Chapter 150 Qiankun Yulu Little monk, you dare Cang Wu s face was full of anger.But when I saw the red flames on my body, I couldn t help but be afraid.What is this He was pale, and there was a hint of disbelief in his eyes.Heaven and earth are different fires His response was quick, and he was busy secretly trying to suppress the real pressure.Seeing that the red lotus karmic fire was successfully planted on He Cangwu s body, Li Chen breathed a sigh of relief.It should be over by now.But Cornbread Gummies never expected.He Cangwu s body lit up with a blue light, Directly wrapped in the red lotus karmic fire, the flame instantly weakened a lot.Only then did Lichen remember the ruined temple in Xiangyang Village before.He Cangwu s younger brother also attacked him with ghost fire.But at that time, He Cangwu not only was not seriously injured, but coaxed his junior brother to take back the ghost fire.

Especially the last nirvana gourd, although it is consumed, what do hemp gummies help with it activates the Great View Sutra and Infinity Seal at the same time.Li Chen stood on the top of the mountain, looked up, and was surrounded by a vast expanse of white.He took off the gourd around Cornbread Gummies his waist and took a sip of wine, his heart was very indifferent.At this time, each of the three methods of body, law, and use picked a gourd, and there was no nostalgia for this place in my heart.Because of the gourd, Li Chen did not summon the Ascetic Nuclear Boat, but walked straight down Cornbread Gummies the mountain.On the cliff halfway up the mountain, Li Sao ate two Spirit Blood Pills and was finally able to resume walking.At this time, most of the disciples had already returned to the cottage, and as expected from Lichen, apart from Farewell and Li Sao, only Li Ge and Cornbread Gummies Li Shou picked the spirit gourd, and the others were ordinary.

This time, the secret realm of the sea full spectrum cbd gummies with thc near me royal gummies of blood was led by the chiefs of the 4000 mg cbd gummies effects four major Buddhist temples.Except for the truth.Farewell Cornbread Gummies is the chief of Yixin Temple.Li is the chief of the Sanbao Temple.Only Li Chen, the chief of the Shuangcheng Temple, has never dealt with Lichen.As for the empty nest temple.A total of three disciples.The outrageous entry is the earliest, and the cultivation is the highest.Naturally the chief.But the cultivation base is too high to be able to enter.Also helpless.Li Chen watched the big ship leave.When he turned around, the blood on the ground had been swallowed up by the sand.As if Cornbread Gummies nothing happened just now.Once you enter the sea of blood, you can only ask for more happiness.With a thought in his heart, he summoned the ascetic nuclear boat.Turned into cbd gummies to stop drinking alcohol a rainbow light and escaped into the sky The ascetic nuclear boat breaks the wind.

best cbd gummies for nerve pain How can the inheritance be underestimated.In the Mahavira Hall of the Killing Temple.Arrangements are being made for the opening of the Blood Sea Secret Realm.The first seat of the five courtyards and the elders end here.There is a water mirror in front of each first seat.Connect the five temples respectively.In the water mirror of the Sanbao Temple, the duel in the martial arts field is being reflected.This scene quickly attracted the attention of the monks.It was interesting to watch for cbd gummies at target a while.The first Zen Master Jiran of the Four Noble Temples broke the peace The formation of the Three Treasures Temple is truly amazing, even if Ershi is shocking, it is difficult to make waves.He deliberately stepped on his words, but no one answered.Only the first Zen master of Sanbao Chanyuan thought deeply.

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3.CBD oil vs hemp oil Cornbread Gummies

cbdfx gummies It is colliding with the white snake Cornbread Gummies Ninggang.Bang bang twice.White Snake Ninggang was staggered, and climbed up Lishen s can cbd gummies be take on a plane body again.After this incident, Lichen was more cautious, and now used Hundred and Eight Anxiety Praises to fight with Lishen, and at the same time used Linglong Heart Machine to control two rosary beads, interfering with the white snake s congealing.The two have exchanged tricks in the blink of an eye.After Lishen broke out of the innate realm, he really didn t take it into account anymore, no matter how he moved, dodged, and attacked, he was better than before.On the other hand, Lichen originally used offense as defense, but now he uses defense as offense.In the eyes of others, Lichen has reached the end of the road, and there is no chance to turn defeat into victory.So after a dozen strokes.

The monks return to their places Uncle Jingjing let out a long howl.The disciples handed in their tickets and jumped into the light.The Cornbread Gummies crowd gradually dissipated.Li Sao and Li Chen came to an end.Li Chen took out two porcelain bottles from his arms and handed them to Li Sao, then said Here is a bottle of blood garden of life cbd 20mg gummies reducing pills, and a bottle is a healing medicine.These two bottles of medicine are usually given by Zen Master Lonely.Lichen is rarely used, so I simply gave it to Lisao.You have a ticket, so you can go with the boat.Be careful not to be arrogant.Remember, be careful in everything.Li Sao was so moved that dog cbd gummies he took the medicine bottle and stuffed it into his arms Don t worry, brother.Since the incident at the Three Treasures Temple.Li Sao is completely obsessed with Lichen.Senior brother, how do you get in Li Chen smiled and stretched out his left hand.

Half of his injuries were caused by the giant bear, and the reviews on CBD gummies Cornbread Gummies other half were caused by his own internal repulsion.If it pure kana CBD gummies Cornbread Gummies wasn t for Lichen s Blood Transformation Pill, he would have died before the giant bear came to Cornbread Gummies kill him.On the other side, Li Chen grabbed the Jie Dao in the monk s hand and rushed happy hemp CBD gummies Cornbread Gummies up.Jie Dao was a little heavy, and Li Chen secretly green galaxy cbd gummies released blood turning infuriating energy.Although only the day after tomorrow.But there was also a layer of bloody red glow on the blade.He stepped forward and his body jumped out.The giant bear followed.Swish Another big tree suffered.And Lichen was taking advantage of this time, and the giant bear couldn t keep up.Do not retreat but advance, the current knife is split out.Although he doesn t know how to use swordsmanship, he is more powerful than he is.

In the blink of an eye, as Lichen expected, he came to the stockade.Compared with the simple and rough outside, the inside of the stockade is much more refined.Fragrant nanmu is used as the pillar, and blood coral is Cornbread Gummies used as the scenery.There are carved beams and painted buildings everywhere, and the three sides are resplendent.The head fun drops CBD gummies amazon Cornbread Gummies is the first position, and there are countless brothers on both sides.Your Majesty, it s this little monk Hey, white and tender Hahaha, if we eat it by ourselves, it won t be crispy.Seeing Lichen, the Yaksa on both sides were salivating.However, he heard a sullen voice above his head Dragon King has vast supernatural powers, many ears and eyes, don t talk nonsense and flick your tongue.Small palm mouth, hahaha Li Chen secretly raised his head Cornbread Gummies and saw the Yaksha King.

Bloodthirsty, killing, using the antlers on his head to become a congenital halberd, taking people s lives as if they were looking for something.Evolutionary conditions 1.Throwing out the moonlight, giving birth to aura, and nourishing the Serenity CBD Gummies Reviews Cornbread Gummies whole body.2.To forge the body with killing intent, to feed on raw blood, to kill must eat the heart, to strengthen the soul.3.Transform into a human form, slough off the innate double horns into double halberds, cultivate every green roads cbd gummies 50 mg day, and become an Cornbread Gummies innate magic weapon.This method goes against the harmony of heaven and has the potential to become a devil.Once practiced, it may lead to a catastrophe. After Jieyu Mirror awakens equality , more information can be whoopi goldberg cbd gummies seen.Lichen didn t even think about it.There are actually three evolutionary directions for Plum Blossoms.

At this time, Lichen is also unambiguous, and when it fits, it is a pictographic phantom.Dragon and elephant phantom, one is vertical and the can CBD gummies help adhd Cornbread Gummies other is horizontal.A kiva cbd gummies dragon shadow emerges from the palm, and an elephant shadow emerges from the body.The dragon shadow is far away, but the Cornbread Gummies range of the elephant shadow is large.As soon as the image came out, the surrounding blood demons were squeezed into a rain of blood.However, before Lichen was happy, countless cost of eagle hemp CBD gummies Cornbread Gummies vitamin shoppe martha stewart cbd gummies blood demons pressed up.This Nima, forcing me to jump into the sea Cause and Effect Transformation Technique listened to the Zen sound of the Great Buddha, and successfully had an epiphany and realized the great transformation of karma. Cause and Cause Transformation Techniques High level intellectual personality academic masters, minor career changers, and major career changers Status 1 Good at research and study, with the ability to remember, but sometimes get into the horns.

Lichen has heard of it, the more goddess, the more he knows how to restrain his own brilliance.I don t know how to hide the secret Could it be to hide the secret To cover the way of heaven, it is necessary to cover the three qi of heaven, earth, and people.The difficulty is high, and I am afraid it is even more difficult Cornbread Gummies to operate.However, the obscure elder smiled slightly The way to cover up the secrets of heaven requires the right time and place to benefit people and people.If one lacks one, all previous efforts will be lost.And if you want to cover up the scriptures, But it doesn t have to be so thorough.Just need to hide its beauty.Hidden its China The obscure Zen master nodded The Buddha can understand it as a method hawaiian haze cbd hemp flower cbd gummies how long do they last of concealing the secrets of heaven.This method was created by Patriarch Bukong and discovered by the abbot of the Five Dynasties.

The faces of the four people are reflected in the mirror of interpretation.Sure enough, the text that appeared in the mirror was the same.One, two, three, four Are you counting Lichen s comprehension was astonishing, and he instantly guessed the doorway that the four of them could communicate with each other.After all, The Array of Sutras was born out of The Secret Book of Journey to the West.Each avatar of the incarnation outside the body is transformed by the main body, and they can naturally communicate with each other.So even if you use different exercises and moves, you can double the effect.Unlike the supernatural powers incarnated outside the body, the quadruplets are cbd vs thc gummies independent individuals after all.The reason why they can achieve heart to heart botanical farms cbd gummies official website is only because of tacit understanding.

It was deafening and uniform.Li Chen looked at the three hunched bodies, like an awl, penetrating his lungs, and his nose could not help sour.Elder, can t do it He hurriedly stepped forward and helped the cbd gummie for sleep three elders up.Then he walked up to the people and said loudly Killing Cornbread Gummies life to protect life, killing business is not killing people My Killing Temple edible gummies adheres to the inheritance of Ksitigarbha King Bodhisattva, cuts karma with my body, and does not save reincarnation.Today, I have obtained the five character scripture, and passed it on to all monks, killing life and rectifying my name Killing and beheading Reincarnation do cbd gummies stop smoking Killing and beheading Reincarnation Killing and beheading Reincarnation Up and down the He Temple, all the monks are like chicken blood, their blood is boiling.The voice resounds throughout the world, echoing among the mountains.

Cornbread Gummies does cbd gummies help with depression, [CBD gummies for smoking shark tank] Cornbread Gummies CBD gummies Cornbread Gummies cvs Cornbread Gummies.

Hmph, I have a very close relationship with the Second Young Master.Even if he hears it, what can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 international can he do to me There are many monks in Cornbread Gummies the team, all of whom recognize the eldest son.On the other hand, Helian Bo s face is still full of spring breeze, as if he hadn t heard cbd oil gummy bears the words of these people at all.But he has a different scene in his heart.The Sun family, the Cornbread Gummies Zhao family, very Cornbread Gummies good, very good.As expected, the face is like a Pinghu, and there is a city in the heart.Given time, this oriole may really be a blockbuster.The team gradually moved forward, only to see a small place at the foot of the mountain.In the pavilion, there are two women in the pavilion, both of them are wearing light emerald shirts, one is long and the other is young.The slightly older one is only two decades old, with a dignified and beautiful head, and the other is a few years younger than her.

It s just that Lichen felt a tightness in his heart.More than a month ago cost of green ape cbd gummies it seemed to coincide with the time when the Sushang Temple s Sutra Pavilion caught fire.At the time, everyone thought that those flames were the ghost fires of the Ghost Religion.I didn t expect something similar to happen in Ghost Religion.It seems that behind these two things, someone is indeed manipulating it.His purpose is to make a war between the Killing Temple and the Ghost Religion.Li Chen announced the Buddha s name and put his hands together and said, Amitabha, the donor may have misunderstood.I have not participated in the grievances and grievances of the Jianghu Temple for a long time, and I have no intention of harming the Ghost Religion.You are too worried about the donor., Ma Liangcai on the side interrupted directly Monk Wu Na, Still want to quibble Lichen s eyes narrowed slightly, wicked cbd gummies being impolite, and he still needed to be trained.

This is the most lucrative harvest of Lichen.Lichen separated a ray of thought and asked, but this general shark really knew the solution to the tying of the moth.Legend has it that in the sea of blood, there was once a dragonfly with infinite power, and it was best at restraining its body.The Jiaojiao can turn into a shadow, and as long as it is bitten by it, it can use the power Cornbread Gummies of the person being bound.Hearing this, Li Chen suddenly realized that, no wonder he had the power of a dragon and an elephant, and he couldn t break free.It turned out that the moth was cbd gummies pure cbd tied to using his cbd infused gummies power to fight against him.If you want to break free, you need to let the borer open its mouth first, so Cornbread Gummies that it cannot borrow power, and it can easily break free at that time.This moth liked to drink alcohol before it was alive, and as long as it was drunk, it would open its mouth.

After Li Sao left, the rhythmic wooden fish sounded again in the meditation hall.Li Chen took out the Quiet Lamp and handed it over to the master.The sound of the wooden fish stopped, and when Master Lonely saw this lamp, he felt extraordinary.After listening to Li Chen talking about this experience, he nodded Before the killing of the living temple became a temple, this place was the Southern Wasteland Jedi.At that time, the blood demon turbulent world has passed a hundred years, and the heroes in the world fought only in battle.It was so dark and dark, I didn t expect that the place where the Gorefiend was sealed was actually in the Colorless Mountain.This lamp should be cbd gummies for tmj the magic weapon of Master Xuandu, who was in charge of the Reincarnation Temple at that time.This lamp ignited the blood demon life fire, making it dead.

A few moments of time, a long time, a breath and a breath, the white cloud cang dog.Lichen was stunned Does it mean that the wine in the future can be stored With a thought, he took out a jar of ordinary spirits from the space.These were prepared by Lichen when he CBD gummies for back pain Cornbread Gummies entered the secret realm of the sea of blood, and there are still three or four about it.Ten altars.With the gourd in his left hand, aiming at the spirits, he silently recited receive in his heart, and the wine how long do CBD gummies last Cornbread Gummies jar Cornbread Gummies was already empty.I sank into a trace of mind, and sure CBD gummies for inflammation and pain Cornbread Gummies enough, in a starlight, a cloud of wine was suspending itself.With a flick of Lichen s hand, the stars from the sky sank into the wine, and the sun and moon in a pot changed its appearance.The wine was sparkling, but there was nothing magical about it.But the dust flickered again, this time the sky was spinning and the stars shifted.

No wonder the abbot said that in terms of Wangqi, no one can surpass the Buddha s son when he is in harmony with the temple.The poor monk is sincerely convinced, cbd gummies reaction and the Buddha really can t use common sense to save him.The Buddha s thaumaturgy should be no less than the Emperor s Breathing Technique passed down by the Great Zhou Imperial Court.Cough cough, I already knew that my disciple is extraordinary, but Serenity CBD Gummies Reviews Cornbread Gummies I was just blinded for a while, and I didn t even recognize it.Senior brother, tell the truth, how much of the inheritance of the Buddha is yours Ahem, a little bit.Seeing all the monks in amazement, the obscure Zen master also felt that the time was ripe, Immediately, he turned around and stood, clasped his hands together, and said solemnly, Amitabha, are all the monks convinced There was no objection this time, and the monks saluted one after another Follow the elder s decree.

State 3 I have 50 mg CBD gummies for sleep Cornbread Gummies cbd genesis delta 8 thc gummies learned Soy Bean Technique , either in breeding or on the way of breeding.Description 1 Hatched in the secret realm of the sea of blood, and parasitized the Asura tribe.Description 2 Conquered hemp bombs cbd e liquid 1000mg by monk Lichen, he became a rosary bead spirit.Description 3 The stable life was broken by a book Growing Beans , and its ambitions were expanding day by day. The blood winged black mosquito becomes the blood winged devil mosquito.There is a word boss in the personality.The appearance has not changed from before, but the whole body is full of black energy.Really demonic.After Lichen s consent, it passed on Gongdou Gong to its descendants.Lichen looked at the entire blood sea spirit bead world, and the dense blood winged black mosquitoes seemed to have discovered a new continent The next day, it was finally the day of the Bamboo Shoot Conference.

In an instant.The sky turns dark and the water turns red.The sound of the bio wellness cbd gummies reviews Buddha turned into a roar, and the sand dunes turned into blood hills.Everything is like a twisted vortex, crumpled together and gently unfolded.Li Chen looked at his body, obviously it was destroyed when he passed through the four great catastrophe.But now it is Cornbread Gummies intact, not even a bit of dust.And look forward.A big ship is riding the wind and waves in the sea of blood and drifting away.Lichen power CBD gummy bears Cornbread Gummies shook his head and reconfirmed that all this was not an illusion.He touched his waist, and then pulled out a green branch with more than a dozen leaves hanging on it, delicate and green.A knowing smile appeared on Li Chen s face.This shore is the other fun gummies CBD Cornbread Gummies shore, and the other shore is also this shore.The two sides of the strait are in the heart, a thought can go, a thought can go.

edibles for pain This is what it feels like to be a scumbag becoming a scholar.At this time, she was swimming in the ocean of practice as in the past.Tears of pure Yang Acacia in the dantian are like the sun in the cold night.As soon as his pure yin true qi was injected, the tears of lovesickness suddenly condensed into a vortex.Inhaled all the pure yin true energy.But in the past, this pure yang infuriating, like the rising sun, was full of vigor.But today it is like, the scorching sun is like fire, the red sun is scorching hot.Lu Qi s pure yin infuriating disappeared in an instant.Mage brother, really amazing.Then, with a thought, more pure yin true qi was injected.At this time, she secret nature CBD vape Cornbread Gummies did not realize the seriousness of the problem finally, Lu Qi s true energy poured into the vortex of Acacia tears.The vortex was spinning faster and faster, and the yin and yang were reconciled, suddenly causing a layer of profound light to emerge from the true qi.

If you really don t like it, why keep your head down and don t even dare to look at it.The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are all forgotten.At that time, the ten Buddhas cbd gummies drug test will not be able to hold them back Pfft The three women hugged together and started fighting.Envious of countless men.Damn, the three fairies are beautiful, but unfortunately they are blind Besides that bald donkey is more handsome, more talented, more polite, and more cultivated than me Forget it, Lao Tzu came to this world to make up hemp CBD gummies Cornbread Gummies numbers.Soon, Yu Yun, the owner of the daughter village, and Mr.Fen Ji arrived hand in hand.The hall, which was a little noisy just now, immediately became silent.At the Hexi banquet, under the witness of the crowd, drink the Hexi wine and become a Taoist quit smoking CBD gummies reviews Cornbread Gummies partner.At that time, there will be treasures in the daughter village.

Empty Nest Zen Garden, morning class meditation hall.The outrageous little how to make cbd gummy bears monk was still practicing in seclusion, but Li Sao touched his belly with a bitter face.It s like a pregnant woman who has been pregnant for several months.Senior brother Do you think the child in my stomach is blood relative to me Li Chen coughed lightly It is, after all, a different species from heaven and earth.If it is said to have blood relatives, it should not be related.Poor CBD gummy candy Cornbread Gummies child., I was born without my father.After finishing speaking, he stared at Li Chen with resentment on his face.As if to say There is no good thing for a man Li Chen slapped him on the forehead It s not your fault that the mother s love is overflowing, and those who dare to be disgusting need to be trained To training is the ethos I don t know what Zen Master Cornbread Gummies Lonely said yesterday, Zen Master Lonely didn t sleep well all night.

After Li Chen left, Princess Shenxiu smiled like a little fox.Mr.Fen Ji was alert Daughter Did you like him I thought he was a little interesting.Fen Ji was shocked when how long for cbd gummies to work reddit he heard the words My daughter can t look at him, what s so good about him, he s still a monk. You were not a monk before.I really love your mother So are we Bullshit, is that your love You just cbd gummies for sale are so greedy Well, it seems necessary for me to convey what you said tonight.Mr.Fen Ji I m afraid, I m afraid.Nephew, this difference between cbd oil and hemp seed oil is the critical moment to see your concentration.Cultivating Buddha for a thousand days, using Buddha for a moment After separating from the master, uncle and daughter, Lichen went straight to his room.According to Uncle Ji Fen, after the Blood winged Black Cornbread Gummies Mosquito became a fundamental demon, he had his own way to help Li Sao to make the eggs into a demon.

As soon as Cornbread Gummies he got up, he awakened his advanced wisdom, which is probably the beauty of his epiphany.Moke Wudu Holding Advanced Spiritual Wisdom Personality Moke, Transcendence, Holding State 1 This method is based on the Great View Sutra , transforming 121 sutras, grand views of hundreds of scriptures, broad spectrum CBD gummies hemp bombs Cornbread Gummies and turning it into Five what is delta 8 CBD gummies Cornbread Gummies Stopping Mind Views .State 2 The Five Stopping Mind View corresponds to the five kinds of mind meditation Cornbread Gummies seals, namely impurity, compassion, dependent arising, non self, counting breath, and five seals.State 3 Visualize the mind seal, which generates infinite true meanings.Every time you use it, you get the unique Zen sound, which can transcend sentient beings and resolve the five turbidities of evil times the turbidity of kalpas, the turbidity of seeing, the turbidity of afflictions, the turbidity of living beings, and the turbidity of life.

And what makes Lichen really shine is another personality Qi is cbd oil and hemp oil the same Yue Wu Yi.You can taste the qi of others, and then condense it into a special qi with the qi of normalization, and wear it on your body.Isn t it equivalent to building your own equipment ps Ask for recommendation tickets, is hemp the same as cbd monthly tickets, and rewards.Chapter 20 Serenity CBD Gummies Reviews Cornbread Gummies Renyuan Doll Killing Temple, Sending Zen Palace.The three elders, the first of the five major Buddhist temples, gathered here.Master, all the disciples who sent the invitations have already been sent out.It will take ten wholesale cbd gummies white label days at the latest, and they will all Cornbread Gummies can you buy cbd gummies with food stamps be delivered.Zhang directory to the obscure Zen master.The obscure Zen master took the list, his cbd gummies for sale eyebrows lowered.All over his body, there is an air of calming the sea god needle.This list is the purekana CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews Cornbread Gummies CBD gummies for pain 1000mg Cornbread Gummies sect of worship invited by the killing Buddhist sons of the killing temple.

The cassock is unfolded, and the arms are Serenity CBD Gummies Reviews Cornbread Gummies in the middle.I can see at a glance that you are not a human being The man rushed halfway, his feet suddenly fixed, and his body stopped abruptly, his movements vaguely familiar.He glanced at Li Sao, then at Chan Master reviews for green ape CBD gummies Cornbread Gummies Lonely, and said loudly I can t change my name, I can t change my surname, Longevity Villa, Chiyao Everyone was shocked when they heard this.Chi Yao Youdao Chiyao The most reasonable monster in the world Yes, I have also heard his name, and I heard that he is very prestigious among the demon clan.Today s sight is really extraordinary.Chi Yao has tears in his eyes Daughter, I finally found you Hum, hum, hum Hum, hum, hum Unexpectedly, the turtle son shook his head and responded for a while.Li Sao didn t realize the problem, and slapped the pig s butt.

Lichen used Linglong Heart Machine to envoy Hanguangshi, and his shadow also changed accordingly.Just flashing on his head, his shadow rushed to can cbd gummies help you quit smoking the front of Lishen.So that Li Shen was taken Thank you book friends for the 1500 reward without beginning the world opens without beginning, the sun and moon shine without end ps Thanks for the 1500 reward of book friends 20200702181412815, Mochou has no confidants in the future, and no one in the world knows you ps I the helping friendly hemp company gummies would like to thank my golden cbd gummies book friends Ghost Face Zhong Kui, Gui Pimu, and A.D.1 for their rewards.They are widely viewed and obtained, and they are accumulated and made thin ps I want to collect, invest, recommend tickets, and monthly tickets Thank recipe for cbd gummies you all the officials.Chapter 88 Yingluo Yoga This Invitation to the Moon and Sky Shadow created by the founder of Bukong is divided into two realms virtual shadow and real shadow.

So I am more sure of my guesses.Yanshi Palace Yanshi At this moment, he turned around and sun state hemp cbd gummies 750mg whispered in his daughter s ear.Not long after, he saw his daughter Chixiaodou, hum, hum, and humming , leaning on Scholar Xiaotu s body for a while.Immediately, he ran away in the distance At this time, the vision above the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion continued.At this time, the phantom of Lichen also appeared in the air.His innate qi was surging and condensed into the shape of an ethereal monk.In addition to the gang shape, there is also a golden cassock decorated with seven treasures.Suspended in mid air, hands clasped together, eyes closed in contemplation.Incomparably pious to accept the baptism of golden light and Zen sound.Amitabha Blessed by the Buddha.The obscure Zen master unfolded his cassock, facing the fierce wind, he directly summoned his own magic weapon, the blue cloud futon, and sat cross legged in the void.