Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies This is Lichen s new personality awakened after he deduced nine brews and nine brews to ten brews and ten brews when he learned the Plain Girl Hunyuan Chapter.Bacchus Chapter Advanced Spiritual Wisdom Fate Drunkard Personality Will enter the wine, drink without stopping, phil mickelson and cbd gummies brew, reconcile, daigo.Status 1 True Qi comes with fake , which can dodge attacks.If the falsification is successful, the next attack Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies will be a crit.State 2 Comes with cbd gummies best price Combo effect, when attacking, there is a chance to trigger an additional attack and must hit.State 3 Through brewing, the infuriating energy becomes more pure and the quality is improved.State is hemp or cbd oil better for dogs 4 It can reconcile 2022 Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies the true qi of different species, balance yin and yang, and nourish vitality spirit, qi and spirit.Status 5 True Qi is alcoholic, CBD gummies wholesale Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies and if you smell it, you will get drunk, like a dick, and there is a chance to trigger opening.

In the past few days, some people have dug up the bamboo shoots and entered the bamboo hut.Luqi came to harass Lichen again early in the morning, but Lichen refused to see her on the grounds dog cbd gummies near me of retreating.Zhaoyang, a disciple of Shushan, has slept for a day and a night, but he has no intention of waking up.The seven sons of Canglang boasted that when they caught someone, Nei Jing Tianjiao did not dare to fight, and was still pretending to be dead until now.Many people who do it believe it to be true, and they can t help taking the seven sons as a role model for my generation.In a dusty room.Li Sao nibbled happily while holding her big elbow.Senior brother, this meat is too fragrant.What kind of meat is it Li Chen didn t hide it.As a result, this guy ate half a pig with tears Dionysus Chapter drinking wine, automatically practicing Dragon and Elephant Prajna Sutra sitting posture activated, cbd candy practicing Dragon and Elephant Prajna Sutra and Cause and Effect Buddhist Sutra Solitaire, cultivation Velocity increased substantially.

Lichen let out a long sigh, and his eyes moved on the faces of the two of them, Ah, thank you for the favor of the three benefactors.Little monkit s really Stop talking nonsense Are you afraid of just inviting you to drink Lu Qi deliberately provoked the commander.Li Chen secretly said in his heart that other women are not afraid, but he is fidgeting here.Drink Swish Two sword shadows flashed by.The bamboo tube is divided into two.The four of them held bamboo tubes in their hands and lined up in a line, end to end.The dust is followed at the bottom.The liquor flows through in turn, and finally flows into the dust free mouth.The daughter of Princess Shenxiu is red, fresh and lively, with a hundred flavors and sweetness in the mouth, which is actually much more hemp lively delta 8 gummies mellow cbg and cbd gummies than the fairy monkey wine.

2.CBD gummies for back pain Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies

Did not let go.During this period of time, he practiced the Hundred and Eight Anxiety Praises and was tortured by thousands of afflictions.In the face of hell, he was not afraid.Gradually the chaotic murmurs became smaller and smaller.Lichen felt a quietness that had never been seen before.Suddenly, a divine voice exploded in his mind like Huang Zhong Dalu.Li Chen smilz CBD gummies reviews Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies was in a trance.Can not help but be excited.Soon there was another scripture in his mind.Infinity Seal Infinity Seal has psychic potential and unlocks the low level form the small black house.Low level form of keoni cbd gummies amazon Infinity Seal Little Black House Personality Reflection Status As long as things locked in the Little Black House, they will self reflect and analyze their own attributes.Description If where to get cbd gummies near me you are not obedient, you will be locked in a small dark room.

He turned his head and gave that creepy smile again.Qu Chen hurriedly turned around to take a look at the Jieyu mirror.Senior brother is leaving, but you don t know how to greet him It s rude, and it really Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies needs to be taught nb natures boost cbd gummies This also word is very subtle.Qu Chen hurriedly said Senior brother, walk slowly, senior brother has worked hard The little monk s eyes cbd olja scandinavian hemp were bent, and his heart was warm.Junior brother really hurts people. It seems that this does not need to be tuned PS Before the launch, there are two Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies changes a day, and after the launch, the bottom can CBD gummies cause diarrhea Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies guarantee is three.PS I wish all readers and friends, the Year of the Tiger is auspicious, and the tiger is prosperous Gong Xi Fa Cai PS Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies Collection, recommendation tickets, investment Thank you all the officials.Chapter 2 Interpretation hemp CBD gummies Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies of Language are hemp cigarettes cbd and Spirituality Five days are fleeting in the blink of an eye.

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During the competition, Lishen s white snake Ninggang was torn apart by Lichen s angry hands, so that his true energy was exhausted.Therefore, the blood drops became extremely unstable, and it was fine after taking the burning eyebrow pill, but the pill still reviews on CBD gummies Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies fell on the blood stains In the end, he chose not to eat it.In the final analysis, Lishen really died of his own cleanliness Before he died, he actually wanted to say the word kill set.According to Lishen s memory, there is a ghost city in the hemo gummies killing set, and only members of the killing set purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking can enter freely.In the ghost market, you can exchange, buy and sell, and you can find the information you want to know.Because there is no middleman to make the difference, the price is cheap.It is also because of this that Lishen can break through to the innate realm so quickly and successfully congeal the astral.

The Blood Sea Dragon Palace How could they be involved Lonely Zen Master s expression had already begun to look bad.Li Sao swallowed My mother, what should I say to avoid being beaten He glanced left and right, then leaned into Zen Master Lonely s ear and told the story.Bang only heard a loud bang.The sound of the wooden fish in the hall stopped abruptly.The wooden fish in front of Zen Master Lonely has been shattered into powder.With no expression on his face, he stretched out his hand and took out a new wooden fish from the space.Pa just once.The wooden fish was broken into powder again.Li Sao stood in the same place at a loss, but the outrageous little monk stretched out his hand and pulled him behind him, his face grim.Pa the third one.the fourth Thirteenth.There is nothing else in his space, it s all wooden fish.

There was no sound during this process, and the beasts around were naturally not aware of it.Hiding behind a tree, Li Chen peeked out.I saw a group of sika deer leisurely nibbling on the grass under the tree, and in the middle of the deer group, there was a giant deer, obviously a lot higher than the others, it should be the king of this group of deer.It treads lightly on its four hooves, turns its ears from time to time, and has a pair of sharp antlers on its head, so that the surrounding threats Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies dare not act rashly.Even though Lichen didn t make any sound, it still seemed to be alert.It seems to be abnormal The ears of the sika deer turned in the direction of Lichen, which is probably the sixth sense of animals.Lichen s eyes lit up what a god.Through the shadow cbd gummies for sleep began to change the position constantly, confuse the other party s perception.

As soon as this statement came Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies out, Li Chen was also shocked.Monk Lu Kong It is not empty monk That s right.Monk Lukong is the founder of the Killing Temple, Bukong.Parting charlotte s web hemp extract infused gummies sleep was very cbd thc gummies texas satisfied with Lichen s surprise.So he continued After the Reincarnation Temple died out, broad spectrum CBD gummies Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies the Six Paths of Bodhidharma also wandered outside.Everyone knows that my Daci en Temple has The Seal of All Living Beings.Kongoji Temple has the Freedom Seal.Killing Temple has killing seal.But the other three are missing.There are rumors in the rivers and lakes that the foundation of the Void where to buy cbd gummies for anxiety Building is puur cbd gummies 1000mg the Void Seal.And Wuxiangyin Law has appeared in Dahuanxi Temple and Kegu Mountain.Only the Infinity cbd gummies reno Seal , but there is no news.Lichen s eyes flashed Could it be that Infinity Seal is in the Killing Temple He said goodbye without nodding, but said, For so many years, only the Sisheng Temple has had the legend of the Seal of Infinity.

But all the coincidences seem to be arranged in general.It s like having a hand pushing behind your back.Step by step, he stepped into the trap set by others.To finally achieve the gummy CBD pure hemp Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies other party s goal I don t know when, sweat has oozing out of Lichen s forehead.He forcibly suppressed the unease in his heart.At this time, the red light in the sky and the totems on the ground have disappeared.Only the red lotus karmic fire is still burning.Killing the red lotus, standing slim.In Lichen s heart, a CBD gummies vs hemp gummies Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies name suddenly appeared.Void boy.If it is as I guessed.Is he human, or God Or just like himself, they are all chess pieces.Li Chen let out Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies a long breath.Unfasten the gourd at the waist.Gudonggudong, frantically pouring into his mouth.The mellow wine aroma is full of internal organs.Wait for the gourd to hang back on the 0 thc cbd gummies waist again.

where to buy purekana cbd gummies Among them, farewell is Duowen gourd, and Li Sao is dobby gourd.Both of them succeeded in picking with the help of Lichen.Lige and Lishou are both picked by themselves, one is Tongbao Gourd and the other is Tick Shadow vitafusion gummies cbd Gourd.Tongbao Gourd Spiritual items can establish contact with the target magic weapon through spells, materials, arrays, etc.Interfere with the target magic weapon.After the interference is successful, the magic weapon s power is greatly reduced.Bribe the target magic weapon.After the bribe is successful, there is a chance to erase the magic weapon imprint and take it for yourself.Not to mention that it can interfere with the magic weapon and greatly reduce its power, just in terms of bribing the magic weapon, it can be taken flying monkey cbd gummies as Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies one s own.This gourd is a good gourd with an empty glove cbd strawberry gummies and a white wolf, which is exactly in line with the character of Senior Brother Li Ge s muffled wealth.

It turns out that he has six breakthrough methods.If Lichen comes step by step.Undoubtedly, the Ten Brewing Gang Qi will be awakened.Ten brewing should be the pinnacle of wine.Even the wine obsessed Qu Huanbo is nothing but Nine Brewing Gang Qi.Ten brewing qi is inherently intoxicating , and it is extremely refined and pure.No matter how it is used, it is extremely powerful.If you succeed in cbd gummies and warfarin your cultivation, you will be able to become free in the world.As for anxiety qi , vigorous qi , retribution qi , and daguan qi , they correspond how does cbd gummies make you feel to the five reviews on cbd gummies major exercises on Lichen s body natures boost CBD gummies Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies respectively.It s just that each has its own strengths and preferences.As for the dr oz cbd oil gummies last Returning Qi , it is undoubtedly the most powerful.Contains Ten Brewing Gang Qi , and can absorb various Gang Qi characteristics and Gang shapes, condensing them into one.

Soon the two stopped in front of a mountain wall one after the other.Little monk, are you optimistic As soon as he finished speaking, he stretched out a palm.The wall, which seemed to be extremely strong, shattered cbd oil infused gummies to the ground, and a strong aroma of wine drowned the two in an instant.PS Collection, recommendation ticket, monthly ticket, investment Chapter 108 Tianlu Ling Monkey 8 10 for reservation Good it smells good can i mail cbd gummies Li Chen was stunned.The breath is mellow, but with the fragrance of mincemeat, you feel refreshed when you smell it.Lichen was still standing in the same place, but the drunkard beside him had long since disappeared.Fuck, don t talk about martial arts.Who would have thought that it looks like a huge rock from the outside, but there is something else inside.The big dick said before that the fruit wine here is missing, and most of it is caused by this alcoholic drinking here.

The Great View Sutra , Hearing Technique , and Wooden Slash were inspired, aurora cbd and hemp monroe la and the brightness of the enlightenment lamp increased. clang Finally, the bell rang again.Li Chen s mind was condensed.At this Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies time, all the lights of enlightenment were much brighter than before.Even the worst Innocent Slash had flames as thick as fingers.The brightness of the enlightenment lamp is actually one s own comprehension of various exercises.At this time, my mind sank, and I only felt that the previously obscure knowledge was suddenly solved at this time.Ten Fang Lun Dao, the lights are bright, the inspiration flashes, and unlock the eternal wick.Incessant wick Incessant recovery, Ming Wu and harmony.The Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies wicks of the Mingwu Lamp can be twisted together to form a lamp, and the corresponding two exercises will also be combined into one.

Many young talents come here, and I think it will be the most intense time in recent years.Although I don t want to get involved, but my father has already given an order, and I really can t refuse.Compared with the daughter village, Anhoucheng is really There is nothing to miss, even the city lord wants his two sons to be married.Having said this, He Lian Bo suddenly turned around and bowed deeply to the two of them He Lian Bo has something to ask for, and I hope the two masters will help.Li Chen shook his head slightly, You don t need a mirror to guess what he s thinking.The second son of Anhoucheng seized the heir, which is known to the world.This time, the bamboo shoot meeting was mixed dakota cbd gummies with fish and dragons.He Lianbi was a little help from the Cang faction, and naturally he was safe and sound.

A figure approached in the darkness, and when he got closer, he showed a blue robe Brother Chi, don t be nervous, you are a friend rather than an enemy.Hou Chunfeng, who was opposite, took a closer look.Can not help but exclaimed Senior brother Bang Ghost Religion, the central tomb.A very luxurious coffin.Above the coffin, there is a ghostly fire floating on the coffin.A loud bang.The congregation who preached the message fell to the ground, dying.The ghost fire on the chest is scattered all over the place.What The Son of God was arrested The ghostly fire above the coffin roared.Originally only the size of a fist, it suddenly swelled into a washbasin.Suspended in mid air, who might be flying towards in the next moment.A few members of the congregation knelt on the ground tremblingly, waiting for the outcome.

buy prime nature CBD Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies When the three elders were silently paying attention.Lichen actually got into the cave of the sixth generation abbot again.Gu Lu s sixth generation abbot can be said to be a combination of the third botanical farms cbd gummies stock generation abbot and the fifth generation abbot.His own aptitude is limited, but his understanding is extremely high.Combining the formation method with the killing method, the method of the battle formation of the killing temple has been expanded.Therefore, when he was in power, the Slaughter Temple was mighty and mighty, and he never fell behind.However, there are does cbd gummies have any thc in them many forces of sin.Reputation was once indistinguishable, at least no sect in the southern border dared to say half a word.To the surprise of the three elders, The time away from the dust was shorter this time.This The three elders frowned Lichen entered the cave house of the third and sixth generations successively.

Hmph, I have a very close relationship with the Second Young Master.Even if he hears it, what can he do to me There are many monks in the team, all of whom recognize the eldest son.On the other hand, Helian Bo s face is still full of spring breeze, as if he hadn t heard the words of these people at all.But he has a different scene in his heart.The Sun family, the Zhao family, very Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies do CBD gummies really work good, very good.As expected, the face is like a Pinghu, and there is a city in the heart.Given time, this oriole may really be a blockbuster.The team gradually moved forward, only to see a small place at the foot of the mountain.In the pavilion, there are two women in the pavilion, both of them are wearing light emerald shirts, one is long and the other is young.The slightly older one is only two decades old, with a dignified and beautiful head, and the other is a few years younger than her.

It Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies was like a sieve.When another sound wave came.Bang bang The vibration frequency of the ghost ant s body became higher and higher.In the end, it was unbearable.Heavy load, exploded directly.It collapsed into a little black smoke.Ashes and smoke The ghost ants are gone. Useful, really useful. It turns out that the nemesis of ghost ants is the bell Fen Ji s old face is overjoyed Go and transfer all the disciples who were bitten by insects here. Boy, can t stop, keep knocking for me. Uncle, look at you Dangdangdang The big bell is CBD gummie Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies swaying.Where the sound waves oscillate, the ghost ants have nowhere to hide The bell hemp bombs cbd vape juice rang for a day and a night.Xiangfei Valley seems to be baptized.Back to the peace of the past, I will never see high cbd edibles the ghost ants again.In the palace of Concubine Xiang.At the top of the palace, Yujun sits in the middle.

Hit by the fourth in the middle.I just feel a pain in my back.Cause and effect transfer tactics immediately run.The quadruple attack went underground along Lichen s body.Bang, bang Lichen took two steps back before turning to attack.Hu Li Sao, who was tied to the plum blossom stake, couldn t help but closed his eyes when he saw this scene.Four wounds in one blow.Once you get hit, what CBD gummies are safe Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies you re basically done.Self reproach in my heart This is considered to be implicated in Lichen.Who knows when he opens his eyes.The dust is still as usual.Really shocked.He wasn t the only one surprised.In the martial arts field, all the green ape CBD gummies review Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies monks also had such expressions.I thought that this little monk should suffer some hardships after losing several people in a row.Who knew that he was swept away with a sutra stick, and his face was still not changed after the quadruple attack.

He secretly used Flowing Water Does Not Corrupt , and suddenly pushed back with a palm towards the sky.Wow Bukong Waterfall stopped in response.Immediately, the three thousand zhang waterfall went upstream.It is like rewinding the galaxy and reentering the sea of sky.It was opened again, and there was no empty mountain wall that had not seen the light of the sky for thousands of years.Wang Wang is as blue as jade, and the walls are thousands of meters like washing.That huge cause came into view again.In silver hook iron painting, every stroke is an inescapable obsession.Just a glance.The word because seems to be imprinted in my heart.In the vicissitudes of life, looking around at a loss.The ancients were not seen before, and the newcomers were not seen later.It is lonely and lonely.Just a glance.

The other Asuras on the boat also retreated.Li Chen turned his heart and recorded a small wave of Asura s body frequency cbd thc gummies with his dumb hair.Then he picked up the weapon of the male Asura, the chain gun, that he shot dead from the ground.The quality of this chain may be average, but the shape is indeed a bit cool.What makes Lichen most happy is that when he observes the chain, the concept of Soul Soul Seal works extremely fast PS I wish all readers and friends, the Year of the Tiger is auspicious, and the tiger is prosperous Gong Xi Fa Cai PS Please collect, recommend tickets, and invest Thank cbd gummies cheshire you CBD gummies recipe Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies all the officials.Chapter Fifty One is unique The visualization of The Seal of the Soul was successful. Lichen only felt that his left hand was scalded by a soldering iron.There is a dark black chain tattoo on the palm of the hand.

Although the name is sad, the taste is joy.Such as the fragrance of rice flowers, such as green bamboo to cleanse the heart.It is indeed a good wine, and it seems that even the soul can benefit.Lian Hai said with a smile Master Lichen really knows how to taste it.This Tears Hollow is brewed with puritan pride cbd gummies Xiangfei Bamboo.Xiangfei Bamboo has been a strange thing in the world since ancient times, and it has the power to nourish the soul.Effective.Daughter s Village can be exchanged for endless resources as long as you keep botanical farms CBD gummies reviews Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies purekana CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies it here.Is there any other place for this Xiangfei bamboo Well, Xiangfeizhu has to water the daughter s spring, so it can t survive anywhere else.This At that time, Lian Hai let out a long sigh Unfortunately, I can t drink the immortal wine made by the drunken monk and his old man, but these three kinds of fine wine also teach people to worry about it.

Bacchus Fate Drunkard Spiritual Wisdom Intermediate Grade Earth Grade Middle Grade Hobbies Drinking, Wine Tasting Effect, every time the feint is successful, the second hit must have a crit effect.State 2 The cup doesn t stop, the infuriating qi has its own double hit effect.When attacking, there is a chance to trigger an additional attack, which is guaranteed to hit.Status 3 After drinking, enter active practice, there is a chance to trigger Tell the truth after drinking is CBD good for arthritis Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies , and perfect the exercises.Description 1 Originally the supreme avenue mental method Blood Nerve , the ancestor of Ming He, has gone through eternity, and only a fragment remains.Description 2 The monk Bukong used the infinite seal method to combine various exercises to make up for the incomplete chapters, but the power was greatly reduced, cbd relax gummies and at the same time, he needed to use blood to [2022] Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies dissolve the suffocation, which is called The True Classic of Blood Transformation.

where can i buy CBD gummies Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies It must be able to shatter the void and fly to the upper realm.I only heard the what is the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies parting monk continue It s a pity that the six paths of Bodhidharma are extremely profound.It is a fluke that anyone who can comprehend one of them after ten thousand years.In the Samsara Temple, an amazing monk named Monk Liaokong appeared.He was born with wisdom, and he actually comprehended the most mysterious what do Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies and unpredictable Infinity Seal among the six seals., the shape is endless, all kinds are endless.There is no thickness.There is no gap.So even the smallest gap can be easily inserted.And all the exercises, supernatural powers, secret techniques, and moves in the world have the opportunity to turn around.With an unbroken heart, you can see the gap in the world.Any flaws, changes, weaknesses, all into the eyes.

Monk Liaokong challenged the eight great monks of Samsara Temple by himself. That battle , shaking the world , weeping ghosts and gods.He is one person with the six supreme seals.The eight great monks were also not his opponents, and fell one after another.Overnight, the ancient temple of Wannian became a ruin.Since then, Samsara Temple has become the dust of history.This is Samsara Quiet.Li Chen s heart shook That monk Liaokong is truly amazing.I don t know why he came out of Samsara Temple Farewell shook his head No one knows the reason.However, he has a great opportunity to gather the world s magic and secret methods, and use the infinite printing method to integrate it, which can be regarded as unique in the world.Later, he traveled to the southern border and founded the five major Buddhist temples of Shasheng Temple.

The word Swastika enveloped the shadow.Bang This time, the voice of the ghost mother was full of pain.The ghostly qi dissipated, and the ghostly mother who was originally gloomy instantly became much weaker as if she had been drained of her energy.The ghost baby turned around, and the mysterious light on his body lit up.INTERIOR, AMAZING A black line flashed.Hell love silk Instantly wrapped around the ghost mother s congealing gang, the ghost mother s hair seemed to use a special hair restorer.duang duang The hair is long and laid flat behind.Breath Breath Jie CBD gummies effect on liver Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies Jie Jie Ghost Mother lowered her head and suddenly raised her eyes.Swish Countless strands of hair rushed towards Lichen.Chi Chi That Swastika body protector is the result of the condensed merits of Moko Boundless , and it is the most restrained thing from hell.

State 2 As long as they are locked in a small dark room, they will conduct self reflection, shield external interference, and analyze their own attributes.State 3 There is an endless hellfire in the endless dungeon, which will never go out.Spirits who enter this prison will suffer endless torture.Description 1 If you are not obedient, you will be locked in a small dark room.Description 2 Confession is lenient, and resistance is strict.Description 3 CBD gummies wholesale Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies Make a change and become a new person PS Thanks for the 500 reward from the book friend, the gluttonous glutton, who was originally a greedy species, but now it is different PS Thanks to the book friend for the 200 reward of the ancient navigator, Qingming You Wangu, the world is free PS Thanks to the book friend 20200829121942485 100 reward.PS Seek collection, investment, recommendation ticket, monthly ticket Thank you all the officials.

Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies does CBD gummies help copd, (power CBD gummy bears) Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies budpop CBD gummies Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies.

Among them, many of the disciples were slightly injured by the group of evil monks at the Killing Temple.Fortunately, he was not detained like the Ghost Religion.Hundreds of people went to the mountains to rest.Almost all of them were bitten by the blood winged mosquitoes.Nature has been sown with Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies demons.It didn t take long for someone to discover the problem.At the same time that the cultivation base was separated, the blood and qi Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies were faintly increased.Even the fatigue of many days has been relieved a lot Killing Temple, Atonement Cliff.This is the place where the wicked are imprisoned.The people of the Ghost Religion are imprisoned here.Winning the king and defeating the bandit, the ghost sect that has always been showing off its power in the southern border is like a wilted eggplant Who Sells The Best CBD Gummies at this time.

It was another Buddha s name, and it was already full of old tears.I don t know when, the three monks and five monks in the Zen Temple have all appeared around the Tibetan Sutra Pavilion.The five leaders are very tacit understanding of each side.To the dust protection law.Suddenly golden light flourished.Thousands of Zen sounds are bundled into one, caged on the Tibetan Sutra Pavilion.A bell rang.The auspicious clouds in the sky gather and disperse, and the golden light is thousands of feet.A golden inscription that covers the sky suddenly swirls away the wind and clouds and descends from the sky.There cbd gummies martha stewart are countless mysterious writings around the golden characters, looming.As the golden characters descended, the font was originally boundless and gradually shrunk.Like a mountainlike a shedlike an urnlike a bucketlike a plate Finally got into the Tibetan Sutra Pavilion.

There are those who are lucky enough to change their methods and want to pick the gourd, but they can t touch the body of the gourd at all.And the remaining few who could hear the call followed the sound.There are forty eight thousand gourds on the vine of equality.It will take a long time to hear them one by one.Soon all the monks dispersed, looking for their own opportunities.Only Li Chen stood there, suddenly a little overwhelmed.Because there seem to be 48,000 voices in his mind PS Thanks to the book friend Mr.Supreme Li for the reward Thanks PS Ask for collections, recommendation tickets, monthly tickets, investment Thank you all the officials. Sixty third palm red lotus gourd Forty eight thousand voices.Some high, some low.Some were surprised, some panicked.Gathered in Lichen s ears, it became noisy.