He said, and looked at Ye Gui suspiciously.I m afraid you re not just trying to do bad things Are you going too far Ye Gui lightly stroked her hair with a smile.Immediately pondered.Well, if it s more extreme, if you re drunk and you re crazy, then I ll record it, something like this.Lin Yuner said softly.Ah That s it After speaking, he immediately lowered his head, Well, I mean Ye Gui sighed, I really don t want to go too far, but since you don t think it s enough, then I ll find a way to put it back together.The video of a certain big handsome being drunk and crazy, please send it to your Girls Generation s internal communication group.xiou, send it to the sisters and I won t have the face to see them.Oh Mo, is that the dolphin Ye Gui Look.Lin Yuner chuckled and was about to speak.But suddenly three or four dolphins jumped out of the water in the distance.

A female bodyguard appeared in time.Everyone, we were assigned by Vice President Ye Gui to send you home.Several female bodyguards revealed their identities.The three of them were also relieved to be supported by several female bodyguards to go out.When they were going out, Taeyeon still held on to her spirit, took out her wallet and went to the cashier to check out.But they were told, The account has been paid remotely for a long time.As for who paid, Taeyeon was a little dizzy, but she still knew.She was a little silent, nodded and said nothing, and walked out with the female bodyguard who supported her.Restaurant.Two cars parked outside the restaurant.Tiffany and Xu Xian got into one of the cars, and they said goodbye to Taeyeon through the car window drunk.Taeyeon also responded to the two, and then the car started, and the two gradually moved away.

I won t let him see me, and I won t take the initiative to find him.Even if he sees it, can I run away After a random rant, he hurriedly led someone in.After that, Gu Zhiya and other members of the small circle also came and walked in with people flashing lights.Dynamic music.wanton hemp bomb cbd indulgence.The dance floor, booths, a continuous carnival.And at the bar.Sitting there was a girl True Nature CBD Oil native cbd gummies who was already drunk.It is Zheng Xiujing.But around her, there were True Nature CBD Oil a few strong men with cold faces standing there, guarding them solemnly.The people around them took a look and didn t dare to inquire, they just thought it was the daughter of a chaebol who came out to get drunk.And he saw it right there.At this moment, a certain string that was always stretched was sent down.Clear.He spat out the word.Then, step by step, he walked towards the lying figure.

2.hemp bombs CBD gummies review True Nature CBD Oil

True Nature CBD Oil CBD gummy bears, eagle hemp CBD gummies for type 2 2000mg cbd gummies diabetes (Sale) True Nature CBD Oil cornbread cbd gummies True Nature CBD Oil.

But Lin Yuner finally raised her head, she looked at Guomin s younger brother indifferently.I don t want your stuff.Apologize to Ye Gui, then get out, and never appear in front of me again.Ye Gui looked at Lin Yun er for a CBD gummies royal CBD True Nature CBD Oil moment, Apologize to me He apologized, I m sorry, Ye Guini, please forgive me.Then he apologized to Lin Yuner and thanked him, Lin Yuner, I m sorry, I will never bother you again, let alone appear again, thank you, Xianli, Quick, you also apologize to Ye Gui and Lin Yuner.Gu Xianli also reacted and hurriedly apologized to Ye Gui and Lin Yuner.But after doing this, Guomin s younger broad spectrum gummies brother looked at Ye Gui and still did not dare to leave.Ye Gui looked at Lin Yuner.Lin Yuner took a deep breath, and then calmly exhaled, Let s go.Maybe it was an illusion, Ye Gui always felt that Lin Yuner s voice was a little hoarse and trembling.

She also closed her eyes.On this mountainside, when the sun has not yet set, he responded quietly. Chapter 361 Midsummer is Your Lie 16 Chapter 361 Midsummer is Your Lie 16 The drink that Xiao Gao Leng was carrying dropped on the ground.It broke the moment when the two of them were a little ecstatic.He let go of Xiao Gao Leng gently.Xiao Gao Leng gasped a little.Glancing at him, then crouched down to pick up the drink.He didn t look at it, and helped Xiao Gao Leng to get up.Xiao Gao Leng pursed his lips slightly, and the lips that he had taken away from the lip gloss showed their original color.Light lip color.Want a drink Xiao Gao Leng handed him a bottle of drink.He smiled and took it, unscrewed it, and handed it to her.The first sip is for my little crystal.Xiao Gao coldly paused, True Nature CBD Oil bad reaction to cbd gummies pursed his lips and took it with a smile, then took a sip, and then handed it to him.

3.eagle hemp CBD gummies for diabetes True Nature CBD Oil

Ye Gui heated it again, then took it out and opened it.Braised Chicken Rice.Eat slowly, but also smile.It seems that she is starting to miss that silly girl again, and those misses are like flames, burning slowly and firmly Chapter 89 Burst Chapter 89 Burst After waiting for a long time, Ye Gui was a little drowsy.There were boring programs on the TV, but Ye Gui could only open it.Kill the time.There was no reply from Lin Yun er, nor from Yang Le s side.Ye Gui had some doubts about whether the phone was in arrears, or was it disconnected from the Internet But the signal is full and the data is normal.He sighed, then pressed the remote again.The TV keeps switchinguntil the phone rings.It was Li Xuyong.He was about to speak.Li Xuyong spoke first.Ye Guixi, is Krystal with you Ye Gui was startled.

At the same time, because of the snow on the road, the car also drove very slowly, and the snow all the way was very clear.Yun er tilted can you bring cbd gummy bears on a plane her head to look at him, with a little playfulness, Would you like to guess He was quiet, Does everyone observe me for a while, choose a favorite part, and then take that part away for collection when I m gone .Have you watched too many hard movies with Taeyeon and Unnie recently He smiled, a little surprised, How do you know Yoona recalled, When we stayed in the dormitory together, Taeyeon Ernie likes to watch these things the most, some kind of perverted killer, what kind of bloody violence, how come he has a strong taste, how could I not know He smiled, Okay.Then he looked at her again, with Some seriously, Then what exactly are you discussing He tilted his head and looked past him, looking at the snowy scenery on his side.

He muttered a little to himself, This aura is stronger than my uncle Chapter 480 The Daily Taeng9Cam 24 Chapter 480 The Daily Taeng9Cam twenty four backstage.lounge.The two were sitting on the sofa together.Taeyeon s eyes and expressions were a little cautious, while Ye Gui sat beside her and held her hand lightly, but she was a little lost.In such a quiet atmosphere.a long time.Ruanruan Brother The two of them said at the same time.Taeyeon looked at him, Brother, talk about it first.He paused and nodded and looked at her, Soft Taeyeon nodded lightly, Nee, brother He continued to speak.This is the first time I ve intervened in your friendship.Of course, I don t True Nature CBD Oil want you to be unable to have contact with any opposite sex.That s impossible, and it s very perverted.But, I don t like people who have no sense, I I also admit that my possessiveness is very strong, but that is not control, I will not lock you at home, your socializing is your freedom, as long as you stop being such a senseless person.

IU froze in place.And Cui Yonghe looked at Zhang Jihe.Come on.Zhang Jihe s Adam s apple rolled.But he shook his head.I thought about it, but I didn tbecause she resisted fiercely, used a knife Oh Cui Yonghe suddenly looked at IU, It seems that the bottom line is that you can t get started Finished , showing a half smile expression.Then he looked at Zhang Jihe again.Give me the things in good condition, don t keep backups, my debts with you will be cleared.Zhang Jihe nodded hurriedly.Okay, Master Cui, I ll go get it later.Cui Yonghe nodded with a satisfied smile, and then spoke to IU.Don t worry, the things are in my hands True Nature CBD Oil in the future, I will keep them well, and I won t let such a small character use that kind of thing to threaten you.You see that I am so good to you, can you drink this wine now En xi He said, looking at IU 700 mg cbd gummies with a smile, waiting for IU s answer.

Maybe on this issue, you and Lin Yuner have a dispute, and even Lin Yuner finally proposed to change the teacher, please don t mind, I have criticized her severely, and she will apologize to you in person tomorrow, Also, please be sure to show your face and continue to be Lin Yuner s teacher.In the end, Lin Yuner and I are both on the side of truth, but Lin Yuner has not considered various issues before arguing with you.This is also the case.Because of her innocence and kindness, please forgive me and continue the friendship and cooperation that will be established between us and you.For the sake of saying this, even if Ye Gui wanted to say something, he found that he had nothing to say., can only nod.Actually, vegan cannabis gummies it s not that serious.I m very satisfied that Lin Yuner True Nature CBD Oil can show an objective and botanical farms CBD gummies reviews True Nature CBD Oil serious attitude on these issues.

I ll come over illuminati hemp delta 8 gummies review in three days., when the time comes, you can help me bring him to a place Okay, O Neill, no problem.Well then, I won t disturb you for dinner, we ll see you in three days.Nee, Ou Ni, you should also pay more attention to rest.Well, good.The phone hangs up.Lin Yuner was a little sluggish looking at the takeaway in front of her.This is really a shocking reversal.After silently complaining, Lin Yuner no longer wanted to eat.Because of some stories, she was actually a little curious Chapter 23 is similar Chapter 23 is similar In the afternoon, I was going to continue reading the script, but the only people who came were Lin Yuner and her sitting at the end, keeping absolutes The quiet assistant, Yayan.Seeing Ye Gui returning, they both stood up and saluted Ye Gui.After Ye Gui responded, they simply started teaching Lin Yuner Chinese.

When Xiao Gaoleng s bedroom door was closed.In the whole bedroom, the two sisters blinked and looked at each other quietly for a while.The next moment, Jessica finally couldn t help laughing and asked her sister jokingly.Come back after you cover the quilt I like it, but I won t turn around him.Drunken and disgusted that he smells of alcohol Jessica went straight for three times, and Xiao Gaoleng bowed his head a little shyly.And after Jessica asked, she approached and looked at the inquiry.Is this talking about you, my sister Of course it is Although he was a little lacking in confidence, Xiao Gao Leng was firm.Jessica still laughed, Indeed, if it s someone else, this is really something you can do.Xiao Gao pouted, So I m talking about me.Jessica sneered and looked at her sister.Come on, Zheng Xiujing.

At this time, a sudden burst of aroma lingered, accompanied by a neat sound.Ani Asai, Ye Guixi, we nicotine gummies are red Imida.He looked up and saw the five girls who were bowing, all bowed and saluted him.Only then did his memory flash, it was the girl group that was in cbd hemp direct flower the lounge that day.Soft junior.He smiled and responded., Hello.The five girls also straightened up immediately, smiling and bowing to introduce themselves.Inner, Ye Guixi, I m Irene Pei Zhu Hyun Yi Mida.I m Wendy Sun Chenghuan Yimida.I m Joy Park Soo Young Yi Mida.I m Seulgi Jiang Seulgi Yimida. I m yeri Jin Yilin Yimida.It s an honor to meet you Finally, there was another neat bow and salute.He smiled helplessly, Are all young people today as imposing as you Wendy stepped forward and bowed slightly.Inner Yeguixi, because of the vitality girl style that our group mainly focuses on, we will show such a momentum in our usual greetings and stage performances.

Go, Xiujing, I ll wait for you to come back.Victoria smiled Nodding, Luna and aber grinned.Then Aber and I are also waiting for you, but don t be too late, otherwise staying up late will also hurt your body.Aber and I can t stand it a few times.Aber nodded, Yes, especially the kidneys.Krystal frowned, raised his hand and cbd oil vs hemp extract gestured at Luna and aber.Yeah, alright, alright, I ll just buy you red ginseng After speaking, Krystal pulled Yegui helplessly, Let s go, uncle, I ll be bullied to death if I stay here.Luna CBD Gummies Delta 8 True Nature CBD Oil looked surprised, Oh, who bullied you Ye Guixi thought that our team was not compatible when he heard it.Aber also frowned on purpose, Yeah, it sounds like we re bullying you, so let s just forget about it, Victoria Ernie can t be so wronged by you.Yeah Lual frowned.Victoria smiled and waved, Okay.

Go to sleep.Inner.Xiao Gao Leng agreed.Shrinking in her sister s arms.But several things came to mind.Go to bed earlier and hairline.Unique events and purekana CBD gummies reviews True Nature CBD Oil memories.Can t have to get up and go again, he.When I came to the house, it was specially cleaned up.Grab some of the usual stuff by the way.Because she hadn t lived for several days, and the windows were open, there was some dust in the house, so she wanted to clean it up.Also remove dust and moisture from the room where the wedding dress is placed.By the way, check the light and temperature in that room.For her, this price carries too many memories, and can cbd gummies cause kidney stones there are many things that she cherishes.However, suddenly saw Ye Gui.Ye Gui, who separated a few days ago and thought it would take a long time to see each other again.appeared in front of him.

The recovery is very fast, but don t do any heavy work in the near future.Hospital.The doctor removed the plaster for Ye Gui.Ye Gui said, Okay, thank you doctor, I remember.The doctor smiled, You re welcome.Ye Gui nodded, then got up and left.The door of the hospital.Wen Xin and the girl he took with him at Yang Le s wedding last time, that is his current fiancee, Yang Yueran was waiting for him outside the car, and the two were talking and laughing at the same time.Ye Gui walked over and greeted the two of them.Wen Xin smiled and suggested, Ye Zi, go to my house to eat hot pot today, let s do it ourselves, to celebrate your recovery.Ye Gui shook his head, cbd gummies for high blood pressure I ll cbd gummies by botanical farms go home, the True Nature CBD Oil two of you can eat, I won t be a light bulb.Xin pulled Ye Gui, What light bulb, let s go, the hot pot we two made is so delicious, how could you refuse, don t forget that your father came here some time ago, and he was full of praise for the hot pot made by me and Yueran Ye Gui nodded.

Yoona and Xiao Gaoleng both planned to run to the recording studio upstairs with the same goal.Before going upstairs, Yuner asked.Ye Gui, Ernie, you ve worked hard to cook today, and I ll change it tomorrow.Then, remember to call me when the meal is ready.After Yuner finished speaking, Xiao Gaoleng also said immediately, And me and me, Tomorrow I ll be with Yuner Erni too, so remember to call me when the meal is done.Both of them actually knew that this was where Yuner and Xiao Gaoleng were making room for them to talk.So, he and Taeyeon nodded in response.Yoona and Xiujing each smiled beautifully and went upstairs together.In the kitchen, only him and Taeyeon were left in an instant in the kitchen.Taeyeon looked up at him.Brother, if you only botanical farms cbd gummies owner marry me, what about Yoona and Xiujing He looked at Taeyeon.

Ye Gui immediately grabbed her.Without looking back, Xiao Gao spoke coldly, trying to keep his voice calm.Why, I m going back, you can t bully me in broad daylight, can you I m sorry.Ye Gui pulled her over, she immediately lowered her head, closed her eyes slightly, and cannaleafz cbd gummies shark tank prevented Ye Gui from watching.Ye Gui gently held her pretty face.I made you wrong, but I won t let you go.Ye Gui said.Just this sentence, Xiao Gao Leng s patience reached the upper limit, and tears flowed out so quietly.He gave Ye Gui one shot, and then two more shots.The three shots didn t have much strength, and the more he hit, the weaker he became.Finally, she put down her hand weakly and parked on his chest.With a weak, hoarse cry just came out.It s really embarrassing.Why did you True Nature CBD Oil make me so embarrassed Ye Gui was a little silent, and just touched her hair lightly.

And those small voices are immersed, warm and intimate.Under this starry sky, the wind is like dew Chapter 466 Daily Taeng9Cam 10 Chapter 466 Daily Taeng9Cam 10 I really eat a meal intermittently.If Taeyeon s phone hadn t rang suddenly, maybe the contact like wind 1200 mg cbd gummies and dew would have continued.He then gently released her, Ruanruan, answer the phone first.Taeyeon pouted, her eyes were a little True Nature CBD Oil blurry, but she gradually recovered, and she calmed down for a while.Then take out the phone.She is the PD of her personal variety show production team.connected.Taeyeon xi.pdnim They greeted each other.Pd continued to speak.I m really sorry to disturb you and Ye Guixi s private time.Taeyeon smiled helplessly.It s okay, pdnim, what s the matter with you Pd paused and said.It s True Nature CBD Oil like this, cbd gummies sunday scaries because since Taeyeon, you and Ye Guixi announced their love and engagement, the daily hot searches have been high.

I m two. My dear, are you putting it up for auction The comments on the two countries platforms were switched, and seeing this, Lin Yuner smiled and put it down.cell phone.Then Rou approached Ye Gui and looked at him with his arms outstretched.Ye Gui glanced at her.Tired girl Well, you don t talk to me, I m really bored and tired Lin Yuner said softly.That girl, I ll give you two choices.Ye Gui said.Huh Lin Yuner looked at him suspiciously, waiting for an answer.Ye Gui said, First, I ll take you in to sleep now, and I ll accompany you after reading it.Second, I ll lend you my shoulders, but it may not be comfortable to lie down.Lin Yuner paused, ethen certified cbd cure gummies I Choose the second one.Saying this, without waiting for Ye Gui to answer, he leaned against him, covered his lips and yawned, gradually closing his eyelids.

Lin Runna smiled and then spoke.Actually, not bad.Lin Yun er was stunned.Lin Runna explained, Actually, you didn t listen to me carefully.What I said was to please you, which is different from pleasing girls.The former is only for individuals, while the latter is for groups.He protects you, too.Seriously to please you, these are things that are easier said than done, and this itself represents sincerity, so get along with him, I have a cbd gummies for dog anxiety good impression of him.Lin Yuner slowly smiled.Thank you Ernie, I will.Then remember to come back early.Lin cornbread cbd gummies Runna said.Lin Yuner responded, Well, Ernie, we ll go back as soon as we re ready.Lin Runna said, Okay, then go back and accompany him.Originally, I didn t want to come to the cafe to disturb True Nature CBD Oil you.Although the situation is special, CBD Gummies Delta 8 True Nature CBD Oil it was disturbed after all.

Xiao Gao coldly interrupted helplessly, And a scarf, right Yes.He nodded.Xiao Gao Leng sighed helplessly.Ah, your nagging has started again Just talking, he obediently walked to the entrance, put on a down jacket, put on a hat, just a scarf, and Xiao Gao avid hemp gummies 1000mg True Nature CBD Oil handed it to strongest cbd him coolly.He took it, approached, and wrapped a scarf around Xiao Gaoleng.And Xiao Gao looked up at him coldly.until it s closed.Xiao Gao Leng still looked at him.Is there something on my face he asked.The strangeness is almost gone.She said, the fragrance of the orchid on her body exuded little by little.Is there a progress bar Something like a game he asked.That s understandable.Xiao Gao Leng said with a smile, Although I don t play games very much, you re almost 100 clear on me.So fast He joked a little.Xiao Gao pure kana CBD gummies True Nature CBD Oil Leng s face suddenly turned cold, Quick Are you trying cbd gummies for anxiety whole foods to say that I am good at strategy In other words, I am stupid and easy to deceive He squeezed her cheek lightly and repeated with a smile, Yes, very good Lie.

Then the two got into the car again, and Ye Gui originally wanted to take Xiao Gao Leng to dinner.But Xiao Gao was cold and wanted to go to the beach, so Long Yiyong drove the two of them in a nanny car, and the rest of the bodyguards followed along.Hence the present scene.Sitting on the beach now, I always think that I suddenly saw you sitting on the beach in Indonesia.The sea breeze blew gently, messing up Xiao Gaoleng s hair, and Xiao Gaoleng combed it casually., the soft voice sounded in the sea breeze.At that time, I was really excited.In a foreign country, I met someone who I had to hemp vs cbd cream hide from, but I really liked and wanted to see all the time.After that, it was the rain.And later, together.Drinking at the BBQ on the beach, and that night, we waited for the sunrise with Ernie, said here.

dr hemp gummies what is delta 8 CBD gummies True Nature CBD Oil Upstairs and downstairs, a mess. Chapter 394 Support Seventeen Chapter 394 Support Seventeen Two short bodies were lying on the bed, lying down.The hair and clothes of the two were a little messy, but the difference was that Sunny s mental state was fine, and Taeyeon seemed to have completely lost power, listless, and her eyes drooping True Nature CBD Oil and sleepy, as if she had done a day s housework.live.Sunny turned her head to look at her and sneered, I don t know what kind of constitution I CBD hemp direct True Nature CBD Oil have, so I forcibly ran after raw cbd hemp oil me.Well Taeyeon made a little sound from her nose, apparently she didn t even have the mind to speak.And Sunny continued to ask casually.Actually, he only went for a week or True Nature CBD Oil so.When did you let go Taeyeon didn t answer.The room was quiet for a while.Sunny didn t ask questions, just waited.

The script that Ye Gui revised today has arrived in her hands, and she is going to start getting familiar with the script today.The shooting day is not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.At the moment, the script was on the table in the living room, and she was kneeling on a cushion cbd gummies quit smoking on the rug.Lying on the table reading the script.He also had a pen in his hand.Looking at the home page, the name of the author, and the big thanks and advisors next to it, after a bunch of prefixes such as revisions, the name after the colon.Ye return.She took the pen and gently drew the next wavy line.There are some thoughts in my head.Right now, the sun is shining.Slowly irradiated in, just scattered on the table.On the script, on that name.She couldn t help thinking of yesterday, even Live alone.Of course, in other parts of Seoul, she also bought houses for her parents and younger brothers.

Taeyeon chuckled, I don t care, it s not once or twice that you slap me, we used to quarrel every day.Sunny laughed, That s why we quarreled with feelings.Okay.Taeyeon laughed, but she total pure CBD gummies 300 mg True Nature CBD Oil smiled and suddenly remembered cbd hemp oil concentrate something.By the way, sunny, is it because Ye Gui s identity is very mysterious when I listened to you and Yoona today After all, the bodyguards who sent us back today really look scary.To be much more powerful, the most important thing is that they all seem to be holding hands.Sunny raised his index finger, hissed softly, and then opened his mouth.Taeyeon, I really can True Nature CBD Oil t tell you anything for the time being, but what I can tell you is that if you are in trouble, you can find me first, if I can t solve it, you can find Yoona.Even if Yoona can t solve it, She will also ask Ye Gui to help you, you just need to remember this.

Ye Gui also looked at her.When the two looked at each other, Lin Yuner had some insight.It turns out that the two of us chatted for a long time, but we are not on the same koi cbd gummies delta 9 line at all Chapter 149 I don t want to laugh please ask for a monthly ticket for a recommendation ticket Chapter 149 I don t want to laugh cbd extracted from hemp So, your little life means The misunderstanding was solved, Ye Gui smiled Just as he was about to speak, True Nature CBD Oil Lin Yuner quit smoking cbd gummies reviews immediately stretched out a small hand to cover his mouth.Small menacing eyes kept poking at him.Don t say it Ye Gui nodded, his eyes sincere.Lin Yuner breathed a sigh of relief and put down her hand.Immediately, the topic of direct transfer was opened.Well, I ve got it done now.Let s wait for the next person to drink a glass of milk and cushion it for a while.After that, there may be many rounds of the party, so we need to free gaia cbd gummies our stomach.

Without any hesitation or hesitation, he looked at Taeyeon, When we go back, we ll pack up and go light.Inside.Taeyeon smiled.Then asked again.Did you see the new clothes I put in your bedroom today Yes, I put them in the closet.Ye Gui replied.Taeyeon frowned slightly.Why put it in I bought it for you to wear, or you don t like it I like it very much.Ye Gui responded, I will put it on when I go to New Zealand this time, and put it in the closet first to make it familiar.Other clothes friends.Haha.Taeyeon laughed, and after saying that, she felt a little irritated, I m finally willing to make fun of your girlfriend.Ye Gui paused, I ll let us have a True Nature CBD Oil relationship in the future.The atmosphere is more cheerful.Yes, then I will write it down.Taeyeon nodded, still watching him speak.By the way, Ye Gui, do you want to watch me dance Want to be here Ye Gui glanced around, then looked at Long Yiyong and the others who were following far behind.

I will tell you my answer today.I m sorry, and, I love you, Lin Yuner.At that moment, the reporters were stunned and almost forgot to press the shutter.Only the can you ship cbd gummies VCR was working faithfully.At that moment, after Li Zaixie and Li Zhiyue looked at each other, Li Zaixie was a little excited, while Li Zhiyue bowed his head a little.At that moment, Jin Zhanguo laughed helplessly, while Yayan s eyes were red, but she smiled with blessing.At that moment, countless graduates rushed out and threw their bachelor hats into the sky.At that moment, Lin Yuner cried, but smiled at the next moment, she threw the bachelor True Nature CBD Oil hat on, and then hugged Ye Gui tightly.The reporters reacted, the shutter sounded, and the bachelors cheered, for graduation, for the pair of lovers embracing in front of them.In addition to all the excitement, Lin Yuner and Ye Gui embraced quietly, and then Lin Yuner also spoke, only Ye Gui could hear it.

turmeric cbd gummies Ye Gui didn t do anything bad either, he just lay on his side and looked at her, seeing how she was asleep, very quiet and well behaved.It s just that after a while, I sleep a little more deeply, and it may not be so peaceful.After watching this quietly for a while, Ye Gui tucked her quilt, got up and went downstairs to clean up the tableware and kitchen waste in the kitchen and restaurant today.Looking at the pile of tableware and chopsticks in front of you, some vegan cannabis gummies of them haven t even been put in the sink to finish this.It should be very fulfilling, right But it s really been a long time since I didn t wash the dishes.I used to change between several suites, but the kitchen was always new, because how easy it is to eat, the restaurants near each home, or It is a takeaway, and instant noodles are almost his regular.

He initially let them go back to rest.But Long Yiyong himself wanted to follow Ye Gui to protect him, not to mention that after making a phone call to the president, he also received instructions to protect the vice president.No way, Ye Gui didn t say anything.A person walks forward quietly.But suddenly there are flashing lights behind him.He didn american hemp gummies t look back, just walked to the side of the road to get out of the way.However, the car approached the next moment and stopped beside him.Window down.Lin Yuner looked at him.The deer girl looked at him.With clean eyes, I don t know if I am angry or anxious.He stopped.Just look at her like that.On the side of the road, the car is off, but the lights are on.Make the road quiet from cool to warm tones.The two sat in the car.Quiet yummy cbd gummies yummy cbd for a while.The concert is the day after tomorrow, I ll mail you the tickets, you can tell me your address.

Ye Gui opened his eyes, and there was no one beside him.He got up and looked around, only to see Lin Yuner neatly dressed standing by the window, leaving a thin back, quietly looking out.Girl.He called out aloud, and the figure turned around with a tearful face.Ye Gui, let s break up.But he heard her say such a sentence, with a choked and trembling sentence.The words fell for a long time.Ye Gui was somewhat unresponsive.He looked at her, a little silent.You didn t believe me from the beginning, did you Do you always feel that I betrayed and did something out of the ordinary Lin Yuner also looked at him, her eyes were red and her voice was crying.I ve never distrusted you, and I know do cbd gummies make you high you didn t betray.But Ye Gui, you didn t realize it yourself, did you treat Xiujing just like your sister You like her One day you will Suddenly I realized Ah, I used to like that girl, I missed her, will you regret your union with me Will I be your hindrance one day Will there be even one day, I will also leave home alone with a divorce agreement like Oh Mom.

In fact It s better to have an afternoon rest with Uncle like this.Ye Gui frowned at her., But after all, I didn t let you rest well.Krystal wrinkled his nose slightly, No, I haven t slept so well for a long time.Ye Gui thought for a while, But I still feel a little mean Well, you can go to the bedroom and sleep for a while, you can choose any number of bedrooms, the bedding is changed every day, you can sleep with peace of mind.Let me sleep Krystal bit his lip slightly, and then If you sleep, today will be over, although it s good to stay with Uncle like this, but I don t want to spend it all in sleep Ye Gui asked, What do you want to do, little girl Do you want to go shopping Or do you want to go out to eat something Krystal s mouth curled into a small smile, Is the uncle thinking of compensation It always feels like he wants to give me something back.