By: Developer Kasterweb On: April 23, 2018 In: Awards Comments: 0

Pecsa received this Wednesday, August 30, the Curuca Sustainability trophy. The award is given by the magazine Food & amp; Food for companies that put sustainable practices as pillars of their performance. The award ceremony was held at the end of the 4th Feed & amp; Food Symposium, which brings together agribusiness companies to learn about the main novelties of sustainability and marketing.

Reconciling people, the environment and livestock in a balanced way is the great differential of Pecsa, whose mission is to transform Amazonian livestock into a sustainable business. To this end, in its two years of work the company already presents encouraging results, ensuring that all the meat produced is free from deforestation, using technology and good management practices.

“For Pecsa, receiving the Curuca Sustainability Trophy is an indication that the work developed can make a difference on a large scale,” says Vando Telles and Oliveira, executive director of Pecsa, which received the award from Osvaldo Ciasulli and José Luís Tejon . The company works with the perspective of serving the most demanding market, being the first to negotiate meat from the Amazon with a multinational.