By: Pecsa On: October 03, 2017 In: In the field, Institutional Comments: 0

Pecsa – Amazon Sustainable Cattle Ranching, had the pleasure of hosting a visit by top supply chain executives from McDonald´s Corp, Arcos Dourados (McDonald´s operating company in Latin America) and representatives of the JBS meatpacking company. The visit aimed at presenting Pecsa’s work model and the executives had the opportunity to go and see one of the partner properties.

The fast food restaurant chain regularly visits its beef suppliers to verify the origin and quality of the protein used to produce their world-renowned hamburgers. On this occasion, the visiting team were able to see firsthand how cattle farming in the region survives during the dry season providing a clearly visible contrast between traditional practices and those used by Pecsa.

This was made clear by McDonald’s Supply Chain & Sustainability vice-president, Francesca deBiase: “The situation we witnessed may be difficult for all those who want to buy beef, since the level of pasture degradation is not sustainable”. During the visit, the vice-president expressed her surprise at seeing how well the animals from the Pecsa partner farm looked, despite being at the end of such an intense dry period in Brazil: “You continue to provide food and water for the animals, which contributes to improved animal quality as well as sustainability” deBiase said.

According to the Arcos Dourados Supply Chain director, Ives Uliana, the work being done by Pecsa is a model to be replicated throughout Brazil. “This work is important for farmers to gain more knowledge, more productivity, improving management and thus improving cattle farming as a whole, throughout Brazil.” He also highlighted the importance of Arcos Dourados supporting initiatives which, as they do, aim for a better world. “For us, it is very important to have Pecsa as a partner in this project.”

Another important point for the team was seeing how the animals were treated, something McDonald’s vice-president for quality, Angelika Wendt, highlighted. “The way you interact with nature, the way you work with the animals and the way the ranches are set up left us all with a very good impression.”

Pecsa’s executive director, Vando Telles de Oliveira, emphasized that maintaining good relations with reference companies in the food chain fundamental. “It is these partnerships that strengthen us, showing to the traditional markets an innovative proposal which can solve old problems.”

The group of visitors also included: César Piña – McDonald’s Supply Chain Director, Tyler Birsh – McDonald’s Supply Chain, Leonardo Lima – Arcos Dourados Sustainibility Director, José Valledor – Vice-President for Supply Chain in Latin America for Arcos Dourados, Márcio Nappo – JBS Sustainability Director and Luiz Fernando Russo – JBS Key Accounts Quality Manager.

Denise Farias – Pecsa Communication Office