Taking advantage of the situation, he opened the lunch box again.Jessica sat opposite the two of them, watching and asking aloud.Ye Gui, what happened to Yun er Ye Gui paused, She lost her memory.Jessica frowned, Amnesia Xiao cannabidiol gummies Gao Leng was also a little surprised, Is it all forgotten Ye Gui cbd quit smoking gummy Shaking his head, Selective amnesia, just forget me.The two sisters looked at each other.All look a little dignified.Before, Father Lin and Lin Runna pediatric cbd gummy dosage chart were escorted by several guards to dinner.At this moment, there are only three people left.After eating quickly, Ye Gui looked at Xiao Gao Leng, I ll go in and say goodbye to Yun er, and then let s go home.Xiao Gao Leng nodded, Nei, I ll wait for you.Yeah.Ye Gui nodded, turned and walked into the ward again.in the ward.Lin Yuner was checking something on her phone.

You might as well just buy some accessories, such charlotte s web stanley brothers hemp extract infused gummies reviews as a watch and a tie.Xiao Gaoleng Thinking, Then buy everything, clothes, accessories.Jessica was stunned for a while, then sighed for a while, Xiu Jing, so you didn t listen to what I said Xiao Gao looked at Ernie coldly, O Ni, he is my boyfriend, so he has to match my style, this is what I should do and what I must do.Jessica frowned, Xiu Jing.Xiao Gao Leng said calmly, I just In this way, what belongs to me must have my mark.As he spoke, he immediately walked towards the pointed men s clothing store.Jessica was silent.How could he suddenly show such a strong possessiveness.Is it because Ye Gui talked too little with her cbd for back pain and inflammation today The more Jessica thought about it, the more she thought it was.Then follow.Then he saw Krysta who was walking suddenly stopped and took out his phone, and picked it up immediately.

2.CBD gummies eagle hemp Pro Naturals CBD

Come here, charlotte s web hemp gummies staring at Krystal, ready to take out his phone to take a picture.For a moment, Krystal s expression and what is CBD gummies Pro Naturals CBD body stiffened.The onlookers made her extremely uncomfortable and wanted to escape.She unconsciously stepped back until she met Ye Gui, who did not move, supporting the somewhat stiff Krystal But Krystal was still stepping back, at the same time reaching out and grabbing Ye CBD gummies for anxiety reviews Pro Naturals CBD Pro Naturals CBD Gui s hand unconsciously.Ye Gui didn t break free at the moment, but best CBD gummies for tinnitus Pro Naturals CBD clenched Krystal s little hand.The next moment, Ye Gui put the sunglasses on Krystal, then looked at the crowd, She s not, you have mistaken the person.With that, he pulled Krystal, pushed the crowd away, keni farms cbd gummies and walked towards the way he came.Krystal s cheeks were a little hot at this moment.In fact, when Ye Gui squeezed her hand, she had already recovered, and the tension and stiffness quickly dissipated with the clenching of a big hand.

But in Korea, it has set a precedent, and I acquiesced.This Pro Naturals CBD thing.Krysta paused.Looking at Ye Gui, he wanted to say something.Ye Gui looked at her and understood what she wanted to say.Xiu Jing, when cbd natural I go back, I will open a training class in South Korea with the same model as Hua Xia, but it already exists, so I can only stay.Krysta nodded quietly.Ye Gui looked at her, Aren t you happy Do you think I m actually a profit seeking bad guy Krysta nodded, his voice a little soft.I did feel uncomfortable for a moment.It s not because of you, Pro Naturals CBD I know it has nothing to do with you.You are not the only one in Baifanyuan, there are many employees who want to live, and you didn t come up with this idea.And the rules that apply in China will not apply in Korea.So it is normal to have changes.We pursue noble qualities, but we have to admit that the world is complicated.

Right now, Jessica s bedroom.Jessica opened her eyes.She stretched out quite comfortably and groped around her casually.But it was empty, and for a moment, she woke up and frowned unconsciously.Getting up and putting on her shoes, she almost thought about it, and went to her sister s bedroom.Turning the door handle, the door opened.She pushed it away and went in, only to find Ye Gui alone on the bed.She was stunned, and quickly backed out.Euni But as soon as he came out and looked back, he saw his potent cbd gummies sister walking up from the first floor, and when she came to the stairs, she looked at her with a puzzled face and asked a question.Are you looking for Ye Gui Jessica paused and looked at her with a frown, Where have you been I m going downstairs to get a bottle of water.She said, raising the mineral water in her hand, bad days cbd gummies and at the same time Holding a note, By the way, Dad and Mom have gone to Uncle Jin s daughter s wedding, and left us a note.

Ye Gui frowned and looked at him, Is falling in love and receiving love letters the same concept Wen Xin smiled and turned around again.Lin Yuner laughed aside, It s very popular wui Ye Gui Pro Naturals CBD xi, love letters are all about the weight, I don t know how lucky I am, I can succeed without writing a love letter.Ye Gui was a little helpless, I didn t respond or deliberately Who is it to attract Lin Yuner pouted, Oh What s the matter with Liyue Oni Is it you or her first Ye Gui paused, I Why are you hesitating Wen Xin turned again He came to interject, When Su Liyue was chasing you, the whole school knew that one banner every three days and one nature cbd gummies broadcast a week was so exaggerated that it was extremely exaggerated.Before xi, you were a mother and child, right Pro Naturals CBD Ye Gui frowned, difference between hemp and cbd gummies You have to say one more thing, believe it or not, I will expose your old story I remember when you were in college, you chased after the school flower of the School of Economics and Management, and failed.

3.boulder highlands CBD gummies scam Pro Naturals CBD

IU said, You re for yourself.Zhang Jihe endured, No matter who it is, this time it s really a big man, he named him Seeing you, if you can make him happy, all your black material and all your negative news will be covered up.Think about it.IU on the other end of the phone shook her head, Big guy Is it Zhang Jihe was choked, Well, of course there is none.After speaking, he said solemnly, But don t think too much, don t think that the one who is in the same crew as you now, you will It s impossible to rely on him, so come to me obediently.IU sighed slightly, I don t want to rely on him, I don t have that idea, I just want to say, don t see anyone.It s a big man, a really big man.If you think about an existence like Ye Guixi, you won t be so sloppy.What you call a big man to see me do, you know better than me.

He looked at Taeyeon, Ruanruan, do it again.Taeyeon looked at him in surprise, mo Brother, are you making no secrets now I can t help it.He nodded calmly, So Ruanuan , I m sorry As he said that, he was about to pounce.Ah, xilou Taeyeon pulled away the quilt and stretched out her slender and thin arms to block Pro Naturals CBD him, so in an instant, the unobstructed holy light shone on him again.His eyes were a little straight.Taeyeon was also a little dumbfounded for a moment.At this moment, she can t stop and cover, and she can t stop.So she md cbd gummies made a choice, she simply didn pure cbd gummies extra strength t stop it, just pulled the quilt to cover it, and then bit her lip to watch him speak.But this time, her words changed in a different way, with a little bit of love and reasoning, Brother, you have to pay attention to your body, it s been several times, it will hurt you if you do it too many times.

But just as the song reached the end, the pretty figure on the stage suddenly fell down, and the microphone that fell to the ground made a harsh sound.The whole place was in chaos.And the chaotic moment.Only one figure ran up without hesitation.Lin Yuner pushed herself to the stage.Originally it was fine in the room, but when I came out, there was a cold wind.It seems to be a little serious in an instant.The feeling of dizziness keeps coming.But she still held on to the stage.In cheers.There are some ghosts in front of you.But she still saw it.I saw Ye Gui sitting in the front row.There was a moment of daze.But finally kept his expression.A song was sung along with the music.The red bean song, the song he sang to her.But with the accompaniment gradually thickening.Heavy enough to have tinnitus.

Jessica laughed.Don t be so polite to me, President Ye Gui.Ye Gui nodded, Okay, then I ll be welcome, turn left at the intersection ahead, I m going to buy something first.Jessica paused, then immediately He also forced a smile, Is President Ye Gui really taking me as a driver Do I have one Ye Gui glanced at Xiao Gao Leng, I don t have it, Xiu Jing, you are watching too, yes Your sister told me not to be polite to her.Xiao Gao Leng was a little embarrassed.You guys are arguing, don t take me with you, one is Ernie and the charlotte s web recovery gummies other is a boyfriend, who can I help Jessica let out a small breath.Why don t you think about it How many years have I been with you How long has he been with you Xiao Gao opened his mouth coldly.Ye Gui didn t care to say, It s okay Xiujing, you don t need to Pro Naturals CBD feel embarrassed, help your sister, I won t think too much.

Other eagle hemp CBD full spectrum gummies Pro Naturals CBD people are prejudiced against her, I can t help it, but at least I hope I, and me Don t do this to the people around you.You are protecting her.Taeyeon s eyes flashed with disappointment, Is it okay Just because it doesn t matter, I don t want us to talk about her, because We don t have Pro Naturals CBD much interaction.But words can kill a person.Ye Gui held Taeyeon s arm lightly, I don t want us to be those snowflakes in the enjoy hemp euphoria gummies review avalanche.Don t be prejudiced against her.Like I said, she is just a person who is trying to live.Having said this, Ye Gui s voice softened.Looking at Taeyeon, he softly relieved.As for the words, I didn t take your mood into consideration, but I will come back, CBD gummies vs hemp gummies Pro Naturals CBD so don t be angry or unhappy, okay Taeyeon The words fell, and Taeyeon gently broke away from Ye Gui hands, I ll go to the bathroom first to calm down.

Chapter 96 Coffee for You Part 1 Chapter 96 Coffee for You Part 1 Pick up the ticket, go through the inspection, and board the plane.The plane vacated, over the sea of clouds.Ye Gui looked at Lin Yun er.At this moment, this silly cbd hemp oil and erectile dysfunction girl fell asleep quietly beside her.She had been taking care of herself these past few days, and she had not had a good rest.Gently stretched out her hand to cover this silly girl with the blanket, and then gently touched her fair and tender face, Ye Guirou smiled.Looking over, Ye Gui saw the clouds outside through the slightly narrow window, and his thoughts drifted away.And Lin Yuner also woke up at some point, opened her eyes, but saw Ye Gui looking out of the window in a trance.She reached out and touched Ye Gui s face.What are you thinking, Ye Gui.Ye Gui looked at her and said with concern, Why don t you sleep for a while, you haven t slept well these days.

Then I will be your fan leader from now on.Ye Gui opened his mouth and gently touched her head, Isn t it too late You are really good at it.Krysta bit her lip slightly and looked at Ye Gui.Only the closer I cbd royal blend gummies get to you, the more I know that you are a carnivore, Pro Naturals CBD or the most terrifying type of carnivore.Ye Gui frowned, Smelly Gaoleng, don t think that I can t understand if you call me a hooligan.That s pretty accurate.Krysta chuckled.He just frowned and looked Pro Naturals CBD at Ye Gui suddenly.But then again, fans can remember my body data.As your boyfriend, the number one fan, and the president of the fan club, can t you even remember your girlfriend s body data Ye Gui was quiet , Why Pro Naturals CBD do CBD Health Pro Naturals CBD I think you re nitpicking Xiao Gao Leng refused to admit it, Where do I have it Ye Gui squinted slightly, There s nothing wrong with this familiar feeling.

But following behind, Krysta, who was wearing sunglasses and a mask, Doctor Recommended: Pro Naturals CBD raised the corners of her mouth slightly at the moment, because Ye Gui knew the checkout before leaving, because her eyes could be directly locked to the cashier, so she could see clearly.And Li Xuyong was very embarrassed at the moment.After all, he invited someone out, and it turned out to be a guest invited by a guest, but in an instant, he covered up the embarrassment and returned to normal, and quickly left the cafe with Krysta and Park Minen, and sat on the table.Picked up the nanny car and prepared best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety to go back to the hotel.And Krysta was quiet all the way, until she got into the car and took off her mask and sunglasses.At this moment, she looked out the window with a hint of CBD thc gummies for pain Pro Naturals CBD curiosity in her expression.After walking out of the crew, Yang Le was already waiting for Ye Gui in front of a big black car.

It s my bottom line.Ye Gui looked at her.He nodded after a while.That s mine, I ll rent you a bedroom, and the monthly rent will be paid to you along with the salary.Xiao Gao Leng refused, I don t want it but Ye Gui said, You said it, dear.Brother, I ll settle the account, I ll also relieve you some pressure from renting, and taking out most of the savings for so many years at once will hurt your muscles and bones.Xiao Gao Leng pursed his lips.For a moment, nod.Okay, then it s even if you rent it.Then he looked into his eyes again.But then again, you re the first person to come to my house, aren t you going to prepare a gift, aren t you going to attend my housewarming dinner Ye Gui looked at her suspiciously.No problem, I ll buy it for you later, but the housewarming banquet, do you want to prepare it Ani.

Ye Gui paused, Pro Naturals CBD green ape cbd gummies amazon I don t need it, I can find cdb gummies a house over there, otherwise I will live there.Your house, where are you going to live Xiao Gao wrinkled his nose coldly, The girl invited you to live in the house she bought, but you still refuse such a good opportunity Besides, where else can I live, Pro Naturals CBD I ll either live at home , or go to the dormitory, why, do you still think I want to live with you Oh, you want to be beautiful Ye Gui s expression froze.I don t have that idea either, Krysta hummed softly, Well, you don t have that idea.The girl invites you to live, but you don t go.The girl takes the initiative to kiss kangaroo cbd gummies 5000 mg you and you avoid it.I really Pro Naturals CBD don t know how you got off the list Ye Gui paused and gave Xiao Gao Leng a strange look.So, are you talking as a doozies cbd gummies review passerby now, not as a girlfriend Xiao Gao pouted, If I were a passerby, I really wanted to throw Zheng Xiujing s photo on your face, so that you can take care of yourself.

Brother, are you hungry He paused, You mean that kind of hunger Taeyeon s eyes widened, and then she laughed, Brother, did you really break the seal Don t you like it He looked at Taeyeon, Do you want me to change back Taeyeon looked up hesitantly, Still, don t He leaned closer, Why do you think I could be worse There s room.Taeyeon s small face wrinkled, No matter how bad it is Ah He sighed.Why are you sighing, brother.Taeyeon looked at him, and then said again, Then, how bad are you thinking Let s talk about it Pro Naturals CBD at night.He smiled wickedly.Mo, I don t even dare to go home Taeyeon muttered and raised her eyes.That s up to you.He hugged her gently, You have to be by my side.Taeyeon was stunned, then gave him a hug with a soft smile.You too, stay with me. Chapter 479 Daily Taeng9Cam 23 Chapter 479 Daily Taeng9Cam 23 After a period of performances by other singers and groups, it was finally Taeyeon s stage.

all the way non stop.After Quan Lingyi said cruel words outside the door and left, Jessica couldn t sleep either, sitting on the sofa watching TV, even though she was not on the TV.From how to prevent counterattacks, to looking at the pure white T shirt and black trousers hanging on the balcony, hanging there without a trace by my sister, asking when my sister do cbd gummies make you sleepy will pay it back, it seems that I only see my sister s face With a hesitant look, my sister doesn t seem to want to return this dress.Thinking of the situation when she was lying on the bed and was about to fall asleep, her sister found that Ye Gui s mobile phone was missing, so she hurriedly changed her clothes, took Ye Gui s mobile phone and left.She is also impatient.Like her, when she goes to things she likes, she will be reckless.

Both of them have been to famous places Pro Naturals CBD from south to north in Korea, which is not big, but this is also an appetizer before the trip.Waiting for the upcoming Xiao Gaoleng pictorial shoot.So, this interdependence after half a month.Xiao Gaoleng also has to go back to s to prepare for this trip to LA.She also came here specially to submit a leave request to Ye Gui today.I m going for a week, can I not deduct my salary Putting the leave application in front of Ye Gui, Xiao Gao asked coldly.Ye Gui looked at her, Please take so long, it would be unfair if you don t deduct your salary.Xiao Gao Leng calmed down and sighed slightly, Then you can deduct it.But.Ye Gui spoke again.But Xiao Gao s eyes lit up coldly.But if my boss follows you, even if you go on a business trip with me, there will be no salary deduction and subsidies, so you can bring your boss or not, Ye Gui joked.

In the spacious open kitchen, the two tie aprons to each other.They looked at each other and smiled, and started their own work, but Lin cbd oil hemp balm 50 mg Yuner wiped Ye Gui s face in a mess with her flour soaked hands in the middle of it.Ye Gui wanted to fight back, but looked at her oily hands and still didn t know what to do.Willing to.Just thinking about it, he still has a mouth without using his hands, so Lin Yuner inadvertently nibbled on her thin lips that were rubbed with light colored crystal lip gloss.Lin Yun er was stunned, her eyes widened, not only because she was kissed, but because of the flour she smeared on wellution hemp gummies high potency Ye Gui s face before, it returned to her face now.Is this what she buried herself in She couldn t help laughing in her heart, then closed her eyes gently, and responded to the kiss that she was careless and didn t avoid.

I m not a waste person, I don t want to start dragging you before I do.After speaking, there was a pause.questioned.You, can you understand what I mean Iu understood for a moment, she actually understood that some people are proud and don t want to drag anyone down.Ye Gui is one of them.Uh, I understand.Iu responded.But this topic is a bit heavy.It was heavy before, and now she doesn t want to waste a lot of time on heavy time.So I quietly changed the subject.By the way, Ye Gui, look, there seems to be a dolphin jumping out of the sea in the distance.Ye Gui heard the words and followed iu s guidance.But for a moment, Doctor Recommended: Pro Naturals CBD it was black again.with previous experience.He was neither flustered nor surprised.This kind of thing will definitely happen again in the future.So he remained calm, following the previous direction and keeping a distant view.

A little quiet for a while.Finally, Ye Gui broke the silence.I ll tell you a story, little girl.Krysta s expression was still clear in the moonlight, with a little dissatisfaction and a pout of lips.As soon as I heard you call me little girl, I felt like you were going to tell me a fairy tale.After that, the complaint came again.I told you not to call me little girl, lest you subconsciously always treat me like a child, but you said that even though you called me that, you still treated me as a woman, and people couldn t say anything.But, Having said that, why do you like to call me little girl so much Where am I young Don t tell me your age, there are many girls younger than you, why don t you call them And you re right Zhiya has never been called a little girl, and I m about the same age Doctor Recommended: Pro Naturals CBD as her.

Lin Yuner thought for a while, then looked at Pro Naturals CBD Ye Gui and spoke.Ye Gui, how about this, you hand over the work with them first, I ll go back in the nanny car, can we meet again after you have completely dealt with the matter here Ye Gui looked at her with some hesitation.Lin Yuner CBD gummies to quit smoking Pro Naturals CBD smiled and touched his face.Don t look at me like this, I ll really be reluctant to leave.But it will be very soon.You can handle things here, and we can stay together there forever.Ye Gui pondered for a while, Then she said softly, Well, okay.Then, take me to the nanny car.Lin Yuner continued to speak with a smile.Then let s go.Ye Gui also said, leading Lin Yuner forward.The two continued to walk, and when they came to the parking lot, a nanny car was clearly parked in a parking space.The door what is cbd gummy bears used for was open, and Yayan was sitting next to the door, playing with her phone.

Ye Gui, why don t you talk, is it uncomfortable to be with us But we have been drinking several times, right Or do you have an opinion on who of us Ye Gui raised his eyebrows.Look at this Huang s sound pill.Dude, use me as a breach But Taeyeon shuddered when she heard this, and instantly turned her head to look at the wall with an unnatural look.Jessica narrowed her eyes slightly, looking at Ye Gui, then at Taeyeon, and said strangely.Ye Gui, you didn t bully Taeyeon because of your status, right Xu Xian and Tiffany held back their laughter, but didn t say anything about it.In fact, it didn t spread, and only a few people Pro Naturals CBD knew about it.Party plus sunny.Taeyeon also immediately raised her eyes and looked at Ye Gui with a pleading look.This made him a little helpless.Originally, he had planned to stop mentioning this matter, and let it pass.

Pro Naturals CBD thc gummy, is hemp and CBD the same (hemp gummies vs CBD gummies) Pro Naturals CBD cbd gummies купить Pro Naturals CBD.

whats the difference between hemp oil and cbd , Sunrise is also separated by a pavilion.No one has a problem, but nothing happened, just nothing happened.Li Huili said obediently, Okay, okay, it didn t happen if it didn t happen.Come over and pat Krysta s body lightly, Crystal, I never thought that one day you would like someone so much.I always feel that you are always the one who is liked.Krysta looked at cbd gummies shop the white ceiling of the ward.I didn t cbd pills gold bee think about it either.Li Huili said with a complacent smile, Yeah, I know you must have thought about this too, you say you are such a proud and beautiful girl.Krysta spit out a little.Tone, I just didn t think I would like it so much.Early morning.Lin Yuner slowly opened her eyes, slowly getting used to the light, and slowly groping around.Soon the close up figure was groped by her, and she approached and hugged lazily.

There is no hug, and maybe it is not necessary, the relief between men is often in a glass of wine, in a sentence.Kim Eun ha arranged for Lee Hye ri to be sent back to the hospital.Before Li Huili got in the car, he asked Krysta to come to the hospital to see her.Krysta agreed, said goodbye to Li Huili, and watched her leave in the car.Gu Chengtai wanted to bring Ye back to the Gujia headquarters, and Jin Eunxia and Gu Zhiya also cloud nine cbd gummies thought so.But Ye Gui shook his head, Dad, Auntie, Zhiya.I ll go back tomorrow, then I ll bring Yoona with her and let her meet you.Gu Chengtai smiled slightly and glanced at his wife and daughter , nodded, Okay.And Jin Eunxia Pro Naturals CBD botanical farms cbd gummies website and Gu Zhiya also smiled at him.In the end, Ye Gui said goodbye to the three, and at the same time, Krysta also approached, salutes Gu Sung Tae and Kim Eun Ha, and waved to Gu Zhiya.

hemp bombs cbd capsules review Ye Gui said, The producer and investor of this show is an old friend of me and another partner for many years.The project is easy, the reward is high, and most importantly, it is mixed with human feelings and friendship.So no matter how big or small, we must take it.Human feelings Friendship Krysta crooked his head, The four of us today Is it friendship Of course.Ye Gui gave an affirmative answer.Krysta smiled, the kind with a flowery smile, the kind with white teeth, the kind without covering his mouth, the kind that was beautiful all in all.I will cherish it.Even if we are separated by two countries in the future, I will often come to meet with you.With a smile, Ye Gui listened to Krysta say this.Ye Gui said, It s very solemn, Krysta, but in this day and age, planes and videos are really what we want cbd gummies for period cramps to see.

, a person named Liu Zhenyue stole it, and wanted to use this to threaten the Cui family to get a sum of money, and then take the family to leave South Korea to live in other countries.Later the Cui family was in the process of chasing people, the secretary was bumped into.Cheng was seriously injured and has not regained consciousness, and those secrets have never been found.But according to the movements of the Cui family and the whereabouts of the secretary s transfer to his relatives, we finally locked down these secrets and they should have been brought to Ye Guini, you grew up as a child.Motherland, Huaxia.I originally wanted to tell you this at the first time, but you have been in Huaxia, so I just wanted to make it the final goal and then tell you.Ye Gui smiled and looked at Long Yiyong, So, Yiyong, you just pulled from the bottom of the pot and got this secret back Long Yiyong nodded, You also have the help of your Wen family in Huaxia to complete this matter.

Isn t this blocking Ye Guixi s fate It s actually pretty good for me.I don t know Taeyeon s expression, but it must have Pro Naturals CBD been a bit playful and playful, so he quickly responded, So you don t have to feel so guilty.Ah Ye Gui, I don t feel guilty, okay I feel guilty.Shen Zhong is just talking about it.Taeyeon said, You can even say that, I, Kim Taeyeon, helped you avoid this year s blind date, okay Yes.He nodded and admitted frankly, Indeed That s it.Taeyeon smiled, Then, will there be any rewards Yes.Ye Gui also responded quickly, with affirmation.Is there really Taeyeon was a little surprised, What is Pro Naturals CBD it Wait for me to come back from the magic capital this time.He said, You will know when the time comes.No, it will take another week.It s been so long Taeyeon was can cbd gummies make you high a little disappointed, Can t you tell me in advance Let s look forward to it.

It s just weird to say.No one came to disturb her Pro Naturals CBD and Ye Gui for a long time, but since no one disturbed her, she just gave up and just enjoyed the peace at the moment.Outside the nanny van.Long Yiyong took out several white envelopes and handed them to Xiao Gaoleng s assistant, the driver of the nanny car, and the various members of the filming team.Then he spoke with a few bodyguards behind him.Everyone has worked hard.This is the hard work that our Pro Naturals CBD vice president Gu gave you.Everyone should take a break from get off work now, and leave the rest to us.They are not fools, and they all know Ye Gui s identity.His identity was just followed quietly for a day, without disturbing or arrogant.So doing bad things is completely impossible.In addition, the family is an open lover, and they just want to be alone after work.