I can get a sword from a saint, and I can reverse the decadence of the human cbd gummies australia race with a book This is not as simple as writing a book But I am cbs gummy bears a Buddha with compassion, let alone fight.Liars Since you asked, I will tell you It was the Guanyin who sent me here The young scholar was shocked, his face was full of consternation and an expression of disbelief.How could it be possible Master Guanyin is so powerful in the world He is very tolerant of the human race, why today But he doesn t let me go as a scholar He took a few steps back in shock, his heart pounding Inside my mind, there are thousands of threads of anger, helplessness, and despair.Intertwined with each other, it seems that he can t stand at all Seeing him like this, the eminent monk shook his head gently, and said gently, Scholaryou don t have to be so concerned, Master Guanyin has the Three Realms in his heart, and you must understand that without you, you can save the Three Realms.

Seeing that the little boy was does hemp seed oil contain cbd actually under control, the one who was suppressed by the wooden sign began to beg for mercy, and his expressions changed.What a disobedient child.If you were so obedient before, we would never bully you, and we would even try our best to take you out In Mr.Fei s opinion, this little guy in front of him is a no brainer.Buttoned bear child.With force, it is simply lawless.That is to say, Zhang Fan has a peaceful personality and a kind hearted heart, so he feels that this little guy still has a chance to be rescued.But this little guy is indiscriminate and wants to leave everyone behind This is really annoying What is even more terrifying is that this little guy has even mobilized the grievances of the entire Wanku Mountain.Once this power is exerted, it will likely have a huge impact and hurt more people So Mr.

He opened the shutter door, boiled water and picked noodles, very fast.All in one go.Li Hongyu was helping to clean up the small utensils in the store, and even packaged the soy milk separately, with quick Well Being CBD Gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies | Best CBD Gummies With THC Naturally hands and feet.In green cbd delta 8 gummies review the eyes of outsiders, it was a snack shop run by the father and daughter.Li Tianzhong stood in front of the do cbd gummies do anything store with his bag on his back and glanced at him.His eyes, which were covered by the peaked cap, touched the back of busy Li Hongyu.There was a faint flash of surprise.Then he walked into the store cbd gummies oprah winfrey calmly.The old way Lao Zhou shouted calmly.Well, the cheapest noodle, here s a free cup of soy milk Lao Zhou snorted, looking very perfunctory, and swiftly loading the noodles, Li Hongyu Well Being CBD Gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies | Best CBD Gummies With THC Naturally came over with a cup of soy milk.Drink it while it s hot, I just made it.Li Tianzhong hummed, not daring to raise his head.

2.best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies

Fei, let alone Mr.Jiang Hai His heart is only greedy, where did he get the trick.Taoist Zijin shrugged mockingly I really don t understand., Good people don t do it, but they find a way to be someone else s dog I have to wear a collar.From now on, I will serve the illusory Tianmen rules for the rest of my life Is it still interesting to live Mr.Jiang Hai He bowed his head in silence with Mr.Fei They hadn t heard Daoist Zijin s ridicule before, but now At first, he was cautious, but when he stepped on the table, his heart seemed to be stuffed with something, bloodshots quickly accumulated in his eyes, and his breathing became heavier and heavier After three steps on the table, he suddenly took a big step and ran forward with a dignified expression Have you been recruited again Taoist Zijin tilted his head Zhang Fan smiled lightly He s not like Mr.

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, Buddhists take compassion as their heart, don t let this child suffer any more A group of people helped the woman to speak, and they could see the woman holding the child, kneeling in front of the Buddha statue, and kept going for help In front of the willie nelson s cbd gummies woman, stood an old monk wearing a red cassock.The reputation is even louder than that of Huikong Hearing the appeals of the pilgrims around him, he came to the young woman, gently lifted the child s pants, looked at him, and sure enough, there was a black and purple handprint on the child s buttocks It s black as if it can seep blood, it makes people feel panic when they look at it What is this Could it be can you take CBD gummies on an empty stomach Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies the traces of some evil spirits flowing down The surrounding pilgrims could see clearly now, their eyes widened, not to mention the horror in their hearts It doesn t look like poisoning, and it doesn t look like you were bitten by something.

Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies Who are you, who are you Lin Moxue shook her head nervously, thinking that the matter had already been known.Taoist Zijin also suddenly realized that this Lin Moxue was so harmful.Zhang Fan explained at this time You use Gumantong to change your own aura, thereby enhancing some of your own aura, but you are afraid of being attacked, so you focus on your best friend, and you My best friend s loving mother s heart, to appease this Gumantong s cbd gummies with 5mg thc increasingly fierce ferocity, can cbd gummies make your stomach upset but everyone knows that good and evil are rewarded, and there is cause and effect This thing harms others and itself, and some things are already destined Hearing Zhang Fan With these words, Lin Moxue finally couldn t bear it anymore.The blankness and cuteness on his face disappeared cleanly, replaced by ferocity and viciousness.

Cold noodles There was a little flying with CBD gummies 2021 Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies boy reporting to the door, which made the atmosphere in the hall quiet down Then Wu Gang is a fierce general in the heavenly court, how could he possibly help the pawnshop of heaven and earth Is he going to betray the heavenly court Is he being chased by the gods of the three realms A Bodhisattva frowned and asked inexplicably I don t know The little boy said Bodhisattva, so far, there has been no rumors from the heavenly court This Wu Gang, on the contrary, has displayed the Dharma Body, and the formation of the Hulu Mountain of the Wheel turning Bodhisattva may block the way.The best cbd supplement power of a single blow The splendid Buddhist temple was in an uproar, and many Buddhist monks frowned Their eyes subconsciously floated to the upper hand position, where there was a group of brilliant golden light, it was the Tathagata good cbd brand Buddha I saw this Buddha, but there was no response, his eyes were slightly narrowed, like his eyes and nose, and his nose and nose CBD oil gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies were concerned This act of style inevitably filled the hearts of many monks with doubts and a lot of pressure Buddha That Wheel turning Bodhisattva holds in his hand the important instrument of my Western Heaven to replace the reincarnation of hell It is the little reincarnation, the master of the pawnshop of this heaven and earth, who is so inspiring, that even a strong man like Wu Gang was summoned by him.

pure organic hemp extract CBD oil Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies Otherwise, Brother Xiao will take the lead, let s take care of this Boy.Rong Lecheng is just a fledgling, so he should teach him a lesson, but that guy has fine skin and tender meat, so he probably can t stand much suffering.A group of people laughed.When he came to Rong Lecheng outside is natures boost cbd gummies legit the hall, his face turned black.He was standing in the corridor, with the bodyguards carrying gifts behind him, their eyes were so gloomy that they almost rushed in.The place where Rong Lecheng Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies was standing was not far from the hall where these people were talking.The door of the villa was open, and their reckless discussions could naturally be heard clearly.Just hearing the words of these people, he knew that once he walked into this villa now, although it was impossible for him to suffer any harm, he would definitely be humiliated.

It seems that this Wang Heibing is a well known super organized demon cultivator The strength is very terrifying.It was not non thc cbd gummies only Wang Hui who was shocked The expression of Chen Ailian behind Zhang Fan also changed.Looking at the retreating elders of Shushan I don t know what to do To know At the banquet, the elders of Shushan Well Being CBD Gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies | Best CBD Gummies With THC Naturally easily forced Liu Yunlong to retreat.Such a powerful strength is not enough to compete head to head with this well known extraordinary organization Demon Cultivator I originally thought that the elders of Shushan should easily win Unexpectedly, the last one who retreated was the elder of Shushan Chen Ailing s eyes flashed with worry, if even the elders of Shushan were defeated, who else could be the opponent of this demon cultivator Is it Mr.Zhang Fan Can he help out of such a precarious situation Looking at Zhang Fan who was standing there edible hemp calmly and seemed very calm from beginning to end, Chen Ailing s inner worries were lingering no matter how The two old men behind Wang winged cbd sleep gummies Heibing laughed in surprise Before, they were really shocking Because the elder of Shushan looked young, Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies he easily took the blow from Wang Heibing But later, Wang Heibing exerted his strength Only the two of them understood that this was just a beginning temptation Now Wang Heibing is firmly in the upper hand, and even the elders of Shushan have been repelled keoni cbd full spectrum 750mg gummies 5 bottles Can these three still have a chance to struggle It s just a bunch of ants Is this the so called elder of Shushan The so called Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies congenital master Wang Heibing smiled faintly Looking at Taoist Xuanmiao s gloomy face, he said mockingly It s really just that, if Shushan are all people like you It won t take long, I m afraid it will really decline You re too presumptuous.

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There are swords and some paintings and calligraphy hanging on the wall.The table is made of a whole tree stump, and there are splicing marks, but the main body is probably an old tree root that is hundreds of years old.At first glance, it looks like an old man in his 70s or 80s coming to the office.Where does it look like a place where many netizens on the Internet regard as CBD green Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies a goddess, a place where fairies work Instead, the assistant glanced at it jeff s best hemp cbd oil and asked Zhang Fan to sit down first It is estimated that the eldest miss is busy with other things now.I will go to him and Mr.Zhang Fan will do it first. Chapter 1642 Leaks Zhang Fan nodded, it seems that he did not deliberately not answer his call, Rather, it s in a meeting.After a while, the assistant came back with tea Mr.Zhang Fan is very embarrassed, Miss top rated cbd gummies 2021 Nangong is currently dealing with an important matter in the company, but it is not the issue of the media company, but the original jewelry companies Someone leaked the design plan of the latest jewelry designed by Miss Nangong recently, The eldest miss is very concerned about the drawings of these pieces of jewelry, and is investigating this matter.

CBD gummies for pain 1000mg Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies If we go to that place, it is very likely that none of us will get out The great Mr.Zhang Fan.Don t delay our great goals because of a stupid woman Kevin still tried his best not to cause trouble, and even slandered a kind girl as a goblin.But no matter how eloquent Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies this guy is.It seems that the conditions offered by Sakasha are more valuable After all, this The second time he came here, he wanted to collect Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies some useful information.Even if a person is infected with the breath of a demon, the slightest change in his temperament and body is very valuable.What s more, Sakasha s character, Zhang Fan is very satisfied.It only takes a little change to become a member of the world s afxmate hemp gummies review pawnshop mortal organization, which may bring him countless merits and benefits.This is ananda cbd gummies what Zhang Fan thinks is the best deal.

Wang Meijuan frowned, looking at Rong Lecheng and Zhang Fan sitting together, and muttered in her heart.Don t these two people know each other Or, they want to raise the price very high, deliberately making these foreigners look ugly The situation became a little weird Even the other rich people sitting in the seats around Zhang Fan whispered.Then Zhang Fan noticed that an old man in a Tang eagle hemp CBD gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies suit on his right was staring at these foreigners with very Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies cold eyes.After a few seconds, he had already raised the sign before the people of the Modesti family made another offer.I ll pay three million Rong Lecheng frowned Zhang Fan looked at the old man curiously Here, Curator Zhou bent and stood up, walking towards the person who offered the price.The two seemed to know each other, and after a few words of chat, Pavilion Master Zhou walked back.

A five star hotel somewhere thousands of miles away A very handsome young man with dyed blond hair was lying on the big bed with several beautiful and charming women in his arms.Suddenly, a bloody who owns green ape cbd gummies light floated through the window The man was in a deep sleep and suddenly woke up Because just now, he dreamed that he was throwing his intestines benefits of cbd gummies for pain and digging his belly, tearing his stomach abruptly, and pulling out his heart This scene scared her into a cold sweat Like being struck by lightning Even if he is awake at the moment, he still shows a shocked expression What s going on Isn t it resolved Why did I start having this dream again, no, that ghost came back for revenge.This terrible dream should have belonged to him in the first place But because of the feng shui master s methods, the people who were once associated with this woman within a Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies radius of dozens of miles became the ones who took the blame And at this moment, the ghost incarnated by this woman has acquired some wisdom under Zhang Fan s means, and recalled many memories.

I know what you think.If there is something good, I will photograph it and hand it over to the local museum.You can see it this way.The owner of the museum is a little embarrassed, but he is also an old pedant who has devoted his life to antiques, and sometimes it is inevitable to say the wrong thing, CBD gummy reviews Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies so he immediately nodded his head down the slope First, he praised Zhang Fan, and has been donating national treasures to the museum Then he asked curiously.Mr.Zhang Fan, as far as I know, the money you spent on buying treasures is already worth more than one billion And Mr.Zhang Fan doesn t seem to have any assets under his name.Except for a one story restaurant with a name that moves the party, it seems that he has no other income I m very confused, where did you get so much money Zhang Fan didn t say anything with a smile, cbd for joint pain gummies and it took a few seconds to answer.

Brother Bug gasped, cold sweat dripping from under his mask onto his clothes.I understand, I ll release the safety immediately Brother Bug slowly lowered his arm, removed the spectrum gummies safety of the gun with a click, and then inserted the gun back into the holster.The old man Jiang Hai exhaled We don t go through the corridor, we go around it.I have seen it before.The city wall around this ancient city hemp vs CBD Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies is royal cbd gummies for sale very short, or the crack we passed through before is actually the moat We can bypass this The place, directly into the ancient city.Everyone nodded slightly after hearing this And the Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies CBD gummies drug testing bug brother was still panting.Taoist Zijin walked back Mr.Jiang Hai, this place is indeed evil I came here chasing that shadow, and just when you dared to come, that thing escaped in.So I m sure it s a woman but I m not sure if it s a living person The old man Jiang Hai can dogs smell CBD gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies frowned You re sure you read it right Could it be something similar to a lonely ghost The Taoist Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies Zijin shook his head, frowning and couldn t tell why.

Unfolding Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies the eagle hemp CBD full spectrum gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies rice paper and picking up the writing brush, Zhang Fan s hand trembled slightly, and Long Feifengwu had already written down a long list of the names of medicinal herbs.Fortunately, when he has nothing to do, he often flips through some Taoist books.Although it is not intentional, he still remembers the names of many medicinal herbs with his super memory.But that s all.After all, he doesn t have much research on medicine, let alone the efficacy of gummies cbd 1000mg secret nature cbd vape each medicinal material.This time, he helped the old man of the Liu family to prolong his life for ten years.The method he used was quite special.One was to use the life enhancing pills, treasures of heaven and earth, etc.in the majestic world, and the other was to directly use the power of merit.Of course, in comparison, no matter it is any kind of special Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies medicine pill, or what kind max health products cbd gummies of treasure, it is not stronger than the belief power derived from believers.

Fairy The woman knelt down and bowed.Get up Zhang Fan raised Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies his hand slightly, and the woman eagle CBD gummies reviews Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies rose from the ground, at the same height as him Your son is stubborn and has a rough fate Therefore, at the last moment of his life, he chose to give up everything in the world The desire to survive is almost non existent.Although there is still one breath left, the bargaining chips you handed over to the pawnshop of heaven and earth have already It s not enough for us to take organic CBD gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies action to save his life.What else do you want to tell your son, the deity can tell it on his behalf What He also said He also said that he will buy a house in the city by the end of this year He will take me to live in the city.How is it possible How could he not have the desire to live After listening to Zhang Fan s words , the woman was at first dazed, followed by a self talking rebuttal However, Zhang Fan keenly saw that there was a lot of guilt in the woman s eyes.

Is it a big snake The old man Jiang Hai said thoughtfully That s not the Well Being CBD Gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies | Best CBD Gummies With THC Naturally case, that flying snake is wise Everyone looked at him subconsciously Do you remember, we went to the top of the mountain from under the ore vein tree before, and on the top of the mountain, we saw the throne specially set up for the snake.You said it was a sacrifice to the sky, but in my opinion, it is a place The lair The old man Jiang Hai explained Except for the sacrifice on the roof, the first time we encountered the soaring snake was in the farthest place outside the world Later, we botany farms cbd gummies found it in the escaped water.The formation set up by the snake It s just disrepaired and no longer effective You mean, that snake was originally 10mg cbd gummy bears wise This is the place he was waiting cbd oil and hemp oil the same for, but the man who wanted to come to this mountain later The emperor who created the mausoleum has stripped his divinity The Taoist Zijin said softly.

Fei, What do you think is more true of what White Fang told you Chapter 1732 Sequela A bodyguard next to Brother Bug said Village Chief, we don t need you to do anything, not even need you to go.Stop anyone in person We are going to the bottom can you take CBD gummies on an empty stomach Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies of your well, exploring some of the things we want, and at the same time helping you to unravel the curse.Do you think Mr.Fei and the others will help you do these things Those people are terrifyingly selfishthey would rather watch you be cursed here for generations than destroy those so called cultural treasures in their eyes And do you think those things are treasures in your eyes They re just rusted copper Pi, this thing is made into a container, I don t think you will like to use it Brother Bug glanced at the member approvingly, he was keenly aware that the firm light Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies in the village chief s eyes was shaking Brother Bug has no scornful thoughts, nor does he think the village chief is a hypocrite.

He didn t suffer any harm, but the thunder seemed to be lingering in his mind.If his soul wanted to leave his body again, he would definitely suffer the catastrophe of the thunder, which made Li Hongyu feel a little aggrieved.I just wanted to do something so that I wouldn t be able to understand what Zhang Fan said, but I didn Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies t expect to anger Zhang Fan The old white on the side was even more miserable, his body was sore and weak, the road was almost scattered, and the whole person was squatting on the ground with a pale face My God, who am I to provoke Why is this Lao Bai shrank his neck obediently Master, I have Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies to go to Zhang Fan to confess my guilt first, you can do it yummy cbd gummies yummycbd com yourself After that, the old white dashed downstairs and came to Zhang Fan.At this time, Zhang Fan was taking care prime nature CBD Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies of a Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies sandwich, and Well Being CBD Gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies | Best CBD Gummies With THC Naturally Lao Bai botanical farms cbd gummies scam gave a mean smile, Mr.

Chapter 1537 Flying and strong And the ability to control the beating of the heart, no one has ever had a precedent so far Or even if there is, it has never been exposed However, the explorer who followed them on an adventure and had CBD hemp oil Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies been working together medterra cbd gummies stay alert for more than two years suddenly had this ability This made everyone present look at the explorer s eyes as if they were looking at a monster The back and body are even colder Let me are cbd gummies good for pain explain Marna said, If I guess correctly, he has acquired a special ability, which you may think is not worth mentioning But you must know that he is in the He was just an ordinary person before, and he chose purekana CBD gummies review Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies his heart, but if he chose hands, feet, or other places Hearing Malna s explanation, everyone present was terrified.What you mean is that even if the ability just cbd gummies 500mg how many can i take he awakened is not worth mentioning, he does have the ability And he was awakened from the talentless person The smartest person is still their leader, Ah Wuli Say it word by word That s right cbd candy Marna stared at the golden hemp bombs delta 8 gummies review light spots floating around in shock, the shock and admiration in her eyes almost overflowed Compared to the ability acquired, the cbd oil from hemp most important thing is the jolly cbd gummies official website way of acquiring ability An ordinary person can use these golden spots to awaken his power, and the pawnshop of heaven and earth may already have the strength to turn ordinary people into extraordinary people After Marna s words, everyone present leaned back, and they didn t even notice when they hit the wall What does this stand for Representing human beings, they are qualified to awaken superpowers, and people with such powers are not gods Thinking of this, the few people next to him immediately opened their arms to meet the golden light spot that was blowing towards them These light spots have their own consciousness, and they didn t collide directly because these people rushed forward, but chose to flow past them, like naughty children, not doing things according to the ideas of adults at all.

If Zhang is cbd anti inflammatory Mr.Fan is very satisfied, but I hope you can answer our boss s kindness.Brother Bug stared at Zhang Fan s face with a sinister smile.Nangong Manyun frowned and looked at the pickup truck.Despite its rough appearance, it seemed cbd gummies with hemp to be commonly used in mines.In fact, the price of this pickup truck was no less than several purekana cbd oil uk million.Such a luxurious gift can be given as soon as what is eagle hemp cbd gummies it how many mg of cbd gummies to aid sleep is given.This Marsson is really a person with a bright hemp bomb melatonin gummies eye and a vision.But unfortunately, his gift went to the wrong person.How could Zhang Fan like a scrap metal I saw Zhang Fan shook his head and said calmly.Tell your boss, I persuade him to keep his fangs, otherwise, once exposed, the consequences will what CBD gummies are safe Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies be disastrous.As for the car you sent, hemp and cbd expo 2021 we don t need it, you just set off, if we can t keep up , then you don t have to wait for us.

five CBD gummies reviews Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies It s red.Zhang Fan and the others were very happy, one was catching Lin Tiancai, the Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies other was not sticking to the cause and effect.And the whole network is completely lively After all, such a coincidence is simply unbelievable Several children set the trash can on fire because of their mischief.After the incident of disturbing the residents, they attracted the shutter door to go out.When they checked the surveillance, they found that the criminal suspect was entering and leaving the community.The combination of these things is simply a coincidence and cannot be more coincidental, even if it is a TV series, I am afraid that I would not dare to act like CBD gummies recipe Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies this.These children are simply the leaders of the contemporary bear children, prodigies who are lucky enough to explode This luck is almost no one, it was originally malicious arson, but now they are helping the fast catchers and catching the suspect This is simply correcting the bad reputation for all the arrogant children It seems that I have to be more polite to the arrogant children in the community in the future.

But as soon as Zhang Fan made his move, he made him kneel on the ground begging for mercy from a distance of tens of meters.It was simply inhuman Even the bone cultivator at the moment, the power of consciousness fluctuated for a while, and he didn t expect that he would be eagle hemp CBD gummies website Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies defeated before he even made a move.It seems that cultivators like this are still not strong enough.When fighting, they can t manage their legs and feet.I don t know when, Chen Churan, who had been stunned before, woke up and didn t know which muscle this girl was.It s a mistake, the six gods who were scared just now have no masters, but now they are judged.When Lao Bai heard this, he was immediately unhappy What do you mean this kind of cultivator is not strong enough It s clearly because this guy is too naive.He even twisted his feet first in a fight.

Wang Yu Since you have already responded to this old man, why pretend to ignore it Wang Yu charlottes web CBD gummies sleep Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies heard this, his face His expression became very heavy Mr.Zhang Fan, if it s an ordinary thing, it s fine, but what he broke up is my Wang family, my descendants I ve been patient enough It didn t even expose Wang Yu s thoughts The Liu family was supported by her, Liu Yingying became a member of the Heaven and Earth Pawnshop Alliance, and Mr.Liu was saved by him Logically speaking, this is to cultivate a sharp knife, which will come in handy in the future However, it does not mean that Zhang Fan should always think about the Liu how to make CBD gummies with jello Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies family She doesn depression gummies t need to have anything to do with Wang Yu because of this incident, she just pretends that she doesn t see this, but it s the most comfortable When Wang Yu met Zhang Fan, he was full of indifference and had nothing to do with CBD gummies joy Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies himself.

No wonder, no wonder there is so much yin and evil energy here, but only one Specter has been born It turns out that it was born like this.This cemetery has existed for many years Maybe the people who chose this cemetery as a cemetery back cheapest CBD gummies Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies then saw the feng shui around it But with does cbd oil help with inflammation and pain the passage of time, changes have taken eagle hemp CBD gummies cost Eagle Hemp Llc Gummies place.This place may have been a place for gathering money, and all the ghosts will eventually be transformed and reincarnated But after the feng shui has changed, this place has become a huge cage, and it has to be scorched by fire all the time Over time, these ghosts became more and more resentful, and finally decided to condense into one individual to resist the pressure of Feng Shui And after reaching a point, the condensed monster will spontaneously devour the souls around it, and in this way, it will eventually become such a deformed monster under the condition of being greedy and chewing too much And this kind of monster often represents super powerful combat power Just like the female ghost who was in the hotel at the time, the woman had only been high for more than half a month after she died.