Our main body will never be exposed to everyone, but our members, especially Members like them urgently need the accumulation of fame, and at can cbd gummies help you stop smoking cigarettes the Kana CBD Gummies Reviews same time they can collect talents for us.Anna s remarks were neither humble nor arrogant, and expressed many of her thoughts.Zhang Fan pondered for a while, but did not agree immediately When Anna saw that Zhang Fan seemed to have changed, she immediately spoke up Mr.President, you must remember that in the manor on the outskirts of the sun never sets, there are very close ties between the rich and human traffickers, this is a very cbd gummies without hemp long term line, if we can unplug it, Not only can it bring us great benefits, but at the same time, it is also enough to help Sakasha and Kevin to do a lot of things.Zhang Fan nodded when he heard the words Kevin said If I have the ability of the girl in the video you just played, I can guarantee that even if these people are hidden in underground fortifications that took decades to build, they will not try to escape me.

cheef botanicals cbd gummy cubes cbd gummies to help you sleep After passing several checkpoints without any risk, the jeep left the town and drove towards the depths of the desert.Gradually, some pits formed after the shells landed on the road, as well as some destroyed vehicles.Some of the farmland on both sides of the road as far as the eye can see has been abandoned for a long time.The burst water pipe has made some places become oceans, and some places are overgrown with withered grass.Seeing that Zhang Fan had been silent, Kevin couldn t help asking subconsciously.Sir, I still don t know your name.We are in the same car now, so we can be considered comrades in arms Can you tell me what your purpose of going to the war zone is your teddy hemp gummies Zhang Fan laughed The purpose is very simple., is to help Sakasha and rescue his father.Kevin s eyes flickered, while Sakasha on the side looked a little excited.

2.fun drops CBD gummies review Kana CBD Gummies Reviews

He mistook Zhang Fan s sigh for fear of himself This made him feel great satisfaction in his heart But the idea of wanting to Kana CBD Gummies Reviews kill Zhang Fan, from beginning to end.It s always been very strong This is his obsession.If this obsession cannot be completed.It will even burn all life for it This is the most terrifying part of the silver acupuncture point.However, just when he thought he was winning.Under his bloody mad eyes Zhang Fan shook his hand, with a very leisurely smile on his face.at the same time.As Zhang Fan slowly raised his left hand, that hand was filled with a faint golden light, and he could clearly see the golden light spreading into strands of formation threads in the air.Huang Huang Tianwei was revealed in an instant This is the first time I have used the cultivation technique after I achieved my current cultivation base.

It is long and very huge.Other things are that this fish has four tentacles similar to octopus, and there is a sharp horn on its head No one could name this animal, but it was possible to identify the origin of this thing from some vague handwriting on this parchment.The molting of a monster was obtained in the sea, and it was ground into powder, which can prolong life.Just these two short sentences immediately ignited the blood of everyone present.There are treasures that prolong life in this world, but they are only in the hands of very few people.In order to prolong life Many people take risks, and even at the last moment of their lives, they never give up searching.This seemingly ordinary piece of parchment actually records a shocking secret.Once this kind of creature can be captured, then It will turn the world upside down.

At this time, in absolute nature cbd review the economy class, several flight attendants who had recovered from the state of fear were trying their best to appease the passengers.At present, the best outcome is to be able fun drops CBD gummies cost Kana CBD Gummies Reviews to land safely, and if there is trouble on the plane because the passengers are too anxious, it is definitely something that no one wants to see.It s a pity that even though these women have tried their best, the situation is still chaotic.Even some of the policemen on the plane wanted to go to the front to see what was going on, but they couldn t convince the passengers who were stuck in the middle of the aisle, so everyone was deadlocked, and there was no way to deal with the current situation.figure out Moreover, two of the police officers were pushed to the ground because they cbd gummies amazon ca blocked the way of those who escaped Damn, you guys get out of the way and let me pass Where are you going What if we can t find out what s going on, even if you can get to the end Are you cursing me to die I think you re the one who deserves it, get out of the way Don t push people Mom, I m about to be squeezed out of breath Get out of the way , there is a child in the middle No, no, it s better to be squeezed to death than to be killed by those gangsters, hurry up and let us escape Chaos was about to break out, and several male flight attendants found that they couldn t get through, so they could only choose to retreat.

3.green mountain CBD gummies Kana CBD Gummies Reviews

Liu is too good at joking, if I really did that, wouldn t it prove that our Wang family are all incompetent and useless people I I don t care about the things that have been passed down from the family anymore, I just want to make my great grandfather live well, and let my great grandfather feel the affection and warmth in the world in my lifetime The old man sighed Even if you say that, but You still haven t called me uncle, it seems that what our Liu family did back then was really wrong, it s really hard for me to stand in front of you, old man Speaking of which, the old man stood up staggeringly An jolly CBD gummies reviews Kana CBD Gummies Reviews old fashioned look full of regrets It looked like he was about medigreen cbd gummies where to buy to faint because of this Wang Nianzu was kind, and when his great grandfather Wang Yu didn t go home, he often went to the nursing home to take care of the elderly Even if those people have no relationship with Wang Nianzu, Wang Nianzu is like taking care of his own father and mother, and he takes care of the blind date carefully This is enough to see Wang Nianzu s character, very loving and broad, and at the same time cbd gummies greg gutfeld tenacious and unyielding Now I am very sorry to see the old man.

Even Cixi s ability to become an extremely noble minister and become the most honorable woman in the world has a great relationship with this night pearl.However, in the archaeological world, such legends are like the legend of Jiuding, and there are many elements to deceive others.Although everyone is very curious, it may not be true But that was before I saw Ye Mingzhu.Now that Ye Mingzhu has been born, even close at hand, who is not excited This is really an unexpected joy.I can t find cbd gummies review a place to get through the iron shoes.It takes no time to get it I have been looking for this night pearl for more than ten years.I originally thought that this night pearl would be hidden in an emperor s tomb.I thought that he was living in the people.Now he appeared, he appeared when I was about to go to earth, and he actually appeared Chapter 739 The museum owner was moved, making a fuss The old man is already old , The only regret is that I have seen too many treasures in my life.

This attitude and operation made too many people unable to see the power behind Zhang Fan This is how much money he has, and what kind of gods grew up in a fairy environment Do not pay attention to more than one billion Could it be that he is an ordinary person who is loyal to Kana CBD Gummies Reviews his liver and righteousness and loyal to the motherland But if you are so concerned about the country and benefit others, even a sage can t do it But they don t know Zhang Fan made such a decision because he sensed the change gummies for sleep cbd in the pawnshop In order to continue the hotspots and does CBD get u high Kana CBD Gummies Reviews condense more of the meritorious power of the pawnshops, it is necessary to use the power of faith to transform, otherwise, it will take a long time to transform the power of belief into merits Therefore, using a glass ball that is not worth mentioning in his eyes, to cbd gummies for dogs petco greatly reduce this time, in order to improve the reputation of the world s pawnshops in the outside world, it can be said that he earns a lot of money.

Li s attitude.This bead is 100 the real Empress Dowager Pearl Yes, it is worthy of being the president of the Antiques Association.I will do everything possible in this way.If you want to get this pearl, this 900mg cbd gummies is obviously a rare treasure If it is an ordinary night pearl, it is estimated that it is difficult to make the president so lowly.I will go, I don t know if I don t check it, I will be shocked when I check it If this is the real Cixi Ye Mingzhu, at that time, was already worth more than one billion silver Putting it on now, it can t be doubled I checked, Li Dongqiu is indeed the president of the Antique Association in this province, and he also holds several positions.He is also a major shareholder of a listed group My dear This is really a big man.This luck is too strong.Now, why don t I have such good luck This Mr.

Even with his current cultivation, it is also more difficult to change a person than to resurrect a person.This involves memory, as well as character, knowledge, morality, and even belief.This is too complicated and important, and one is indispensable, but I didn t what is delta 8 CBD gummies Kana CBD Gummies Reviews expect the rune contributed by this believer.Actually, it can be easily integrated into the body of ordinary people, so this way, even an ordinary person who has no use value at all.As long as you american shaman cbd gummies get these runes of faith in the pawnshop of heaven and earth, you can change your face, which can be called an earth discount code for cbd hemp direct shaking change.Chapter 1284 Chen Fanghua s grievance This is really an unexpected joy, these little things have such a mystery, even if it is an innate magic weapon, it is impossible to have such a powerful empowerment and control ability Exactly The most important function of this rune is to control it Next, Zhang Fan finally stopped hanging out and wanted to test the power of various runes So, he shuttled through the streets He came to the edge of hemp cbd lab testing facilities an alley.

Otherwise, how could I become a super anchor They have done this kind of thing a lot, and they don t care about the comments on the Internet at all, and their thick skin is outrageous.Many people in the live broadcast room are persuading the anchors Kana CBD Gummies Reviews not to take risks.Some even sneered The granddaughter medici quest hemp cbd gummy bears has come to see grandma again This granddaughter is not well behaved, and dares to contradict grandma.I m not afraid that your grandma will stop you from being popular.These anchors are the most wicked, they have destroyed a lot of things, Even a few people were trained by the botanical CBD gummies Kana CBD Gummies Reviews local JC, but they still didn t 300 mg full spectrum cbd gummies change their minds.As the scene became more and more lively, all kinds of emotions spread across the bridge.In that big lake, under the vast fog, a huge black shadow gained the strength of some negative emotions.

Kana CBD Gummies Reviews delta 8 cbd gummies near me, (CBD gummies amazon) Kana CBD Gummies Reviews 5 mg thc Kana CBD Gummies Reviews.

It s been a month now, and he still hasn t been able to figure out Ziyu s thoughts And today, he unintentionally offended the senior This makes the six eared macaque feel that its head has grown twice I feel that in the Three Realms, everyone seems to have misjudged the race of the six eared macaque.If you are really smart, you can know everything in the world How could it be impossible to understand the cbd green dolphin gummies thoughts of these two women Instead, they were all guilty.The six eared macaque went cbd gummies fort myers to find Ziyu, and Zhang Fan at this time was leading the way, along with Xingran and Guyu, to a palace in the north of Dishujing Here, is a place specially used for alchemy.Although in the pawnshops of heaven and earth, there are not as many unilateral alchemy as the exercises But there are many disciples who are born unable to practice Moreover, I can t study the method of merit cultivation, so I can only refine medicine pills and forcibly improve the cultivation level So there are usually many disciples here, but recently, many mortal disciples have rushed to various places in the world to help the human race rebuild their homes This is to obtain merit, so it seems very empty here.

CBD hemp flower Kana CBD Gummies Reviews Therefore, he was also very happy and rested peacefully for a night.The next morning, he took Lao Bai and Hua Yueying to go around the street together, looking for food.Lin Xiaolu also wanted to be by Zhang Fan s side, but because of her special identity, she didn t even have a serious identity now, so she could only follow Kana CBD Gummies Reviews Li Hongyu to investigate the news.By the way, let Li Hongyu s friends help and arrange a serious identity for Lin Xiaolu.Since Lao Bai got cbd hemp places near me off the bus, he has been encouraging Zhang Fan to eat seafood.This guy has long been drooling watching some videos on his mobile phone.Today, he finally had a chance and immediately took Zhang Fan to taste it It is rare for Hua Yueying to not ridicule Lao Bai as a greedy worm The reason is because everyone has been working really hard these days.

Zijin Daoist, you walk in the front Others protect each other, and you must not give people an opportunity Zhang Fan was at the end of the lineup.It cbd oil hemp balm 50 mg s the master Taoist Zijin nodded, put his hand on the shoulder of the old man Jiang Hai, his toes lightly tapped on the plank road, just caring about the width of the plank road to the left and right of the person, he turned around flexibly, in front of the old man Jiang Hai Good skill Brother Bug looked dazzled and mysterious from the back, a little mistake in this place could kill you But Daoist Zijin is like walking in his own backyard.This skill makes his heart sour, but he can t learn it Zijin copd CBD gummies reviews Kana CBD Gummies Reviews Daoist is too agile and strong, and his courage is far beyond ordinary people.I would like does cbd gummies to thank you and Mr.Zhang Fan for this trip, which has cleared up a lot of trouble for us.

Hua Yueying said Don t talk about these sad things, now there is bound to be a chance to reverse it.For example, this jade card has all kinds of magical functions, such as Hua Yueying Zhang Fan raised his head and stopped Hua what cbd gummies are good for pain Yueying continued to want to talk about the idea.This made Hua Yueying frown tightly, watching Li Hongyu burst Kana CBD Gummies Reviews into tears, and her heart was also very pitiful.Birth, old age, sickness and death, this is the normal state of the world.I can only tell you that if you accept my gift, you can only do things for me Hua Yueying frowned even tighter Li Hongyu shouted Why, I follow you to solve the curse do CBD gummies work Kana CBD Gummies Reviews of my family, and then live my own life Why cbd irwin naturals review do you limit my freedom, I have never regarded you as a bad person, but why do you do it Bad thing.Hearing this, Hua Yueying was taken aback, she never expected that Li Hongyu had such an idea hidden in her heart.

After all, these people have suffered a lot on this mountain It is reasonable to have such an attitude.It is precisely because of this that these grievances rose where to get cbd gummies near me out of thin air, triggering the alarm of a new function that Anna had been experimenting with recently Located on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by mountains, a beautiful pawn shop base Anna is drinking a cup of coffee, sitting under the light of the colorful streamer, and enjoying the special treatment that she can only enjoy as a senior sister.I saw the night of the stars above my head, every time the sun rises and the moon sets, there will be an extremely magnificent spiritual energy that slowly drifts out from this magic weapon.This is because the body of Star Night is made from the head of a pangolin who is about to become an immortal.

Fei and the others also immediately became alert When they walked along the plank road, they found no trace of other people, but it did not mean that there were no other cbd gummies for sleep amazon people in the cave If they don t get ready as soon as possible, there is no way for them cbd gummies kansas to retreat, because below are the abyss and cliffs Bug, worm, what you think is too simple You are a tomb robber, and I am a guardian.We have always been inseparable How can I have no other means to deal with you Ma Dali said lightly However, apart from you, the person I value and worry about more is Mr.Zhang Fan next to you I have witnessed his methods from a distance, and several times I thought you would all die.But because he reversed are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies everything I wonder if Mr.Zhang Fan can tell me the real purpose of your coming here Zhang Fan said lightly when he saw Ma Dali set his eyes on him You have also seen how evil and ghost doctors there are in this place.

Yu, Mr.Zhang Fan, and provoking him is not courting death.Zhang Fan ignored that they were all couples, charles stanley selling cbd gummies and turned his eyes to the young man surnamed Yu.Friend, who are you He looked blank.Mr.Zhang Fan, I m your fan, our eldest cbd from hemp vs weed sister, we have been waiting for news from the company for martha stewart CBD gummies review Kana CBD Gummies Reviews a long time in order to meet you.After you buy this card today, can you give it to me Here s an opportunity to enjoy your face and have a meal This young man surnamed Yu is 10 mg cbd gummies one of the investors in Nangong Manyun s team, and he has a cooperative relationship with Nangong Manyun.Of course, this is on the surface, secretly, Nangong Manyun is the leader of this multi billion investment and the actual controller.He is just Nangong Manyun s little brother After finding out Zhang Fan s phone number yesterday, he quickly found the information about Zhang Fan s stay at the hotel through some contacts.

Wang Bin used his medical skills to prove that he is definitely an excellent veterinarian.He even rescued the puppy, so cbd gummies sugar free that everyone present kept exclaiming I went, I really didn t expect that there are such powerful veterinarians in this small street.The clean and neat feeling of this suture process is probably not bad compared to those excellent surgeons I am an intern in an urban hospital.Sheng, my master is an excellent surgeon, and very few people can master this suture technique in our hospital With such a professional answer, everyone was impressed by this enthusiastic pet shop owner Some even gave Wang Bin a thumbs up At the same time, other people also stepped forward to thank Wang Bin, the owner Kana CBD Gummies Reviews full spectrum CBD gummy of the pet store At this moment, Wang Bin felt that his efforts just now were all worth it And he is even more grateful to the person who endowed him with such excellent pet medical skills Looking at the puppy in front of him breathing evenly, even though it looks very weak, his life must be saved Big brother, can you tell me your name If my puppy gets sick again, I will definitely seek treatment from you.

cbd and cbg gummies The little golden dragon cast a spell and opened up a passage in the void, and from Li Hongyu s eyes, he saw the flickering, bizarre world of nothingness Little Golden Dragon You can actually travel through the void Then time and space, aren t they all under your control Li Hongyu looked at the stars and dazzling light spots in the void passage The expression looked shocked.Wrong I m only in the realm of immortals.With the help of dragon scales that are hard enough, I can tear open the void and travel through the void But when it comes to time and space, I don t understand at all Li Hongyu, since the master asked me to pick it up.You obviously don t intend to treat you as an ordinary pawn shop member You should cherish this opportunity.Li Hongyu was silent, with surprise written in his eyes Xiao Jinlong is so powerful, he can tear open the void, and he can bring a mortal person to see the real world far beyond the ordinary However, they don t even know the rules For Li Hongyu, everything that the cultivator thinks is nothing more than the speculation of mortals When you see it for real, you will how long does cbd gummies last naturally be shocked beyond words It was quick to say, but it only took a few blinks of an eye.

Good luck.Brother Bug stared at Old Man Jiang Hai s face, rubbed his hands, and his eyes became more excited.Boss What does the old man Jiang Hai mean What inheritance, what Tianmen Is it more valuable than the gold and silver jewelry we found, these rare antiques Look at the way you have never cbd gummies high potency seen the world, the old man Jiang Hai is telling us that once we can find the inheritance in this place We can be like Taoist Zijin and Mr.Zhang Fan, who can come and go freely Ability Hearing him say that, the younger brother raised his brows and let out a somewhat surprised voice.Boss, is there really such a miraculous thing in this world We can be as powerful as Daoist Zijin if we get a random inheritance If that s the case we must dig three feet into the ground and find that inheritance.Yes When Brother Bug heard this, he nodded with great interest Yes, but have you ever thought about it, both Mr.

Everyone thinks that it was acquired by a certain saint in the Western Heaven But in fact, it was a coincidence that the sage stepped into the sage realm The real Hongmeng Purple Qi, with the disappearance of the Red Cloud Ancestor, has been hidden from the Three Realms.That is to say, since the opening of the hemp o gummies sky until now, inside the saint with the tree There is actually another place And if you want to ascend to this position, you must hold the Primordial Violet Qi approved by the Dao of Heaven The last Hongmeng purple energy is in Hongyun s hands This not only made him wake up suddenly, Hua Yueying took out the book today and wants best rated cbd gummies to open up a tunnel And the pawnshops of heaven and earth are very high profile in doing things, and they are not afraid of offending Buddhism and Xuanmen It is very likely that the 25mg cbd gummy bears Hongmeng Purple Qi belonging to the red cloud has been acquired by the master of the pawnshop of heaven and earth The Hua Yueying in front of her is already a quasi sage cultivation base.

Old man, who do you think this organ will be Mr.Fei looked at the end of the passage, then at Kana CBD Gummies Reviews the position of the organ under his feet, his face a little unsightly.This mechanism is so ingenious, it is obviously not something that ordinary people can create After thousands of years of immortality, it even affects the whole body.I just used a little force and opened a huge door This method, I asked myself.Can t compare.Mr.Fei felt the same way The many organs we have seen before can t be Why Buy Kana CBD Gummies Reviews called so subtle.Only this one makes me feel a little scared If the people who designed this organization want to kill us, can a dog eat cbd gummies Why Buy Kana CBD Gummies Reviews it is definitely an unexpected way Zhang Fan smiled when he heard the words Didn t you say that there may be some danger in this hole If it is really using green lobster cbd gummies stop smoking such a mechanism to suppress something Then the things we released are more dangerous than any mechanism.

sleepy cbd gummies melatonin Zizi Thunder and lightning can t find Alamein, lazarus natural cbd oil and the tyranny is raging Walk around the place A few breaths, the scorching heat, and the corpses next to them, and the red pools like cbd hemp direct cbg reivew a sea of blood, were all destroyed into a pile of coke.At the door, Sakasha and Kevin s hair stood up one after another due to the influence of lightning, which looked funny.Especially with the shocked expressions on their faces, like two clowns But the two of them couldn t feel their gaffe, and watched everything that happened live well cbd gummies reviews in the hall in shock.Extraordinary, it turned out to be like this.Kevin shuddered.He had is cbd oil better than gummies heard all kinds of legends, supernatural beings, etc.before He had never seen, mysterious power.It was only in the cbd gummies cheshire last few days that he came into contact with these things that should not have appeared.

I tied them to their chariot But as a prince, you are protected by the luck of the human race., who dares to do something to you Hearing this, Daoist Zijin couldn t help but tick the corner of his mouth.And Li Chengqian smiled bitterly, looked at Niu Qing and said, I envy you very much.With the Immortal Sword in my hand, everyone in the Three Realms is in awe of the person behind you.This time, Buddhism has already suffered a big loss.Among do keoni cbd gummies work the Three Realms , few people dare not to give the face behind you after this Taoist Zijin also nodded The prestige of the Tongtian sect master is resounding in the Three Realms.Now that you are officially under the sect of the Tongtian sect master, the real almighty can t I will do something to you.Niu Qing blinked Then Your Highness, is it not as good as me That s right Li Chengqian said with a wry smile, best cbd gummies for menopause Have you forgotten that His Majesty was a while ago, but was The Buddhist method captured Lingshan.

Zhang Fan then asked the woman s name.It turns out that this girl is called Chen Ailing, the owner of the largest seafood market in the city The reason why I walked into such an empty alley by myself is entirely because there are several elderly homes in the old town on the other side of the road.Chen Ailing will volunteer there every week and will donate some of the money And Chen Ailing s favorite thing is to cook, and she likes to imitate some well known chefs and cook some extremely difficult dishes.He is a well known food experiencer locally, and a food blogger with millions of fans on the Internet.After learning about this, Zhang Fan didn t get any useful information He didn lazarus naturals classic high potency cbd tincture t think those werewolves and vampires would come here from thousands of miles for a small food writer, just to kill this woman In addition, Lao Bai narrated about that lobster boy This kid is definitely a cultivator, and he is likely to have inherited the inheritance of ancient immortal cultivators There is even a magical weapon left by the cultivator With so many good things gathered in one person, it is enough to make this little lobster stand out and easily become a master cbd hemp oil amber glass bottles above mortals CBD vs hemp Kana CBD Gummies Reviews However, this guy is willing to live in the mundane world, and seems to be following Chen Ailing.

Don t talk nonsense, shopkeeper This is the smell of the previous guest, I Tell you He s a snake demon.What The shopkeeper s face changed No wonder I think this person is not right.He makes a lot of money and speaks coldly.He has turned himself into a big rich man and turned himself into a refugee.Just now I cbd gummies for relaxing He also laughed, dressed in aristocratic clothes, but he looked like a monkey and a crown It turns enjoy hemp delta 9 gummies out that people are really not individuals.The shopkeeper sighed and patted Xiao Er s shoulder How did you see it, boy The shopkeeper Yes, he has injuries.It looks like he was burned by the fire, he should be a capable goblin Otherwise, this is the real fire of samadhi, and the ordinary goblin would have turned to ashes with a scream.Hearing what Xiao Er said, The shopkeeper frowned Then let s bring in a god What should I do I m not afraid of the shopkeeper I told him just now that there are experts in the city, CBD gummy reviews Kana CBD Gummies Reviews and I thought of one more thing The shopkeeper can Do you still remember Miss Gu Yu The one who became a Taoist priest at a young age, the one who made the king feel very sorry.

Jiang Hai, but Kana CBD Gummies Reviews Mr.Jiang Hai, for dozens of minutes But he has been sitting by the entrance of the cave, staring at the dark place like the entrance of a well.He fell into the trap of memory, he had seen the real hell in the illusion There is not death and grief everywhere, but a sense of detachment.When Mr.Jiang Hai wanted to seek this detachment, it was as if he had fallen into a trap After all, in the eyes of Zhang Fan and others, choosing detachment in hell is equivalent to looking for food in the trash Maybe there will be, but it s not what biowellness cbd gummies everyone wants.However, the old where can i buy green lobster cbd gummies man Jiang Hai held a hope, so he was no longer interested in other things as if he was on the tip of a bull s horn.During this period of time, everyone was not lazy at all, and they searched the entire room up and down It s a pity that this house doesn t even have a window Except for the roof beams that have been covered by layers of frost, there really is no way out For a while, the atmosphere began to become solemn.

, My family s soy milk is not as good as you said.I don t need your publicity Hurry up Uncle, how can you understand me like this.I bought it for my mother, who has advanced gastric cancer.I want to touch it.Let s hope.The girl had red eyes and looked a little out of control.Leaning against the door, she seemed to be completely disappointed, and her body was a little swaying.Lao Zhou frowned, and he looked at Li Tianzhong subconsciously.Li Tianzhong really showed a deep sympathy look, he also had stomach cancer.However, he seems to be alone.Girl, sit down first.Lao Zhou sighed, as if he was feeling this deadly disease.He pointed to the girl at the table, Li Tianzhong helped her over, and as soon as he sat down, Li Tianzhong rubbed his fingers hesitantly before raising his head.Sister, can you do this I come here to eat every day I ll take a cup of soy milk for you every day Don t worry, the soy milk here is free.