CBD Inflamation Krysta change Gu Zhiya asked tentatively.Krysta nodded, Yeah.He stood up, staggering a little, but Gu Zhiya hurried over to support Krysta.Krysta shook his head, It s okay, Zhiya, I m not drunk, don t worry.Gu Zhiya looked worried, Don t drink next time, let s go see the scenery.Krysta waved, It s okay, let s go out first.Let CBD Inflamation green gummies cbd s go.He picked up his bag and got up and went out.And Gu Zhiya could only pack up her clothes and bags and go out together.Just after what is CBD gummies CBD Inflamation going out, I saw Krysta standing there, staring blankly at the front of the aisle corridor, where there was a person standing.Gu Zhiya looked over and was immediately surprised.Brother she called out.When the bar is snoring.Ye Gui said to the girl beside him.Girl, I m going to the bathroom and I ll be back soon.Lin Yuner chuckled and nodded, Inner, Ye Gui.

The nanny car closed immediately, and Minya took out Lin Yuner s cell phone.Euni s cell phone is here.She was very happy when she first came here, but when she was receiving makeup, after looking at some photos on her cell phone, her smile disappeared instantly, and she even forgot to bring her cell phone.It s on him.Ye Gui looked at Minya, Photo Minya handed Lin Yuner s phone to Ye Gui, Ye Gui can see for yourself, CBD Inflamation I don t know the lock screen password in Ernie s hand.Ye Gui received over the phone.Then enter the phone lock screen password.When the phone is turned on, it is just a photo.Park, hilltop, pavilion, sunrise.Him and Krysta.Inside the nanny s car, the atmosphere suddenly became solemn.Inside the auditorium.The dean of the school was giving a speech, and Lin Yuner, who was sitting in the front row, was wearing a bachelor s uniform and a bachelor s hat, but she was a little dazed.

2.jolly CBD gummies reviews CBD Inflamation

He also CBD Inflamation stretched out his hand to hug him, his words more like coquettish.Don t say jokes, I ll take it seriously.After speaking, Xiao Gao Leng eagle hemp cbdcom hugged him even harder, sniffing the smell on his body.But I m really happy that you can stay by my side for another day.At this moment, the pliable little Gao Leng was in his arms, and at the same time listening to his words, there was an indescribable sense of fulfillment.He was slightly immersed in it, or in other words, calmly in this feeling, sniffing the leisurely cbd gummies for rheumatoid arthritis fragrance 5 thc of Xiao Gao Leng in his arms.But Xiao Gao immediately lowered his mouth when he cooled down.She didn t move, just asked in his arms.Why don t you talk, are you unhappy Is it delaying your business Shaking his head.It can t be delayed.It s just that I m a little addicted to this feeling.

He was stunned and pointed at iu, Let me introduce to you, that girl lying on the bed is Li Zhien xi.She caught a cold and took cold medicine and has been sleeping until now.As for this sitting is Li Zhien xi s younger brother, you can It is understood as an escort.After saying this, Li Mingxun s embarrassment spread even more, and he could only bow his head silently.After he finished speaking, he looked at Taeyeon, The introduction is over, let s go.But Taeyeon wanted to speak, but Ye Gui spoke again and looked at Li Mingxun.Take care of your sister, let s go first.Li Mingxun nodded quickly, but didn t look up.Ye Gui didn t pay any more attention, but looked at Taeyeon and said, Let s boswellia and hemp gummies go.Taeyeon hesitated, but nodded lightly.Then the two left, along with Long Yiyong and others.Only Li Mingxun and IU were left in the tent.

Xiao Gao Leng still laughed, but did not deny it.Nei, I don t want to evade or lie, this time is really happy, there are no crazy moments, and no boring moments.Every day is very fulfilling, I really like this kind of life.Aber sighed slightly Tone, Then, do you really want to quit Xiao Gao Leng shook his head and looked at Aber with a smile.Of course not, love is my life, and you are my life, how could I leave you behind.After speaking, he asked a little more.But, what s wrong with you today, why do you feel mourned This is not like the usual you, and where did Ernie and una go Aber let out a tired sigh.about to speak.The door was pulled open.It was una and Victoria who came in.The two of them were a little happy when they saw Xiao Gao Leng.Luna joked, Yo, our Zheng Bingshan took a precious day out with Ye Gui today to come to see us Xiao Gao smiled helplessly, You are precious too, don t make fun CBD Inflamation : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity of me CBD Inflamation like that.

3.eagle hemp CBD gummies side effects CBD Inflamation

Ye Gui, how did Ernie and I dance Are you filming It s beautiful.Ye Gui praised directly and gave Lin Yuner the phone.Lin Yuner smiled and opened it, and watched it with Kim Hyoyeon.However, after watching for a while, Jin Xiaoyuan frowned a little, and she looked at Ye Gui.Ye Guixi, will you take up a lot of memory with me when you re shooting Lin Yuner laughed aside, because Ye Gui only took one CBD Inflamation CBD Inflamation of Lin Yuner s pictures, and only Lin Yuner was the only one in the whole process.Ye Gui smiled and apologized to Kim Hyo yeon, but did not intend to change.After that, Lin Yuner changed her clothes, chatted with Jin Xiaoyuan for a while, and then said goodbye to Jin Xiaoyuan with Ye Gui.When they came out, Lin Yuner chuckled and chatted with Ye Gui.Xiaoyuan Erni said you were a big bore.When I danced, she looked at me and giggled, and she didn t even watch it.

, spoke with a little coquettish voice.If there is no accident, I think I should be lying on this bed, but I don t know if it is possible, CBD Inflamation a domineering president surnamed Ye, will he think I squeeze him Ye Gui felt a pain all over his body instantly.are gone.He nodded, or rather, nodded excitedly.Da Jun, I can do it, I can What else to squeeze, you look thin Lin Yuner looked at Ye Gui s appearance, bit her lip and cbd gummies for sale at walgreens chuckled.Under the light, her makeup is exquisite and breathtakingly beautiful.And Ye Gui [2022] CBD Inflamation looked at her, his heart beating out of rhythm Ye, Ye Gui In the dark sick house.WellI mean, in the ward with the lights off.Lin Yuner was lying in Ye Gui s arms, her voice trembling a little.Ye Gui replied softly, What s the matter, Lin Dajun Your hand, take it, take it away Lin Yuner bit her lip, her cheeks hot.

You can see that the tag is still there.Saying that, he stepped forward and compared, However, Ye Gui, you are taller and stronger than my brother, so it might be a little tight. I actually wear quite thick clothes.He looked at iu.Iu shook his head, But visually, it s really thin. Oh well.He nodded, and still put it on.Although iu said that the clothes would be a little tight, it s fine to put it directly on the windbreaker, and there is no tightness.Let s go.He said.Iu nodded and stepped forward.Then he took his arm lightly.Seriously, it was a little uncomfortable.He glanced at Iu, thinking that this girl would be like this too, but found that the girl looked very kushy punch cbd gummies review Calm, and CBD Inflamation : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity seemed a little excited, as if I wanted to do this for a long time.Aren t you uncomfortable After all, we were just friends before and had close contact with you, which I never thought of.

She sighed and turned upstairs to can cbd gummies cause chest pain Krystal s room.Gently push the door open.But he saw that Krystal had gotten up and came to the bed, where he stopped quietly and looked in a certain direction.She was a little silent, but she pushed open the door and walked over.When he charlottes web CBD gummies sleep CBD Inflamation came to his sister s side, he also gently hugged her.Soon the sister bowed her head and rested on her shoulder.So she could feel this moment, the trembling of her sister s body, and the warm tears. you are everywhere.Except for me. keep away.After constantly moving away, I stopped at a stall in the forest district of Seoul.Go and rest, I ll go back by myself.Long Yiyong and others were a little embarrassed, and just wanted to speak, but Shi Zaichun grabbed Long Yiyong and spoke.Nei, vice president nim.Then, purekana CBD gummies reviews CBD Inflamation under Long Yiyong s frown and displeased look, Shi Zaichun forced ape cbd gummies him and the bodyguards to leave.

After listening to her finish, he reached out and tucked a strand of hair from her forehead behind her ear.I understand, and I will change my mood as soon as possible.Lin Yuner nodded with a smile, and gently snuggled CBD Inflamation into Ye Gui s palm.Nei, you have to be happy as soon as possible, I will wait for you.Well, I will.Ye Gui replied.And Lin Yuner smiled and started to finish the makeup.Finally, when everything was over, she got up and pulled Ye Gui to get up.Don t put on lipstick for now.After breakfast, you can help me choose one.Okay.Ye Gui said.While talking, the two came to the table.In the early morning sun, he sat with her.So, familiar, he and she in the past were growing quietly and arbitrarily. Chapter 289 Suishui two Chapter 289 Suishui two finished breakfast.Yayan and the assistant watched apple cider cbd gummies Ye Gui drive Lin Yuner to the unknown front.

In a dark corner, a dark figure suddenly appeared, staring at the car that Ye Gui and Lin Yuner were leaving, watching for a long time, does cbd gummies have thc in them until finally tore up a photo, and then quietly left again.And from the shredded photos of the pair, it can be seen vaguely.Ye Gui.Just Yegui.On the way back, the girl leaned against Ye Gui with her light body.Looking at him, he was still a little depressed.The girl approached her mouth softly.Let me sing to you, Ye Gui.Ye Gui nodded, naturally looking forward to this girl eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank reviews s singing.Lin Yuner smiled and hummed softly.The car window was open to let out some faint alcohol odor, and the cool night wind blew the girl s long smooth hair.I want to hold your hand like this and don t let go, can love be simple and harmless The girl gently held his hand while humming, her blue silk fluttering and smiling softly at him.

No, anger, even if he is not a bad person, but he is also very dangerous.Do you know when you re angry He once violently beat the second young master of the chaebol Gao family in Itaewon.When he broke someone s arm, he didn t even blink an eye or even have an expression.And even more terrifying.It s his background, he didn t have anything to do after the fight, but gluten free CBD gummies CBD Inflamation the Gao family didn t dare to say a word.You didn t see the battle in Itaewon that day, it was really scary, you must leave him.Stay away Iu was a little silent.Is the second young master of the Gao family named Gao Yuanzai Li Mingxun was stunned.How do you know when you re angry Iu didn t say anything, but he thought of the way Ye Gui was admonishing the second young master of the Gao family just now.Gradually, there was his plain and unshaven appearance, and finally when he turned his head and called her to go with him.

After drinking a glass of wine, Ye Gui sighed a little.Yeah, my deepest memory now is the time she invited me to eat Just before he finished speaking, a sweet smell of milk came, and a small hand quietly covered his mouth.He turned around in a daze, and saw Taeyeon who looked a little flustered and her ears were a little red. Chapter 468 The Daily Taeng9Cam 12 Chapter 468 The Daily Taeng9Ca wana hemp gummies 12 I was teased by my mother and sister, and I felt sad dissipated.Wait until the last few appetizers are done.They will also go out into the living room.At this moment, the mother and daughter were cooking and chatting casually, but most of them were related to Ye Gui.Taeyeon told the stories of their encounters and acquaintances with fresh memory.The basic situation of Ye Gui s family was also told to his mother and sister.

Sunny smiled, but gradually turned serious, and said with a pause, But Today, President Ye Da scared Heechul Oppa.Taeyeon paused for a while, but shook her head helplessly, There s nothing I can do about that.I persuaded him not long ago when he was playing with the girls of his younger generation, but he didn t listen.And if it wasn t for me before.You and you just cbd gummies for neuropathy turned my back on him because of your incompetence, and he s afraid that he s going to do it CBD Inflamation again today.Sunny sighed, Yeah, that s what I told him today Taeyeon shook her head.But anyway, this incident today is also because of me.You should apologize to Heechul Oppa for me.Of course, it s only where to buy CBD gummies CBD Inflamation in my name, so don t bring my brother.There s nothing wrong with that.I understand, Jin is biased.Sunny nodded with a smile.In.Taeyeon smiled at Sunny.

CBD Inflamation best CBD gummies for anxiety, all natural CBD (CBD gummies 500mg) CBD Inflamation kanha gummies cbd CBD Inflamation.

In the end, Yang Yueran stepped forward to comfort Jessica, and the young couple and Jessica followed up with the two people in front.At the door of the restaurant, two people waited for the three people behind.What s wrong with you, Crystal I hate that person Did he offend you Ye Gui asked.Krysta pursed his lips slightly, looked at Ye Gui and said, Ye Gui, do you know I have 500mg cbd gummies for sleep never seen such a wretched and gloomy person, that person is too wretched, not only in appearance, but also in behavior and heart, I really I can t hemp seed vs CBD CBD Inflamation figure out who O Neill chose to cooperate well, so he has to find someone like that Ah jjia Yixi Xiao Gao Leng couldn t bear to subconsciously utter a swear word, but the brakes stopped before the full explosion.She immediately raised her eyes to look at Ye Gui, her eyes best CBD gummies for anxiety 2022 CBD Inflamation were a little embarrassed.

The boss smiled and glanced at the two of them.The two are slow, and you can say hello at any time if you have anything.Ye Gui nodded and responded, martha stewart cbd gummies coupon code Okay, then thank you boss.You re welcome, eat and drink well., the boss left with a few waiters, and the door closed again.The private room was silent again, only the bottom of the pot was boiling softly.Eat first.Ye Gui best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes CBD Inflamation spoke first.Lin Yuner looked at him without moving her chopsticks.Ye Gui was silent for a while, exhaled slightly, and then lowered his head silently.After a long time, he spoke, with a pause in his words.Some things, I have, I have not dared to mention them anymore.Those about the past of the family, in fact, are not very easy to say.I may only be able to talk about those things at certain times.Let me tell the story, is hemp oil the same as CBD oil CBD Inflamation but let me remember and tell like a story, I really can t do it, sorry, Yuner.

He also koi naturals CBD CBD Inflamation completely ignored the helpless sighing look on Manager Liu s face that couldn t be stopped.She put on a mask and took the elevator downstairs, and ran out of the hall.Then he saw Ye Gui standing beside the car, tall and straight.Then she saw him turn around again and wave hello to her, but at this moment, she was stunned for a moment.The visual impact from a moment, from the contrast between these days and today, about him.When he left, he was like a hesitant, slovenly artist.But now, although wearing casual clothes, his body is not covered at all, and his angular face is like a high definition real picture.Although she is not a face control, it is undeniable that she is somewhat unable to control her heartbeat.What are you stunned for He walked over and looked at the short body wearing a mask, with flaxen hair braided into two braids, and the skin was really white and glowing, and it seemed to be even more apparent in the night.

Lin Yuner couldn t help but gave Ye Gui a punch.Ye Gui covered the place where he was beaten, frowning at Lin Yuner, You practice boxing Lin Yuner ignored him, her tears gradually stopped, but there were still wet tears.Ye Gui sighed and gave her a few pieces of paper, Wipe away the tears, or go out and be seen, thinking that Ye Gui is beating up the well known Korean idol Lin Yuner.Lin Yuner didn t answer, with a nasal voice, Then let They think so, you will be a domestic abuser in the future Ye Gui took a deep breath, You are cutting off my marriage Lin cbd vs hemp cream Yuner cut, but finally took the paper and wiped the wet tears.Ye Gui frowned at her.Oh, why are you looking natures wellness cbd at me Don t look at me Lin Yuner frowned and scolded.Ye Gui said casually, Come on, the eyeballs are here, buckle them yourself, or I ll look at you.

He followed her gaze, and then said without thinking, Impossible.Xiao Gao Leng turned back slightly, Huh I know you want to go down and dance.He looked at Xiao Gao Leng.Xiao Gao laughed helplessly, Dancing I m going back now, uncle, in the practice room, MV, and singing stage.I m almost throwing up dancing, okay Still dancing, do you think I m a spring He looked slightly stagnant.Then apologetically, I m sorry.Xiao Gao looked at him with a cold smile, I accept it.While speaking, the two were quiet for a while.Only the music on the dance floor was ringing.At this moment, Xiao Gao Leng supported the armrest of the sofa with a pointed chin and looked down.Seems to be in a trance.He glanced at her, just about to ask her what she was thinking.But Xiao Gao Cooling had already turned his head to look at him, leaning his chin one step ahead of him.

Instead, the door on the opposite side of the stage opened, and a rapper with curly hair came out and sang the rap in her song at the same time It was the rap singer who originally sang this song, the one she only made songs in the studio The mysterious rap singer who I met once and never saw again from beginning to end The third part, Taeyeon really didn t expect it how many gummies to get a buzz to be a dialogue part.At this moment, Tiffany is sitting on the side, and Taeyeon and the rapper are sitting on a sofa alone.There was some minute long silence between each other.Tiffany suddenly burst out laughing, No, one of the few hosting stages in my life has an accident.The two are relatives, do you want to finish this part in silence After speaking, the rapper opened his mouth., As if she still didn t know what to say, Taeyeon finally smiled helplessly and could only speak first.

Open the wine.You girl should be the first.Lin Yuner suddenly realized, poured Ye Gui a glass of soju, and then handed the bottle to Ye Gui to speak.Ye Gui, please help me pour it too, because in Korea, you can t pour your own drink, you will be single.The words are familiar.Ye Gui instantly remembered that the little girl said the same thing that night.But then suppressing this memory, he nodded, picked up the wine bottle and poured it gently on Lin Yuner.The two clink glasses and drank a glass of wine.Lin Yuner exhaled a sigh of wine in a happy mood, then looked at Ye Gui, with a little blush wild hemp cbd cigarillos on her face.Ye Gui, I m so happy to drink with you.I ve never been like this before, but now I m really hemp bombs CBD gummies review CBD Inflamation letting myself go.Ye Gui lightly smiled and patted her head, It s okay, I m at home, how drunk I am.

She paused, with a dazed look.After a while, she smiled helplessly, So, it was me who stepped back He looked at her, CBD gummies for pain walmart CBD Inflamation a little puzzled, Back off Taeyeon brought back gummy bear CBD recipe CBD Inflamation a touch of memory, Yes, I used sunday scaries CBD gummies CBD Inflamation to be, indeed, very I like to hide my thoughts, because CBD Inflamation I know that there are many things that are meaningless to say, and nothing will change.And those thoughts, I will really hide them deeply and deeply, and others can t see them.But, I don t know when it will start, my heart won t be heavy anymore, and my thoughts can t hide anymore.After Taeyeon finished speaking, those demure eyes still looked at him, but finally brought a touch of enthusiasm.It seems that in this cold night, that touch outlines the sky of Phnom Penh. Chapter 425 Wandering and Heavy Rain 6 sour cbd gummy bears Chapter 425 Wandering and Heavy Rain 6 This means, I am desperate to know some answers, so The more you think about it, the more you can t hide it.

Taeyeon took it, but didn t look at it immediately, just looked at Ye Gui, I m right by your side, you can watch me dance anytime you want.Seriously, I m not as precious as a dance video Ye Gui looked at Taeyeon and said aloud.Of course people are the most precious, but this is also a memory, and memories CBD Inflamation are CBD Inflamation also very precious, isn t it Okay Taeyeon slightly flattened her lower lip, but emphasized again, But you can t show it to others, only Let me see you, too.How is that possible, of course it s impossible for others to see it.Ye Gui shook his head and said a word of relief, Don t worry, I won t shoot you casually in the future, this time is a mistake Now, I m a little reluctant to delete it.Ani Taeyeon looked at Ye Gui with a little hesitation.Actually, it s not that you are not allowed to take pictures, it doesn t matter if you take pictures.

They just sent text messages to both Taeyeon and Yoona, and then went to the lounge next to them and waited for the two people next to them to finish the live broadcast.But as soon as the two entered the lounge, Xiao Gao Leng leaned back against the door of the lounge and locked the lounge.He was stunned, his eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank episode expression a little weird.You are What do you think of my proposal in the corridor before Xiao Gao Leng leaned back against the door and tilted his head slightly to look at him, and his colleague took out a tissue and gently wiped the lip gloss from his mouth.I think he said.Huh Xiao Gao Leng laughed in surprise, put away the tissue after wiping his lip gloss and said, Do you think Shouldn t you just jump up and kiss me now Or, let me pounce After speaking, he really thought about it, With your handsome face, it really makes me want to pounce.

cbd gummies tinnitus scam Have you seen the price increase Lin Yuner paused, as if she didn t care, Then, that s what Ye Guini taught me But after speaking, she finally closed her eyes and lowered her head with a hint of embarrassment Ye Gui was stunned for a moment, then laughed, and was about to speak.Wow, I said you two are enough, really enough, okay But the words suddenly interrupted him.Ye Gui turned his head to look.Yes, Wen Xin.With a girl.Ye Gui looked at him with a smile, Girlfriend Wen Xin shook his head, Fianc e.But the girl didn t have any fluctuations when she heard it.But the young couple didn t notice.The young michael strahan cbd gummies couple were just a little surprised.Then the young couple looked at each other and looked at Wen Xin with a smile.Congratulations.Wen Xin smiled and looked at the two of them.You two really have a tacit understanding Forget it, you can t be envious.

Look into her eyes.Looking at her thin lips again.Taeyeon pursed her lips and said in a low voice, Brother finally can t help but coerce me um At this moment, he finally couldn t bear it anymore, and sealed up the Jin Ruan Ran who loved to use words in front of him.Thin how many CBD Inflamation lips.For a moment, he saw her full of laughter, and then gently closed her eyes with long eyelashes and a little trembling.On purpose, this gold is soft and soft.After thinking about it.He immediately stopped thinking about it.Immerse yourself in the warmth fun drops CBD gummies website CBD Inflamation and softness of each other s response Chapter 489 The Daily Taeng9Cam Thirty three Chapter 489 The Daily Taeng9Cam Thirty three The day soon came to the sunset.After the two made a super deluxe version of instant noodles together, they quietly came to the rooftop to watch the sunset.

tiffany continues to host.Then we are now in two stages.Next, the third stage, how cbd gummies are they bad for you about Taeyeon sing the title song Taeyeon thought for a while, could it be that the show team arranged for her brother s stage to arrive She is more and cbd hemp flower legal more sure, after all, from the beginning to the end of the singing stage.Ye Guilai sang all the rap parts of her title song, so today should be no exception.Thinking like this, she readily agreed, and looked at Ye Gui under the stage with a smile, and Ye Gui cbd lion gummies returned cbd gummies that help you quit drinking her a smile.She was more certain of her own conjecture.Soon, the microphone was in place, and the prelude sounded.She began to sing ethereally with a smile.until the rap part.She looked CBD Inflamation at Ye Gui.Waiting for Ye Gui to get up and pick up the microphone.But Ye Gui didn t stand up until the rap sounded.

So she picked up the car keys and asked.Go.Tiffany said.Taeyeon raised her brows slightly after a pause.It s late at night, I don t want to monitor you, I just don t worry about you going out alone.Tiffany explained.Yeah, Ernie.Xu Xian also said.Taeyeon took a breath and nodded, I know, let s go together.After saying that, she walked out of the room first, hemp extract vs CBD CBD Inflamation then changed her shoes, and Xu Xian and Tiffany who were wearing coats also followed Chapter 415 why cant I CBD Inflamation : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity ten Chapter 415 why bsp I 10 The car was parked directly downstairs of the Seoul Forest Apartment.The three got out of the car.He didn t notice Ye Gui, who was leaning on the bench beside him, but the little guy who was lying beside Ye Gui suddenly got up and called out to the three of them vigilantly, reminding his master that there was a stranger.

The atmosphere is warm and joyful.Compared with one person or two people, it is a warmer moment.He sat watching them, just smiling softly.Maybe he had never thought of such a scene before, but at this moment, it was presented like this, and he was very touched.Now, they all shed tears in front of him.Those were heavy and precious tears.Here he recalls.Taeyeon glanced at Xiujing and IU, And Yoona, the three girls immediately took out their phones, and Taeyeon asked in the group.Is it Xiujing s time today I lent it to Yuner Erni.Xiao Gao replied coldly.Afterwards, several girls raised their heads to look at Yun er.Yun er wanted to say something, but nodded slightly.Several girls nodded.Then Taeyeon got up and glanced at Ye Gui, Ye Gui, I m a little tired today.I m going back to my room first.

Over the years, Oppa has actually only had one predecessor, and it is Huaxia who is very powerful.The venture capital company, the actual shareholder of Guiyue Capital, Su Liyueuni.When she and Ouba were together, Ouba and Wenxin Ouba had not yet established the Hundred Turning Institute and were still studying, but Liyue Oni was already someone who was going to inherit the huge family business Other than that In addition, Liyue Oni wanted to develop on a does cbd gummies show up on a drug test 2021 wider stage, hoping to become a famous investor all over the world, but Oppa likes a quiet life.Later, between dreams and Oppa, Liyue Oni If they choose the former, their three year time CBD Inflamation will be cut off.Since then, Ouba has never been in love again, and since he established Baifanyuan with Wenxin Ouba, he didn t even think about love.In this regard, active contact with girls is limited to work.

He was very quiet, and his quietness even made her have a little self doubt.Isn t it nice She surveyed herself.Not bad She looked CBD Inflamation at Ye Gui again.This time it was her turn to be quiet, and she was still a little stunned in the silence.Her Ye Gui s eyes were red hurriedly got off the stage and walked over with the skirt in hand.Lin Yuner came to Ye Gui, and the good smell stimulated his olfactory system.What s wrong with you, Ye Gui.Why are you crying.He heard the girl s gentle voice, and at the same time a pair of worried eyes were looking at him.just cry He rubbed the corners of his eyes, feeling a little wet.He tilted his head a little embarrassedly, hurriedly wiped it, and opened his mouth at will.No way, you beautiful girl really made me cry today, so I couldn t control it.Lin Yuner paused, turned around holding Ye Gui s face, took out two pieces of paper from the table, and gently wiped the corners of Ye Gui s eyes.

Of course, losing the game is also one aspect.Wei Wei regained some strength, and the two stood up.Yoona said, Oni, I m going to the bathroom.You go over there first with Ye Gui, Xiao Xiujing and wait for me.With Taeyeon leaving.Yuner slowly took out her phone, looked at a text message on her phone, and was quiet for a long time.It was a text message from my father.Abba is a loser in matters such as marriage, love, and marriage.I can t give you much advice.The only thing I can say is to listen to your heart and do things.Don t be rude, don t save face, people around you are more important than anything else.Looking at it, Yuner looked over and over.In the end, only a few words were answered.Nee, Abba, I will.Yes, she willthe kiss is over.Xiao Gao Leng looked at him with a little panting Jiaohan.