Now he already knows where this Lin Tiancai is hiding, and Zhang Fan saw this guy take away the pregnant woman s child through the technique of looking at Qi, but he didn t expect Lin Tiantian to really practice it.This complicates things a little bit, but for now, it s still under control.Even if the Pure CBD Hemp Oil pawnshop of CBD gummies for smoking shark tank Pure CBD Hemp Oil heaven and earth doesn t have to spend are hemp extract and cbd the same too much power to take action, to clean are CBD gummies bad for your liver Pure CBD Hemp Oil up this guy, it can be cleaned up only by the cooperation of mortals.This person is in the Qinghe community, and he s still taking a chance, but after a few days, he ll probably run away.Hearing this, the local Chen Sanxing exclaimed, This guy is a thief.God, he still dares to stay here Sure enough, the most dangerous place is the safest place, this guy is so smart.Then what are how to make your own CBD gummies Pure CBD Hemp Oil you waiting for Catch this guy early, and we will solve this matter.

do cbd gummies help quit smoking cigarettes Come on Old guyAlthough I think you re very upset, I won t get angry and help you find a way out Brother Bug snorted and took out a flare from his bag There are heavy bullets eagle hemp CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Pure CBD Hemp Oil in his backpack, and even if it is useless on the way, he will never throw it away It was the only thing he could rely on.He took out a special firearm, stuck the projectile in it, then pointed to the sky at forty five degrees, and pulled the trigger with a bang Everyone turned their heads and closed their eyes to prevent being hurt by the strong light.After waiting for a few seconds, they raised their heads and looked at the darkness in the distance Only to green ape cbd gummies 750mg see the flare tore open the dark space, like a shooting star falling from the sky Exudes an unparalleled brilliance.Where the brilliance passed, the layers of fog in the darkness were dispelled, and the location of the cliff, the position of the foot, and everything in the darkness All exposed to bright gluten free CBD gummies Pure CBD Hemp Oil light.

To form the same cohesive force as before They are busy hiding from the east and west, and they will never dare to attack Chang cbd gummies australia an City.The six eared macaque Kui said respectfully.And the six eared macaque of Huaguoshan on the other end said, scratching its ears How arrogant these ancient monsters were when they came, how arrogant they have become No one exists outside Chang an City Now it must be lurking in the dark, waiting for the day when Pure CBD Hemp Oil the book world leaves.Master, how should we deal with these hidden rats The two six eared macaques have already awakened.His own talent and divine power But in the face of these ancient monsters with extremely powerful hiding skills, they still seem helpless It is conceivable that the methods of these ancient demons are extraordinary.However, Zhang Fan was not depressed, instead he took a sip of tea leisurely.

Yeah I see Nangong Manyun slowly walked towards the Horned Snake.The horned snake was startled No, aren t you afraid of death Hugh wants to come before me Unexpectedly, the horned snake is not afraid of the sky and the earth, and Pure CBD Hemp Oil dares to fight against Zhang Fan But now, looking at Nangong Manyun approaching, it almost begged.Mortal, kill me I don t blame you Heaven is the proof, kill me What are you afraid of Nangong Manyun stayed in front of the huge twisted dragon head, there was no fear in his eyes, only a little pity and sympathy curious.Don t come here The horned dragon s muffled voice resounded.I saw it Nangong Manyun suddenly exclaimed.So, she s my sister Nangong Manyun slowly turned around, only to see a woman in palace dress walking in from the passage on the right.Behind him, happy cbd gummies Brother Bug, Jiang Hai, Daoist Zijin, Zhang Fan, and even Ma Dali, Marson, and many creatures who died in Wanku Mountain appeared one by one.

2.gummy bear recipe CBD Pure CBD Hemp Oil

Quick, protect Wang Niannan, he is our future hope.What That buy hemp cbd gummy child Several Black Ice members hadn t reacted yet, but the security guard had already rushed through the crowd, only to see Wang Niannan sitting very relaxed on a Pure CBD Hemp Oil chair on the side of the road.Not far in front of him, the monster died.s position.It s just that at this time there is a large piece of concrete pavement missing besides the monster s corpse.Don t try to get any genes here, not even the tiniest bit of dark creatures.Wang Niannan, Pure CBD Hemp Oil Dakota CBD Gummies are you okay Angkor squatted beside Wang Niannan and asked with a worried expression.I m fine, but I expected that something big might happen.What kind of organization is that World Pawnshop Alliance Compared to the members of Black Ice, Wang Niannan, and many other fast moving hunters, they were at a loss.

3.sunday scaries CBD gummies Pure CBD Hemp Oil

melatonin CBD gummies Pure CBD Hemp Oil I am too familiar with these, familiar with them.It s engraved in the bones.There was some reminiscence in Mr.Jiang Hai s eyes.Back then, he and his comrades in arms had done the same thing in such deep mountains and old forests.As if cbd 750 mg gummies seeing these indigenous young people for a moment and knowing that they were actually the descendants of his comrades in arms, Mr.Jiang Hai seemed to dream back to that era, and once again experienced the feeling of advancing and retreating with his comrades.Zhang Fan didn t say much, just watched quietly.He couldn t understand why these young people, after knowing the vastness of cbd gummies for sale walmart the outside world, were willing to live in such deep mountains and forests, and have been training themselves to be as rigorous as a soldier Strong and tenacious.But one thing is certain, normal people will not do this, so these people must bear some kind of ulterior secret, or a heavy responsibility for the entire ethnic group All the guesses have diluted the boredom of watching the mountains and forests in the same way on the road.

Liu Yingying exclaimed, Brother Lin, don t However, Liu Yingying s reminder was obviously too late.In other words, this bodyguard surnamed Lin hemp vs CBD gummies Pure CBD Hemp Oil has already been prepared for a long time.Even if he becomes a hungry ghost today, he must not let others look down on him, and he will not let his career stick to even five times.point.The dagger shone with a cold light, carrying the bodyguard surnamed Lin, and with all his strength and full of anger, he directly inserted it into the ghost s Pure CBD Hemp Oil head.The black wind cbd hemp extract contract manufacturing cbd edibles gummy worms suddenly stopped in the center of the field All I heard was the sound of a dagger piercing through the leather puff In the center of the venue, one person and one ghost stopped on the spot at the same time.This scene gave Liu Qiang hope.I was stabbed I saw that under the how long do CBD gummies last Pure CBD Hemp Oil light, the dagger with a flickering light was inserted into the goblin s rotten flesh.

However, what shocked the two girls even more was that Zhang Fan s strength was so strong This monster almost destroyed all the military forces stationed in the desert, but after encountering Zhang Fan, there was no chance of overturning the river, and it was directly suppressed and subdued This is undoubtedly an unfathomable demonstration of Zhang Fan s strength After all, such a powerful monster has been subdued by a strong man like Zhang Fan, which means that Zhang Fan still has spare strength, which means that his strength is stronger than what he has seen now Li Anna secretly went to the extraordinary organization, and got some information in their hands, understanding the strength of the extraordinary, and the strength of all kinds of monsters in the world. Chapter 1413 Heart of the Sky Compared to this werewolf, the zombie called the World Destroyer by the person in charge of the stronghold of the extraordinary organization is probably far from being comparable in terms of Pure CBD Hemp Oil what CBD gummies are safe Pure CBD Hemp Oil strength After all, after the zombie appeared in the cemetery, it had no power to fight back against the members of the extraordinary organization who were only a few more than ordinary people on the wall.

where to buy danny koker cbd gummies In this case, I am willing to join the pawnshop are CBD gummies bad for your liver Pure CBD Hemp Oil of heaven and earth and master special powers to save the world from suffering Zhang Fan s brows jumped, he just made up before.That s all, in order to let the pawnshop of heaven and earth have a decent reputation So far it looks like it s working very well A smart woman like Li Anna CBD gummies for weight loss Pure CBD Hemp Oil also believes in all the qualifications of the pawnshops, as well as the decent code of conduct This is definitely a good thing Since you have already made a choice, I don t need to say much, then let you Pure CBD Hemp Oil take a look at the real secret realm of Tiandi Pawnshop Having said that, Zhang Fan stood up from the stone, and then stepped on the air, as if going down the stairs, slowly walking down the big stone This scene undoubtedly shocked Li Anna again.The man in front cbd hemp oil organic of him really is a god like existence, and CBD gummies reviews Pure CBD Hemp Oil such an unbelievable thing as a volley was easily done.

The scenery here is very good.Lin Feilong said politely, and came to the huge restaurant on the second floor.Zhang Fan sat on it.Seeing these things happening in front of her eyes, the beautiful manager just felt like she was dreaming.It can be seen everywhere that Lin Feilong, a man who is very arrogant in front of everyone, has become a well behaved and sensible junior.I can t even think about it without breaking my head.Who the hell is Mr.Zhang Fan It is worthy of Lin Feilong s warm and respectful reception.This is Lin Feilong Started from scratch, he is now worth more than one billion yuan, and he has a lot of talented people, and his eyes have been set on the super boss of the overseas market Although Lin Feilong s worth is not particularly high, this guy is still young, and the future of the industry is very likely to push him to a well known position.

But today, he was forced to shrink into this small underground corner by a monster.Even worry about whether he can survive.This is simply a magical thing.But there was no joke on the face of the old bald eagle.He is serious An officer stepped forward and said Sir, people from the technical department have used the equipment in the laboratory to conduct a remote scan of the monster that they just passed by.They found that the happy hemp CBD gummies Pure CBD Hemp Oil monster is a special energy body and has no signs of life.At least cbd gummies with turmeric and ginger he s not human anymore.The old bald eagle gritted his teeth Understood, do as I cbd sex gummies said before.By the way, stare at the pit of the cathedral.I have a hunch that the ultimate source of all this trouble is in that pit.The military base is operating again up.A large number of troops moved all weapons that do not cause pure hemp gummies review area blast damage to the elevator entrance.

Even some beggars, Taoists, and even monks come here.However, when Zhang Fan walked into the hall, the female receptionist frowned, because based on her own experience, she didn t see what Zhang Fan was doing at first glance, but she was rather addicted to the special temperament of Zhang Fan.Needless to say, this man is very attractive.Even though he looks ordinary, his temperament gives people a special attraction.I just feel Pure CBD Hemp Oil Dakota CBD Gummies that this man is pure hemp melatonin gummies tall and straight, and has an elegant temperament.Although his hair looks a little long and has not been carefully trimmed, it seems that his life is very sloppy, but this gives people a sense of decadence.He is simply a complex collection of contradictions.Indifferent and elegant, calm and elegant, even walking on the red carpet, there is no sense of discomfort or a sense of cbd hemp video gap.

On the edge of the enjoy hemp delta 9 gummies grass on the side of the road, this burly man said with a solemn expression.Do you know where this is You know that if you do this, you may wake up the sleeping things inside.You are going to kill us.Zhang Fan laughed What do you mean Do you really want to knock on the door Several people in the extraordinary organization were speechless The hot bow and arrow girl came to Zhang Fan s right at this time.Little handsome guy, do you know where this place is This is the birthplace of strange news, and even a place where strange legends exist.This is not some kind of blissful world, but more like an eighteen layer hell.You disturbed the inside.I m afraid it will cause trouble.Zhang Fan cbd gummies scotland nodded I know, isn t this a public cemetery, it takes up quite a lot of space, why I ll go to the cemetery to worship the dead, Do you still have to knock on the door Moment Several powerful people from extraordinary organizations, with wonderful words written on their faces, were speechless on the spot, and even the strong man who blocked Zhang Fan before rubbed his temples with his Pure CBD Hemp Oil hands, as if his blood pressure had soared.

What he said, in the eyes of some practitioners, is the golden rule Only take his words as a guide Generally very representative Now, he was actually in a state of embarrassment after being vomited blood by Zhang Fan s cbd gummy bears review casual beating Chen Ailing looked at Zhang Fan s back, her heart beating fast and unstoppable.A few people natures boost CBD gummies reviews Pure CBD Hemp Oil just now are facing the danger of life and death, Zhang Fan s indifferent attitude from beginning to end has already given Chen Ailing a sense of dependence Now, Zhang Fan has saved the big guy present This kind of act of stepping forward at a time of near crisis only made Chen Ailing s heart secretly agree.Women worship the strong, which seems to be the eternal truth And Chen Ailing spent a period of time in ignorance and got along with Zhang Fan for so long.Only then did I feel that what Zhang Fan brought to me was no longer dependence, but a peerless best real cbd elegance worthy of his 25mg cbd gummy admiration and admiration all his life Before.

Sitting quietly best CBD gummies for sleep 2021 Pure CBD Hemp Oil on the flying carpet, he watched everything that was about to happen with great interest.The fate of some people, like watching flowers on a horse, flashed past his eyes and became a thing in the long river of time.A clump of bubbles.Compared to his calmness.The viewers in the live Pure CBD Hemp Oil CBD gummies near here broadcast room were frightened by the sudden accident.What happened, why is the screen black.There seems to be a dark shadow flashing past on the screen, what about Nangong Manyun It won t be swept under the bridge by the turbulent water.Nangong Manyun Step back, there should be Pure CBD Hemp Oil no accident.Nangong Manyun shrank at the bottom of the stone bridge guardrail, his body trembled uncontrollably, his clothes were soaked by the water waves, and his arm was accidentally hit by a stream of water like a holistic health cbd gummies stone.

But it s definitely not a loss.However, compared to this single business, I can already be called a profiteer Zhang Fan is very satisfied And decided that next time if there are any beauties and the like, be sure to sign a permanent contract In that case, he won t lose no matter what As everyone knows, Li Hongyu is also very happy It s like a person who is in the fire all the time, suddenly there is an opportunity to leave the fire and enter a deep pool Presumably at this time, what this person thought in his mind must be to stay in this deep pool forever.Where else would you consider whether you would be drowned Therefore, Li Hongyu felt that he made a lot of money, and Zhang Fan was too kind, so he had to think about himself.But Li Hongyu didn t think it was wrong Today s pawnshops are not what they used to be Now as long as Zhang Fan releases cbd gummies good for diabetes type 2 news and recruits minions in the Three Realms, there must be a large number of gods, monsters, and even famous disciples who will break their heads and enter the pawnshops of heaven and earth.

On the spot, against the colorful glow of the library, Huayueying was not suspended in the air, and her feet finally landed on the ground.Just with the fall of the body, the heart was ups and downs, and there was a hint of melancholy in his eyes Master, have you seen the future Hua Yueying tilted her head and sample cbd gummies saw the ghost general who just put the book back on the bookshelf, standing beside the bookshelf.Fairy, what the Great God said before, although it sounds obscure and incomprehensible, in fact, every sentence is quite meaningful How can mortals take control of what the saints are fighting for What s more, the human race has already been weak Heaven and earth pawnshops are indeed Pure CBD Hemp Oil It has created a barrier for the human race, but if someone is courting death Why should the pawnshop take risks to protect a person who is not worth it Hua Yueying raised her is hemp oil CBD Pure CBD Hemp Oil brows What do you mean by that Fairy, although you The practice is very strong, but the mentality is too clear and clean Moreover, I have forgotten a lot of things Do you really think that the sage has been like this since he was born.

Mr.Jiang Hai said lightly beside him This road is indeed a gap in the mountain, but I don t know how many years it has existed We came here with the guidance of the map.Those people who didn t get the map will inevitably have a road.Mr.Jiang Hai, you are serious.Think that Lapis Monkey is the one who guards the tomb If that s the case how could he lead these people to the place he guards Mr.Fei asked as he walked, but his words fell into Zhang Fan s ears and let him Zhang Fan couldn t help thinking of the figure he saw behind the bronze door when he performed the technique of looking forward.If this person is a tomb keeper, shouldn t he be hostile to people from the outside world Why would he take these people unbs cbd gummies tinnitus deeper into it However, Pure CBD Hemp Oil just as the few people continued to walk forward, Brother Bugs in the front suddenly shouted, and then the Pure CBD Hemp Oil whole person disappeared in front of the light.

The ghost general was startled Master, if you do this, I am afraid you will be criticized.In the sword mountain, there are a lot of soulseven some of them are even with the disciples of the book world.Master Pure CBD Hemp Oil and apprentice.Do it, in the book world, you don t need any division from the human race, and a neutral master Either fight or get out If there are supporters of Buddhism, kill them without mercy.Such a cold and stern decision, From the hands of Zhang Fan, who has a rather loose system It was the first time that it happened in the book world.The ghost general immediately bowed his head to answer, and then went to the bookstore in the ground Pure CBD Hemp Oil Dakota CBD Gummies bookjing, and mobilized the three thousand ghost soldiers guarding here with the order of the Hades.These 3,000 ghost soldiers are the elites delivered by Pluto Wuming, in order to consolidate the foundation of the Book Realm and maintain the operation of the formation Even in the underworld, any one can be considered a strong person in the middle level.

Blonde Villa This is really heartwarming Get ready, I don t need too many people to follow me into the well, Harry s strongest line can t be without him, leaving a few people at the wellhead to keep a watch, tightening the ropes so that they can respond faster in the event of an accident The rest of the people buried the gold coins that Mr.Marsson had prepared before, halfway up the mountain, and made some noise to attract all the villagers there.I believe that as long as I can come back from below, I promise you can do it Brother Bug waved his hand and arranged the plan carefully and in detail His remarks made everyone present excited for it Even Harley, who was originally a commander himself, had to admit one thing.Brother Bug was born in a gang of gangsters.He only had about half a year of training after meeting Marsson, but now he can stand alone Moreover, he is an officer who is good at grasping human nature and understanding everyone s needs People moved quickly, they prepared a lot of equipment, and now it has come fun drops CBD gummies review Pure CBD Hemp Oil in handy.

Inside the city of Chang an, two human cultivators, who were on the left and right wings of the palace, while protecting the main palace, opened their eyes.Miaozai, someone triggered the power of Taiyin Someone broke through It was in the Human Race Washing Pool Pure CBD Hemp Oil Dakota CBD Gummies The two remaining royal cultivators rushed to the imperial study To report this matter to Li Shimin, who also noticed an abnormality On a starry night, the interior Pure CBD Hemp Oil of the Chang an City Palace has never been brightly lit.On the contrary, except for the lanterns in the hands of the night seekers, the palace is dark and dark.Li Shimin was wearing a short coat, his heart could not be calm, he subconsciously pushed open the door of the palace and came to the wide palace wall square.He raised his head slightly, and the moonlight sprinkled on his side face, casting a solemn and solemn color.

In a CBD gummies with thc Pure CBD Hemp Oil deep trench A kilometer long golden dragon suddenly opened its eyes from its slumber.At this moment, countless bubbles appeared around the dragon s body Like a volcanic eruption in the ocean, with the movement of the giant dragon, it exploded on the water surface, setting off a very amazing wave.Dispelling clouds and rain, turning rivers and seas, for the Dragon Clan, it s just a matter of swinging their bodies.The huge body of the little golden dragon began to shrink rapidly, and turned into a pocket dragon with the length of an arm.Those eyes with a very humanized emotion, rumbled around, spewed a few bubbles from their mouths, and circled in the sea very excited.Obviously, Xiao Jinlong got Hua Yueying s instructions, and happily wanted to jump on the spot.For several months, Zhang Fan seemed to have forgotten himself, which made Xiao Jinlong not to mention how sad he was, so when he was in a bad mood, he would drop scales.

The explorers who are dying, choose to cooperate with another man who has awakened steel skin Due to the awakening of the steel skin, the explorer s weight has also increased by hundreds of kilograms, which makesThe process of his going down the mountain will be very difficult.But thanks to the help of his teammates, this man with periosteum in his body can cover his entire body with the thin and tough film in his body.From this, he became a paraglider like existence, and because this ability gave him an extremely tough body, yes, he could cbd gummies at vitamin shoppe fully bear the weight of his teammates and the pressure of the wind.The two of them can easily do it without any danger, just like riding a glider, while enjoying the surrounding scenery, they can land safely.Others also used their own methods.As for Ah Wuli, even if he did not awaken the strength of his flesh, his prophetic ability made him the most eye catching person present.

My good fellow, is this the Emperor s Mausoleum So many good things Seeing this huge palace, after entering the White Jade Gate, hemp gummies vs CBD Pure CBD Hemp Oil there was napa farms cbd gummies a ray of light everywhere Although a thick layer of ash has fallen on pure kana CBD gummies Pure CBD Hemp Oil the laid floor, the luster of white marble can be vaguely seen, some fluorescent stones are inlaid on the ground, and some sculptures.The front hall here is actually a little sugar free CBD gummies Pure CBD Hemp Oil shimmering, and there are many sculptures on the ground, each sculpture is carved according to the proportion of a real person, all dressed as civil servants and military generals, these sculptures kneel on the ground, holding hands Some treasures are dedicated to the Pure CBD Hemp Oil direction of the palace Densely packed, at a glance, there are hundreds of these sculptures.Is this the coming of the kingdoms Is it really coming to the imperial mausoleum Zhang Fan doesn t understand this, but even if he is dead, he still wants these civil and military officials to kneel outside and present gifts.

But he didn t want to, the young scholar shouted and immediately fell to the ground Master Tongtian is on top, disciple Niu Qing is kowtowing to you After the three thuds, Niu Qing, the young scholar, immediately knelt down and straightened Master Tongtian, Niu Qing was saved by you, and it will be natural in the future.I bow to your door However, the human race is weak now, and the disciples are also miserable.The hatred that was humiliated by the Taoist priest in the palace that day is really unforgettable.Therefore, the disciple and the Taoist Zijin are congenial, and the hero knows the hero.Write another book that will last forever Also, Pure CBD Hemp Oil please bless the sect master of Tongtian.Scholar Niu Qing, bow down to the ground Daoist Pure CBD Hemp Oil Zijin listened to his tone, quite relaxed However, Taoist Zijin could feel that Niu Qing s heart was not as optimistic as Pure CBD Hemp Oil he appeared on the Pure CBD Hemp Oil surface.

This made Sakasha pale.For the unknown consequences, the strong can ignore it, but the weak can only fear.It Pure CBD Hemp Oil s too late to regret it now Kevin shrugged I think my wife and children may have been monitored.I don t know what the result will be, but I believe that if I appear among those people In front of me, they will definitely kill me.Zhang Fan laughed and looked at the other equipment.Put on the body armor.These clothes have a certain anti piercing function, at least they can be regarded as protection.Sakasha also needs to pick up weapons.For mortals, the power of thermal weapons is still very useful.Zhang Fan With that said, he looked into the depths of the town.Be the first to head how to make cbd oil for gummies out Kevin was stunned for a moment, after CBD sleep gummies with melatonin Pure CBD Hemp Oil all, Zhang Fan used to be the bait in front of him Why now, seems to have forgotten about this.

This place has serious water seepage.Even the corpse that has just been buried for a long time is estimated to charlottes web sleep gummies have rotted by this time, not to mention that it has been several years.We are wasting time here.Hearing two professionals say c4 cbd gummies this , the cbd gummy bears 150mg two high Taoists, as well as Chen Sanxing and others, also showed regretful expressions.Old Bai couldn t help frowning, because what the two professional forensic doctors said was right, this Pure CBD Hemp Oil place is not a place to keep corpses at all.So, it s impossible for us to get murder evidence that directly points to Lin Tiancai the black clothed Taoist priest asked.There is some loneliness in his eyes.In Pure CBD Hemp Oil Dakota CBD Gummies the past, he practiced Taoism on the mountain, and can you buy cbd gummies at walmart he thought that his strength was enough, and he could run rampant everywhere in the world.But I learned today that it would be so complicated to crack the first case file, and now that the clues are broken again, how to prevent Chen Sanxing from being killed by the female ghost within three days.

Marsson is a man whose sun never sets, he is very famous internationally, he has established several charitable foundations, and he is committed to focusing on things like the protection of cultural history, which he started twenty years ago.To this day, he has used his family s financial resources to acquire hundreds of antiques.These antiques have been donated by him to museums around the world for free.Among them are our first class cultural relics, but he is low key, and no one knows if he still has it.What other identities Nangong Manyun on the side added He not only funded various Pure CBD Hemp Oil scientific research teams, he also funded the navy, that Kwang Ben kun is a naval officer of the island country, but he retired at this age.Now, I think this may be some privileges that the sponsors have obtained, proof of protection.

Pure CBD Hemp Oil purekana cbd gummies shark tank, [serenity CBD gummies reviews] Pure CBD Hemp Oil copd CBD gummies amazon Pure CBD Hemp Oil.

Fan nodded The woman in there The old woman immediately pushed the door open Everything is up to the seniors This woman is also a hard worker, please ask the seniors to open the door Zhang Fan nodded, without saying more, walked into the small room After the hospital, I finally saw the face of this woman Chen Fanghua You are really ill fated.Your life expectancy is forty years old, and you will die at the hands of your son when gummy bear CBD recipe Pure CBD Hemp Oil he is an adult.But now, it seems that your fate has changed, and you can only live to three years.Fifteen years old The reason why Zhang Fan is familiar with this woman is that before he went to the clubhouse, he met a woman with a miserable fate in the alley I just didn t expect that just after a day, Chen Fanghua almost disappeared Yuyun This made him shake his head involuntarily, and turned his head to look at the old tree spirit beside him You can be regarded as saving people.