By: Pecsa On: July 06, 2017 In: In the field Comments: 0

The new Global Sustainability Director of McDonald´s, Rachel Sherman, and the supply chain manager for Arcos Dourados (McDonald´s operator in Latin America), Leandro Lemos de Souza, recently visited Pecsa (“Sustainable Cattle Farming in the Amazon”, to get to see how the company works with sustainable supply chains.

The commercial partnership between the Pecsa company, the fast food chain and JBS has been in place for two years. Until then, McDonald’s had a strict policy the prevented them from sourcing meat from the Amazon. The main requirements for their suppliers is that the animals are raised in areas that have not suffered deforestation and that have adopted good farming practices. Pecsa is currently the only company in the Amazon region that meets the criteria set by the multinational company.

Rachel Sherman explains that McDonald’s maintains a sustainability policy that inhibits the purchase of meat originating from properties that have a history of deforestation. As well as Brazil, the company is negotiating sustainable beef from Ireland, Australia, the US and Canada and is working together with the Global Roundtable on Sustainable Beef. “We share good practices in relation to sustainable beef on a global level and we take this experience to the local level such as we are doing here by getting to know Pecsa´s project” pointed out Rachael.

The Arcos Dourados supply chain manager, Leandro Lemos de Souza, emphasizes that the path to sustainability is one with no return. In his view, the work being done by Pecsa in Brazil is well advanced. “It´s very important work for sustainable development. What we need to do is increase yield levels using less area. This is a challenge for Brazil as a whole. The work being done here is of great importance”.

For Vando Telles de Oliveira, Pecsa Executive Director, achieving close ties with McDonald´s is a confirmation of Pecsa´s reliability and transparency. “Wherever Mcdonald´s goes it opens doors for other retail chains to come in to. This means that we are ready to get into the most demanding markets.”

The visit took place on June 22nd and 23rd. The team visited one of the farms managed by Pecsa, located in the municipality of Carlinda.