To put it bluntly, sometimes it really is like a man.Of course, this is not meant to swear, that is to say, she has both the innocent and lovely girl s share, and the man s share of willpower.Therefore, this little mystery is also 600mg cbd gummies created, which makes people unable to extricate themselves from the charm.Ok Inextricable Sorry, I was wrong.Closer to home.The wine bureau also stopped here.Lin Yuner looked at Ye Gui with some hesitation.At first, I was worried that if you didn t drink much, you would be drunk, but now, or in the future, if you drink with my sisters again, can you let the water go You are too patient, Ye Gui smiled.She said, Okay, but how should I send them now Lin Yuner thought for a while and said, Because I can t live in the dormitory, I have already called the assistant to come over, and I will let the two bodyguards drive and let her little boy come over.

Lin Yuner hesitated, then shook her head, No, the body is the most important Ye Gui paused, Then we will go to the hospital for a checkup the day after tomorrow, even if you don t believe me You should trust Doctor Recommended: Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg the doctor s judgment when you judge your own body, right Lin Yuner thought about it, are cbd gummies good but looked at Ye Gui with a light smile, how much do cbd gummies cost at walmart best cbd gummies for inflammation Ye Gui, you seem to be very resistant to being hospitalized, are you afraid of injections Or are you afraid that the doctor will take a small hammer Knock on your knee Ye Gui waved his hand, which is better cbd oil or gummies Neither.Lin Yun er looked puzzled and curious.Ye Guizheng said, Actually, the hospital bed is too small.When I hold you, I m always afraid that you will fall.The air suddenly became quiet.Lin Yun er s cheeks were slightly warm, Just because of this Ye Gui nodded and said calmly, So it s better for me to stay at home and hold my sweet Lin Yun er than that, isn t it Lin Yuner bit the corner of her lips slightly.

Yun er chuckled, she shook her head.It doesn t matter, the debt will not be too much pressure, the family of many sisters is more lively.He was choked for a while.But finally he waved his hand helplessly, Forget it, watch the TV series, watch your performance, Xiahou Qingyi.Oh Lin Yuner s eyes flashed with a smile, Why are you watching this It s my kiss.He said angrily.Yuner couldn t help but smile, and even the mask on her eye bags fell off. Chapter 523 Will boulder highlands cbd gummies review You Still Love Me Tomorrow 1 Chapter 523 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 1 I just watched the TV series for more than ten minutes.Yuna fell asleep.Leaning beside him, he slept soundly.Are you still making a fuss about watching TV shows He complained in his heart and shut down the TV series that were still playing the plot.The mask on Yoona s eye bags cbd infused gummies plus has also been gummy bear CBD recipe Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg removed.

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Ye Gui paused, but could only be silent.Gu Chengtai let out a slight breath and continued to speak.Recently, I have been dreaming about your mother.She is still very good looking, just like when I first saw her in Huaxia The fate of people is really impermanent, I never imagined that after I parted with her once, it would be a goodbye..I anxiety and cbd gummies miss her so much, I really miss her.These years, I have been putting her photos on my body.I am afraid that I will forget what she looks like, and I am afraid that one day I will go to her world and not recognize her.When Gu Chengtai said this, his eyes were already red.Ye Gui too.It s been a long time.Gu Chengtai s voice continued to sound hoarse.The last level. It doesn t matter whether you live or die.Just, before going to see your mother and Yayan Son, let me see you get married.

certified nutritional products cbd gummies His love is to be careful and to manage.Krysta bit his lip Doctor Recommended: Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg slightly, and paused to look at his Ernie for a while.Jessica looked at her too, What s wrong Ernie, I Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg want to take back what I said now that you ve never been in a relationship, you verma farms cbd gummies re a theorist, Krysta said.What Do you think I passed the exam now Jessica asked with a smile.Krysta nodded, Suddenly I felt a good feeling, of course I had it before, but it s not as good as it is now, it makes cbd gummies sex my heart feel open all of a sudden.As he spoke, he approached the slender waist that gently hugged Jessica, and gently scratched.Then he approached, exhaling like blue, and there was ambiguity in his voice.Euni, maybe you have a goal Jessica suddenly felt unnatural, both physically and mentally.The body is naturally a bad hand from my sister.As for my heart, I can t say it, I can t say it.

And Ye Gui paused a little at the moment, this medicine is really not the ordinary bitter taste, it is the kind of feeling that seems to make the tongue bitter, for a moment, it seems that the tongue is numb.It s just that he has indirectly accepted this taste.Not to mention that Xiao Gao Leng drank it directly.He could not help but softened.Forcing Xiao Gao cbd gummies for smoking shark tank Leng to drink this medicine like this these days, he is indeed going too far.But not drinking is not enough, it is also for her body.So, looking at this little Gao Leng at this moment, he is really contradictory.And Xiao Gao let out a sigh of relief, biting his lip slightly and looking at him.You re angry He opened the candy.Both were taken apart.One was put in his mouth, and the other was put in his own mouth.Mango sweetness spreads out.

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Then she looked at Ye Gui, a little helpless, If It might be okay to change someone, but if he uses it personally, I can Doctor Recommended: Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg t vegan CBD gummies Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg bear it.Jessica was helpless, Yeah Zheng Xiujing, you really don t live up to your expectations.She sighed and looked at Ye Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg Gui, Ye Gui s major shareholder, ten I really can t make a design in a week, can you give me a little more time Ye Gui said, Then one month, if you can t see it for a month, I should consider whether I should send you out for further study Jessica bowed slightly, Nei Alasao, Kangsang Hamida, Ye Gui s major shareholder.You re welcome, it s just for the investment of Baifanyuan not to be wasted.Ye Gui responded casually.Here, some details have not been explained.That was before, after Krysta vented his anger and embraced Ernie, before telling Ye Gui that he would wait for the sunrise.

Is this Doctor Recommended: Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg really good Lin Yuner lay helplessly on the bed, thinking a thousand times for a while. Chapter 36 Finding Part 1 Chapter 36 Finding Part 1 Seoul Airport.In the special VIP waiting room, Gu Zhiya and a handsome young man sat opposite each other on two sofas, and there were several bodyguards standing around with hemp gummies walmart serious and silent expressions.But facing this young man, Gu Zhiya s expression of resistance and impatience seemed to be torture for her to stay in the same place as this person and breathe.Suddenly, Gu Zhiya s phone rang.Show Yang Le.She connected, What s the matter, Yang Leopa Yang Le said, My eldest brother was beaten, he is a cbd gummies stomach pain sideline of the Li family.o Gu Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg Zhiya stood up immediately, My brother was beaten by someone.Where is he injured What are the Wen family and you guys doing They don t even arrange for someone to protect my brother Don t worry, the eldest brother just got his arm scratched, it who owns lucent valley cbd gummies s not serious, the rest is the other side.

You are beautiful today, he said.Taeyeon s eyes widened slightly, cbd for pain and anxiety and then a smile appeared.A nice and nice smile.At this moment, in this spacious waiting room, there are the production team, the staff, and the junior group of the same company who shares the same waiting room with Taeyeon, Red Beibei red .There are quite a lot of people.However, people come and go, and their eyes are intertwined.We are still us Chapter 460 Daily Taeng9Cam 4 Chapter 460 Daily Taeng9Cam 4 Are you still nervous Sitting next to Taeyeon, he asked her.Taeyeon paused, If I say I m not nervous, will you continue to comfort me It depends on the situation.He looked at her with a slight smile.Taeyeon slightly flattened her small mouth, Then I m still nervous, especially nervous, I m going crazy.He pondered a little, Then I ll play games with you, to divert your attention Play games But my phone is out of power, it s charging Taeyeon was a little moved, but she Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg paused and said, However, brother, can you accompany me to write the album congratulations I want to write the congratulations.

But I didn t bio cbd gummies expect it.The only thing is that my little Gao social cbd gummies Leng can fully accept me as a rigid and pedantic person, so I shouldn t say these unnecessary words.So don t cry, as long as you don hemp gummies reviews canada t cry now, I will give you what you want to achieve.How about adding more to the goal Xiao Gao Leng sobbed and wiped his tears on Ye Gui s clothes, his words paused.I said, no, I can do it myself.Ye Gui smiled and patted her on the back softly.That s good, but you can t cry after wiping away your tears, right Xiao Gao Leng moved his nose a few times, and looked up at him with red eyes in his arms.Impatient temper is the characteristic of the two sisters.Although sometimes this character is not easy to be stimulated, it will be naturally stimulated when encountering special events.Therefore, at this moment, cbd gummies for panic attacks Xiao Gao s cold temper and tears came and went quickly.

Hearing the sound, Jessica turned her head to look at her sister s movements, frowning a little irritably.Yeah Zheng Xiujing, it s too noisy, turn it off.Krysta paused slightly, didn t look back, just made a sound while ironing.O Neill discount cbd gummies take his things and go back to his bedroom to rest, Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg I ll have a while.Yeah, Zheng Xiujing.Jessica was a little speechless, Isn t she so unwilling to fight Aren t you angry with him How can I pay it back Is he ironing Krysta still didn t turn his head to speak, his hands moving, white steam rising.I ll be stubborn, can I really be pissed about whether he likes to wear it or not Jessica smiled speechlessly, It seems do cbd gummies cause constipation that he sent you a text message to coax you No.Krysta said, complaining a little bit, but he s really a man with a small stomach.He didn t know how to take the cbd gummy drops initiative to talk to me, and he was angry with me.

Stop close up and let her have a good meal.The photographer stopped immediately.This made Tiffany on the stage and the fans around Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg the stage a little stunned, but then they smiled as if they were eating candy, watching quietly and inadvertently.And Taeyeon looked up at him, Brother, it s okay He smiled softly best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression 2021 at her.Eating is a free thing, isn t it Ruan Ruan Taeyeon was stunned, then thc gummies Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg nodded with a smile.After that, a small bowl of noodles was eaten by the two of them.Then brother, I continue to go is there cbd in hemp on stage.Then Taeyeon said.Okay.He nodded in response, and lightly stroked her smooth hair.Taeyeon smiled and then turned to the stage.Soon, the bowls of the other fans who had been allocated noodles were also handed over, and the Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg staff quickly came to the stage to clean up everything, and the meeting continued.

How can it be similar.The ventilation of the bedrooms downstairs is not very good, and the view from the window is a bit narrow.There are also stairs, although the designer may want to design it to be a little simpler.The style of the children, but the safety is greatly reduced.There is also this open kitchen, which is cbd gummies mg for anxiety really good, but it is too close to the living room.When cooking, even if there is a range hood, it will It tastes good.Ye Gui listened and asked tentatively, So, no Inner, no.Xiao Gao nodded coldly.Saying that, he took Ye Gui s arm, Don t think about it, let s go to the next house.Ye Gui smiled, Okay.While talking, he got into the car again cbd hemp oil herbal drops complete cbd and went to the next house.This is an apartment complex.It s that kind of high end apartment.Xiao Gaoleng and Ye Gui came to the reserved CBD gummies with thc Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg room.

It is a sunglasses design, a necklace, and a ring.All are men s items.Ye Gui zoomed in Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg cornbread cbd gummies to see details separately.In general, there is a very natural, free and easy, and very restrained feeling.After uttering the words, Ye Gui immediately spoke up.Generally speaking, there have been best cbd sleep gummies with melatonin really great changes and progress, which made me feel bright, even bright.Said, looking at Jessica.But I remember that the fifteen designs you submitted were all women s designs.But these three are all men s pieces.Did you Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg suddenly change your mind Jessica s expression froze, and then she spoke up.Nei, I just wanted Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg to design a men s item.Ye Gui nodded and continued to speak.But if you compare the two, of course, these pieces are better, and even the style has changed a lot.If you design men s items more inspired and more handy, you can design the rest.

Let s go Ye Gui, let s go home.The voice fell.Xiao Gao Leng pulled him out.He was quiet.look at her.Just follow her.The crowd wasn t absolutely quiet though.But the voice of condemnation gradually faded.Then, with the support of Long Yiyong and others, the two got into the car.From crowded all the way to quiet all the way.The criticism from the outside world gradually fell.Although there are still cbd gummies depression reddit voices of accusations, they are gradually diminishing.But for Ye Gui and Krysta, these things are no longer a concern.Krysta s new house is right on the doorstep.Long Yiyong and others scattered around.The two entered the living room.As soon as Xiao Gaoleng entered the door, he leaned on the amazon cbd gummies for diabetes sofa tiredly.I m so tired.She let out a long sigh.Ye Gui Jing came to her side and purekana cbd gummies for copd hugged her gently.But rather than holding it, it is better to say that he is leaning on this little Gao Leng s arms.

Xiao Gao looked at Doctor Recommended: Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg him coldly, Knowing that I have been wronged, it s gone, and they don t compensate me.Is it Ye Gui thought for a while, Then, I ll bring the sofa closer and tell you a story, okay Xiao Gao Leng pouted slightly, What a bland compensation.You really don t know what compensation I want.Is it Said, looking at Ye Gui with burning eyes.Ye Gui paused silently.Krysta sighed slightly.Forget it, although I m a little disappointed, it can be considered progress.Because if the disgusting guy hadn t done such disgusting things, I should have kissed you.After all, you were not there.hide.Saying that, he turned around and entered the password to open the door.Come in first, then sit down, I ll clean up first, all these unclean things will be thrown away But just as Krysta was about to walk in, Ye Gui grabbed Xiao Gao Leng.

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Krystal raised his head with a serious expression on his face, I know that my true thoughts can be seen by almost anyone except my uncle, but at that moment, it had nothing to do with this.I just want to accompany him and let him Be happier, maybe, I don t know his past very well, but Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg most of human loneliness has something in common. For uncle, each study in each house is not only a room with a photo, it may be more like a A home, a place closest to one s family, before dawn, is a haven.Krystal no longer shy away from buy online cbd hemp flower that title, and Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg even said it generously.And Gu Zhiya also restrained all the teasing emotions.She was a little lost.Is that a haven before dawn This explanation seems to be correct Chapter 54 Why Chapter 54 Why The topic was a little heavy, Gu Zhi Ya shook her head, We re not going to talk about this By the way, you just said Everyone except Oppa can see your thoughts right Actually, it s true, Oppa is really slow in terms of love.

Lin Yuner frowned slightly, earnestly Looking at Ye Gui, Ye Gui, don t go to this graduation ceremony.Ye Gui smiled helplessly, Lin Dajun, I said I m not, not to mention I haven cbd hemp oil 300 mg t been to Korea much, that group.How can I be the heir And Yayan didn t say that the heir is called Gu Chonghe, what s the matter with vitamax hemp gummies review me Ye Gui Lin Yuner bit her lip slightly and looked at Ye Gui, Ye Gui, is this one of them And that s the main reason why you didn t want to go to Korea that day, right Ye Gui smiled helplessly and cbd gummies online looked at her, Why do I feel kana cbd gummies like you stupid girl has already made up a TV series Lin Yuner shook her head, It s not my brain, isn t there such a plot In a wealthy family, the male protagonist is the heir of his father who cannot easily show off, boosting natural health cbd gummies and he has been raising it in other places or countries to live, while the male protagonist s father has other children, but Enjoying the glory and power, but the male protagonist Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg came back because of a misunderstanding.

Ye Gui didn t care about Lin Yuner s complaints.Looking at the seaside where there was a lot of noise, he said, Actually, the seaside in early spring is still quite cold, which is enough to push away all the arts and sadness.Lin Yuner said in confusion, Push it away Ye Gui said, When you were cold just now, you must have been thinking about being so cold, royal blend cbd gummies side effects not sad can you take cbd gummies with sertraline things and literary sentences.Lin Yuner what's the difference between hemp and CBD gummies Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg turned her head to look Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg at Ye Gui, Who said that, I will Thinking of you.Ye Gui looked puzzled, What is it Lin Yuner paused, I mean, you re right next to me, I don t want to think of who you are.Ye Gui looked at her, I mean Right Raise the bar Lin Yuner was a little puzzled.Ye Gui explained, It cbd hair gummies s just picking faults and deliberately playing the wrong side.Lin Yuner laughed, I didn t.After speaking, she continued, However, it s really calm, although it s cold, but at this moment I m more than Be calm at all times.

elite power CBD gummies Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg It wasn t until she couldn t see the natures boost CBD gummies Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg car carrying the two of them that Taeyeon walked towards the other car with some vain steps.Just as she was about to go up, she stopped.Take wyld cbd raspberry gummies out the phone.A 300 mg cbd gummies benefits number was dialed.No surprise, just Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg called Ye Gui.It s over When it was connected, Ye Gui s voice came.Nei.Taeyeon bit her lip to clear her mind.Okay, Xiuna should be by your side, let her take you back.He said.Taeyeon was quiet for a while, stood there, and didn t speak.He paused slightly, What s the matter Can you come over Taeyeon still spoke, with a slight trembling in her voice.Did I come to pick you up he asked.Hmm Taeyeon made a little sound from her nose.Okay, rest in the car first, I ll be there later.He responded.Nei.Taeyeon showed a drunken, hazy smile.Then the phone hung up, but Taeyeon didn t get on the bus either, but just leaned back against the station.

who sells cbd gummies stagnant.He saw a girl.Despite wearing a mask and a black bucket hat.But the pair of deer eyes, those pure and clean eyes seem to be the most easily recognizable feature.And she was looking at him, her eyes instantly reddened.I don t know when it started.We hate that the world is too crowded.But hate it, too vast. Chapter 279 Go left, go right four Chapter 279 Go left, go right Four all the way budpop CBD gummies Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg Quietly check the ticket and board the plane.Separated from Yayan and the newly recruited assistant, she came Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg to the first class cabin.Follow the number to your place.However, he found that a man was already sitting in the active hemp cbd seat he was leaning against.He tilted his head and looked out the window.Like a rumbling in the ear.The whole world became silent.His profile is the profile she has seen countless times, familiar, thin, like a stone sculpture.

In fact, I originally planned to catch you, play around for a while, and then I was going to tell you something, so I was a little anxious.Don t be angry, life is always full of surprises.Lin Yun er frowned, Surprise You told me that you were injured, what makes me happy about this kind of thing Ye Gui opened his mouth, This And Lin Yuner finally softened her tone, Okay, Doctor Recommended: Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg I really can t Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg be angry with you all the time.Don t worry, just lie down and wait Doctor Recommended: Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg for me, the pharmacy is very close to home, cbd gummies carry on I ll be back soon, Whatever you want to say, wait for me to come back and say it together.Also, cbd thc gummies 1000mg do you want something does whole foods sell cbd gummies to eat There is a convenience store next to the pharmacy.I ll bring it back for you.Ye Gui shook his head, and gently let go without persuading him.Lin Yuner looked at it and squatted down quietly.

Then he pretended to be surprised.Ah, Plato, yes, some people also said that they want to come with me Plato, not to hold hands, not to kiss He said, revealing some thoughts.Who is it He felt a little do cbd gummies help with tinnitus unbearable for a moment, and hurriedly said, Didn t they all say that I told you to swear and not expose my shortcomings, why are you a woman who chose to attack in the past embarrassingly Taeyeon looked aggrieved, I didn t say it was my brother, is it my brother s fault Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg for taking a seat He took a deep breath What does Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg it feel like to have love In layman s terms, it s a solid feeling.Those are not exciting, very tired, life is very boring, very unmotivated many bad moments, as long as you think of the other person you have, it seems that there are many, many things Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg flowing from the bottom of your heart.

Confused eaglehemp cbd gummies and confused.After Ye Gui scolded those memories, he hurriedly called Krysta and said something.Krysta hurriedly hung up the phone and started rushing this way.Ye Gui turned to look at Jessica.At this moment, in the middle of the night, the sea breeze is blowing, and there is a deep coolness, and she is just blowing on the black gauze skirt, holding the other arm in one hand and bowing her head in the cold wind.A little trembling.But revealed more tenderness.Ye Gui sighed, took off his jacket and lord jones cbd gummies handed it to her.Jessica didn t answer.Ye Gui shoved it to her angrily.Hurry up and put it on I don t know if it was because his voice was a little loud or because it was cold.Jessica shivered, Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg but took the clothes and put them on quietly.The warmth from the coat calmed Jessica slowly.Ye Gui watched her speak out.

Taeyeon snorted, You did it to me.There are few mistakes, from night to cbd cream vs hemp cream morning.He laughed a little, It s just that Jin Ruan Ruan is so charming that I can t help it.Really Taeyeon blinked, But why do Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg I think some people are very tolerant, when I was just together before, I took the initiative and some people still didn t touch me.Then he pretended to be surprised.Ah, Plato, yes, some people also said that they want to come with me Plato, not to hold hands, not to kiss He said, revealing some thoughts.Who is it He felt a little unbearable for a moment, and hurriedly said, Didn t they all say that I told you to Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg swear and not expose my shortcomings, why are you a woman who chose to attack in the past embarrassingly Taeyeon looked aggrieved, I didn t say it was my brother, is it my brother s fault for taking a seat He took a deep breath What does it feel like to have love In layman s terms, it s a solid feeling.

You should have guessed it.Will you spend time with me and walk with me for a while he asked again.Well, it s almost.She paused, nodded slightly and said, But I don t believe that you are terminally ill and will be cured, so the road you want to go on is not limited to this section.Speaking of which, she Looking up into his eyes.He smiled and looked at her, You girl still has confidence in me, that means, if I get cured, will you live with me and Taeyeon Yoona smiled slightly Next, I want to be beautiful.Men, they like to be beautiful.He didn t care, he said with a smile.But Yuner restrained her smile and looked at him with clear eyes, When I figure it out, I will take the initiative to walk away.Then Lin Dajun, how can I make you figure it out He why does vaping CBD give me a headache Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg looked at her with a relaxed voice.s question.

Ye Gui pinched the little girl s face.Well, it is indeed delicate and tender, with a bit of meatiness, but it is really comfortable to squeeze lightly.And the comfortable look on his face fell into Lin Yuner s eyes and naturally agreed with her words.So, the girl bit her lip slightly and pushed the rice plate away, holding the soup cup and drinking the soup.Ye Gui immediately reassured, Girl, in fact, your face is a bit fleshy, you are blessed, and you can suppress your happiness.I just like your unique little goose california cbd gummies egg face, which looks like a portrait of Wangfu., Wangfu Lin Yun er was slightly taken aback.Immediately, some ears were flushed heirloom hemp and cbd and he said softly, Then do you think, I, I want you to be good Ye Gui smiled and said, Yes, of course.Lin Yuner bit her lip slightly and looked at him, It won t be to make me feel at ease, Are you lying to me He said, but slowly pulled back the rice tray.

I m not afraid He unfastened his seat belt and approached Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes 750mg Ye Gui directly.Ye Gui was stunned, and closed his eyes involuntarily.Click.The sound of the seat belt buckle.Ye Gui frowned and opened his eyes.He glanced at the cbd gummies worms seat belt on his body, and then at Lin Yuner who was smiling slyly.You actually learned from me Lin Yuner said with a puzzled face.I ll fasten your seat belt, and I won t take advantage of you.Seeing you angry, your tone is not good Ye Gui smiled and looked at her, then changed his tone with gentleness.Honey, can you fasten your seat belt I care about you very much.Lin Yuner wrapped her arms around her and wild hemp cbd cigarettes for sale shook her head, and said a little unbearably.Aiya, what is my dear, it s so numb Ye Gui continued to speak softly, My dear, you said my tone was not good, don t you like me now Lin Yuner frowned and laughed, Wow, I feel I m going to get goosebumps Dear, I Ye Gui wanted to speak.