Taeyeon smiled helplessly.Okay, I said, it s Ye Gui.Sunny paused for a second.two seconds.three seconds.o Who Finally, after being stunned, Sunny asked in shock.Taeyeon repeats.It s Ye Gui.Sunny black question mark face.You, you, Kim Taeyeon, and Ye Gui How did you get together I ve only been away for five days, right Taeyeon pulled Sunny helplessly.Don t be so exaggerated, you sit first.Sunny let her sit down, but kept her eyes on her, waiting for her to answer.The scene was a little quiet for a while Chapter 378 Support 1 Chapter 378 Support 1 Taeyeon sat down immediately.Following Sunny s gaze, he explained aloud.Don t think too much about it.What s wrong is that he moved here, on this floor.Then the day Natural CBD Vape Liquid before yesterday, he helped me drive the boy away completely.Last night, we encountered the elevator together again.

He spoke hoarsely.I can t cross the line The words fell, and Xiao Gao Leng was a little stunned.And after he finished speaking, he pulled the quilt to cover Xiao Gao Leng, then hurried into the bathroom and washed his body with cold water.For a while.When the cold water quenches the heat.He just let out a breath.I wiped my hair and walked out.in the room.The bedside lamp turned on again, Xiao Gaoleng had put on his bathrobe again, and cbd sour patch gummies sat quietly by the bed, watching him come out, Xiao Gaoleng hurriedly got up and supported him.Uncle, are you all right She looked at him softly and asked with concern in her eyes.Under the bright light, he could see a lingering flush on Xiao Gaoleng s face.He leaned down gently and hugged her.I m sorry, Xiujing.Xiao Gao Leng was in his arms, and he gently reached out and patted his back softly.

2.what is the difference between hemp gummies and CBD gummies Natural CBD Vape Liquid

Instead, I asked you to eat five star, dale jr cbd gummies and you even called me excessive Okay, okay, don t.It s five star, so don t do barbecue, roadside stalls, each person has a few skewers, and hurry home after eating.Xiao Gao Leng suddenly burst into laughter, but he couldn t help laughing again.Are you still angry I m saving you money, okay You can have an employee like me as the president, shouldn t you be secretly having fun Xiao Gao said coldly, without waiting for him to speak.The conversation turned sharply.But since President Ye Gui wants to treat a guest today, my stomach hurts very much.I have to eat it once and open a bottle of good red wine.Is it alright Ye Natural CBD Vape Liquid Gui was silent for a while.Let s call Zhiya over.Huh Why Xiao Gao asked coldly, but then he smiled and looked at Ye Gui.What, wouldn t it be to ask Zhiya to come over for a treat Ye Gui s expression became serious, How could I Let her come over and participate blue moon hemp delta 8 gummies review at the most.

Ye Gui didn t let go, he hugged Lin Yun er and stepped back in.Then lift your foot to close the door.Lin Yun er said with a smile, Okay Ye Gui, you take the medicine first, after taking the medicine, then eat something Ye Gui shook his head.I don t want it.You made me nervous for more than four hours.I m not in the mood.Lin Yuner explained with a smile.But I ve been on the road for more than four hours, really, the signal is intermittent, otherwise I d have called you too But Ye Gui didn t let royal blend CBD gummies reviews Natural CBD Vape Liquid go, just whispered.You are a bad woman.Lin Yuner laughed, but still apologized softly.Bianne Ye Gui.Bad women are in your arms now.Is this apology enough There was food Natural CBD Vape Liquid on the table.Lin Yuner took off the pills.Take it apart, put it on the table, and unscrew the water bottle again.You take the medicine Ye Gui first, and I ll warm it up for you.

Natural CBD Vape Liquid (best CBD gummies for seniors), [eagle hemp CBD what is the difference between CBD and hemp Natural CBD Vape Liquid gummies website] Natural CBD Vape Liquid koi CBD gummies Natural CBD Vape Liquid.

3.1mg CBD gummies Natural CBD Vape Liquid

Lin Yuner said thoughtfully, If I cook I m still a beginner, but it s okay, Ye Gui can try mine next time.Craft.Ye Gui nodded slightly while eating, Okay, it s my honor.Lin Yuner continued to ask, What do you like to eat most Ye Gui thought for a while, I m really not sure, if there is a chance, You can try to cook Natural CBD Vape Liquid CBD gummies to quit drinking what you are best at.Lin Yun er pouted, What is a real chance, does Ye Gui think I will perfunctory you next time Ye Gui smiled and said nothing.Lin Yuner pouted, Anyway, I guarantee that Ye Gui will be able to eat it soon.Okay, then I will look forward to it.Ye Gui said with a smile.Inner, Ye Guini, please have the highest expectations.Lin Yuner said seriously, and her eyes were clearly serious.Ye Gui could only smile and nod his head.Although he still didn t quite understand the character of the girl in front of him, at least the seriousness of elite power CBD gummies Natural CBD Vape Liquid the girl in front of him was beyond doubt.

All this shows that at least she doesn t hate Wen Xinxi.Trust xi.So, everything will get better slowly, don t worry about it.Ye Gui was stunned, then smiled.How did you see it, girl Is there a fan shaped statistic in that girl s eyes Lin Yuner chuckled and said angrily, oah, I sincerely console you and tell you not to worry, but you turned the other way.Make fun of me.This girl s cute appearance made Ye Gui pause for a while, fun drops cbd gummies amazon but then he opened his mouth and looked at her with a soft smile, Thank you girl, so I don t get caught in a bull s eye.Lin Yuner frowned slightly, What did you say thank you suddenly After speaking, her brows were slightly wrinkled, It s your rule that we don t say thank you.Ye Gui smiled, Then I apologize.Lin Yuner hummed softly, Is this a matter of apology Ye Gui paused, Then girl, tell me, what should I charlotte s web sleep gummies near me do Lin Yuner thought for a while, her eyes showing slyness.

She whispered in her ear, Don t turn on the light, I just want to hold you up, it s too uncomfortable to lie on the sofa.Lin Yuner nodded, but then said again, Then don t hold me, let s go up.Come on, your waist isn t healed yet, don t flash it again Ye Gui frowned, Are you questioning me Ye Gui Woman, I advise you to let me CBD eagle hemp gummies Natural CBD Vape Liquid hold you up obediently.Lin Yuner couldn t help laughing She said, Inner, President Ye Gui, it s hard work for you.Just after saying that, Lin Yun er was picked up by Ye Gui, commonly known as the princess hug.Lin Yuner exclaimed, and then leaned on Ye Gui to chuckle.Ye Gui also smiled and took his rabbit up the stairs step by step.in the bedroom.Ye Gui s big photo was also placed next to Lin Yuner s big art photo.Yes, on the day I went out today, this girl arranged for someone to fix it, and then asked Yayan to come and help her put it next to her photo.

Krystal frowned at him, Why put it back Don t you want to accompany me Ye Gui smiled helplessly, Are you serious You all want to hit me with money, am I poor in your eyes Although I don t mean to show off, but I still have a company.Krystal frowned deeper, You guys Who else threw money at you Did Yoona Erni give you money too Chapter 41 Going to the beach Plus 4 Chapter 41 Going to the beach Almost.Ye Gui said.What does it mean, I want to hear it.Krystal looked at Ye Gui with a naive expression on his OTC Natural CBD Vape Liquid Best CBD Gummies For Pain 2021 face.Ye Gui thought for a while, then said simply, She is going to hire me as her translator, cbd gummies botanical farms and the salary is dr. gupta CBD gummies Natural CBD Vape Liquid calculated at 70 of her income.Krystal pouted, oah, Yuner Erni.It s really generous.Said, but looked at Ye Gui with a smile on his face, So Ye Gui, you also consider being my translator, I ll give you cbd gummies for dogs near me ninety five percent.

The young daughter s threatening eyes were so clear and undisguised, how could he not see it.After a pause, Father Zheng spoke up.Ye Gui, don t praise her just because she threatens you.Some things are the foundation.After getting married, you can t dance and sing every day to live your life, right Xiao Gao pursed his lips and looked at his father.Every generation has a generation of lifestyles, right Father Zheng frowned, I still talk back to you, you stinky girl, Dad is for your own good, the lifestyle you want must be what the other party likes Are you sure you can find it Is that like that Hearing this, 15 mg cbd gummies Ye Gui was ready to smooth things out.But Xiao Gao said coldly, with a confident can hemp gummy bears result pain look, Of course I can.After speaking, he seemed to ask Ye Gui casually.Uncle Ye Gui, do you think I can do it Ye Gui immediately said, Don t call me uncle.

Jin Zhiyong smiled helplessly, but finally does hemp oil have cbd in it nodded, It s the first time you ve used your quirk in the right place. In the private room of vegan cbd Chinese cuisine that Ye Gui and Taeyeon visited yesterday, a few people took their seats.This is the shop that Taeyeon and Ye Gui visited yesterday.Ordered food, of course, can not be without wine.It is said that the wine field is the place where the distance can be shortened the most.After seeing the bottom of a few bottles of wine, Jin Zhiyong and Ye Gui were completely familiar with each other.Chatting with a bit of bragging, of course Jin Zhiyong said it, and Ye Gui listened.Taeyeon also drank a lot with her how long does cbd gummies last for brother and Ye Gui.Facing her brother s bragging about some things, she wanted to laugh a little.She knew that this was because her brother didn t want Ye Gui to look down on her maiden family.

What, I was almost diverted by you brother I asked you, are the red babe girls on stage good looking, why didn t you answer me And is your lust for me Good fun drops cbd gummies official website looking.He looked at Jin Ruan Ruan and nodded directly, Because whether it is subjective or objective, they all have their own beautiful characteristics, as well gluten free CBD gummies Natural CBD Vape Liquid as the lively charm of young people.Taeyeon was stunned.And Ye Gui continued to speak.However, my attention went far, because Having said this, Ye Gui paused, but finally said, Because I saw the shadows of Yoona and Xiujing from them, and I thought of them Taeyeon was silent for a while.For a moment, look up.I was deliberately showing jealousy, I just didn t want you to be sad, but why do you still quit smoking CBD gummies reviews Natural CBD Vape Liquid have to say what s on your best natural cbd oil for dogs mind It was just a moment.He hugged her gently.Because, like you, I can t hide what I m thinking in front of you.

Sunny s eyes widened.Daiba, we re all playing games together Taeyeon frowned.Is it necessary to be so shocked to play a game together Sunny said.That s not true, 8 cbd gummies it s cbd gummies to stop smoking shark tank reviews just Okay Taeyeon Natural CBD Vape Liquid interrupted immediately by raising her hand.I ll go first, let s have a what's the difference between hemp and CBD gummies Natural CBD Vape Liquid good meal.Sunny stretched his voice and smiled.Nei, Alasao I will eat well, and I won t disturb Captain Wuli Taeyeon.Taeyeon gave her a helpless look, then turned and left.With the door closed.Sunny just laughed.But in my mind I thought of Taeyeon cbd gummies for pain relief laughing and chatting with Ye Gui from upstairs just now.Even though Ye Gui looked so sullen, Taeyeon was enjoying it.It seems to be a bit appropriate She whispered to herself.The words echoed throughout the room come downstairs.I saw Ye Gui s door was wide open.She walked over immediately and knocked again.

I already understood this truth.The words fell, and there was silence between the two of them.abnormal.It was only a little while, but iu laughed at himself, and then he laughed more and more happily until his eyes turned red.Taeyeon didn t stop her, she just watched calmly.For a while.IU just opened his mouth.If it s really what Ernie thinks, let alone go further, even if it s just a hug with him, I ll come here with more confidence to ask him to fulfill his contractual obligations.But was cbd gummies on shark tank from understanding, I I found that there was always something between me and him, it might be a stove, or it might be a table, I just looked at him from cbd gummies mg chart a distance.Taeyeon Unnie, you never I will understand the sandra bullock cbd gummies meaning of despair.So, even if you find a dry reason to perform your contractual obligations, even if it is misunderstood by you as a one night stand, I don t care, I will come here, because as long as I do it, I can Stay away from despair.

Come on, we said and rushed over.Lin Yuner exclaimed.Then he laughed uncontrollably.oYe Gui, it s so itchy, haha, I ll fight back if you do this again, ah, haha.So, the whole morning was full of joyful laughter.Packing up, the two decided to go their separate ways, one to warm the rabbit and prepare a few other appetizers, and the other to bake.Yes, the two still decided not to go out and stay at home together.The TV was turned on, and the show was playing randomly.This is a kind of habit that the two of them have invariably shared, such as playing a song in the bath, putting on makeup and playing a TV show, doing housework and listening to the radio, etc.In the spacious open kitchen, the two tie aprons Natural CBD Vape Liquid to each other.They looked at each other and smiled, and started their own work, but Lin Yuner wiped Ye Gui s face in a mess with her flour soaked hands in the middle of Natural CBD Vape Liquid it.

Don t worry about it.You just thought I was confused by the fever.Krystal suddenly reacted.She blushed and lowered her head, nodded lightly, and said nothing Ye Gui is eating porridge.Krystal watched him eat with his pointed chin.Ye Gui eats something unnatural.Little girl, do you want to go back to rest Krystal tilted his head.I m suffocating all the time, can t I just sit here and chat with you for a while Oh, can t I just stop looking at you Ye Gui nodded.That s fine, you can turn on the TV and watch TV.Krystal waved.I don t understand, it s all Chinese shows.Ye Gui said, Then you watch American dramas, you should have this channel.Oh.Krystal puffed up and turned on the TV, then she got up again.Ye Gui looked at her.Going back Krystal shook his head, Leave the door for me.He turned to leave.

Ye Gui sneered, Then Lin Yuner must be careful, There are still some things that my teacher didn t teach you, don t forget that you just changed the concept You really care about me Lin Yuner frowned slightly.Ye Gui said, Just kidding, don t care where I put Ye Gui s face Lin Yun er puffed up her face slightly, Then what do you want Ye Gui took royal blend cbd gummy review out a box of medicine, Take the medicine.Lin Yuner frowned, Oh, it s better to escalate the cold Hey, it s not serious to say this four character phrase.Hmph, just say In the end, copd CBD gummies reviews Natural CBD Vape Liquid the two of them still took one cold tablet each Go to sleep for a while.Ye Gui said, standing up and preparing to take Lin Yuner to Natural CBD Vape Liquid rest.I ll take you to the master bedroom.Lin Yuner pulled Ye Gui, Don t worry She paused, Will you stay today After speaking, she hurriedly explained, I mean, God It s already dark, and it has just rained, so you ve already caught a cold, so don t go anywhere else.

Lin Yuner nodded hesitantly, It seems a little bit Tiffany smiled, It s far from being drunk, but the emotion and feeling of singing are already in place.The next moment, the song starts.Hesitant and sad tunes are matched with Taeyeon s emotional singing.Yes, the whole cbd hemp seed for sale room suddenly became melancholy.However, at this moment, Lin Yuner was actually embarrassed.Because at first glance, including Taeyeon, who was singing, the expressions of several people seemed to bring some memories, but she, but she OTC Natural CBD Vape Liquid Best CBD Gummies For Pain 2021 had no fond memories, and even started to fall in love.It s not very realistic to make her melancholy memories, but the sadder the song is, the more she thinks of the sweetness between her and Ye Gui.However, she didn t dare to laugh happily, because once she did, the empty glass on the table would soon be filled with wine, and she would be the one drinking.

About to speak.Ye Gui also looked at her at this time and opened his mouth first.Don t be afraid, lean against the corner, hold on to the handrail, and wait for rescue.The voice was calm.She did.The handrail gripped tightly.But when she looked at Ye Gui, she found that Ye Gui was standing calmly.She was stunned.The voice trembled a little.Ye Gui, why don t you protect yourself as you said Ye Gui didn t say anything.At this time, the elevator emergency intercom system was best cbd gummies on groupon also activated, and a voice came from inside.Please don t panic, keep calm, get close to the corner of the elevator car, hold on to the handrail, we have arranged How did you maintain it Get all the rescuers out now, let me tell you, what is in the elevator now is the future of GK Heir, something happened to him, there is one here, I want you to not see the sun tomorrow There was another grumpy voice.

When she came out, her coat was pulled, so Ye Huihuan didn t know that this little girl was wearing such a dress.At this moment, in the dark and flickering environment.He still saw Xiao Gaoleng s tight collarbone and slender waist, a waist full of flexibility.Xiao Gao Leng bit the corner of his lips slightly and looked up at Ye Gui.It Natural CBD Vape Liquid s so hot right now, I don t even want to wear a jacket anymore.He was about to take off his jacket, but Ye Gui grabbed it, Wear it, no matter how hot you are, you can wear it for me.Xiao Gao Leng was stunned.But Ye Gui didn t speak, just stretched out his hand to reach Xiao Gaoleng s waist.Xiao Gao Leng was no longer in a daze, and was instantly a little nervous.What is he going to do When she thought like this, Ye Gui stretched out his hand and put it on Xiao Gao Leng s waist, it was cold.

Looking at Xiao Gao Leng.Of course I want you, he said.But not now.If where to buy eagle hemp CBD gummies Natural CBD Vape Liquid it s not Natural CBD Vape Liquid now, cbt gummies when is it Xiao Gao asked coldly, the heat seemed to have decreased.He hugged her gently and touched her cbd gummies atlanta hair gently.It s the day of marriage, the day when everything is settled.Xiao Gao Leng didn t speak any more.She just nodded quietly.Then lie down quietly on top of him.Hair is as smooth as silk.He finally spoke out, relieved.Sleep, little crystal, don t think too much, I will always be there.Yeah.Xiao Gao Leng hummed softly.Then be quiet.in the night.This silence gradually magnifies.He still held her gently on his body.Gradually, he felt her heavy breathing, and Xiao Gao Leng fell asleep.He put her down slowly and covered her with the quilt.now.She is by her side.Some supple feeling unfolded in my heart.

Taeyeon stood up, as if to show solemnity, she stretched out her hand to hold his face and looked at him.Flowers, diamond rings, and, if I still say grievances, am I a little too ignorant But He always felt that something was missing.It s nothing, take me to dinner.Taeyeon acted coquettishly, I m hungry, if I lose weight, you and the children will suffer in the future.The words fell.That tingling feeling surged again.He looked at Taeyeon with some helpless smile.Ruanruan, I almost didn t react when you were driving this car.Driving What is driving Taeyeon looked innocent and innocent, I mean I m too thin, it s uncomfortable for you to hold it, I ll have it in the future.If it s a child, I can t hold the child either, that s the disadvantage.As he spoke, he approached, with a sweet smell of milk in his breath, and his eyes blinked slightly, revealing slyness.

Those are still cold eyes, but at this moment it seems to be full of complicated emotions.And Krysta didn t know how to describe his mood.It s as if the candy you ve been looking for for a long time is suddenly back martha stewart cbd gummie on sale in a small store near your home.Joy, excitement, joy, fear, cowardice but not all of these emotions.But at this moment, the heart is undoubtedly beating faster, and it looks like it is about to jump out of its original position.At this moment, full spectrum hemp cbd oil under the clear sky, there were piles of thick white clouds, and the waves sometimes advanced and sometimes retreated.On a quiet and expansive beach.He sat, the wind blowing his hair and pure white half sleeves.And she stood, took off her straw hat, and her slightly curly black hair fluttered even more in the wind.He looked at her.

And Xiao Gao Leng turned his head and didn t look at him.He pulled out a tissue and turned her face gently.The moment you turn around.He saw tears running down her innocent face.Her beautiful eyes were also wet and red, and he was busy wiping her tears.And the tears are very warm, and the warmth makes him feel pity for this little high cold as soon as he touches it.Sorry for worrying you, he said again.But as Natural CBD Vape Liquid soon as the words fell, Xiao Gao Leng opened his hand.He paused.next moment.Zheng Xiujing.He said, not serious, just called her full name.And Xiao Gao Leng also raised his eyes and looked at him stubbornly.Although his eyes were rosy, Natural CBD Vape Liquid the coldness in his eyes had begun to condense.Ye Gui what is hemp oil vs cbd oil no longer speaks, nor confronts her.He was close to her just for a moment.Then facing her slightly pursed lips, A went up.

Ye Gui suddenly woke up and sat up, gasping for breath.He touched his lips.Think of that moment in your dream.He was with Krystal He shook his head hastily.I want to get rid of that scene.But the scene became clearer.How could I have such a dream Ye Gui muttered to himself.Suddenly, the door was knocked Krystal woke up, eating some lukewarm porridge while watching the clarification issued by CBD gummies effect on liver Natural CBD Vape Liquid the company, of course, she was also watching the news about him and Ye Gui, as well as those comments.Hui Ya looked at Krystal and said, Oni, I ll buy you more hot porridge, don t drink this.Krystal waved his hand, No need, I ll just drink thisWait, Huiya, buy it, buy one.Huiya looked overjoyed and answered happily.Nee, Ernie.Then he turned and walked out.While Krystal continued to look at his phone, messages began to erupt in the group of four.

I m going to accompany Zhiya later, you re going to live with me in another house today.He hugged Taeyeon softly and said.Inner, it s all the same, as long as you re there.Taeyeon looked at him and said casually.Then leave the house to the producer of your variety show temporarily.Let them set it up first.I ll let Er Yong watch it in the spring.He nodded.In.Taeyeon replied with a chuckle, leaning against Ye Gui and looking at the sunset.The sunset at this moment was as strong as fire, and the orange red was scattered on the two of them, pulling out an overlapping shadow.The wind gently ruffled the hair and hem of the two of them.The long lost emptiness and stable interdependence are so quietly rising.May we always be like this, no longer in the company of loneliness Taeyeon called the producer to inform the producer about it.

Ye Gui sighed and shook his head, Yes, I didn t think well enough, Na Xiujing, watch me jump, let Miss Julie accompany you on the plane.Xiao Gao looked at him coldly, Are you going to leave me alone and fly with this male coach He immediately paused and was speechless.Because the first half of this sentence is heavy, and the second half is full of ridicule.And it was easy to defeat his fierce general.Seeing his speechless appearance, Xiao Gao laughed coldly.But it finally eased the tension a bit.The female coach among the skydiving coaches mentioned her name after hearing the exchange between the two, pure kana CBD gummies Natural CBD Vape Liquid stopped the exchange with the male coach, and looked at the two with a smile.Don t be nervous, you two, most of the new people who are skydiving for the first time will feel fresh and scared, because the feeling of losing control and falling is both exciting and challenging.

Gu Zhi Ya was silent for a while, But Oppa, you don t understand, If you take care of a girl too much, she will really fall.Ye Gui frowned and was silent for a while, I will pay more attention to the things I don t understand in the future.But the things she doesn t understand.I want to understand.Lin Yuner finished packing and went downstairs.Ye Gui was sitting in the living room.Where s Zhiya Ye Gui said, Go back, are you ready Lin Yuner nodded and approached Ye Gui.Then he stretched out his hand and raised his head to touch Ye Gui s hair.You re not happy.Ye Gui was silent for a while, and took Lin Yun er into his arms.It s all my fault.I think it s fine for one person to mention it, but if the other person mentions cbd oil by health naturals it, that s my problem.Lin Yuner said softly, It s because of Krystal, if I m not wrong, Zhiya is the first The girl you saw beside you was Krystal.

Taeyeon smiled and waved her hands, You really take my joke just now Don t surprise me.I will also write it for you, but it is different from the blessings sugar free CBD gummies Natural CBD Vape Liquid to my sisters, juniors, and relatives.Of course, what I give to you is more special.I have to think about it and write it, so I am not writing it to you now. Don t lie He looked at Taeyeon suspiciously.Taeyeon smiled and whispered.I lied to you, I m sleeping on the sofa today.He suddenly laughed a little.And Taeyeon immediately asked again, However, brother, what is the surprise you are going to exchange for the blessing card After speaking, she brought a touch of curiosity.Simply support your album, he said.Have you bought my album Taeyeon was a little surprised, Then let s listen to it together at the new home.Okay, listen to you.He replied with a smile.

hemp bombs cbd gummies 15mg You two, sweet and greasy, I really am, wow, why am I here.Lin Yuner lowered her head and chuckled.Ye Gui didn t care, he opened his mouth at will.Jia, if I go to Korea sagely naturals cbd on the weekend, do you want to what is the price of cbd gummies go back with me It just CBD gummies and breastfeeding Natural CBD Vape Liquid so happens that I m going to ask Aunt Enxia and ask her about your marriage.Gu Zhiya was a little surprised, You want to go home.Is it Ye Gui shook his head, I ll just ask Aunt Enxia to come out and sit down and talk hawkeye hemp CBD gummies reviews Natural CBD Vape Liquid about you.If you re afraid of being arrested, just stay here.Gu Zhiya paused, I Go back with you, Oppa.Ye Gui nodded.Gu Zhiya continued, But why is Oppa going to Korea all of a sudden Ye Gui looked at Lin Yuner next to him, Participate in this silly girl s graduation ceremony.Is it because of my sister in law Nodding, he glanced at Lin Yuner.Lin Yuner chuckled and nodded, then looked at Ye Gui.

While speaking, he pulled the quilt away from the short body.And the short body also lay down obediently, and then lightly patted the position next to him to signal him.He smiled and covered her with the quilt.You go to sleep first.Taeyeon s eyes widened suddenly, and even her drowsiness was reduced by half, Aren t you going to sleep with me Are you going to another room How is that possible.He smiled and shook his head, But I have to do some preparations before going to bed, because there are a lot of things to do tomorrow, so soft, you have to sleep first.Taeyeon bit the corner of her lower lip slightly, What should I prepare First of all, my father s recuperation, The director of the hospital recommended me some good places for recuperation all over the world.I will make some plans and pick a time to send my father there.

Captain of the eldest daughter team.And Taeyeon continued to speak.Two hemp cbd vape cartridge months ago, Ye Gui broke up with Xiu Jing, but they didn t make a public statement.So, Uncle Zheng, are you still going to do anything to Ye Gui If you re still angry, I can beat him up The words fell.Father Zheng took a deep breath.And long spit out.I took one last look at Ye Guifor a little while.He shook his head, turned and left without saying a word.Step by step, it was a little heavy.Slowly until cannaleafz CBD gummies Natural CBD Vape Liquid Father does cbd gummy make you sleepy Zheng disappeared.The murmurs around him sounded again.Jin Dao also stood up in a timely manner to let the security maintain order, and also solemnly ordered this matter not to be spread.And Long Yiyong and others also dispersed, and began to check the mobile phones of the people present.Once they found that the video was taken, they were forcibly deleted.

The voice opened, with a certain tune at the same time.That, I have something to say Please search for Lin Yuner s coquettish video on Baidu, the song she sang is Ode to Confession , the first lyric is That, I have something to say , and I definitely got goosebumps when I saw it.At this moment, Ye Gui felt that Lin Yuner was really cute a hammer Ye Gui only felt that goose bumps were beginning to spread, and the itch in his heart was also boiling.Okay, stop Ye Gui hurriedly interrupted.Lin Yuner also covered her face with a smile and shyness.Ye Gui sighed lightly, Wow, this inexplicable fear, I m going to take off in embarrassment Lin Yuner couldn t help laughing, and while laughing, she shot Ye Gui.Oh, I know it s embarrassing and embarrassing, but you admit it now It s reasonable for me to be a child in front of you, right Ye Gui frowned, I, Ye Gui, even if I am embarrassed to have cancer, I will You can t speak against your conscience.

He was very quiet, and his quietness even made her have a little self doubt.Isn t it nice She surveyed herself.Not bad She looked at Ye Gui again.This time it was her turn to be quiet, how much does eagle hemp CBD gummies cost Natural CBD Vape Liquid and she was still a little stunned in the silence.Her Ye Gui s eyes were red hurriedly got off the stage and walked over with the skirt in hand.Lin Yuner came to Ye Gui, and the good smell stimulated his olfactory system.What s wrong with you, Ye Gui.Why are you crying.He heard the girl s gentle voice, and at the same time a pair of worried eyes were looking at him.just cry He rubbed the CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews Natural CBD Vape Liquid corners of his eyes, feeling a little wet.He tilted his head a little embarrassedly, hurriedly wiped it, and opened his mouth at will.No way, you beautiful girl really made me cry today, so I couldn t control it.Lin Yuner paused, turned around holding Ye CBD gummies shark tank Natural CBD Vape Liquid Gui s face, took out two pieces of paper from the table, and gently wiped the corners of Ye Gui s eyes.

Then in the dim bedroom, there cbg cbd gummies was CBD gummies for stress Natural CBD Vape Liquid the sound of clothes falling to the ground, but in the end, all the sounds were separated by two doors, Ye Gui pulled 8588 s door, but the anti theft chain broke, and the lock was still intact.After getting on the phone and asking Wen Xin to book a room in the hotel where they lived, and then dispatching some people from the motherland, Wen Xin didn t ask any further questions, just agreed and then hung up.He started to think about it.Wine, dishes, 50mg cbd gummies desserts on the table.Should be the culprit.But who put things into these things still has to go through many links to judge.Thinking like this, suddenly, not far away, he saw a figure sneaking towards this side, he looked over there, the figure was shaking and ready to run.But Ye Gui shouted, I ve already written down your face, you can t run away.