cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd pain freeze Stupid, but I didn t expect to be so stupid, what are you doing in such a hurry Li Xingyi blueberry cbd gummies pulled her up and smiled, It s not hurt.No, I m fine, thank you.Cai Bo Mio watched Li Xing hold her hand, her face flushed.

Where did Li Xing find it And is he looking for an alchemist just to make Fuyan Dan Xiao Zhan s heart was mixed for a while.Chapter 248 Restoration please subscribe Xiao Zhan took the Fuyan Pill from Li Xing, his hands trembled slightly.After so many years, he did not dare to see Zheng Shuangxue, not only because of guilt, but also because of guilt.She doesn t deserve her low self esteem.The blow of the Beastmaster that year directly destroyed his entire face, and even the most advanced surgery could not repair it, unless it was a face change.Xiao Zhan decisively refused, because he still wanted to take revenge, and used his own face to take revenge.The doctor saw that he was determined and stopped persuading him.At the same time, he told him that only Fuyandan could help him.Xiao Zhan thought it would be easy to find, but after visiting several alchemists, Xiao Zhan was a little desperate.

These are what Wang Chen told him.He told Li Xing to try to save the number of droplets of martial qi when he made a breakthrough.The more the savings, the greater the benefits.After walking out of the training room, Li Xing went back to the room prepared by Uncle Wang and had a good rest.In the past few days, he was exhausted and exhausted.In the evening, Li Xing opened his eyes, and his eyes were bright.Li Xing got up and got out of bed and pushed open the door, just as Uncle Wang was about to knock on the door, he looked at Li Xing who pushed the door and said, Wake up, go.Let s eat, the food is ready.Li Xing nodded, then went to the hall with Uncle Wang, and had a meal with Mr.Fu.During the banquet, Mr.Fu also gave some pointers on Li Xing s practice, and let him get the Beneficial.The next morning, Li Xing said goodbye to Mr.

Boy, it s said that you are not my opponent.With your strength, you can be said to be unbeatable within the seventh dan.But we are two dans away.You automatically admit defeat.I will make you suffer less.Isn t it beautiful.Li Xing didn t answer, and kicked the opponent s waist with a ruthless side kick.The other party was also obviously annoyed, and swung away Li Xing s dagger with a sword, and then stabbed Li Xing straight.If Li Xing s purekana CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews CBD Hemp Oil For Pets foot does not stop, then the opponent s sword must come before his foot.I saw Li Xing full spectrum gummies with thc s body was short, and the target of the attack turned to his legs.Only then did the other party understand what Li Xing s intention was.Li Xing was extremely fast, but he was a bit inferior to him.So Li Xing planned to hurt his leg and suppress do cbd gummies help you sleep him again in terms of speed.After a good calculation, the other party laughed angrily.

How could such a thing happen.In the future, ask your uncle to restrain me.If something like this happens again, if you dare to stretch out your hand again, I will cbd hemp oil boxes chop your hand off.Liu Quan really didn t want to look at him, so he turned his back and threw a word.Yes, boss, I will let my uncle calm down.Lao Yang s nephew said in a low voice, he was also very aggrieved, he didn t know about this in advance.It was his uncle who called his younger brother, but in order to please his uncle, his younger brother took people to surround Li Xing, and no one told him at all.Let s all go down, whoever caused the trouble in the future will solve it.Don t drag our entire Aojian gang to the funeral, you know Liu Quan waved them back, but the murderous intent revealed in his words made these churches Lord Jun s expression changed, but he didn t dare to say anything, and just withdrew in silence.

Even if the teacher blamed him, some coercive measures must be taken.Otherwise, if Li Xing continued to destroy like this, he would almost certainly be expelled from the inner courtyard.Just when Huang Sicheng was about to shoot, Li Xing s pupils returned to black, looked around in confusion, and then passed out.Huang Sicheng caught Li Xing in a flash, closed his eyes Health: CBD Hemp Oil For Pets to feel the injury in Li Xing s body, Huang Sicheng s face was full of anger, then turned his head, the anger on his face had disappeared, just said lightly Arrest Fang Guan for me and interrogate him well, if anyone dares to let him go privately, don t blame me for being ruthless.The inspection team s body trembled, they all knew that Huang Sicheng in this state was the most terrifying , indicating that he was extremely angry.

When they got to the logistics office, Li Xing and several people reported their names, and then the teacher in the logistics office glanced up at them and asked them about their requirements for customizing weapons.At the same time, I told them that the credits had been entered into their credit cards, and then gave the five people a loan card and let them go to the martial arts pavilion to pick them out.After the explanation was almost finished, the teacher waved his hand to indicate that they could leave, and the weapons would be sent to them later.After leaving the logistics office, Li Xing and the others went straight to the martial arts pavilion.The first and second floors were Xuan level martial arts, and the third floor was Earth level.Li Xing and the others went straight to the third floor, each heading to the partition they wanted.

As time passed, it was almost time for Li Xing to leave, and the success rate of Li Xing s alchemy was getting higher and higher.Only two days before returning to school, Li Xing finally decided to refine the Yin Yang Concentration Pill.His injuries were getting worse and worse.If he didn t practice, Li Xing was afraid that he would not have enough mental strength to practice Li Xing carefully followed the steps in the elixir to extract the medicinal materials step by step.It took two hours.There were more than 30 small bottles placed in front of Li Xing, and each bottle contained the essence of the medicinal materials After refining the medicinal materials, Li Xing thought about it, and several of the bottles flew up automatically, can you get high on cbd gummies and the essence of the package slowly flowed into the pill furnace.

I m a young man 18000 mg hemp gummy full spectrum after all.I CBD Hemp Oil For Pets can hemp gummy bears have strong resilience, and it s okay to get injured a little bit.Otherwise, how can I find a gap with others Li Xing, your current What is the limit Master Fu suddenly asked.If the combat power is fully activated, in the early stage of the God of War, basically I can t stop me.In the middle stage of the God of War, I need to fight for my life, and the winning rate is extremely low.Li Xing hesitated and said.Not bad, not bad, really good, now I can finally give Xiaoyun to you with confidence, and in the future, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.Old Master Fu said with a smile.Yes, Li Xing keeps it in mind and will never disappoint you.Li Xing bowed, holding Qin Yun s hand tight again, Qin Yun felt the affection in Li Xing s hand, and held it tightly.Li Xing s hand.

At this time, upstairs, the dean of the fire department sighed, their fire department may stop canabis gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pets outside the top four this year.On the other hand, the dean of the Ice Department College, at this moment, is proud of the spring breeze.He already has a seat in the top four, and the second seat is also guaranteed.According to his observation, the final final should be the decisive battle of their Ice Academy team, which gave him a headache.He my cbd edibles didn t know which team to expect to win, but it was also a happy worry.The deans of other academies looked at his ungrateful face, and even had the idea of joining forces to beat him up.Leaving aside the deans of each academy for the time being, the screen turned back to the ring, at which time Zhang Zhehua had slowly stepped onto the ring.Nie Hai s heart sank.

You finally woke up, it s great, you re at my house now, I m so sorry, we were playing together, but you suddenly fell from the sky, Health: CBD Hemp Oil For Pets and we both hurt you, I m really sorry.The blond boy folded his hands and bowed ninety degrees in apology.The blond boy saw that the red haired boy beside him was motionless, he quickly pulled him, and said in a low voice, Come on, Kotaro, apologize.The red haired boy shook off the blond boy s hand and said dissatisfiedly Why should I apologize It was this guy who broke into our duel by himself.Why should I apologize for his own injury Apologize The blond boy said solemnly, looking at his brother s cbd gummies diy troubled appearance.I m sorry.Kotaro reluctantly apologized, and then went out of the room.The blond boy said apologetically, I m sorry, Kotaro was not cbd gummies guide like this before, but something happened suddenly, and he hasn t adapted yet.

But Li Xing disappeared into the alley so strangely, is there cbd in hemp oil no one knew what just happened, a group of people turned the alley hemp bomb CBD gummy bears CBD Hemp Oil For Pets upside down and couldn t find Li Xing s hiding place.On a street half a kilometer away from here, Li Xing climbed out of a vent, and the corner of his mouth twitched, you can find it slowly, my lord, I ll take a step first.Without waiting for Li Xing to be happy, a bullet hit Li Xing s head quickly, Li Xing s eyes narrowed, the moon blade in copd serenity cbd gummies his hand swung out like lightning, and the bullet was cut in two.Li Xing looked up and saw that the figure holding a sniper rifle 300 meters away was particularly conspicuous.Looking at the red dot on the map moving towards him quickly, Li Xing pouted, turned and fled.On the other side, Wang Chen also encountered a sniper, but Wang Chen went around in circles, killing the sniper directly before he ran away, and he hated the teeth of the people who Health: CBD Hemp Oil For Pets were chasing him.

Li Xing s humble attitude made the senior in front of him feel a little more favorable secret nature CBD CBD Hemp Oil For Pets towards Li Xing.This junior is quite good at being a man, and he can get in touch with him more in the future.But he was miscalculated after all.Whether the two of them can see each other in the future will be discussed.Li Xing and Qin Yun happily left with the token, and the senior and senior CBD Hemp Oil For Pets who are stationed here also plan to leave.After all, they only have one token, and if they lose, it CBD Hemp Oil For Pets will end.After that, Li Xing accompanied Qin Yun CBD Hemp Oil For Pets to sweep several garrison points and obtained several tokens.Looking at the extra tokens in his hand, Qin Yun s face was full of smiles.At noon, Wen Dou will temporarily stop, It s time for lunch, Qin Yun took Li Xinghe and walked towards the cafeteria together.After the meal, she took Li Xing and sat down with her roommates.

Li Xing and Wang Chen rushed back to the school together, and Li Xing asked Wang Chen to give the Fuming Pill to him.Wang Chen ate it and protected Wang Chen from the side to prevent anyone from disturbing him.While looking at Wang Chen, Li Xing was also slowly recovering from his injuries.For this reason, he also consumed a lot of experience points, which made him aching for a while.In the evening, Wang Chen woke up and turned around, Li Xing opened his eyes almost simultaneously, looked at Wang Chen and asked, How is it How s your recovery It s almost time, let s go eat eaglehemp cbd gummies first, we re all starving.Li Xing was also helpless.After becoming a martial artist, the energy consumed by his body also doubled.The realm of the two of them was not enough to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to make up for their consumption, so normal meals were necessary.

Li Xing clung his hands together, holding down the middle aged man abruptly.He also took two steps back before he regained his stability.own body.The sound of breaking wind sounded, and the middle aged man punched Li Xing.Before the punches stopped, Li Xing had already kicked the middle aged man s cbd oil made from hemp feet and kicked him out.Li Xing let out 1000 mg cbd gummies effect a sigh of relief and kicked the middle aged man in the air.The middle aged man seized the right moment and grabbed Li Xing s ankle.Before he could throw Li Xing out, Li Xing put his legs together and supported his hands.The middle aged man He fell heavily to the ground.This time, it was not light, the floor was dented by a large piece, Li Xing chased after the victory and slammed hemp oil without cbd benefits into it with one knee.Li Xing watched the cbd gummies hemp man run away, put his hands on his arms, and with the help of inertia, he kicked the middle aged man s chest heavily, the middle aged man s expression changed, and blood spilled out.

Li Xing gave an ambiguous answer.Tell the truth Master Fu looked at Li Xing angrily and said.None of these people at the same level are my opponents.Li Xing said proudly, and the confidence contained in it was eye catching.Haha, well, what I want is your confidence.You should be an eight star warrior by now.Tonight, you have one goal to defeat them, and I will take care of them when something goes wrong.Master Fu said with a big smile.Li Xing pursed his lips and said, Master Fu, I m afraid this won t work.Huh Why not Are you scared Master Fu said with a stare.They are not qualified to make me afraid, but I am already at the peak of the nine star martial artist.If I fight with them, am I bullying them Li Xing looked at Master Fu calmly and said.Wait, what did you say Are you a nine star martial artist Master Fu looked at Li Xing with disbelief in his eyes.

Suddenly, it reached the top of his head, and his opponent was also staring at Li Xing at ceres cbd gummies all times, quietly waiting for Li Xing s next move.Li CBD Hemp Oil For Pets Xing quietly opened the magic pupil, the sword light flashed, and the thunder dissipated into the invisible, and Li Xing s opponent looked at the sword that had been shattered into thousands of pieces in disbelief.It was such a sword, but it still stopped took him.Li Xingke has never been in the habit of distracting himself in battle.He stepped forward and the sword went straight through the obstacle and slashed what s the difference between hemp oil and cbd oil towards Li Xing s opponent.Li Xing s opponent was also decisive, and gave up the weapon in his hand.He was short, and he would hug Li Xing by the waist.As long as he gummy hemp bombs cbd could touch him, he would be able to paralyze Li Xing directly.By then, he was not sure of winning.

CBD Hemp Oil For Pets can i bring CBD gummies on a flight >> 1mg CBD gummies, hemp gummies vs CBD gummies CBD cbd gummies boston Hemp Oil For Pets budpop CBD gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pets.

Shaking his head, Qin Ming went downstairs with his hands on his back, and his frowning was relieved.some.At this time upstairs, Qin Yun threw herself on the bed, hugged a doll bear of the same height, and said with a happy smile, He said he missed me, Xiao Hei, he said he missed me.Qin Yun happily said They all started rolling on the bed.Listening to the busy tone on the phone, Li Xing shook his head with a smile, and put away the phone.At cbd vs thc gummies this time, Wang Chen also urged Li Xing to hurry up.It was almost time, and Li Xing responded and went out.When they got to the conference room, there were only Li Xing and Wang Chen.The two of them found a place to sit down, and the others came one after another.Seeing that the crowd was almost here, CBD Hemp Oil For Pets Wang Chen stood up dakota hemp gummies and said, I called everyone here today to discuss with you the candidates for the upcoming games, because we have played two games in a row, and some of the main players will definitely not be able to CBD Hemp Oil For Pets last.

It s okay, it s not that I m too tired, it just feels like I ve been in a bottleneck period recently.Momo said a little disappointedly.Bottleneck period Li Xing was in a bit of trouble.He was a little unfamiliar with this line, because he had almost no bottleneck period, and even breaking through the generals didn t take too long.It s just the bottleneck period, don t worry too much.Being stuck in the bottleneck period means that you are not far from breaking through.You should be happy.Li Xing comforted Momo.But how can I catch up with high potency cbd hemp oil you like this Momo said softly.Li Xing couldn t help but smile, rubbed Momo s hair, and said softly Momo, cultivation is about success.Don t be too eager for success, it will be inferior.Not to mention other things.Yes, you have caught up with me.When I was in the first semester CBD Hemp Oil For Pets cornbread cbd gummies of the third grade, I was only a seven star warrior.

What s wrong with you Why is your face so red Are you sick Murong Xi touched Ji Xiaoman s forehead and compared it with his own.I m not sick, don t guess.Ji Xiaoman quickly took Murongxi s hand off, but the blush on his face became more intense.Chapter 648 Dating please subscribe cbd weed gummies Murongxi took Ji Xiaoman back to her room after eating with her, watching Ji Xiaoman walk into the room, Murongxi hesitated for a long time , also said see you tomorrow , and then ran away.Ji Xiaoman looked at Murong Xi s back, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, his face flushed immediately, and he quickly closed the door.Murong Xi was walking on the road and murmured, How did things turn out like this Back to the day when Murong Xi asked Ji Xiaoman to eat, Ji Xiaoman spent his first time dressing himself up, but he waited.

smile.This child has a clean background, has a strong sense of belonging to the country, is more emotional, has good talent, and is a member of the elite plan.He can focus on training.His order was quickly conveyed, and at the same time , Li Xing s information was also passed to the desks of the heads of various regions.From this moment on, Li Xing has begun to be noticed by the big people.And Li Xing was following the people in front of him at this time.After these people got the information, they were leaving here quickly, trying their best to hurry.If Li Xing s speed had not been greatly improved after integrating the evolutionary virus, he would have been thrown away long ago.Seeing the distance getting further and further away, Li Xing felt a little more anxious.At this time, the satellite phone in his arms rang, and a cold voice came, Leave it to me next, you can evacuate.

It s okay, I know, but thank you anyway.And Mo Li, I hope they can give some strength to persuade Momo, Mo Li and Lin Jing nodded with a light smile.They may stop Momo, they should be, um, Li Xing said a little less confidently in his heart.At nine o clock in the evening, Momo was a little drowsy, Li Xing slowly took Momo into his arms, and when she was completely asleep, Li Xing slowly picked up Momo and went downstairs.After knocking on the door, Li Xing gently removed Momo s shoes and socks, gently covered Momo with the quilt, kissed Momo s forehead lightly, and then turned off the light and left.Uncle Tang, Auntie, then I ll go first.Li Xing said goodbye in a low voice, Uncle Tang nodded, looked at Li Xing CBD thc gummies CBD Hemp Oil For Pets s back, and hesitated.After returning home, Li Xing and Lin Jing had also returned to their room.

As soon as he thought of this, a chill slowly surged up in Li Xing s hand, and it covered the moon blade in a blink of an eye.The moon blade is extraordinary, but at this moment, it has added ice cold energy, which makes it appear even whiter and shows a chill.With a swipe of the knife, Li Xing could feel that the opponent s speed was a little slower, although it was not too obvious, but Li Xing, who had been paying attention, made him invigorated.It seems that Binghan Jin can slow down the enemy s speed and it is true, Li Xing was overjoyed, and tried a few more times, this time the other party could also feel it, and suddenly regretted it.What are you doing to provoke Li Xing when cbd edible gummies effects you fusion cbd gummies have nothing to do, now it is difficult to ride a tiger.Li Xing saw that the opponent s speed was getting slower and slower, and the effect of tempering was no longer there.

Li Xing s eyes swept away, and it was easy to spot Zhang Zhehua and a few people standing in the corner of the square.Li Xing and Wang Chen walked over slowly, and only after they got close did they realize that the atmosphere between the three was not right.Fan Jun s face was full of sadness, Zhang Zhehua and Bai Bingqing s eyes were full of anxiety, and Wang Chen frowned and asked, What happened What s the matter Alas.Fan Jun glanced at Wang Chen, sighed deeply, and then slowly said the matter.It turned out to be that Zhang Lei, who had not deceived Li Xing and Wang Chen creating better days cbd melatonin gummies before, but turned around to deceive Fan Jun and the others.At that time, Bai Bingqing and the others had not arrived, and Fan Jun was the only one.Then Zhang Lei took Fan Jun as an enthusiastic senior.cheated.Then Fan Jun also knew the role of points, and went to find Zhang Lei s theory.

Chen Huafeng began to introduce the members of the Tianhuang War Academy to the audience, and behind him, the eyes of the two pairs of members met.There seemed to be sparks flickering.It seems that the members of both teams can t wait, but don t worry, you have to wait for me to introduce my classmates from the Tianhuang War Academy to the big guys, otherwise you won t know who to call when you win.Chen Huafeng s ridicule swept away the tension between the members of the two teams.Chen Huafeng continued, Let s let our captain Qin Hong introduce myself.Qin Hong nodded and took pure kana cbd gummies reviews the microphone from Chen Huafeng.Shen Sheng said Hello everyone, my name is Qin Hong, I am a freshman from the Tianhuang War Academy and the Earth Department College.This time, I am fortunate to be the captain to participate in this exchange competition.